tagIncest/TabooUnintentional Lolita Ch. 07

Unintentional Lolita Ch. 07


Author's note:

This is a follow-up to the previous chapter of Unintentional Lolita; you may want to read it first... this will make a lot more sense if you do.

Pam stood at her dresser looking at the clothes she was putting away.

She chewed at her lip as she looked at the thin, skintight green shorts that she wore for volleyball, picked them up, and held them in front of her, covering the heather grey gym shorts she was wearing as much as she could.

They were scant, weren't they? Just a tad more cloth than the bottom half of a two-piece swimsuit, and snug enough to be much more revealing. She looked up into the mirror. She was all but ready for bed, and with her bra off, her nipples were clearly outlined against her T-shirt.

Interesting, wasn't it, that Kelly's mother and her own felt the same way about the shorts? Maybe not so much; most of the mothers thought the same thing. And that was what made it so hard to deal with; they were all eighteen; old enough to vote; old enough, push come to shove, to be out on their own; yet all still living at home where they had to listen to their parents harp at them. That was usually their mothers preaching about how they were dressing like sluts; why didn't they just put on a t-shirt that read "Wanna fuck?"

She and her mother had argued about the shorts a number of times. Pam didn't know why her mom was making such a big deal; it wasn't like she'd chosen the shorts for their uniforms.

Her mother just didn't get it, though. You couldn't wear anything under them without it being seen, and there was nothing so embarrassing as everyone being able to tell exactly what you were wearing for underwear.

And Kelly. Pam sighed. Kelly had come to her with common interest, observation and a dirty little suggestion. Pam sighed again; her friend was probably at home lying in bed thinking almost the same thoughts she was. And she'd snapped at Kelly for it.

But Kelly was right; Teddy was cute, even if he was Pam's twin brother. He was pretty athletic, really; the geeky awkwardness about him was an act. Well, maybe not an act; the truth, Pam suspected, was that he was too distracted staring at the girl's asses, or on occasion, their bouncing boobs.

That was the only one reason why he watched the girls play volleyball, and it was the same reason, too, that he played volleyball on occasion; to watch her and the other girls.

Pam knew he spied on her when he had the chance, and she'd spied on him a couple of times, too. She hadn't really seen much, but she was pretty sure he had bigger cock than the boy she'd been dating up until a couple of weeks ago. And she was sure Teddy jerked off thinking about her, too, but she couldn't let Kelly know it turned her on, could she? No, that would be just a little too weird.

Pam giggled. Would Kelly let Teddy watch her? She looked into the mirror and slowly shook her head. Why did she get a twist in her stomach to think about him looking at Kelly the way he looked at her? Why was she getting wet thinking about any of this?

'Wear something under those shorts... something... anything...' That's what her mother had said.

Would a thong really make a difference beneath her shorts?

She didn't really think so, but you could never really tell for sure what something looked like if you didn't have the right angle; that's why it was so important for someone else to look at you when you tried something on.

Pam sighed as she looked at the clock. It was late; she should really be in bed, considering she had to practice in the morning. Her mom and dad had been in bed for more than an hour.

She laid down the shorts and picked up the thong, holding it up in front of her and she felt her heart race. She might as well not even bother with it, no more than it covered, especially as snug as the shorts were anyway.

She looked into the mirror and took a deep breath. Kelly had been right about one other thing, too. At least, sort of. Pam didn't know if she was really prepared to watch Teddy masturbate, but she thought it would be fun to watch him become uncomfortably aroused.

She dropped the thong onto her bed and reached for her bedroom door.

You couldn't call it cock-teasing if it was your brother, could you? But maybe she needed to tempt him a little to whet his appetite.

She shimmied out of her shorts and grabbed up a pair of panties. She looked in the mirror and smiled; they were sheer; he'd be able to see right through them.

That oughta work.

She stepped out into the hallway, grabbed his doorknob and began to twist. Oh, gawd, she thought as she began to push in on his door. What if he's...?

Teddy looked up with shock on his face as his sister leaned into his room.

"Geeze, Pam... knocking... ever heard of it?"

She smiled and nodded as she slid into his room and leaned against the wall. "Yeah. I heard about it the same day they said you're not supposed to stare through cracked doors at your sister when she's getting dressed." She tugged at her T-shirt, pulling it up so he could get a look at her.

