tagErotic CouplingsTwas The Night Before Christmas

Twas The Night Before Christmas


Christmas was her favourite time of year but on Christmas Eve Amanda was restless. She couldn't wait for Christmas morning to come; her stocking was hanging on the mantelpiece, ready for Santa to fill. Padding downstairs after her shower, with freshly blowdried hair, wearing a little vest top and flannel shorts with cotton pants, she settled on the fluffy rug in front of the fire with a blanket and one of her favourite erotic books.

Reading the sexy stories her free hand moved under the blanket, pulling her vest up a little, rubbing her nipples through the fabric. Allowing herself to get wrapped up in the fantasy her eyes were devouring she pushed her hand inside her shorts and pressed firmly against her clitoris. Smiling at the touch her index finger worked little circles on her clit through her pants, building her arousal level further. Unfortunately the excitement of Christmas Eve was more than she had bargained for and exhaustion was taking hold of her body, her eyes dropped and the book fell from her hand. Now asleep, lit only by the lights of the Christmas tree, Amanda was quite a sight, one hand still in her shorts, breathing the shallow steady breath of someone peacefully out of it.

At five to midnight the clock in the living room stopped. The fire had burned out, the only light in the room now from the fairy lights on the tree. Some dirt scattered out from the fireplace, and a man in a red suit appeared. He was not the stereotype you would imagine, he was young, maybe mid-thirties, and very strong. Dragging a sack of goodies after him he turned to address the empty stocking hanging on the mantel. Once this was filled he moved towards the tree, taking the cookies which had been left for him, leaving the milk for now. Amanda then caught his attention, how did he miss her?! This picture of peace laying on the floor, her lower half covered by a soft blanket, her nipples poking through her vest as the room temperature had dropped.

With her hair messy, flowing around her, she looked angelic to him. He looked at his watch and chuckled, he knew he had all the time in the world. This woman had stirred something inside him and his cock growing in his red trousers was not willing to move on to the next house just yet. He unbuttoned his red suit jacket, letting the muscular torso beneath breathe, and pulled his cock out of his trousers. Carefully he pushed her blanket off her with his foot, and gasped seeing her hand inside her shorts. She was clearly a naughty girl!

Now eating her up with his eyes, her firm legs and arse, her milky white skin contrasting with her maroon vest and shorts, his cock grew further in his hand. A small grunt escaped him as he pumped himself watching her sleep. Amanda stretched her arms up above her head, giving him a wonderful view her breasts straining against her top, and opened her eyes.

She immediately jumped up, startled and afraid. There was a stranger in her house! With his cock out!! Masturbating over her!!! This was everything creepy and disgusting, but she could feel herself becoming wet, and was ashamed by this.

'Who are you?!' she shouted at this intruder.

'Santa' he replied, he continued to stroke himself, not at all perturbed that she had woken up.

'Don't be stupid, who are you really, and why are you in my house??'

'I'm Santa, your clock has stopped because I am here, the stockings are filled, and by the looks of your reading materials you are a very naughty girl.'

Amanda was pressing her back into the sofa now, retreating as far back from him as she could as he approached her, but also noticing how he was a very handsome man.

'You don't look like Santa...'

'You can't believe everything you see, an old man couldn't travel around the world in one night, I am a younger incarnation of the figure widely thought of as Santa.'

'Oh my god' she thought... his cock was almost level with her face, he was still jacking himself off, and her nipples were begging to be touched. She edged forward on the sofa, closer to his stunning cock, it really was a beautiful specimen. Probably eight inches, and a reasonable girth, she wondered how it would feel inside her, in her mouth, and unconsciously licked her lips. Santa watched her amused, knowing she would be his.

'Suck it Amanda, you've been very bad, do you think you deserve your presents this year?'

