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Unexpected Behavior


Shannon was the sort of girl every guy could easily fall in love with.. The stereotypical tall blonde. Her peaches and cream complexion, full breasts, and sweet, round ass, made Mike's heart ache for her as much as his cock did.

She sat in the front of the church, hands folded in her lap demurely, the perfect image of a good and decent church going young lady. In the pew behind her, Mike was sprawled out, waiting for the sermon to end and fantasizing about the beautiful girl sitting right in front of him, thankful the whole time that his jeans were loose enough to disguise his growing member. The preacher droned on and on, and it seemed as if the hour would never be over.

The last couple of months had, in reality, been pure agony for Mike. Shannon had a genuine interest, he could tell, but she was thoroughly educated about the value of making a man wait. This game of hard to get was getting tiresome. The whole situation made him feel like he was back in high school. Katrina, a good friend of Mike and Shannon both, was the person responsible for all of it, really. She had been trying to set them up for months. Actually, Mike had some serious feelings for Katrina, but Katrina was rather involved, and he didn't want to make a mess of that. She was a short, dark-haired girl with the most beautiful green eyes a man could ever see, and she had a fondness for tank tops that weren't quite big enough, exposing her flat stomach and accentuating the generous curves of her tits.

Finally, the man on the pulpit quieted, and everyone stood up. Katrina, who had been sitting right next to Shannon, turned around and flashed a smile at Mike, waving him forward. He walked around the row, and gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek, just smiling at Shannon. As per their ritual, she gave a shy smile back.

"So, what's up?" He asked Katrina.

"Well, Jason and I were thinking of going out to the beach today with a couple people. Wanna come?" She pointed in Shannon's direction, out of sight of the other girl.

Mike was decidedly reluctant. This whole thing was feeling like another excuse to try and get the two of them together, and while he was definitely in favor of getting with Shannon, he didn't like to feel like a toy.

He risked a glance in Shannon's direction, and she was smiling slightly, but openly, and he knew he'd already made his decision.


Jason was a relatively big guy.. Probably six foot, 220 lbs, compared to Mike's five-foot-eleven, 165 pound frame. Nevertheless, they got along moderately well, even if Mike was into music and Jason was into football, and they really had little to talk about, other than Shannon and Katrina.

The girls were in Katrina's house, gathering up towels and bathing suits, while the guys sat in the car out front. Jason was wearing just his bathing suit, one of those rather ridiculous ones that, despite being actual trunks, allowed you to see quite clearly his package. Mike was glad that Jason was in the driver's seat and he was sitting behind him, wearing a decidedly more modest set of shorts, though not out of shame.

"... swear, man, 'Trina is so hot for me, you wouldn't believe it. Last night, we..." Mike had a tendency to tune Jason out. It wasn't that Jason was stupid, he was just set in a typical male pattern that wouldn't allow him much leeway to discuss anything but women or sports. And Mike really didn't feel like discussing Katrina right now. She had, of course, made it blatantly obvious to Shannon why Mike was invited, and Shannon was milking it for all it was worth. The teasing was decidedly unbearable.

The girls chose that moment to run out of the house, Katrina jumping into the front seat of the convertible, and Shannon sitting quietly next to Mike in the back, wrapped in a light jacket and sweatpants, despite the fact that it was the middle of summer. Katrina, however, was wearing a white tank-top and a pair of very short shorts.. it was enough to make Mike almost forget about the beautiful girl sitting to him.

Jason started to talk to Katrina as he pulled out of the driveway, and Mike was allowed to think in peace for a moment. As he stared off to the side of the car, he was startled to feel a tentative hand slip inside his own, and he looked over and saw Shannon smiling at him. He smiled back and curled his fingers around hers. She leaned against him, resting her head on his shoulder. Mike had to remind himself to breathe.


The day went well. It was about four o'clock when most of the people tired of playing volleyball and swimming, and most decided to go see a movie later. Katrina and Jason wanted to stay at the beach, though, and Mike and Shannon were somewhat trapped, anyway, even if they wanted to leave.

And they didn't. The day had been great. Shannon had opened up much more to Mike, and instead of swimming or playing volleyball or interacting much at all with the others, they instead talked and talked, and even shared a kiss behind a small restaurant.

By the time dusk arrived, they still hadn't left the beach, and had to move out to a more secluded part of the beach, because the park they were in had closed. It was still warm, even with the ocean breeze coming off the pacific, but all four of them were huddled together beneath a rock overhang, and it was very pleasant. Katrina began to kiss Jason more deeply, and his own gentle fondling of her grew more insistent, making Mike feel decidedly uncomfortable, let alone Shannon. Mike and Shannon continued to chat quietly, but it soon became obvious that Katrina and Jason had no intention of stopping their very public, very open display. To Mike's surprise, Katrina began to kiss her way down Jason's stomach, and pulled his trunks down, exposing his engorged dick. Shannon immediately looked the other way, but Mike sat, mesmerized, as Katrina wrapped her lips around his pulsing cock, helpless to resist his own growing excitement.

