tagNovels and NovellasUnexpected Change Ch. 02

Unexpected Change Ch. 02


[This story will be at least four parts. It could be in Loving Wives, First Times, Incest/Taboo or a couple of other categories. I apologize right up front for any misrepresentation of the Shoshone peoples. My intention was to honor them and their culture. Naturally, you are encouraged to vote and leave feedback. Especially leave feedback that is intended to assist me in improving as an author.]


Buzz tossed me the lotion bottle and said, "Kay is the Goddess. You job today is to love her, protect her and honor her. You protect her by making sure she doesn't burn. When you kiss her love her completely, unconditionally, thoroughly."

She added, "Kay, accept his love. It is a gift freely given. Accept his protection. The lotion will not protect you; Ben's love will protect you. You honor him as a man when you accept his gift."

I lathered my hands and began loving Kay, the Goddess. I used long slow strokes on her back as I kissed her mouth. Her breasts and chest pressed against my chest. I kept repeating the mantra Aunt Sue taught me, 'I am kissing the Goddess.' When it was time to do her front I realized my mantra had changed to, ' I am loving my Goddess,'

As I did her legs I noticed the fragrance was stronger and I encountered wetness on her inner thighs. I asked myself, 'Is she turned on?' I was.

Buzz gave Kay a slightly different coaching. She said, "Ben is your God. Your job today is to love him, protect him and honor him. You protect him by making sure he doesn't burn today. When you kiss him, love him completely, unconditionally, thoroughly."

"Ben, accept her love. It is a gift freely given. Accept her protection. The lotion will not protect you; Kay's love will protect you. You honor her as a woman and your Goddess when you accept her gift."

When I lotioned Kay she held her arms slightly away from her body. As she started on me my arms went out ninety degrees from my torso. I didn't think about it at all. Kay stood behind me. She carefully lotioned me to my waist and stopped. A few inches farther down was my erection.

Aunt Buzz said, "Love him, protect him, and honor him. He is God."

Kay's hands grasped my erection and spread lotion all over. She stopped kissing the back of my neck and walked around to face me. Her hands didn't start at my shoulders. Both hands went to my erection and my nuts. She stroked me slowly and completely. After five or so strokes she increased the pace and in just a few more strokes I exploded and covered her belly and hand with my cum.

I wasn't embarrassed. I told myself she was loving me. She was doing just what Aunt Buzz asked her to do. She was protecting me and honoring me as a man and as God.

What she did next blew my mind. She lifted her hand to her mouth and licked my cum from her hand. She slowly finished applying lotion to my body and stood to embrace me when she was done. We kissed and embraced.

When the kiss eventually ended Aunt Buzz took us by our hands and led us to a shady place near the garden. She had us sit on the bench there. As we sat I noticed tears on Aunt Buzz' cheeks.

She said, "Speak to me about what just happened."

Kay looked at me for a long time, and then closed her eyes. I said, "It's hard to put into words." I took a breath, " No, it isn't. I started listening to the instructions like this was a mind game I was being asked to play. It would help me be a better kisser. The instant we kissed it was no longer a game. Kay is a Goddess. I do love her, will protect her and honor her for the rest of her life."

Buzz smiled and asked, "What happens if I stand in front of you and ask you to love me, protect me and honor me?"

I smiled back at her and said, "You may do that if you'd like, but you already know I love, protect and honor you. I'm pretty sure Aunt Sue knows I mean it for her as well, but I'm happy to tell her myself. Each of you is a Goddess in my life and Kay is... Kay is my Goddess."

Aunt Buzz touched Kay on the knee. Her eyes opened and Buzz said, "Say it."

"I have participated in that ceremony many times since I was a little girl. Today, I kissed God. I kissed my God, my man, my husband. I love him. I will protect him, nurture him, bare his children and honor him for the rest of my life. I am at peace."

Tears ran down her cheeks. I stood without thinking and lifted her to me. We embraced and kissed again. Buzz said, "Kissing is enough for now. Please, go get dressed and meet me on the front porch. You may hold each other and continue to kiss. I must call Walt."

She hurried into her house. Kay and I walked to the porch and dressed. We walked around the house and sat on the front porch. We hadn't said anything. I leaned to her and kissed her again. The same experience of kissing the Goddess washed over me. We were of one spirit.

The kiss ended and Kay asked, "Are you ever going to say anything?"

