Unconditional Love Ch. 08


It felt so damn good but all the movement and considering how hot it was and how intense the session was becoming, I was just barely able to stand it all.

When Christy pulled at my hair and screamed that she was going to cum, I found myself feeling a little relieved and I braced myself for what would come next.

Several shots of cum, right down my throat followed by several bigger shots all over my face and Christy was moaning so loud I swore that if anyone in the other rooms heard they would be calling the office to complain.

Just as she was finishing up, I heard Alison start getting louder, her thrusts becoming more wild as she held onto me nice and tight and bit her lower lip.

I felt the head of her shaft swelling up like always and I realized she came but I didn't' feel the warmth of her semen filling me like usual. It was not until she pulled out and flipped me over onto my back that I realized she had actually been wearing a condom; that was a rarity for Alison when we had sex.

"You used protection," I said, actually feeling pretty surprised.

"Of course; I'm going from ass to mouth, your' not supposed to do that unprotected."

She made a valid point, they were supposed to take turns and it was a bit of a hazard to go from ass to mouth because of bacteria. Still, I missed the feeling of her cum oozing out of my asshole after being' fucked by her big hard dick. She removed the condom and disposed of it and that's' when her' and Christy made the switch and I felt my cock getting hard once again. At the same time though, I was' overwhelmed by fear and anxiety.

Christy's cock was enormous, I had struggled enough as it was just to give her a blowjob so how difficult was it going to be to let her fuck me in the ass?

I was glad that Alison had already been back there, it allowed for her to loosen me up quite a lot and make sure that I was opened up at least partially before Christy stepped in and took over. She was over top of me, we were in the position for missionary and she leaned in and started kissing me on the lips while stroking my cock and hers at the same time.

Alison moved around some so that she was over top of me with her cock dangling right in front of my mouth. She was going to tea bag me, I realized but that would probably not be so bad really; she'd' done it before and I actually enjoyed it. I felt the pressure of Christy's big fat cock starting to force its way into my asshole. She had made sure to apply an enormous amount of lube before hand, probably more then I had ever had used on me since first getting into the whole anal aspect of this with Allie.

Of course, Allie was not as thick as Christy, so I imagine it would work better to use the amount she was using.

I was dead wrong of course. It did nothing to help really,

Immediately, I noticed the agonizing feeling like' I was being' split in half quite literally. My ass felt like it was being torn apart as she pushed the head in followed by the rest of her length but I was surprised at how fast she managed to get herself all the way in to the balls.

Despite the fact that the hardest part was over now, the pain was still absolutely' unbearable and I could not help but worry that I might spend the rest of our vacation walking funny because of how big her dick was; that thought actually kind of angered me a little. I had come to Wildwood to enjoy myself, not to be in pain,

I tried to focus my attention on pleasing Alison, sucking her cock and reaching up to play with her balls while Christy started thrusting in and out of my asshole. My oral attention towards her seemed to do the trick in distracting me at least temporarily until the pain started to swell up again and became just a little too much for me to handle.

I stopped sucking and made it clear that I was in some serious fucking pain right now,

"Son of a bitch," I yelled.

"Are you okay?" Alison asked becoming really worried.

"No, this shit hurts like fucking hell; it's like your' shoving a fucking rock up there or something!"

"Maybe we should stop," Alison said.

Christy grabbed the bottle of lube and pulled out about halfway dumping nearly the entire bottle all over her cock.

"Just trust me," she said. "I can make this work, I promise!"

I didn't know whether to believe her so called promise or not,

Alison's POV I was really getting a little worried about Mike, I could tell he was in some major pain and I was starting to feel like maybe I had not taken into consideration the fact that Christy was big enough to cause quite a lot of discomfort for anyone who had never been with someone that large.

Especially, someone like Mike who had only been fucked in the ass a handful of times so far. Maybe we should have not done this or at the very least done more to prepare him for her great size, I could have brought some of my toys to help loosen him up some more and make things easier.

