tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTwo-Story House: The College Boy

Two-Story House: The College Boy


A few days pass. Melanie has left. Her roommate is still away. She stands on the front porch. The key is in the door. Click. The door swings open. She enters the hallway.

"Excuse me, miss?"

She turns. One of the college boys is on the porch. She holds the door open. It's the better looking one. Dark hair. Green eyes. Dimples. Maybe 6' tall. Her face warms. She is sure it has turned bright red. She looks away. Feelings of embarassment overcome her. Too many racey thoughts. She reminds herself of his age. He can't be more than 20. And she just turned 30. She composes herself.

"I'm looking for your landlord. I need to talk to him."

"He's away until tomorrow," she answers.

Then mentally kicks herself for offering this information. He smirks. She gets the feeling he knew this. That he is just verifying it. He looks inside.

"Where's your redheaded girlfriend?" More smirking.

Her mouth opens. She stutters.

"Please excuse me. I have work to do."

She holds up her briefcase as if to prove her last statement. He shrugs. She releases the door. It begins to swing shut. Then stops. He steps inside. The door slams behind him. He looks down at her. She smells beer, maybe even some whiskey.

"You like to tease, don't you?"

His eyes look her over. They rest on her tits. A finger slides into the scoop of her blouse. It hooks the middle of her bra. It pulls her toward him.

"I've seen these, of course. But only from a distance."

The words break through her daze. She swings her briefcase. It connects with a hip. It falls to the ground. She turns. She runs. She sees the back door. She thinks she can make it. His curses echo in the hallway. Halfway there. But her body suddenly jerks backward. Buttons fly from her blouse. He has grabbed a piece of the back of it. The force of him tugging on it rips open the front.

Screaming erupts for him to let go. A hand covers her mouth. He presses against her backside. The other hand encircles a wrist. He pulls it back. He lays it on his crotch. She feels a hard bulge.

"You want this, don't you?!" He says. "Why else would you put on such a show for me?"

Her head whips back and forth. She swings her free arm. An elbow grazes a part of him. She tries to kick at him. He lets go of her wrist. His arm encircles her waist. He shoves at her until he has her against a wall. She faces it. It is the wall which forms the stairs.

"Listen!" He says. "I just want what's coming to me. I figure you owe me."

More shaking of her head. Her cries muffle against his palm.

"I'm going to take my hand off your mouth. Before you scream, you should hear what I have to say. I have a DVD of that day."

Her whole body stiffens. There is anger now in her stifled screams.

"Oh, yes. It's not the best quality. But it will do."

He slowly moves his hand from her mouth.

"You fucking bastard!"

It comes out in a breathless whisper.

"No. Smart bastard. If you scream, I will leave a copy of that DVD for everyone on this block. I will let my friends view it. I will give it to your landlord. You won't be able to show your face around here for a long time."

She leans her forehead against the wall. She is still trying to catch her breath. She thinks how foolish she was.

Rage sets in. She fights him again. Wriggling her entire body. Squirming. Kicking. Both arms encircle her now. He squeezes. He knocks the wind out of her. She goes limp. He laughs.

"Fight me all you want. Just as long as you don't scream."

A frustrated cry from her. His arms release her. But he immediately pins her to the wall. His weight holds her in place. A jingling sound. A sound of metal against wood. A strong hold on her wrist. His hand lifts her arm. Higher. Above her head. Snap! Before she can react, her other wrist is lifted. That too is snapped into place. Her arms are extended upward. She is forced to stand on her toes. His weight eases off her. She looks up. Handcuffs?! She now sees what he did. He slid the chain behind a bannister spindle. She tugs hard. The spindle doesn't budge.

His hands are all over her. One runs along her backside. Searching the back of her bra. It moves to her chest, between her breasts. He finds the clasp. The bra pops open. Her tits bounce free. A hand lifts some hair off her neck. Hot kisses send shivers down her spine. Both hands move to her breasts. She hears him sigh. She twists her body back and forth. But it's no use. She is his to do with as he pleases. His fingers find her nipples. A tingling sensation as they become erect. Her response to his touches enrage her.

She yells, "Stop!!"

He pinches them harder and harder until she whimpers.

"I told you. No yelling!"

She nods her head. His fingers ease up. His hands move. They grab the hem of her flouncy skirt. Roaming all along her thighs. Along her hips. One slides down the front of her panties.

"Hmmmmm....I thought so. So smooth."

She bites her lip to keep from screaming again. Fingers claw her panties. Nails rake her skin. Her bikini bottoms slide to the floor. She hears rustling. She turns her head. He is undressing.

"No. Please stop!"

He answers with a sarcastic laugh. "A little late for that, wouldn't you say?"