"Ok. I love you. For the rest of my life I am yours, body, mind, spirit and whatever else that connects us. If you'll have me, I am your husband from this day. I heard what you said an I echo the connection."

We kissed again. The screen door opened and Buzz came to the porch. She was fully dressed. She said, "Walt knew. He's always been more in touch than most men."

"Knew what?" I asked.

"Knew the two of you were linked. Some spirits are linked. I don't know much about it. I've only known two couples that were linked like you. Walt and Sue are one and Kay, your grandfather was linked to both Betsy and Amanda."

"My Dad's namesake Nick was linked to Betsy and Amanda?"

"Yes, and the Shoshone chief married the three of them in a special ceremony."

"The chief has contacted Walt and said he wants to meet both of you on the fifth of September on the reservation. I don't ask how the chief knew, but he called Walt half an hour before I did."

"We created a disturbance in the Force." I said, only half joking. Aunt Buzz nodded.

Kay said, "Aunt Buzz, would it be ok if I made our supper tonight?"

A tear fell from Aunt Buzz' face. She choked and said, "There are tribes that require the woman to cook for her man before she is considered married."

"Mom and I have cooked for Daddy, Steve and Don forever."

"Tell me how this dinner will be different?" Buzz asked. Kay thought about her answer as Buzz and I watched.

"I'm cooking for my husband, my man, my God. I've never done that before."

"Exactly. I know you will want to join together tonight and every night from tonight on. You must wait until Kay's birthday. You must! I ask you to promise me you'll wait." Buzz pleaded.

Kay started to speak. I squeezed her thigh just a little and she stayed quiet. "May we do other things as long as we don't have coitus?" I asked.

"You must not put your penis in her vagina or allow your cum in her vagina."

"We promise." We said it in unison.

We went in the house and they went to the kitchen. Kay came to me and asked if I would rather have lasagna or a steak. I said lasagna. She smiled and said, "Do you like steak?"

"I might order a steak twice in a year. Mom always said steak is barbaric." Kay smiled and went back to the kitchen. Aunt Buzz came to me, took my hand and led me back out to the garden bench.

We talked about the responsibility I was taking on. We talked about money, education and plans for the future. Kay stuck her head out the back door and said, "Supper will be on the table in fifteen minutes. I love you both!"

The screen slammed shut and I said, "I know why we can't have sex until her birthday. The first time we have sex she's going to get pregnant."

Buzz nodded. "The first time Walt and Sue went to the loft all the animals in the barn went nuts. Nine months later Don was born."

"Maybe if we do it somewhere else?"

"Nope. Shoshone medicine told us, the first time linked people do it, she gets pregnant. I believe them."

We went inside and I ate the most wonderful lasagna I'd ever tasted. I noticed Kay made two. She served me from one casserole and Aunt Buzz and herself from the other one. She said, "This one is just for you. The recipe is the same but this one is for my husband. It will nourish you, protect you and honor you." It was spoken like the whole meal was sacred. As I chewed the first bite I got that it was... sacred. She made this meal as a love offering to me.

I retreated into my head and questioned how I could possibly be ready to be a husband. I wouldn't even turn eighteen for another week! I wasn't ready. I didn't know how to be a man. I didn't even have a job!

Aunt Buzz talked to us as our coach. Again she talked about money, planning, education and raising the child we were about to start. It struck me that most people have sex knowing a baby is a possibility and have to wait weeks to find out if they started something. We knew we would start a baby. I thought Aunt Buzz knew if we would start a boy or a girl.

I leaned to Kay and we kissed. Whatever special something that now existed between us had that kiss reach every part of me.

We finished supper. Kay and I cleaned up. Buzz left us alone for quite a while. We went into the living room and found Buzz reading. She had a recliner, but she was on her couch. I asked, "Can we use the recliner, please." She nodded.

I sat and Kay sat in my lap. An hour's worth of kissing later, Kay said she needed to pee. As she got up Aunt Buzz asked, "Kay, in all the years since Walt kissed Sue I have wanted to kiss a linked man. I have never been able to ask Walt or Sue."

Kay said, "Crawl into his lap. He will kiss you with all his love." She took another step and said, "Be prepared to flood yourself."

Buzz said, "I'm an old woman." She sat in my lap and asked, "Would you kiss an old woman?"

