tagGay MaleUnqualifiedly Datable Ch. 03

Unqualifiedly Datable Ch. 03


sorry it took so long i dont have an editor, thats why it takes soooo long and the grammars horrible lol... and school is just crushing me at the moment... i know its short but i just had to end it there i thought it was perfect


You know that feeling when you are just too at peace? You know, just so comfortable that you don't want to be messed with you just want to stay there? Yeah I was there right now... I couldn't even recall what I did last night that made me feel this way. I opened my eyes then shut them tightly from the sun glaring through my window. "Stupid sun," I muttered quietly, covering my eyes with my arm. I then realized that there was a body next to me. Shit, another hookup, I never brought them to my apartment though. What the hell happened?!

I carefully peeked over at the body next to mine and then smiled. Chris. Now I remember. I wrapped my arm around his hips. Man I must have had too much to drink, or more than I realized... Chris rolled onto his side away from me. I just pulled his body back against mine, nestling my cock between his ass cheeks. He moaned and thrust his hips back into me.

I could get used to this! Chris murmured something but I couldn't make it out. He then started thrusting his ass slowly along my cock. I groaned and dropped my head into the pillows. I looked over at him and noticed his eyes were still closed. I nipped at his shoulder which made him inhale sharply before snuggling back into my chest. I kissed his neck right below his ear before whispering. "Are you going to turn on your back so I can fuck you properly?"

He tensed up then and his eyes shot open. He quickly closed his eyes before I got to look at them, then rolled on his stomach and buried his face into the pillow.

"Oh no you don't," I grabbed his hips and rolled him back on his side, he tried fighting but I was stronger. He still wouldn't look at me. "Can't tease me unmercifully and then just stop, that's just cruel,"

I grabbed behind his knee and pulled it up to his chest. "Keep it there for me?" He nodded slowly. I smiled and ran my hand along the underside of his thigh, he shuddered and whimpered. When my hand finally reached his hard cock I bypassed it and went to the curve of his ass. My cock was lying against his leg rubbing against his balls and along the crack of his ass. I massaged his tight ass as he moaned and pushed his rear harder against me. "You have an amazing ass, Chris, so tight,"

"Jason," He moaned my name between breathes.

"You aren't sore are you?"

He nodded no and gasped as I slid one finger from that sensitive skin behind his balls pass his asshole to the top of his ass, then back and forth. "You are still wet, I feel my cum still leaking out of you, GOD you know how hot that is?!"

He nodded no then tried pleading with me again, "Jason, please fuck me,"

"No, last night was sloppy, we kept getting interrupted, and drinking didn't help my stamina. No, I want to enjoy this," I quit tracing along his ass and ran my hand up along his chest. When I found the first small flat nipple I just slowly rubbed my thumb across it. He moaned and grasped my wrist, which I flicked aside. "Do as I do with the other," he groaned and followed my orders, I would have done it but he was resting his head against my other arm. When I rubbed his nipple he did the same, when I pinched he pinched the other, when I flicked one he would flick the other. He was moaning and pressing his back into me.

I started kissing along his neck and stopped torturing his nipple. I pulled his leg away from me so I could get to his asshole. I ran one finger along it slowly teasing him.

"Quit... fucking teasing me, ASSHOLE" he hissed at me, I laughed and bit his shoulder.

"Nuh-uh, you are the asshole, I am the dick, the prick, or any other crude cock names," I jokingly whispered in his ear.

"You have a big one that's for sure, NOW fuck me with it!!!" He grabbed my hip and pulled me towards him.

I slowly started to press one finger onto his ass. "Damn you're still loose,"

"Uh-huh, now fuck me, please, Jason, please!?" He pulled me towards his ass again.

"You sure? I mean I uh, I don't want to hurt you," I was slowly drawing away from him, I had planned on just fingering him to an orgasm, I figured he would be really sore from the first time.

"Now you get all worried?! Just fuck me damn it!" He let go of my hips and grabbed my cock, which made me jump, I didn't thinking he would grab my cock! His hand felt so good on my hard flesh that I just melted and lost track of everything else. Well everything until I felt the head of my cock pop into his ass.

He let out an elongated and satisfied "aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh," in pleasure. "Don't you dare pull that cock out of my ass," He warned and squeezed his ass around the head of my cock. "I'm not sore and I am not hurt, I just want you to fuck me!"

"Demanding, aren't we?" I gave him what he wanted and slowly pushed my cock into his ass. Once I had bottomed out I kissed along his neck with soft sweet kisses. Chris was wiggling his ass against my hips and squeezing his muscles on my cock.

"Jason, move!" He demanded while trembling.

I bit his neck again and grinned against his neck.

"Please move Jason, I want you to fuck me!" he moaned desperately as he grabbed my hips and moved against me.

I grabbed his hips and started rotating my pelvis and giving him very short thrusts.

"Jason," He whimpered, "Fuck me, please?"

"All you have to do is ask, beautiful," I whispered in his ear teasing him. I pulled out of him slowly.

"Fast Jay," He pleaded with me grabbing the sheet in his fists.