She bobbed her head up and down his slightly above average length, pausing to lift her head and swirl her tongue around the head of his dick, every few seconds. He just moaned, "'Trina, 'Trina, oh, fuck.." and other basic sounds of approval, and Mike couldn't help but watch his beautiful friend suck dick so expertly. Just as he reached down to shift his aching cock, he felt a pair of wet lips kissing him gently on the neck, and a small hand reach around his back. Shannon pulled herself closer, and Mike looked down and saw that she had removed the sweatpants and jacket that she'd so modestly worn for the majority of the day, when she was out of the water. Her bright orange bikini formed a perfect contrast to her clear skin, and her full breasts were pressing against his left arm. He tilted his head down and began to kiss her softly, one hand reaching out to cup her large tit, rubbing it gently through the fabric of the top. She leaned into him and pushed him down on his back, and reached behind to undo the laces on her swimsuit. As it fell away, he couldn't help but moan at the sight of her swollen nipples and the full curve of her tits. Her areola was larger than average, and he found that particular attractive.

Looking over, he saw that Katrina was still going down on Jason, and he had his hand under her tanktop, though she was still fully clothed. Her lips were at the base of his cock, and he was thrusting his hips in rhythm with her bobbing. He looked back to Shannon, and leaned up, kissing her navel, her tits, reaching around to tuck his fingers into the bottom of her suit, to pull it down. She spread her legs, and he pulled them down to her knees, revealing a beautiful but well-trimmed pussy. She stood up and allowed the bottoms to fall down all the way, kicking them to the side. She pulled Mike to his feet, and slid down his body, pulling his shorts down and exposing his rigid cock. She seemed surprised at his eight inch length, but pleased. She almost tentatively licked the side of it, and he reached down to move her hair out of his way. She wrapped her lips around the tip of it, and seemed to grow more fascinated. She leaned back, and stood up, however, and he kicked his shorts to the side, as well.

This time, both he and Shannon looked over at the action between Katrina and Jason, for his moans were growing louder and louder, as Katrina continued to suck his cock. She pulled away from his dick, which had swollen even further, and smiled over at Mike and Shannon, before concentrating her efforts directly on the head of his dick, only swirling her tongue around the shaft occasionally. Suddenly, Jason's torso spasmed, and she pulled away just as a rope of hot cum shot out of his dick, splashing against her cheek. Another one followed, hitting her on the lips, and the third and final shot of gooey jism landed directly on her tongue, which she promptly swallowed. She reached up with her hand to wipe it off, licking her hand clean. Jason simply moaned and leaned back.

Shannon seemed mesmerized, but Mike kissed her again on the corner of her mouth, and she turned her attention to him, softly kissing him on the lips, his hard cock rubbing against her stomach. She reached down and wrapped her fingers around his dick, rubbing the length of it, rather expertly, actually. She leaned down to kiss the side of his neck, and he looked up to see Katrina remove her shirt, exposing her beautiful belly-button first, then her perfect tits and erect nipples. She walked towards Mike and Shannon, wearing just her shorts, a vision of beauty.

Those beautiful green eyes seemed far more sultry than Mike had ever dreamed about, even. When she was halfway there, she unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them down, revealing her completely shaved cunt to Mike's eyes. Shannon looked over, then looked up into Mike's eyes, a surprisingly wicked gleam there. She pushed him down to the ground, and straddled his shoulders, lowering her wispy blonde-haired pussy down onto his mouth. He reached out with his tongue and tickled her clit, causing her to jump with excitement and reach up to hold her tits in her hands, rubbing her nipples.

Suddenly, Mike felt a moist warmth envelope his cock, and he nearly lost it right then when he realized Katrina had her mouth on his member. She slicked his cock with her spit as Shannon's moans grew louder due to Mike's vigorous tongue-lashing. Suddenly, Shannon screamed, and fell off Mike's face, shaking in orgasm. Mike was rather stunned, having never found a girl who could achieve orgasm so quickly. She seemed lost in her world for a moment, and Katrina looked over at her, smiled, and then looked at him.

He stood up, pulling Katrina close. She wrapped her fingers around his dick, jerked twice, and then spun around, putting her hands against the rock and bending over to allow Mike access to her cunt. Mike pressed his twitching member against her pussy, and slid inside, her wet tunnel easily accommodating his girth. She began to moan, sliding back along the length of his shaft, and he moved his hips in time with hers. He loved to look down and see his cock sliding in and out of her dripping snatch, her round ass moving back and forth along his stiff length. Shannon climbed beneath Katrina and began to lick her clit, and Mike was stunned.

This girl was far more experienced than she'd let on, obviously. Katrina, however, took it in stride and began to shudder with pleasure. It was all becoming too much for Mike, though, but he managed to hold out long enough for Katrina to begin to orgasm, her whole body shaking around his cock. He slid out just before the moment of no return, leaving his gleaming cock bare beneath the wind. Shannon moved out of the way, and Katrina calmed down, turning around to face Mike.

She leaned her back against the rock and made a beckoning motion to Mike, and he slipped his arms beneath her thighs and lifted her hip, sliding his cock between her wet pussy lips, pumping full tilt inside of her. The sensations were fast becoming too intense for him, and he pulled out just in time to start shooting gobs of cum all over Katrina's flat stomach. Katrina began to moan and reached down to stroke his spasming cock, she rubbed the cum into her skin and reached around his neck with one arm and kissed him deeply on the lips, hugging him close.

Mike looked over to see Jason and Shannon kissing gently. He had obviously just been included in something he had had no idea existed before. It had been a good day.

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