That shut him up, and she chewed at her lip as he turned red and fidgeted in his bed. He dropped the game controller for his Xbox onto his desk and slid off his bed.

"What do you want?" he asked as he walked over to her.

Her eyes dropped down to his boxers. Yup, that's all he was wearing. She could just make out his cock beneath the not-all-that snug cloth.

"I need an opinion."

"On what?"

She shook her head and grabbed at his hand. "Not here; I need to show you."

Teddy followed her, his feet staggering to keep from stepping on her heels as he followed her into her room.

Pam smiled as she did her best to sling him into the room and close the door behind him. She'd make him hard just talking about it; that would be fun.

"Mom is really on my case," she said as she pushed him onto the bed.

"About what?" He sat down hard, bouncing on the mattress and scooted back, leaning against the wall and making himself comfortable.

"About the shorts we wear to play volleyball."

He looked up at her like she'd caught him with his hand in the cookie jar.

"What about them?"

She bit at her lip to keep from smiling as she looked down and watched him lay a hand over his crotch. This was going to be easy. Too easy.

Pam rolled her eyes and took a deep breath. "Don't tell me you haven't been listening to her rant about how tight they are."

Teddy nodded. He'd heard it all on more than one occasion.

"About how I need to wear something under them."

He tilted his head as he looked at her. "Wear something under them?"

Pam nodded and leaned toward him, planting a knee between his legs as she looked down at his crotch. He was starting to get hard.

"She says they're so thin they might as well be spray painted on; that I might as well be playing naked." That last part was made-up; it was true, but her mother hadn't said it; one of the other girls had. "I don't want to wear anything under them because you'll be able to see whatever it is I'm wearing."

Teddy swallowed hard. This wasn't fair. His sister was talking about how tight her shorts were; tight wasn't the word; they were like a second skin. Screw that; they might as well be her skin when she was wearing them.

And her tits; he was trying hard to listen to what she was saying, but her T-shirt was thin, and she wasn't wearing a bra; her nipples were pointing right at him.

And he could feel his cock swelling. There was no stopping it; he was going to have a raging hard-on in a matter of seconds.

Pam turned away from him, looking toward her shorts as she grabbed up the thong from her bed as she smiled. She was so bad, teasing her brother like this; and she was getting wet, too. She could never tell Kelly about this.

"So, I got this thong," she said, turning back to Teddy. "And it's tiny." She held it up and turned it around so he could see it. She looked down and almost gasped. His erection jutted up against his boxers, and short of holding a pillow in his lap, there was nothing he could do to hide it.

"But I'm going to humor mom and try it and see if it does anything to... 'preserve my modesty.'"

Teddy was staring at her with wide eyes and an open mouth, rapt and consumed.

"I want you to tell me if you can see a difference."

"A difference?"

Pam nodded and tried not to giggle. He sounded like he'd just finished at the dentist and was still numb.

"Yeah. A difference between me wearing the shorts with it and wearing the shorts without it."

He looked up at her. Did that mean...? "But you're not wearing..."

She smiled and nodded. "I know; that's why I had you come in here, so I can model them for you."

Teddy swallowed hard and felt his heart skip a beat as she raised her T-shirt enough to hook her thumbs into the waistband of her panties.

And he felt his heart stop altogether as she turned sideways and pushed them down from her hips. The cloth pooled at her feet, and as she stepped out of it to kick it away, she grabbed at the T-shirt and bunched it up in her hands.

"This shirt's almost too long," she said as she tied it into a knot that was high enough to bare her belly, but low enough to keep her breasts outlined against the cloth.

She picked up the thong and raised a leg to step into it, wiggling her hips as she settled the thong in place against her pussy. It wasn't the first time she'd worn one, she just wasn't that crazy about them; she actually preferred wearing bikini panties or no underwear at all, to be honest about it, and that drove her mother nuts.

"Whatcha think?" She turned and swiveled her pelvis as she thrust herself towards him, and her eyes widened as she saw him squeeze his cock.

His only response was to nod and keep his gaze fixed on the thong covering her pussy.