Not used to being ordered around, she obeyed immediately, at a loss for any other options. This man had taken entire control and her body had betrayed her, she felt as though her pants were soaking through to her flannel shorts! Taking his head in her mouth she sucked lightly, hearing an encouraging moan from him. His hand moved to the back of her head and he forced her to move deeper and deeper onto him, taking him all the way into her throat. His hand clenched into a fist, trapping her hair and she winced in pain, moaning onto him. He pulled back, moving backwards and pulled her with him, onto her knees.

Thinking to himself how amazing she looked by the sparkly lights, spit and precum around her mouth as she sucked him, taking his cock out, licking up his shaft and down to his balls, taking them in her mouth and swirling them around, the vibrations from her moans travelling through him. He decided that he didn't want to cum yet, she was taking him closer to the edge, and clearly enjoying herself too much for his liking. He loved being in control of women like this, and his aim was to provide maximum pleasure.

Pulling her up to her feet he took her aback with a powerful kiss, his lips crushing hers and his tongue probing into her mouth, then entwined with her tongue, her knees going weak. He held her up, their bodies felt connected. Looking into her eyes he said 'I'm afraid you need to be punished for being so naughty, reading such literature really doesn't get you on the good list.' His thumbs toyed with her nipples over her vest, and her head lolled back as she moaned. He kept hold of her waist and bit her hard nubs through the fabric, pulling on them. Her body was reacting in ways she never imagined to the combination of pain and pleasure.

In one swift movement her top was pulled over her head, and her pants and shorts pulled down. She stepped out of them, looking at Santa, who had failed to de-robe at all, his hard on sticking out over his trousers. This image was so bad, so forbidden in her mind, it made her even wetter. Santa bent down and picked up her pants, which were sopping wet. He rubbed his fingers in the wetness, lifting them to his nose and inhaling her. He pushed her legs apart and wiped as much cum as possible from her pussy with her pants, drying her off. Then smearing the cum from her pants over her breasts he licked and sucked them clean, her body aching to be touched more and more.

Pushing her back onto her knees he looked down at her, and began to undress. Amanda couldn't hide her delight as his toned, fit body was uncovered, biting her lip and letting out a primal groan. She reached out for his cock, trying to take it back into her mouth. Santa smiled down on her, pushed her roughly away, and ordered her to turn around, on all fours. Reminded that she was not wholly in control she obeyed him once again, her breasts swaying under her as she waited for his next move.

Kneeling behind her Santa said 'what happens to naughty, sexy girls Amanda?' She couldn't reply, all she wanted was to be touched. Pushing backwards as he leant over she tried to force herself onto his member, but he held her arse with both hands and stopped her. 'What happens to naughty little sluts like you?'

'They are punished?'

'That's right'

Her cheeks were spread as far as he could, one hand on each, as he massaged, squeezed and admired her firm buttocks. Santa placed his cock up against her pussy, the head just grazing her clit. Their bodies were just touching, her bum rubbing against him, wriggling to try and force his huge dick between her lips.

SMACK.... She almost screamed, one of his hands remained on her arse, holding her steady, and the other had landed a painful spank of her bottom. Two more smacks followed, before he rubbed her cheek gently, then another two more smacks. This wasn't fun anymore, she was in pain, but her clit was pulsing, as if a jolt had been sent through it, turning her on further. Five further smacks were applied to her other cheek, once again she couldn't move far, he held her still. Once the burning in her bum had eased she realised that she was rocking back and forth on his cock, now covered in her juices. This has turned her on more than she realised.

'You really are my naughty girl aren't you' said Santa, landing a couple more playful swipes on her arse before pulling back entirely and thrusting his entire 8 inches into her dripping cunt. She screamed, louder than she realised, he was stretching her so much! As she caught her breath and adjusted to his length and girth he began pulling out of her and then shoving himself back in, pulling out til just the head of his dick remained inside her, leaving her feeling empty, and then throwing himself forward into each stroke, grunting with every move.

