tagIncest/TabooUncle Ted's Revenge

Uncle Ted's Revenge


Maggie was angry. She was on a plane to Los Angeles to start the adventure of a lifetime, but her parents had ruined everything. Well, her Uncle Ted had ruined everything. She hadn’t seen him since she was seven years old and had pigtails and freckles. Why had he chosen this summer to get back in touch with his sister, her mom? Just as Maggie was making arrangements to get her own apartment, stupid Uncle Ted had called and since he lived in Beverly Hills he’d offered to let Maggie stay with him. Her parents had been so excited and relieved and they’d made Maggie accept the offer. They’d told her to stay with him at least till Christmas so that she had time to get a permanent job and earn some money before having to get her own apartment.

Maggie knew that it made sense. Rents out west were astronomical and it didn’t matter how run down Uncle Ted’s shackle in Beverly Hills was, it was bound to be better than what she could afford. She didn’t know much about him. He’d had a disagreement with grandma and grandpa when Maggie was seven and he’d disappeared out of their lives. Rumour had it that he was gay. Rumour also had it that he’d been in prison. Everybody had thought that he was in Florida so it had come as a surprise to hear that he was in LA.

Ted walked up and down outside the arrivals gate at the airport. He had a sign with his niece’s name on it. He didn’t need it because he knew what she looked like, but he didn’t want her to know that. He wanted her to think that he didn’t know how she’d developed from that annoying little kid into a beautiful woman. He didn’t want her to know that he knew about her long, wavy, chestnut hair, her firm D or C-cup tits and her wonderfully rounded ass. The less she suspected the better this was going to be.

He felt a stir in his pants. Eleven years ago, when he was a 30-year old history teacher at the local high school, he’d seduced a 15-year old student. His nosy sister had caught them and despite his pleas she’d reported him. His parents had thrown him out of their house and he’d been forced to leave the state as he couldn’t get another job as a history teacher. He’d drifted for a while, but nine years ago he’d arrived in California and he’d started his own business. He’d had success beyond his wildest dreams, especially after the birth of the Internet. He owned a dozen popular Internet porn sites, two porn magazines, a sex toy and lingerie store chain, a porn TV network and a movie studio. His name was widely known in the business, but it was obvious that the God fearing and churchgoing folk back home hadn’t heard of his success, or his sister would never have allowed her precious daughter to come out and stay with him.

It was quite by accident that he’d discovered that Maggie was going to California. He’d been in the office of his distribution network one day when the personnel manager had been looking at applications for a secretarial position. The distribution company traded under a different name to his sex business and it had some customers that weren’t in the erotica industry so even good little girls from the back of beyond applied for these jobs. Ted had found it an excellent recruitment vehicle for his models and mistresses. This time the face on the photo attached to an application had caught his eye. The girl had been a better looking version of his big sister. He’d eyed the application and it had confirmed that the girl was no other than his now 18-year old niece Maggie.

The plan had soon hatched in his brain. He’d sent an investigator to his old home town to get some pictures of Maggie and he’d been very happy with the result. He’d then asked the personnel manager to conduct a phone interview with Maggie, which he’d listened in on. The manager had then told Maggie that he couldn’t offer her a permanent position, but he had something for the 3 months of the summer. Ted knew that she’d find it difficult to rent a place of her own with such a short term job.

A week later he’d called his sister and he’d made up with her over the phone. He’d admitted to being a fool and he’d told her that she’d done the right thing. He’d then told her that he worked and lived in Beverly Hills, letting her believe that he was still teaching. His sister had got excited, telling him about Maggie’s summer job and asking him if he knew of anyone who rented out rooms. He didn’t, but would Maggie like to stay with him for a while until she found something permanent? His sister had been so grateful. All was forgiven and forgotten when he promised he’d take care of her little girl. And he was intending to take care of her.

Ted immediately spotted the 18-year old as she came through the doors. Every step she took sent her ample bosom bouncing under that deliciously tight t-shirt. Her long legs were tanned and seemed to go on forever before they disappeared into her shorts that didn’t do anything to hide her shapely ass. Times sure had changed back home. Girls never dressed like that when he lived there.