My arms went around her and drew her to me. She turned her face to me and closed her eyes. Our lips touched. Before they touched I had been wondering how old Aunt Buzz might be. The instant our lips touched I stopped thinking. The kiss lasted until Kay came back in the room. Our faces came apart and Buzz relaxed against my chest. My eyes opened and Kay was standing next to us. She touched Buzz and her eyes opened.

After a minute Aunt Buzz slowly got off my lap and stood, using Kay for balance. She whispered and said, "Thank you Kay. Thank you, Ben. I'm going to bed now." As she walked towards her bed the phone rang. Kay said, "Go, Aunt Buzz. It's my Dad."

She answered the phone. "Buzz Peterson's phone." "She's gone to bed." "Emotionally wiped out, we're guessing." "No, we promised." "Stay until Monday and then come home?" "We both love all of you." "Daddy, when you kiss momma do you light up inside, too?" "Good night. Tell everyone we love them." "Yes, I noticed. I love you. We love you." She hung up the phone.

She joined me in the recliner. I asked, "Willing to tell me the other side of that conversation? Please."

Kay smiled and said, "You don't know about my memory. Ok, I'll tell you the other side of the conversation.I need to speak to Buzz." "She was there when you linked! Now she's tired?" "You haven't joined yet?" "Good. Don't. Come home Monday, not before." "Yes, Monday. Leave Buzz' after breakfast and be here by about noon." "How do you feel?" "Yes. Every time. We'll talk more when you get home. I need to go to bed. Momma and I love you." "Kay, you didn't say "I" once in this conversation."

"Word for word?" I asked. She nodded. "That thing about not saying I, what's that about?"

"Momma almost never says "I". She's linked to Daddy so strongly that it's like they are a we more than they are individuals. I never understood that until Aunt Buzz had us do the ceremony. We are linked. When we mate in the loft we will be pregnant."

"Honey, I know it's true and I want it to happen and part of me is scared to death! We're not even eighteen yet! I don't have a job! How am I going to support us and our baby? Buzz talked about education. I need to work. I won't be able to go to college!"

She smiled and I shut up. She leaned her face to mine and kissed me. It would all work out. The kiss ended and Kay said, "Husband, are we sleeping here in the recliner or in bed?"

I hadn't thought about that night! My thoughts of sleeping with Kay had been focused on the loft. We could share a bed for the first time right then! I said, "Your place or mine?"

Instead of answering she got out of the recliner and took my hand, leading me to her bed. Fresh sheets, and extra pillow, a scented candle burning and no lights on welcomed us. Kay's hands set about undressing me as my hands unbuttoned her shirt. I have no idea how long we took getting undressed, but it wasn't hurried. Back in California Beth and I had kissed and petted a few times but I had never kissed her naked breasts or felt her pussy directly. As I undressed Kay I knew she wanted my touches, my kisses. When we were both down to our underwear Kay said, "I want you to be inside me. I know we promised and I know we won't, I just want you to know I want to."

My cock made a distinct bulge and I said, "I think my want is evident. My head is still spinning with a million thoughts, but my body only has two: love you and start a baby with you."

"Momma talked with me about you. She wasn't going to start teaching you about being a lover until after your birthday. I guess I get to start now and she can give us both the graduate course over the next couple of months." She guided me onto the bed. She still wore her pink panties and I still wore my green briefs.

We kissed and explored our bodies for a very long time. Kay told me she didn't trust herself to be nude, but if I wanted to reach inside her panties it was Ok with her. I hesitated for ten seconds and she said, "If you don't touch my pussy I'm going to scream!"

It didn't feel like I thought it would. I'd seen her in the shower each evening and saw her hair and the occasional glimpse of the slit hidden in her fiery forest. As my hand slid inside her panties I encountered a well-trimmed patch of short hair leading me to her slit. As my finger slid along the crease I felt a slipperiness I didn't expect. I'd read that women lubricated just before sex but I didn't imagine it would be so slippery or so much!

Kay moaned softly. She whispered, "Do that again." She took a breath. "Again."

I felt like I was in a trace, repeating everything that got Kay to moan, wiggle or lift her hips. The candle shuddered and I saw her lower belly shudder, too. She whispered, "Oh Ben, I'm so close! Slide your finger inside me."

I did and her back arched. I pulled back so I could slide back in and I touched a hard nub above her opening. Her hands grabbed my wrist; her hips lifted up off the bed and a low, deep groan started inside her somewhere. I moved the tip of my finger across the nub and the groan changed to a scream. I felt the muscles in and around her pussy spasm. She continued to hold my hand in place for almost a minute.

