tagExhibitionist & VoyeurUltimate Social Director Ch. 4

Ultimate Social Director Ch. 4


By now "The Palace" was very well known. As always I look forward to the next challenge. Lucy, my assistant, a gorgeous blonde in her mid-thirties called me on my cell. "Doc, two new guests just arrived, and these will really challenge your imagination!" I quickly responded, "I'll be right there Lucy, but as my second in command I expect you to have this under control!" I quickly continued, "I'll make minor adjustments to your suggestions, but this is why I rely on you!"

"Lucy I'll see you in a half hour, I want your recommendations."

I asked Lucy to brief me on the two new guests, their problems, and her recommended solutions to those problems. She told me that the two guests were a husband and wife team, who decided to try other partners just for this weekend. She is the Prime Minister of Grand Aulitia, and he is her husband. The good news from Grand Aulitia is that they speak English there, but what is not such good news is that the Prime Minister has not experienced orgasm in quite some, and that her husband has had some gay experiences. The task or the problem is that if we don't get her to achieve orgasm, she'll never frequent The Palace again. Evidently she has tried similar places without much success. The Prime Minister goes by the first name of Glenda, and her husband is Richard. His problem is that his pecker is very thin and maybe 4 ½ inches long. He also has a tendency to come very quickly. In fact Richard never lasts longer than 5 minutes. His requirement is to have sex, and have it last at least a ½ an hour. He is no longer interested in gay lovers. I told Lucy I want full physicals on both Glenda and Richard. Richard and Glenda were in their mid to late forties.

I listened to the background on both guests, and concluded that we really didn't have great problems. We'll have to evaluate the medical results before we can recommend the respective solutions. I also told Lucy that we'd house them in three different wings. I didn't want the married couple to foil or complicate any plans we may have for them. The reports came back just as I thought. Both were relatively healthy, other than the thin and short pecker of Richard, and the sexually frigid Prime Minister from Grand Aulitia. After a follow-up discussion with Lucy, I asked her to invite our guests into my office one at a time.

Glenda, the Prime Minister of Grand Aulitia walked into my office. I asked Robin and Lucy to join us. Glenda explained that she loved sex before election. She and Richard screwed in every room, every chance they had. He was a good partner. What he was lacking in size, he made up with his lips, and the will of creating pleasures for Glenda. Her sex drive diminished after the election, and she had no time for Richard. She has yet to experience a climax in the nine years she held office. She tried three other similar places to the Palace, without any success. Glenda was wearing, two-inch heels, a light-blue satin blouse, under her camel-colored man-tailored suit. Although she looked good, she was definitely not exhuming sex. I asked her the type of underwear she was wearing. She described, a plain white push-up bra, with white panties that covered her entire butt. Glenda wore her auburn hair down, just slightly below the shoulders. I heard enough, and told Glenda that prior to any attempt at getting her to be a willing sexual participant, she'll need to have a complete makeover.

Glenda hesitated, but agreed. I offered to watch and offer suggestions of this transformation. In the next room, adjoining my huge office, there were his and her locker and dressing rooms. Lucy, Robin, Glenda and I went into the women's locker room. Lucy and Robin undressed Glenda. I watched as they soon had Glenda down to her birthday suit. She sure looked good for a woman in her mid-forties. Glenda had great legs, still perky tits, nipples standing like proud erasers, with a near flat stomach, and a butt that seemed to be a bit flabby.

I suggested a 15-minute bath with sensual oils, and after drying her Lucy and Robin gave Glenda a full-body massage. Lucy and Robin removed most of their own clothing, and it seemed exciting watching tits floundering, and getting obviously excited. Glenda was put on her back, and now I was enjoying seeing 3 pairs of boobs in various states of excitement. I then asked Robin to shave Glenda's pussy, legs and underarms. Lucy fixed Glenda's hair, into a very sexy hairdo. I suggested a peak into a full-mirror. Glenda sure looked pleased. I saw a sign of a glisten coming from her slit. She put on one of our complementary terry robes. I sent for Ron, one of our able male escorts. I excused Robin and Lucy. Ron came into the room, dressed in gym shorts, and a tee shirt, with the comment "I offer pleasure, if I can get the same in return." He had two glasses in one hand and a bottle of passion wine in the other. It was time for me to start the enhancing music, and to introduce Glenda to Ron. After the introductions I excused myself, to behind the one-way mirror, on my favorite leather couch. Ron poured wine into both glasses. They drank the first two glasses, and sipped the next glass. Ron asked Glenda to dance, and they seemed to melt into each other's arms. They danced 3 or 4 dances, as Ron nibbled on her ears, kissed her neck, and kissed her on the mouth, gently at first, but soon they were exchanging tongues.