Her skirt goes up again. His palms rest on the front of her hips. He presses up against her backside. His cock rubs her ass. It is rock hard. His mouth is on her cheek. His panting sends waves of hot air around her ear. His hands move between her thighs. A finger forces itself between her vaginal lips. She gasps. His fingers are experienced. She squeezes her thighs tightly together, crossing her ankles. He yanks his fingers free. He grabs her hips. He twirls her around. The chain holding the cuffs together twists. She is facing him. She stares at him coldly. A hand clamps tightly on her chin. He holds it in place. Then kisses her. He lets up. Their eyes lock. She turns to the side and spits. Her eyes meet his again. She smirks defiantly. A passing look of fury, then he smiles too. Her head jerks. He's got the back of her hair. The other hand is on her jaw again. His kisses are much more brutal this time. Stubble burns her lips. Her skin. He finally releases her. But not before he tugs her hair once more.

More hurtful kisses. On her neck, then her chest. Hands on her back. Forcing her breasts to him. He groans as his lips explore her. A hand cups one. His thumb flicks at the nipple. His tongue runs over the other. She tugs uselessly at the cuffs. She tries to step away. But a hand is still at her back. Her nipples are almost painfully taut. She shakes her head, as if to tell her body to stop reacting. He sucks furiously at one. The other is between pinched fingers. His groans grow louder. He is obviously extremely turned on by her tits. Both hands caressing them now. Kissing them. He moves his mouth from one to the other. Nibbling them. Hands squeezing them together. Her breathing is growing rapid. She whimpers softly. She squirms with excitement. She can't help herself.

He slows down. He pulls away and looks at her. His chest is heaving. He places his mouth onto hers. This time she doesn't resist. A hand finds its way between her thighs again. Her mouth feels the vibration of his moan. He has felt her wetness. Both hands under her skirt now. Grabbing hold of her ass. Her feet lift off the ground. She feels the wall at her back. His body pushes between her legs. She wraps them around his waist. She doesn't care anymore. She no longer fights him. Her cunt is throbbing. She wants this. She feels pressure at her opening.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh." She moans as her hole stretches.

He shoves his hips up. Then again, repeatedly, harder each time. Now he's completely inside her. His mouth finds a nipple again. His lips suckling her breast. His cock inside her. Each thrust causes her to cry out.

She uses her arms to pull herself up. Wrists scream in pain. She ignores it. All that matters now is riding his cock. Her thighs squeeze him. His grunts are muffled by her tits. Slow, forceful thrusts of his are met by her pounding against him. She thinks how this is so much better than a damn dildo.

His hands dig into her ass. They hold her still. His hips freeze. Then shudder. Grunts turn to groans. His upper body lurches back. His eyes squeeze shut. Teeth grind. His pelvic area spasms against her. It vibrates against her clit. She grinds into him. She concentrates all her efforts in further stimulating that small, sensitive portion of her body. His climax is ending. But he is young. She knows he won't go soft right away. She begs him to let her finish. A look of triumph on his face.

"This help?"

Hands still hold her ass. He grinds against her. In time with her. That's it. That's what she needed. Waves of heat ripple throughout her body. Her clit pulses with pleasurable burning sensations. She cries 'yes' over and over again. She hears him from far away.

"That's it, baby! That's it! Cum for me!"

Her spasms wrack her entire body. A minute or so passes. A few more shudders and her orgasm is complete.

He pulls out. Gently he lowers her to the floor. He unlocks the cuffs. He holds her wrists. He rubs them. A murmured apology for the angry red marks. He steps back. Wham! His cheek stings from the slap. He looks at her, shocked.

"You loved it!"

Her eyes are blazing. "But that still doesn't excuse what you did!"

He grabs an arm. He drags her. He stoops to pick up her keys off the floor. Still dragging her. Up the stairs. She struggles.

She hisses, "What are you doing?"

He laughs cruelly. "Oh, I'm not done with you yet!"

And he yanks her up the stairs harder. Stopping again to retrieve the handcuffs. They reach the door. He finally gets the correct key. Inside he pins her against the closed door. His naked body presses against her. He leans in to kiss her. Then freezes. Head cocked as he listens.

Off in the distance, a door slams. Footsteps echo from downstairs. He remembers his clothes are lying on the floor. His hand covers her mouth again. Stairs creak. A voice, muffled. It's a woman. Her words become clearer as she nears the top. It sounds like she is alone.

Talking to herself .... "could've waited 'til they got upstairs."

Jingling of keys. Knocking.

"Linda? Okay if I come in?"

His hand clamps against her mouth harder. He shakes his head.

"Hey! It's me, Melanie. I know you've got company. I'll wait a minute if you need me to."

He looks at Linda. He mouths the words, "Redhead?" She nods. He grins. His lips against her ear.

Whispering, "Well, invite her in."

To Be Continued...

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