Pam spun away from him, grabbed up the shorts and bent forward, thrusting her ass back at him as she started to slip into the shorts.

Teddy groaned as he pressed down on his cock; damn, but he wanted, no, he needed to relieve himself. All the times he'd spied on her before; none of it compared to this. She might be his sister, but she was smoking hot. The sleek, smooth curve of her ass... damn, he wanted to touch her.

She wiggled her hips again as she wriggled into the shorts, and then her hands fanned out across her ass, her fingers digging into the flesh of her ass cheeks as she pulled at them, letting the spandex crawl into her ass crack. She turned around slowly, catching just a glimpse of herself in the mirror before facing her brother.

"And with the shorts on," she said, running her hands down over her thighs, bringing them back up slowly and letting her fingers trace against the outer edge of her pussy. She looked down; you might not be able to see anything from the rear, but you could definitely make out the outline of the thong against her shorts.

Teddy nodded, and without realizing it, his hand began sliding up and down on the cloth covered pole that was his cock.

"Personally, I think it looks better without the thong," she said. She hooked her thumbs into the waistband of the spandex shorts, pushed them again, hooking the thong, too, and pushed down. "But I want you to tell me what you think."

She took a step back and turned sideways as she exposed herself. He'd see her, but only a glimpse. She placed a hand on his thigh for balance as she leaned forward and stepped out of the scant garments. They locked eyes and she saw his face flush red. He was caught and he knew it.

She knelt down and grabbed at the shorts, and as she stood up, her other hand covered her pussy as she dropped them onto the bed.

Teddy swallowed hard and scooted forward.

"I need to go," he said, his cock a virtual timber jutting from his body and swaying out of control beneath his boxers.

"Don't," she said, grabbing him by the arm.

They locked eyes again and Pam chewed at her lip as he weighed whether to bolt or not.

"Pam..." All I wanna do is yank down my shorts and jerk off or... fuck you. He couldn't spit the words out.

"I know you come to the games and stare at me," she said. "And probably some of the other girls, too, but I know you stand outside my door anytime it's cracked to see if you can catch me getting dressed or undressed."

This wasn't news to either of them; it was an unspoken truth they'd never discussed; only now it was out in the open.

Her hand slid down his arm and grasped his hand.

"I wouldn't have asked you to come in here if I didn't want you to see me."

Teddy swallowed hard and looked down to where his sister's hand covered her pussy.

"Sit down," she said. "Please? I wanna put the shorts on without anything on under them and I want you to tell me how obvious it is I'm not wearing panties."

She turned loose of his hand and reached for his boxers, slipping her fingers into the waistband.

"You can take these off if you want to."

"Take them off? I'll be naked."

Pam giggled and nodded as she pulled her hand free and turned away from him. She almost had him where she wanted him.

"I'm almost naked," she said. She could feel his eyes staring at her ass. A quick glance into the mirror confirmed it; his eyes were on her butt instead of peering at her reflection in an effort to see the front of her body. Maybe this would help...

She grabbed at the knot holding her shirt up above her waist and tugged. "I'll take this off. How's that?" She caught the hem up in her hands and yanked it over her head.

She dropped the shirt to the floor and covered herself with her hands again as she pivoted on her heels.

"You really want to see me naked?"

She nodded and bit at her lip, smiling nervously.

"You can't laugh," he said, looking down at the bulge in his boxers.

"I won't laugh," she replied. "Promise."

He looked up at her and drew in a deep breath as he shoved his boxers down. His cock sprang free, bobbing and weaving as it throbbed, and Pam caught her breath.

She was most definitely not going to laugh at her brother.

She'd fucked her homecoming date. Johnny Putman. He'd been cute enough, nice enough, and she'd really liked him. And his cock was long enough, but stone hard, just before he came, he was no thicker than a hot dog wiener.

Her brother's cock was huge by comparison. He was every bit as long as Johnny, and easily twice as big around.

And aimed straight at her.

Teddy would never tell anyone about what they were doing. No, Teddy would keep their secret. Unlike Johnny. Half their school had known by the following Monday that she'd put out. By the end of the week, word was out that he was pencil-pricked.

Pam turned away from him and grabbed at her shorts as he sat down on the bed again, his cock ticking side to side like an out of time metronome as he settled himself. She picked up her shorts and bent forward at the waist as he stared at her.