Maggie saw her name on the sign held by a fairly good looking older guy. She’d thought of Uncle Ted looking like his brother, her Uncle Bob who had grown a beer belly, was balding and dressed like the math teacher he was. Uncle Ted wore designer clothes and he looked as fit as the high school footballers she’d been used to dating as a cheerleader. Maybe he wasn’t going to be as boring as she thought he would be. Maybe he would be one of those fun uncles who let their nieces drink wine and party all night.

“Uncle Ted,” Maggie said as she walked up to him.

“Maggie,” he said in a happy voice. “I would have recognised you anywhere; you look just like your mom.” Except that Maggie had those luscious tits and inviting body.

Ted picked up Maggie’s suitcases and took her out to the car. Maggie was surprised to see that he drove a silver Mercedes. History teachers back home sure didn’t drive cars like this. Maybe his wife was the daughter of some Hollywood big shot. Her mom hadn’t mentioned his wife, but a guy his age had to be married. She told him a little bit about her new job and about the family at home as they drove to his house. She couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the electric gates and the mansion behind them.

“You live here?” she asked incredulously.

“Yeah,” he admitted.

“They must pay teachers out here a lot more money than they do at home,” she said, “or does it belong to your wife.”

“I’m not married and I’m not a teacher anymore,” he told her.

“Oh? Mom didn’t mention that. What do you do?”

“I run a mail order business.” Well, a lot of his products were sold by mail order.

“Do you know the company I’m going to work for?” Maggie asked. “They do distribution for mail order companies.”

She mentioned the company’s name and Ted admitted to using them occasionally. Maggie was not at all suspicious as they entered his house and he showed her to her room. He explained that she’d be living in the guest suite, which had its own bathroom and living room, but she’d had to share the kitchen. She could either share his meals that were cooked by his housekeeper who came for a couple of hours every weekday or she could cook her own food, but then she’d have to clean up after herself in the kitchen.

Maggie was getting happier by the minute. Living with Uncle Ted was going to be great. All her fears of having to spend her evening playing scrabble with a history teacher had disappeared. She started unpacking and Uncle Ted disappeared somewhere else in the house. An hour later she found him behind his desk in the library. He was typing away on a laptop computer when she entered the room so she couldn’t see what he was up to.

“Uncle Ted,” she said tentatively.

“Yes, Maggie.”

“I’ve got some money that I’ve saved. I really need to buy a car. Would you be able to go looking for cars this afternoon? I start work on Monday and I don’t want you to feel that you have to chauffeur me around.”

“How much money do you have?” he asked and when she told him he shook his head. “You’re not going to get anything decent for that. Let me show you something.”

He got up from his desk and placed his arm around her shoulders and walked towards the garage. He’d parked the Mercedes outside so Maggie hadn’t seen the inside of the garage and she gasped when she saw what was there. There was a huge black BMW, a black jeep and a small red convertible sports car.

“You can have any one of these until you’ve made enough money to buy a decent second hand car.”

“But that’s really too much, Uncle Ted,” Maggie said to him. “I can’t accept that.”

“Really,” he insisted. “Your parents have entrusted me with your safety and I don’t want to have to worry about you breaking down in unsafe neighbourhoods on your way to and from work.”

When he put it like that Maggie agreed. It would feel better to drive a reliable car. She picked the red sports car and hugged her uncle gratefully. He felt her big tits against his chest and once again there was a stir in his pants. He held her tight for a while and then let her go. Maggie gave him an unsure look, but he smiled and suggested they go for a test drive.

Maggie and Ted enjoyed their afternoon together. He showed her the route to work and then they went and took in the famous sights. Maggie was thoroughly star struck when they came back home. It was getting dark and Ted told her to put on a dress and he’d call for a Chinese. The Chinese meal arrived just as Maggie came downstairs. She was wearing a white button down summer dress. Ted could see the outline of her sensible bra and panties underneath. He couldn’t wait to take them off and see what was hidden underneath. This was going to be fun.

“Maggie,” Ted said when they’d finished their meal. “I’d like to ask you a favour.”

“Anything, Uncle Ted,” Maggie was not going to deny her new favourite Uncle anything after today.

“I was wondering if you’d be willing to model for a couple of pictures that I want to take.”

“Model? Pictures?”

