Tyrone's Revenge


She started to cry. 'Oh Jason please don't. I only had sex with him because he would have cut something else off if I didn't'

'I know but you did not have to enjoy it so much...and don't tell me you were faking it.'

'I am so sorry Jason. He was just, well, very good at it and my body reacted. I guess we will have to get used to it.'

'Fuck that. I am going to the police.'

'Oh no Jason, don't do that.' She sounded scared. She was not sure which feeling was stronger. The fear of the violent consequences or the fear that she would not be made to feel as good as she did last night again. Jason knew that she was right.

He departed to dress his wound and get himself ready for work. He had to wear his loosest suit to try and hide the chastity belt. He left for work without so much as saying goodbye to Angela.

Jason remained in a daze all day. He was fortunate to not have to come into contact with his new boss. All he could do was flash back to the sight of Angela fucking Tyrone; he felt so very sad and lonely.

At five o'clock he trudged out of the building and started to make his way to the car lot. About half way there the two big black men saw him and waved him over. They acted like they were greeting an old friend so as not to raise any suspicion. They led him down a side street and into a car. They slipped a bag over his head and told him to lie down.

Meanwhile Angela was following her instructions and was texting Tyrone. 'I need u in me right now.' Ten minutes later Tyrone knocked on the door; Angela let him in and they kissed.

'You missed me baby girl?' Angela nodded and moved in for another kiss. Tyrone stopped her.

He played with his phone and placed it on the coffee table. 'I would not want Jason to miss the action,' he laughed.

Across town Jason was forced to watch Angela having hard, fast, passionate and fulfilling sex with Tyrone. They fucked another five times. Tyrone had already fucked his wife more times than he had this year. However, by far the worst feeling was as a result of Angela's obvious enjoyment of the sex. He knew he would have to get used to those feelings as his life was now that of a forced cuckold and there was not a thing he could do about it.

By the time he got home Angela was again naked and collapsed on the couch. He was momentarily transfixed by the sight of Tyrone's cum slowly oozing out of his wife's well used pussy. He thought about touching her intimate areas but realised he was too scared to attempt it in case Tyrone found out. Maybe he really was a coward. He went to bed and cried himself to sleep.



For the next six weeks Jason had to endure the nightly sex shows put on by Angela and Tyrone; never less than three hours each. Angela had never had so much sex in her life and she felt amazing. Her guilt had finally withered to almost non-existence about a week ago and her whole life now was about the amazing sex with Tyrone.

She tested herself for pregnancy every Saturday morning. She peed on the stick and waited for the result. She screamed with delight when she saw it was positive. She ran out of the bathroom and told Jason. He had mixed feelings. He was sad and jealous that another man had made his wife pregnant; he was scared of what his friends and family would think and say when they find out that he was a cuckold and that she uses another man for her sexual needs; he was humiliated by the thought of the looks that the doctors and nurses would give him in the delivery room when she gave birth to a black baby; but he also felt a strange kind of hope. Now that she was pregnant maybe Tyrone would stop having sex with her. Maybe his punishment was finally over. He was being naive.

Tyrone got round to their house fifteen minutes later and he and Angela embraced and kissed passionately. Jason left as they started to remove each other's clothes but he could not block out the sound of Angela's blissful power-orgasms.

An hour later he ventured back downstairs and Tyrone called him in. 'Jason. You will look after my precious treasure now won't you?'

'Yes.' Jason could not look at them sitting there naked fondling each other's bodies.

'You'd better.' He then turned his attention to Angela. 'Well I guess we may need to start being more careful. We don't wanna hurt the baby. I guess we'll have to break in that sweat ass of yours.' Jason's heart sank; Angela just smiled at Tyrone.

'You know it is safe to have sex during pregnancy.'

'Yeah well. I have been wanting to sample that fine ass ever since I first saw it. Don't worry though, I'll be gentle; you'll love it. I promise.'

'Not too gentle I hope,' Angela giggled.

Jason's head dropped. His life was a living hell and now he would have to raise Tyrone's baby and everyone he cared about would know he was a cuckold. The problem was that everyone would think that he was doing it by choice because Tyrone would not let him tell anyone that he was forced into it. He was well and truly stuck.

To be continued?

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