Amanda was working her way towards the edge when Santa pulled himself totally out of her, and flipped her over. Taking her ankles and placing them on his shoulders he quickly inserted himself back into her warm tunnel, now moving more slowly. He reached forward to tweak her nipples, pulling, twisting, and taking her whole voluptuous breasts in his hands.

'Rub your clit for me baby, I want to see you cum'

Finding it hard to defy this god of a man, who was making her feel things she had never felt, she moved her hand down, parting her lips around her fingers, using them to feel his cock pumping in and out of her almost made her cum right there, but she held them to his mouth, scooped some saliva from his tongue and used it to lubricate her clit. She was wet enough already but the additional contact was driving her closer and closer. It only took a few touches of wet fingers on clit to send her barrelling into an overwhelming orgasm, contracting on him, pushing him to the edge until he came inside her, her ongoing orgasm milking his seed.

Her legs were released and she felt on the edge of blacking out, delirious and unaware of his movements around her. She caught sight of him moving back between her legs, his cock still totally erect! Wondering how on earth he does it she began moaning again, finding his lips around her clit. He nibbled, flicked, bit and teased her hard bud as she writhed under him, her hips beginning to buck into another orgasm, when he forced 2 fingers into her cream filled pussy. He worked his fingers in and out, squelching their combined cum between them, his mouth never leaving her, one of her hands holding his head in place until she exploded, screaming out and holding his fingers in place.

Sitting up and kissing up her body, his fingers now resuming a slow pumping motion in and out of her he caressed her, one hand flowing over her breasts, his tongue showering her with attention, kissing her neck and biting her earlobe. Amanda was in heaven, little did she know Santa wasn't finished with her. Rolling her over onto her front he still left his fingers inside her, a slow pumping rhythm keeping her state of arousal high.

Scooping some of their combined juices out of her pussy with 2 fingers he spread her cheeks, pulling her back onto all fours. She moaned but could not resist, she was so weak from the continued assault on her body. Santa looked down, staring at her arse, she had no experience of doing anal, and he knew it. Wiping their cum from his fingers onto her tiny entrance he eased one fingertip into her. Amanda was shocked, and jumped, trying to get away, but her legs were barely capable of holding her up. Working the cum inside of her arse he reached across to his sack of presents, pulling out a bag of tricks.

Taking some lube from the bag he squeezed the tube around his index finger, which was now only up to the first joint, she was so tight and trying to resist him. Having lubed up his fingers he took a bullet vibe from the bag and set to a low vibration started working it along her pussy up to her clit. Now feeling lightheaded Amanda slumped forward onto her elbows, moaning in both pain and pleasure, the vibrator on her clit sending shock waves through her.

Santa worked his finger deeper into her arse, as she relaxed more and was eventually able to add a second finger, stretching her further than she thought possible. It hurt her a lot, and she whimpered, but this just encouraged him to try and pump harder, this being her punishment after all.

Once he'd worked both fingers deep inside her, and her clit was super sensitive he wet the tip of his cock at her pussy entrance, resting it there with a little push, before violently filling her, thrusting without abandon in and out of her sopping cunt, which was getting tighter and tighter after each orgasm. His fingers buried in her arse and his cock filling her along with the vibrator ravaging her clit while he pounded her was far too much for Amanda, she started another huge wave of orgasm. Santa threw the bullet to one side and with his free hand held her hip steady, his pace increasing to a great climax, with one last push he held himself deep inside her, pulling his fingers out of her arse and holding her close to him, his seed spilling out down her legs as he finally pulled away from her.

She collapsed on the floor, totally spent, but filled with a warm pleasure. He lay beside her and kissed her gently on the lips, whispering 'You've redeemed yourself darling, Merry Christmas.'

As Amanda watched him dress through bleary eyes, still lying naked and ravaged, she reached out for him one last time. He lent down again, kissed her for the final time, and landed a strong, painful spank on her arse. Her heavy eyes closing, the last thing she heard was 'See you next year, your arse is mine then!'

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