“I told you that I run a mail order business. I think that a pretty girl like you would look good using some of our products, and I wanted to take some test photos to show my marketing manager.”

Maggie was flattered. She’d always thought herself too curvaceous and short to model. “OK, I’d love to. Where do you want me?”

Ted chuckled inwardly. It was too early for bed. “Go up to my bathroom and get changed. There’s a robe on the door, take your clothes off and put the robe on and come downstairs and I’ll have some things for you.”

Maggie skipped up the stairs and Ted logged on to his laptop. The hidden camera behind his bathroom mirror captured Maggie beautifully as she stepped out of her dress and underwear. She looked at herself in the mirror and cupped her tits. It was a good thing Ted was wearing jeans or his budding erection would become painfully obvious.

Maggie soon stepped into his office. She didn’t realise that the gown was semi-transparent and he could see the outline of her figure when she stood in front of the floor lamp. Her tits seemed even larger now and her nipples poked through the material. He couldn’t wait to suck on them. She followed him into a studio with white walls and a lot of lights. On the floor in the middle was a chaise-lounge.

“I want you to sit on the chaise, Maggie,” said Uncle Ted.

“Wearing this robe?” she asked.

“Yes, that robe is one of my products.”

Maggie did as told and Ted started taking photos of her. She felt fantastic. She changed her position as he asked her to and then he walked up to her and tugged a bit at the robe. She froze for a second when she felt his finger on her skin, but then realised that he thought it should hang a bit looser on her and she relaxed. He took more photos. He asked her to put a foot on the chaise and keep the other one on the floor. She could feel the cool air on her naked pussy, but she was sure that it was covered by the material.

“Now undo the sash,” Uncle Ted said.

Maggie was unsure, but she did as she was told. The robe fell open and revealed a bit too much cleavage, but it was still OK. Uncle Ted seemed very pleased and she smiled.

“Let it fall off one shoulder.”

Again Maggie did as she was told. Her uncle was not going to make her do anything bad.

“Pull the sash out and hold it in your hands.”

The sash was beautiful so Maggie understood that he wanted it shown off. She’d always hated the size of her breasts, but now she was happy as they kept the robe in place.

“Wrap the sash around your wrists, Maggie.”

The silky feeling was wonderful on her wrists and she did as told. Uncle Ted just kept taking photos. Then he stopped and walked up to her. He took her hands in one of his and Maggie thought he was going to change her position. Instead he took the sash in his other hand and pulled it tight, crossing Maggie’s hands and restricting her mobility. He tied the sash with a double knot.

“Stand up,” he commanded.

Maggie didn’t want to. She knew the robe would fall open if she did and then he’d see her private parts. She remained seated.

“Stand up, Maggie. This is no time for games.” He pulled her up by her hands and, as she’d feared, the robe fell open. “Now lower your hands so that they cover your pussy.”

She did as told, happy for the modesty he was allowing her again, but her relief was premature. He pulled the robe open, exposing both her breasts that were squeezed together because of the position of her hands. Uncle Ted smiled and continued taking photos.

“On your hands and knees on the chaise,” he commanded her and she did as told. Once again he walked up to her and uncovered her modesty. Her breasts were hanging down and he pulled the robe to the side, exposing her ass. He smiled even more and continued taking pictures of her from all angles.

When he was done he walked up to her and cupped one of her tits. “Well, aren’t you a little minx,” he smiled. “I wonder what folks back home would do if they saw these pictures. I got some really good ones of your cunt.”

“Please don’t show these pictures to anyone,” Maggie begged, well aware that the naughtiness of the situation had had her wet and she knew that the wet feeling was something that should be saved for when she got married.

“I won’t show the pictures to anyone if you do exactly as I say,” Uncle Ted was dead serious.

“Please, Uncle Ted, I’ll do anything,” she pleaded.

Uncle Ted smiled and untied her wrists. He caressed the robe off her shoulders until it fell in a heap on the floor and then he wrapped his arms around her, pressing his throbbing bulge against her stomach as he kissed her passionately. Maggie was caught by surprise by the unfamiliar feeling of her uncle’s erection and his tongue that invaded her mouth so she didn’t notice that Uncle Ted was now using the sash to tie her hands behind her back.

“You’ve tied me again,” she exclaimed as he let go.

