tagBDSMUmayma Ch. 02

Umayma Ch. 02

byLittle Scarlet©

I sat on my knees resting back on my heels and I wait. Twenty or so candles burned behind me on my alter table. My body tingled with anticipation as I waited for him because I cannot see the door. My mind raced over how my body looked, hoping it would please him when he came. No make-up, my hair brushed back, underarms shaved and pussy shaved with just a small patch of hair above my clit, nails all clipped, breath minty fresh. I couldn't have in no way have missed anything. I yearned to turn around and search for him but I know I must wait. For what seemed like many hours turned out to be only a few minutes. I felt his hand brush my hair and my body tensed, nipples getting hard in excitement.

"Easy little one, watch yourself." his soft voice instructed. I slowed my breathing and I waited for his instructions to see if I was to stand or lie on the bed fully open to him. His hand slides down over my shoulder and down my front while he rubbed my right boob and moving over the nipple slowly as it hardens under his touch. He greeted the left the same way. "Stand up little one and look up." his voice commanded softly.

I looked up at the ceiling and see the stars as they would be if I looked at the sky at night. His hand ran down to my stomach, along my sides, down my legs to my feet. Then back up the insides of my legs, along my thighs, stopping at my pussy. He ran one finger along my lips softly as he moves up further, and kissed my naval. I fought with my arms to not to touch him. Can't move I reminded myself. He reached my chest. He teased each nipple with a flick of his tongue and his hands knead my buttocks. My body cries to me to be pleased; to push him into fucking me. To cool the burn that has been growing within. His teeth then sunk softly into my neck as a moan escaped my lips. He sucked softly on the skin and I could feel him move one of his arms. A smack is heard and my bottom stings. I couldn't help it, I move. "That just earned you another one my little one."

His hand came down slightly harder. "Smack" My rear stung and tingled from his spanking. He continued, 5...10...15...20... And all the while I looked up so he wouldn't spank any harder. "Good little one." He said softly while he kissed my neck and gently rubbed my redden cheeks. His hand ran up to my boobs and began rubbing. He kissed just above the center of my collarbone, and flicked his tongue swiftly over the spot. God how I love this. He teased further, moving his kisses from my neck to my nipples, down to my naval to where his fingers once again reached my lower lips. He ran one finger along the edge, then rougher to part the lips and then he plays with my clit which caused my knees to weaken. I know he is smiled at this. He always did, every time he fingered me when alone but had very little time. Or if somewhere public and I was horny and needed his touch. "Little one, how bad do you want to please me?"

"With all my being I want to please you My Lord." I replied weakly, my neck strained now from looking up.

"Then you will stay standing for a little longer my little one. You may look now."

As I lifted my head, my neck popped from being left in the position so long. I looked down at his smiling face. His green eyes shined so brightly with the flame of the candles. His rich black hair pulled back into a loose ponytail. His body firm yet not muscular. He was just as opened as mine. His cock showed just a slight erection.

"Let me show you my gratitude by pleasing you My Lord." I said quickly and hoped he would let me kneel at his feet to take him into my mouth.

"You may suck on me but may not touch yourself in any way. You can either use your hands on me as well little one or not at all." came his orders.

"Yes, My Lord."

I kneeled down and ran my hands along his inner thighs while moving to his balls. I rubbed them gently; his cock began to harden. I kissed the head to get the erection I wanted. I slide my tongue around the head and flick it on the under side; I heard him moan. His hand was on the back of my head, he kept one hand at his balls and I let the other rub at the base as I took him fully into my mouth. I ran my tongue along his head and down the shaft. I wished to please him deeply. I sucked soft to hard and back, I heard his soft whines. Then my rubbing changed to soft grips. I felt him harden even further as his hips slightly pushed up towards me. I moved to just his head and sealed my lips just below it then I ran my tongue along the tip. When he came heavily into my mouth, it was so much so that I choked as I swallowed. I lick up the few drops that slid down his shaft. I felt his hand run through my hair and I whined softly for him.

"You did well my little one. Now I want you to lie on your back with your hands on each post at the head. You may keep your knees up or however you want." He smiled at me, "I love you my little one."

"I love you too My Lord." I said as I moved to lie on the bed.

When I lied down, I moved my arms out to where he ordered. I heard one of my draws open and I looked over my left shoulder to see him pulling out a pair of leather cuffs; one for each wrist. I looked at him trustingly while he attached each cuff to the bedpost and then to my wrist, locking me into place in the center of the bed.

"Cry out all you want my little one." he spoke softly.

He kissed down my stomach to the soft patch of hair between my legs; his tongue flicked out and brushes my clit. His tongue parted my pussy lips while I whined, begging for more. His finger pushed in me softly, nursing the juices out slowly. He gently rubbed my g-spot; my body grows hot as pressure builds in me. As he shifted to two fingers, he moved harder and his tongue licked at the juices greedily. I fought against the cuffs and moan out heavily that I want him in me.

"Relax little one and cum for me first." His fingers pushed heavily into me as my body twisted in an orgasm. My juices flowed all over his hand and face. I watched him lick off his hand he looked at my wrists making sure I haven't hurt myself. After a moment he smiled at me.

"You taste so sweet little one."

"Please..." I sigh.

"Please what my little one?"

"Please My Lord fuck me hard, end this teasing and take me." I was greeted by a smile and he moved up on his knees and bit my neck. I felt his probing head of his cock brush against me. I raised my hips just slightly to guide him in. When he thrust in deeply, I moaned hard as he takes my virginity. He paused, waiting to see if it hurt me too much to continue. Ever so slowly I pushed my hips up to his.

"You're so strong my little one." coos his soft voice. I whined yet again wanting him to continue. "Please My Lord continue don't end it here." With that, he pulled back and began fucking me. He moved hard and then soft. Sometimes he went all the way in and others just halfway. His lips met mine for a passionate kiss. Our tongues met. He moved to my nipples and begam to suck harder then before. My back arched, raising my chest to him. His thrusting became stronger, deeper. Right when an orgasm ripped through my body he came heavily in me. We moaned together.

"I love you dearly my little one." came a heavy breath. He began to remove the leather cuffs that have restrained me.

"I love you so My lord." I watched him as he rose off my bed and started for the door. I went to follow him but he turned.

"You will stay in your own bed tonight my little one." With that, my door shut, leaving me alone. I pulled my covers down and get under them. I ran my hand down between my legs; I felt the juices and blood that are there. I fell asleep dreaming of the passion just shared with My Lord.

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