Her eyes opened and she lifted my hand from her pussy to her mouth. She kissed my fingertips and sucked the finger that had stroked her nub. I bent to her chest and kissed her breast. She pulled my face to hers and said, "I love you. Thank you."

I couldn't resist. I deepened my voice and asked, "What are five things you were thinking of when you said Thank you?" She giggled at my imitation of Uncle Walt and answered, "I'm thankful that the Great Spirit picked us, I'm thankful that you came to live with us, I'm thankful we aren't biologically related, I'm thankful that we are linked and I'm thankful that those were only the first orgasms of our life together."

"Me too."

We did sleep that night, between explorations and orgasms. Kay never lowered or removed her panties. My briefs never came off. I was a little embarrassed that in the morning I found three hickies on Kay. She was torn between being embarrassed about them and wanting to show Aunt Buzz what we did. We showered and dressed before breakfast.

Aunt Buzz said she was thankful she had earplugs. Kay and I blushed. Buzz handed Kay a small bottle. She said, "Take a drop and rub it on each hickie. They won't hurt as much and they go away faster."

After breakfast Aunt Buzz told us she needed to leave us for a few hours. She kissed Kay on the cheek and came to me. She stood in front of me for a long time and finally said, "I want to kiss you, really kiss you. If I do I'll have to change clothes again, so give me your cheek, please." I did.

She pecked me quickly and on her way to the door she said, "Kay, drink plenty of water. You've been dripping since yesterday." She laughed as she went out the door.

We cleaned up breakfast, took off all our clothes and went out to the garden. We worked three hours with a few minutes at the beginning for slathering lotion on us and a few minutes at the end for a shower. There is something magical about being linked and sharing work as well as play.

Kay got a blanket and spread it in the shade of Aunt Buzz' peach tree. We spread ourselves on that blanket and Kay asked, "You've never kissed a pussy have you?"

"Your breasts are the first I've ever touched or kissed. Last night was the first time I ever touched a pussy. No, I've never done that."

"Come look." She opened her legs so the sun illuminated her lips and wetness. I got a lesson in female anatomy. I'd read about the parts she was showing me, but I knew sex education class at school didn't include a demonstration like this! She had me lick her, touching each sensitive area with my fingers and then my tongue.

I think the lesson was a success. Kay came three times. At the end of the lesson Kay sucked my cock and I came twice! We napped in the shade and were found there asleep when Aunt Buzz returned.

To wake us she stood near the blanket and said, "This whole area smells like sex!"

When we woke I didn't feel embarrassed about her remark or our being naked. In my mind Kay had stopped being my cousin, stopped being a girl I was interested in and had become my wife. It was ok that we smelled like sex. We were married. We got up and went to the shower. Aunt Buzz joined us and we all got clean. When we got out of the shower Aunt Buzz told us not to dry off, we had another ceremony to complete first.

She produced the bundles of white sage. She lit a candle and used the candle to light all three bundles. She told us the smoke of the sage was to purify our thought processes, and balance the energy of the area where the smoke touched. We put the flame out and let the sage smolder. She showed us how to smudge the area by waving the bundle just enough that the smoke touched everywhere we wanted touched. We walked the rows of her garden making sure every plant was touched by the smoke from the ground to the top of each plant. When the garden was done she sent Kay and I into the house to smudge every room. She dressed and walked around her house smudging the entire house.

When we were done she met us in the living room and we smudged each other. I loved the smell. Until I came to Idaho I never remembered smelling sage before. When we were done she showed us how to put the fire, the embers, out and how to care for the bundle so it could be used many times.

We dressed and went out to dinner. Uncle Walt had made us promise to take Buzz to dinner. Buzz told us we could forget about buying her a present; being with us when we linked was present enough.

She took us to her favorite restaurant in Pocatello. It was crowded and a large percentage of the people inside were Shoshone. The noise level said lots of people were there and having a good time. We walked in and I noticed the noise level dropped and continued to get softer. Aunt Buzz spoke to the hostess, "Peterson, party of three." The hostess' eyes locked on me and for many seconds she didn't respond to Buzz. Buzz moved and stood in front of her. She shook herself and said, "I'm sorry." She turned and led us to a table.

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