Apparently, me' fucking him first had not been enough to do the trick.

Christy had dumped pretty much the entire bottle of Astroglide all over her cock, literally by opening the cap and just pouring it all over. She rubbed it in as good' as she could and resumed pushing her entire length back into my boyfriends ass and I tensed up expecting him to cry out in more pain. I was surprised though that he did not even seem to notice she had pushed back into him; he'd' had his eyes shut and barely seemed to realize.

"Are you going to keep going?" he asked.

"She is going," I said and he opened his eyes and noticed for himself that Christy had indeed pushed her entire cock right back into him without him even noticing.

"Holy shit,"

"See, I told you; we just needed a lot more lube then we were using originally," Christy said cheerfully and moaned as she started thrusting slowly in and out of him.

I was even more shocked when Mike actually let out a moan and slid down on the mattress a little to push himself further down onto her cock. I guess she had been right after all, the right amount of lube was all they needed and' apparently they were not using the right amount in the beginning and now they were.

From my view, just watching Christy's dick go in and out of Mike's asshole, disappearing and then reappearing from the loosened hole, I felt my own cock begin to swell up to the point where it was quite literally throbbing and painful. I started stroking softly, but even that hurt; I needed more oral attention and I took advantage of my boyfriends open mouth as he moaned and shoved my dick back into his throat surprising him but he took it anyway.

I groaned, it was definitely a big relief to feel his lips wrapped around the length of my cock and I could tell I was not going to last very long. Christy was pounding him harder now and the bed was shaking underneath of us as she fucked the living hell out of him. I pulled my cock out of his mouth, he was moaning so loud, louder then I had ever made him moan before,

I wasn't' jealous though, if anything it just made me even hornier then I already seemed to be and I started stroking my cock furiously until I exploded, a massive load of sticky hot cum all over his face and in his mouth.

He moaned, taking it like a sport as I shoved my cock back into his mouth to finish off and shot the last four streams down his throat. I made him lick it clean before pulling back and collapsing onto the floor, laughing a little while Christy continued fucking him. I sat up and leaned against the chair, jerking off until my dick started to get hard again and I watched as Christy started getting closer to her own orgasm; it was only a matter of time now.

Christy's POV

I was in fucking heaven, slamming my big fat cock in and out of this dudes fucking ass and I swear to god it was the greatest thing ever. I don't' know if it was because he was still fairly new to being fucked especially for my size, or what, but he was so tight even with how hard I was going. It just added to the pleasure making it all feel so much better,

Allie had definitely not be lying when she said he was a great fuck and I was extremely appreciative that she had allowed me to do this, to have my way with her lovely boyfriend without any complaints or jealousy.

I was getting closer now, I could feel it, that familiar pressure in my balls that kept building and building until it overflowed and I gasped then cried out in ecstasy as I erupted like a fucking volcano pumping his ass full of so much cum that it leaked out and down around the length of my shaft.

I came like I had never came in my entire life, there was just so much of it spurting out of the tip of my dick and into his ass I thought it would never fucking end.

Finally, it did though, and I really wished that it hadn't' but it left me feeling absolutely exhausted. Granted, it had been about a month and a half since I had been laid so that was probably the real reason why this had felt so good, but honestly I didn't care much for the reason; I just cared that it had been so great that now I was actually wanting another chance to have him to myself.

I wanted him for another round but this time I wanted it to be just me and him with no Alison involved; I wasn't sure if she'd' be willing to let that happen though and I did not want to hurt my friends feelings. I collapsed on top of him, worn out but still so very horny and pulled my cock out of his ass rolling over next to him. I glanced over at Alison who was pumping her own dick and moaning as she did, and I thought maybe now was a good time to ask.

"Allie...can I do it again?"

Her only reply was a nod and a light moan and I took that as a pretty' obvious yes but I wanted to make sure Mike was cool with it to. He offered no protest as I started stroking my cock trying to get hard again' he immediately realized what I was doing.