Darting in and out of each other's mouths. He fell on top of her on the couch that I was sitting on earlier. He cupped her right boob over the robe; Glenda shamelessly reached between Ron's legs and stroked his semi-erect pecker. Glenda took off the bathrobe, and Ron took off his shorts and tee shirt. Ron was fully erect, as he was sporting a 6-½ inch cock. Glenda suddenly sat up and asked Ron whether he'd mind if she would suck him dry. Ron at first was confused, but agreed. He told Glenda that he was here to please her, and if he got relief in the process that it would be an added bonus. Glenda just told him that after he came she could relax and concentrate on her own pleasure. She did say that she wanted her three cavities filled by day's end. Ron signaled me, and I sent for Eric, and James. I told them to stay on alert, for I will need them in a short while.

Ron gave me a dumbfounded look, I signaled him to do what Glenda asked. Ron shrugged his shoulders, and sat on the massage table. Glenda placed a folded towel on the floor, and kneeled in front of Ron, taking his by now semi-erect pecker in her mouth. Ron cupped her boobs, and pinched each nipple, as Glenda started to bob up and down, cupping and milking his balls, at the same time. Ron was really squeezing hard, and Glenda seemed to grimace in pain, but seemed to want to continue. She gently bit his cock, and licked on his slit, tasting a small amount of precome in the process. She resumed her stroke, and felt Ron buck a little, he squeezed her tits, turning them from left-to-right, as his first wave of juices hit the back of her throat. She feverishly milked him with her hands, squeezing the base, as she sucked him dry, swallowing every drop. I damn near got my own erection watching one of my hosts getting his jollies off. Oh well, some great fun for my misses, once I got home. Ron got off the table and asked Glenda to switch positions with him. She agreed, but Ron sensed that she wanted more. I sent in Eric and James, with the instruction that their chore is to make Glenda come.

Eric and James entered the room, as Glenda got off the table. Both Eric and James got undressed, and after a brief introduction started to fondle her two breasts. Glenda got off the table, and shamelessly grabbed Eric's balls with one hand, and James' dick with the other. In no time both Eric and James were sporting their erect dicks. Ron cleaned himself off and dropped on his knees in front of Glenda, and kissed and licked her pussy. Eric got behind her and fondled her bunghole. James kissed her hard on the lips, and continued by massaging her now very sensitive nipples. Ron was licking, biting and teasing her clit. James got on his back and beckoned Glenda to sit on in his pecker. He didn't have to ask twice, and Glenda spread herself and impaled James' cock. With Glenda leaning forward, Eric got behind her and gently placed his cock near her bunghole, and tried entering her. Needing some more moisture, he squeezed some gel onto his cock, and placed some in her bunghole, and entered her now with relative ease. By now Ron has regained his erection, and entered Glenda's willing mouth. She now had her wish, as they filled her every cavity.

With Ron moving in-and-out of her mouth, and Eric was pumping her from behind, and Glenda was feverishly riding James. To me this seemed like a race. I was trying to pick the winner, but was hoping that Glenda was not left high and dry. Glenda was now picking up the pace, as she started to shake her head violently, and it was exciting, watching her breasts seemed so hard, they probably hurt. I saw Eric look as he was getting close, for his pumping was getting faster. Ron was pumping hard, as he bucked and started to again fill Glenda's willing mouth. Eric came, as he pulled his cock from Glenda's butt, he admired his spunk coming out of her bunghole. James from the looks on his contorted face he also came. Glenda rose, and watched James's juices come out of her wet snatch, dripping onto his stomach.

They cleaned up, and placed Glenda on the massage table, and all three took turn on licking her pussy, biting her clit, and sucking on her juices. Glenda was groping at anything near her, as she was flaying her hands out of control. She squeezed and scissored whomever was between her legs at the time. She soon came with a vengeance, as my male suitors sucked her dry. That's twice she came in less then an hour.

I do believe that we gained a new fan today at the Palace.

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