“It’s better that way, at least to begin with,” he smiled at her and started getting undressed.

She couldn’t keep her eyes off his muscular body as he shed his clothes. His chest was covered by a light mat of brown hair that disappeared into the jeans that he took off next. His thing formed a tent inside his boxers as his jeans went off and she couldn’t help gaping as he finally let the boxers go. She hadn’t seen a boy’s thing since she was a little girl and she never knew they would grow this big. It must be at least 8 inches and as thick as her wrist. She’d felt herself several times and she knew that her opening was as small as her finger. How was she ever going to get her husband in there? Maybe they both started off small and then when they were Uncle Ted’s age the man’s thing was that big because having children made the woman’s hole bigger too. She longed to ask, but didn’t dare. She was too afraid of what was happening next.

Uncle Ted went over to a drawer and pulled out a pair of shoes and something black. He came back to Maggie and told her to step into the panties, that weren’t proper panties; they just had a string at the back. Then he made her step into the high heeled shoes. She’d only wore high heels once before and they’d not been anywhere near the four inches she was given now. Her balancing act wasn’t helped by the fact that her hands were tied around her back. She wobbled a bit and it made her tits bounce. This seemed to excite Uncle Ted.

“Oh yeah, Maggie, you look great,” he said as he took photos, ever so often stopping to stroke his hard cock. “Look that way, shoulders back, excellent!”

He then made her turn around and bend over, and he kept snapping. Next he made her sit on the chaise and he parted her legs wide, not leaving much to the imagination behind the sheer silk of the panties.

“Stand up,” he walked up and pulled her panties off, not minding that they ripped. “Sit back down again, just like before.”

He took close-ups of her firm young tits and her pussy and then he put the camera down and came back with a razor and made her lean back. He quickly and expertly trimmed her bush into a neat triangle and kept snapping. Maggie was close to tears. This was not right. Uncles were not supposed to do this with nieces.

“Can we please stop, Uncle Ted,” she sniffled. “I don’t like this. Please, I’ll cook and clean for you, just don’t show these pictures to mom and dad.”

“Stop whining, princess,” he shouted as he kept taking photos. “I have someone to do those things for me. You are only useful for one purpose so be quiet and do as you’re told.”

Maggie’s lips trembled. Gone was the nice guy from this afternoon and he was replaced with this mean, naked man with the big thing that scared her half to death.

“Get on your knees and open your mouth,” he commanded her.

She did as she was told and he made happy sounds as he kept snapping away. Then he left and came back with the camera on a tripod. He took a remote control in his hand and snapped a few times when he stood next to her with his giant cock in his hand. He went back to the camera to check out the photos he’d taken and, obviously satisfied, he walked back over to his niece and grabbed hair head in his hands. Without warning he shoved his hard cock inside her mouth, gagging her as he took more photos.

“Start sucking,” he said and Maggie had no choice. This thing filled her mouth completely and she started sucking for all she was worth. He let go of her head and kept taking photos of the two of them. Maggie had never felt this humiliated and scared. That thing was not supposed to go in her mouth. She wasn’t even married, and he was her uncle! After an eternity she felt Uncle Ted’s hand on the back of her neck again and now he was starting to move his hips back and forth, hitting her throat every time. She kept sucking him hard because she didn’t want him yelling at her again. Then he started pulling out. As he exited she felt something hit the back of her mouth and then he sprayed her face and then her tits with white goo as he groaned loudly. The camera kept taking photos at a remarkable speed, not missing anything.

“Mmmmm…” Uncle Ted said and knelt before Maggie. “What a hungry little cock sucker you proved to be.”

With those words he kissed her deeply, still taking photos, and smeared his cum all over her tits.

“Uncle Ted,” Maggie begged in a small voice. “Can I please go now?” She just wanted to pack her things and go home. She didn’t want to be in Los Angeles anymore.

“Are you kidding? We’re only getting started!”

Maggie whimpered. Uncle Ted had been such a cool uncle this afternoon and now he was making her do all these bad things. The worst of it was, she’d found that when she’d been sucking his cock she’d actually liked it. She’d liked the way it tasted and how it felt in her mouth and she’d wondered how it would feel elsewhere. She shook her head to get rid of those thoughts.

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