It was almost second nature that made him wrap his hand around his cock and begin stroking himself as she began sliding the spandex up her legs. His eyes darted to the mirror, and he saw her breasts jiggle as she wiggled her way into the shorts.

And then his eyes met hers as she looked up from watching him.

His heart skipped a beat; he was watching her, and she was watching him. She was watching him masturbate.

Pam slid her hands around her ass again, groping herself as she made sure the spandex shorts sculpted themselves to every crevice of her body, and then she turned around, one hand and arm pretending to cover her chest as her other hand stroked at the thin fabric covering her pussy.

"Is this better?" she asked. "Or can you see everything?"

She froze in place, her eyes locking on his; his gaze was focused on her crotch, clearly outlined against the fabric of her shorts. Her eyes drifted down and locked on his hand as it slid up and over the head of his swollen penis.

Ohhh, she thought, that would feel sooo good inside me.

She took a half step forward, centering herself between his legs, reaching down and spreading them apart as she leaned against the bed.

"Hey!" She slid her hand up his thigh and he looked up at her. She giggled and stood back up. "How obvious is it that I'm not wearing anything under these?"

He swallowed hard and nodded. "It's pretty obvious. I can... I can see everything."

"You can?"

He nodded as his hand slowed its travel up and over the head of his swollen penis. It really was almost like someone had aimed a can of spray paint at his sister's pussy and coated her with a thin layer of green. She was shaved bald, and he could clearly see the irregular outline of her slit as hit rose to the point of her clit, a smallish mound and bump pressing out against the cloth.

Pam felt herself suddenly, irrevocably, exposed to his eyes. She dropped the arm from her chest, almost immediately wishing she hadn't, but refusing to cover herself again, instead, forcing herself to keep her arms pinned to her side when what she wanted to do was a mix of stripping the shorts off and grabbing her pillow to hold in front of her body.

"You can really see everything?"

He nodded again, entranced, his hand slowly rubbing up and over the oozing head of his penis. Pam looked down at his throbbing cock and licked her lips.

Could she tease him into coming for her? Could she do that? She felt an electric jolt run through her body, giving her sudden goose-flesh, and she realized if she played it right, she'd make herself come, too.

"Show me."

Teddy caught his breath and his hand stopped moving, the head of his prick perched just above the ring of his fingers.

"Show you? Show you what?"

Pam swallowed hard. If she let him touch her, then maybe...

"I want you to touch me where you can see me."

"What do you mean, 'where I can see you?'"

She leaned forward and grabbed at his free hand and pulled on it, urging him to the edge of the bed. If he came now, he'd spray her with semen; at least when he started.

She pulled his hand to her belly and laid his fingertips against her skin.

"I want you to touch me where you can see through my shorts," she said.

Teddy looked up at her, and his cock swayed freely as he pulled his hand away to touch her thigh.

Ohmigod, she thought. He was just touching his cock with that hand, and now he's touching my leg. Ohmigod.

Teddy swallowed hard as his fingers slid down over the green cloth until his middle finger brushed over the small hooded mound of her clit.

Pam gasped and threw her hands to his shoulders as she felt her knees start to buckle.

He looked up at her panicked and started to pull his hand away from her; she caught his hand in hers and held it in place.

His heart skipped a beat; she wanted him to touch her.

He let her push his fingers down; he watched as he started to trace the furrow of her puffed pussy lips.

"Can you see me there, too?" she asked as she closed her eyes and panted.

He nodded and looked up at her. "Yeah." Her breasts were almost shaking she was breathing so hard, and her nipples were like little stones.

"I want you to tell me how noticeable it is from behind," she said, looking down at him and fighting to control her breath. "Okay?"

He swallowed hard and nodded. "Okay."

His hand fell away from her as she began to slowly turn around.

The green spandex flowed with her skin as she turned, and Teddy sat there mesmerized as he watched his sister's ass flex with each tiny step that she took.

There wasn't much difference, really, looking at her from behind with the shorts on and looking at her naked.

"Hang on a second," she said.

Teddy watched as she took a couple of short steps to her desk and pulled at her chair, dragging it across the floor and then re-centering herself in front of him.

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