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T's Panties


As described in an earlier story, masturbation is a big part of sex for my wife T and I. We take every opportunity we can to have sex with each other but we also both enjoy self pleasure when we can't hook up and try our best to share that with each other.

I'm 6'1" and at 49, definitely weigh a few pounds more than when we married 16 years ago. Unlike many writers I have a normal cock, 6-7" depending on how hard my wife is sucking my balls. I've never been vain and I guess looks wise, I'm probably a 6-7 on a 10 scale. My wife's 44 and also weighs a few more pounds than college but is still a 7-8 on anybody's scale. She's a brunette with great tits and an ass that just begs to be fucked. Luckily for me, she only wants my cum and I kid her that I have to make sure that she's well fucked to keep other guys away. As a nurse, she would have no trouble getting a horny Doctor to fuck her anytime she wanted to spread her legs.

I download pictures and Literotica links for my wife and myself for our self-pleasure. She loves cum so I save pictures of girls with cum on their faces, on their tits, and especially on their ass's. She also loves pictures of girls with big tits so I save lots of those, especially ones where the girls are sucking each other's tits. Her other favorites are pictures and movies of girls getting drilled in their ass's. The Literotica stories are similar, anal sex, threesomes, and lesbians. Obviously, I make it a husbandly duty to make sure she has everything she needs.

Because we work different schedules, we love to call each other at work and describe what we're doing while we're playing. She's a labor & delivery nurse and when I call, knowing she sitting at the nurse's station squirming and that her pussy is soaking because of what I'm describing to her, makes my cock hard as a rock. Sometimes the other nurses notice her squirming and will kid her about it. I know I've been very good when she tells me she had to go to the restroom and finger herself. She's also kind enough to occasionally make me an audiotape while she's playing. Telling me she's looking at a movie of a girl getting fucked in the ass while I can hear her dildo pounding in and out of her pussy or ass would give a dead man a hard-on. Because of our different schedules, she'll often go to bed before me. Sometimes if I'm really horny, I'll get on the computer and I know that if she wakes up, she come looking for me. She'll usually come downstairs with a knowing smile on her face, get down on her knees, and suck my balls until I cum on her tits. Needless to say, I'm a lucky guy. She knows this isn't a threat to our sex life but a way to share more of our individual needs.

One reason I love to call T at work is that is I love T's panties and knowing they're soaking up her pussy juice. I've always loved seeing my wife in her panties, especially high cut white panties. If my wife wants to fuck, she knows all she has to do is let me see her in her panties. For some reason, my wife's gorgeous ass wrapped in white panties has always driven me nuts. Sometimes she'll even test the effect, just to see if I'm paying attention. I take it as another of my martial duties to keep her stocked in panties I like and I do buy her other colors and different styles. She'll wear anything I buy but I try to buy panties I know will be comfortable for her and that she'll like. She gets off knowing I'm always thinking about her panties.

Here's the kicker though, I've read stories about guys or girls smelling worn panties and while I love to smell them, sucking the dried juice out of them is what I look forward to. Eating her pussy is something I'll do anytime, any place. I love making her cum and feeling her pussy convulse with my tongue. Sucking on her panties is just an extension of that to me. On the nights I can call her, the next day her panties will sometimes be stuck together from being so wet. When they're crusty and I haven't called, I always ask her what she was thinking about and she always has some hot story. She knows that almost every pair of panties she wears will be sucked clean before they hit the laundry, sort of a double cleaning. I'll usually save her panties for the nights that I'm downstairs playing. I'll usually call her about midnight and when we've finished on the phone, I suck each pair of panties and save the juiciest/crustiest for last. Finally when I'm ready, I'll shoot cum all over the crotch of her panty. Sometimes, if she's asked me to or if I want to show her how much cum I shot, I'll leave the juice sucked, cummed-on panty on her pillow. Almost always, this makes her pound her pussy before she goes to sleep the next morning.

Sound weird? Well if you love to eat pussy, sucking juice (which is what my wife's college lesbian lover called it) out of your ladies panties will get you hard as a rock, trust me. Knowing you made them that wet is great but wondering what else might have made them wet is just as hot!! So if you're in a hospital and see a nurse on the phone at the nurse's station and you notice she's squirming, offer to help her out!!!

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