I was kind' of shocked when he rolled over right on top of me and positioned his ass which was gaping right over my big fat dick. He grabbed hold and guided me into him and we both moaned as I slid all the way into the balls, twice as easy as it had been before seeing as he was stretched' so wide open this time around.

I grabbed hold of his hips and he started bouncing up and down on my cock, the sound of his ass slapping against my thighs echoed through the motel room and the bed creaked underneath of us as we went at it again.

I pulled him close to me and kissed him passionately, while squeezing his ass at the same time that I was pounding it, then' I broke the kiss and pulled him even closer so I could gently bite his left nipple. He groaned and suddenly, I felt something hot and wet splash across my tits and realized I had actually gotten him to cum. Damn, did he cum to, he came fucking hard as shit all over my chest and my stomach and my face while moaning like a little bitch.

I laughed at myself and almost felt sorry for him; he seemed to be enjoying himself a lot more then he had earlier when Allie fucked him. I hoped I would not cause any sort of drama or confrontation between the couple later.

I felt myself starting to get ready to unload another wave of cum and I grabbed his shoulders pushing him all the way down onto my cock as I bit my lip and threw my head back crying out in pleasure.

"Ohhh fuck!"

I exploded again, again filling him with my hot sticky cum and it leaked out around my cock just as it had done earlier when I had been fucking him in missionary. This time, it was his turn to collapse exhausted on top of me and I felt my dick beginning to soften inside of his ass. He waited a few seconds, he grunted and I had a bad feeling that maybe now he was starting to feel sore.

He lifted himself up off my cock nice and slow, grunting and wincing in pain as he dropped back onto the mattress and rolled over onto his stomach. I glanced over in the corner and Allie was just finishing up' her little masturbation session and was starting to cum all over herself. So much fucking cum, this was the best threesome I had, had in a couple of years now.

Allie and I use to seduce straight men all the time in our early twenties and have the craziest fucking threesomes ever. It had been a long time since we had done anything like this though; it had been a lot of fun. I glanced over at Mike who was laying' on his stomach though and suddenly I felt rather bad at how beat red his asshole looked and I noticed there was a tiny bit of blood.

Obviously, I had caused minor tears in the rectum and he was going to need to stay off his feet at least most of tomorrow. I just hoped he would be feeling better after a while, so that his entire vacation was not ruined.

Alison crawled into bed between the two of us and pulled Mike into her arms, kissing him on the neck. I turned onto my side facing the wall; it had been fun, lots of fun and I'm' sure she did not mind me staying with her and Mike. It wasn't my place to snuggle up to them though or at least I didn't' think it was, so I faced the opposite direction. It did not matter to me much; I was sound asleep within minutes leaving the two love' birds to lay together for a while before they to drifted off into dream' land.

Next door

Jamie's POV

Holy shit, I thought, as I listened through the walls to what I could have heard all the way across the room even if I were not trying to listen. They were really fucking going at it over there. I knew what was happening of course, Mike, Alison and Christy were having some stupid fucking threesome but god damn were they being so fucking loud.

As annoyed' as I was at all the noise, I actually found myself starting to laugh a little as I sat back down on the chair next to the TV. Joe had fallen asleep about half an hour ago; I was shocked really' that he even could considering all the noise but I was glad he had fallen asleep.

It was the kind of thing I knew he would have been unable to resist making fun of Mike in the morning over and I really did not want Mike to have to deal with that.

If he had enjoyed himself as much as he sounded like he had, that was all I cared about, Plus' listening to it had actually made me kind of horny myself,

I didn't know how to explain it, but all the commotion had left my imagination to form an image in my head and to my own surprise I found that my pussy was soaking wet by now; I laughed to myself as I slid my hand down my panties and started playing with my clit.

I spent the next half hour or so pleasuring myself before falling asleep and dreaming that I actually had been next door involved in whatever crazy sex session those three had been going through; what fun that would have been.

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