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I sit on the bed and listen to you talk over the phone about your day. I really don't give a fuck, but you already know that. You only blabber on because you know that the sound of your deep voice gives me chills. Our arrangement is simple. A fuck here. A fuck there. Nothing more and nothing less. I don't want to be your lover or your friend. I am only in it to get it but so are you. That's what makes this all the more enjoyable.

I just finished a hard workout. I'm dirty and sweating, just the way you like me. You ramble on but I ignore what you say, concentrating on the fluctuations of your voice. Lying across my bed I let my soft hands roam over my body. My nipples are hard and sensitive, feeling so good to touch. I travel further and slide my hands into my underwear. Wet. My clit is throbbing as I rub my middle finger across its slippery surface making me moan and you stop.


"Don't stop talking." I command.

You continue and I proceed to pleasure myself, letting my finger slide in then pump it in and out of my pussy. It feels good because I know how I like to be fingered. You hear my breathing increase and I moan again.

"What are you doing?" you ask.


"Playing, huh? May I join you in your game?"

"You know the way."

"Don't finish without me."

I agree and await your arrival. It wouldn't take long because you live down the hallway. Within two minutes you are there. I hear you enter my front door and lock it behind you. Before I see you, I smell your body wash and it's delightful. I happen to like you clean but that's my preference. You walk into my room to find me naked across my bed, having stripped my clothes before you got there. You frown at me but I don't care.

"I wanted to see you strip."

"You took too long. That's your fault. Maybe you are going to have to have me make up for it."

Grinning at me with those sexy dimples, you cross your arms and stare at me for a minute. The silence makes my nerves raw waiting on your orders. The mischievous glint in your eyes tell me I am about to get it.

"Slide to the edge." you command. I obey. "Now finish what you started on the phone."

"While you watch?"

"While I watch."

I don't see the point in your request but if that's what you want. I can easily please myself. Spreading my legs far apart, so you can see my opening, I began to finger myself again. First slow then faster the closer I come to my peak.

"Let me know when you are about to cum." you say. I continue and when I feel it building I moan...

"I'm about to cum!"

But before I can achieve victory you rush over and snatch my hands away. You pin my arms to the bed and hover over me, laughing in my face as I glare at you in outrage for stopping my fulfillment.

"You asshole! Why did you do that?"

"Because. That's for stripping before I got here."

I squirm under you, trying to break free but you are strong and I like it. You grab me by my face and lick the side of my cheek tasting the dried sweat and you love it. You continue to taste me, traveling to my neck. I reel in pain when you bite the hell out of me but you cover my mouth to keep the scream from escaping.

"Fucking bastard."

"You know you liked it."

And I did but I didn't want marks left behind. You knew how to inflict pain without leaving them though, so I calm down and let you continue your assault on my body. You kiss lightly down my stomach and linger around my groin. When you begin to nuzzle your nose on my clit and inhale my womanly odor you groan with appreciation. Even though you interrupted my moment you quickly bring me back to the point, kissing and tonguing me to death. Every movement I make you follow like a pro. You know what I like and you do it with finesse. I yell to you I am about to cum again. This time you let me explode in your mouth and you hungrily lap it up. My clit becomes sensitive but you continue your session, ignoring my pleas for you to stop.

"What the hell is going on!!"

My eyes snap open and I see my worst nightmare standing in the doorway. My husband is home. I never heard the front door open or his foot steps. I guess I was too caught up in the moment. I lay there with my mouth open, unable to explain. Your actions shock me when you just grin at him and continue to casually lick my pussy.

"What does it look like?" you say.

I stare at you in disbelief but that was minor compared to what happened next. My husband smiled and walked over to us. You exchange smiles before you say...

"She's ready."

My mind screams "Ready for what!!" but I am still trying to process what is going on. My husband disappears from my sight but I can still hear him behind me. You continue to lick and kiss and finger, eliciting whimpers that I can't control. "What the hell is going on!" I think. My husband returns and he is naked! He kneels beside you between my legs and does something I never thought possible. From either of you. You kiss him but he doesn't push you away. He kisses you with the same force and groans when he tastes my juices on you lips. I am shocked even more. Not only in the two of you but in myself. I find it completely erotic and it gets me hot all over again. I guess I learned something new about myself. You move out of the way and let him maneuver between my thighs and push his cock inside me.

"Hello, my love." he says.

"Hi." is all I am able to say, still baffled at the turn of events.

"Don't be surprised. I have always known what you were up to. I put him up to this game to prepare you."

"Prepare me for what?"

He smiles at me and begins to move his hips. He feels so good. I had almost forgotten because it has been so long since we last made love. That is the reason why I started the affair in the first place but it was all apart of his plan to prepare me. He rolls me over on top of him and I begin to grind, riding his dick. I catch you out the corner of my eye. You are naked and rubbing lube on your hard condomed shaft. As you approach us and climb on the bed positioning yourself behind me, straddling my husband's legs, he yanks me forward. My husband was never rough in the past but he most definitely was now. You must have told him I liked to be dominated. I feel you rub lube on my asshole and tense up when I realize what my husband's preparations referred to.

"Its okay." My husband cooed.

"I'll go slowly." you whisper in my ear.

I relaxed and let you lube me up the way you have done in the past. You were the one who introduced me to anal and I have loved it ever since. I never expected it to get me ready to take it in both holes though. You rub your tip against my entrance and push in slowly, stopping if I wince in pain. When you had entered all the way, we lay there, giving me time to adjust around the both of you. I could feel both of you pulsing inside me and it makes me whimper. Slowly you begin to gyrate your hips. Your motions cause me to move on my husband. It hurts at first but not long. It begins to feel exhilarating and I begin to cry out. My husband increases his tempo and so do you. You both moan and your sounds send me overboard. A secret I never told either of you. I love to hear a grown man moan with delight. Having two at the same time makes me feel like I am the shit. You grip my hips and shout as you release yourself inside of me. Seconds later my husbands cums, flooding my walls with his seed. The rush of his warm liquid pushes me where I need to be and I climax, wetting his groin.

We all collapse on the bed, kissing. The softness of both of your lips put me in a happy place. My husband spoons me from behind and you scoot closer, facing me as we all hold each other. Our legs tangled together as we fall asleep. It was unexpected but oh how I loved it.

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