I smiled as I grabbed his knee and lifted his leg in the air. I slowly pumped back into him and he groaned. As much as he wanted it fast it seemed he liked it slow too. Another time I would have to go slow and see how he likes it but right now we both wanted it fast and hard right now. I pulled out slowly once more and Chris started to growl. Hearing it come from him made me chuckle. "JAS-"

I slammed right back into him, cutting him off and really started to pound his ass. He was moaning loudly. I watched his face as I was drilling into him. His mouth was open in a soundless moan his eyes closed but relaxed. His whole body was relaxed against me. I needed to change that.

I pulled out and slightly adjusted my hips and thrust right into his prostate. His body tightened like a bow string before his back arched against my chest. "Oh shit! Again, Jason"

I did it again and he clutched the bed sheet tighter. I started thrusting my cock into him again. The sweat on my chest allowed me to slide against his back a little, making my nipples rub against him.

"So close," I heard him whisper.

"Not yet, beautiful,"

I started to feel him tightening on my cock, he grasped my side and held onto me. "God, shit, shit, Jason I'm coming,"

He clutched my side tighter as his tunnel started to spasm around my cock. I tried taking it easy on him but when he moaned my name as he came I lost it. I started ramming into him erratically until I feel that warm bliss overflow me. I felt the cum shooting out of my cock and filling Chris. Chris was limp and moaning softly in my arms, exhausted and sated. I gently placed his leg back on the bed before trying to ease out of him. His hand held my hips at bay so I took it as he didn't want me to move.

We laid together quietly trying to catch our breathes. I kissed his neck and caressed his chest in lazy circles. His hand was slowly rubbing up and down my side to my hip over my ass and to the back of my thigh. Damn it I was too content staying like this, I loved it. I shifted my hips a little and tried to get closer to him. He released a breathy sigh.

After a while of him lying in my arms I decided that I should probably pull out of him, I didn't want him to be too sore. I lifted his leg slightly and started to pull out but he protested.

"If I stay in, you are going to get really sore,"

He muttered something about me disturbing his peace angrily before allowing me to pull out. He rolled over and nestled into my arms before falling asleep. I watched as he slept, his head was pillowed on my chest and his hand resting on my abs. I grabbed the sheet, trying not to move too much and slowly pulled it over us.

He woke up 15 minutes later and looked up at me. I kissed his forehead and rubbed my hand slowly up and down his back. "How you feeling?" he wiggled his ass a bit before answering.

"Good," He whispered. "God you are amazing," He said softly while running his fingers through the light hair on my chest.

"I am or my cock?" I teased.

"It is," He said in playful sarcasm. "How big is it anyways?" He pulled up the sheet and looked between us at my cock.


"NINE INCHES?!" He looked up wide eyed at me.

I smiled, "No! Nine feet," I replayed back in his playful sarcasm.

"Wow, I only get to seven," He blushed. "But nine, that's amazing,"

"So are you," I kissed him slowly. When we broke the kiss I laid back and closed my eyes enjoying him in my arms.

He started to run his hand up and down my body massaging my hip again. "So, why the tattoo?"

I looked at him then down at it. "There is a meaning behind it but I am a bit embarrassed about it,"

He grinned "oh come on tell me about it please?"

I sighed, "Well you know how every name kind of means something?" He nodded happily, "Well, that circle,"

"This one?" He traced the big circle on my hip that was at the center of the tattoo, every branch came from that circle.

"Yup," I nodded, I then closed my eyes, this was a pretty personal question, "Well, I plan on putting some kind of symbol in that circle, but it would have something to do with the love of my life, either what his name means or maybe a symbol he favors. My tattoo, covers almost my whole side, so I kind of thought that it represents what my love owns, and maybe he would get the same symbol over his heart, kind of as a I have his heart, concept," I blushed. Chris was just gawking at me. "Silly I know,"

I know right? Not only am I a closeted gay guy, but I'm also a hopelessly closeted romantic.

"I think that's a neat idea actually," He smiled and caressed my hip again. Then he sat up and looked around. "I would really like a shower, do you mind if I use your bathroom?"

"I don't mind go ahead, I will make us something to eat," I said getting up and pulling on a pair of jeans and zipping them up. Chris watched his gaze pinpointed to the undone button. I laughed and he blushed before rushing to the bathroom.


When Chris popped out of the bathroom wearing only a towel around his waist I had to stop myself from drooling. His hair was towel dried, sticking up in various directions and his tanned body glistening. Shit.

"Where is the food?"

"Huh?... Oh um," Think, Jay, think. "Sorry didn't know what you liked so I thought we could go to the café?"

He looked down at himself and then back at me, "My clothes are kind of um dirty," He said as he scrunched up his nose.

"You can barrow some of mine," I got up and walked towards my room. His body size and build wasn't too far from mine, they may be a bit big. I rummaged through the dresser and pulled out a pair of pants to throw at him, then some boxers. I went to my closet and went through my shirts, they fit snugly on me, I liked mine a bit tight so that it would show off my build but nothing too tight, so they should fit him perfectly. I just threw him a white shirt. "There you go,"

"But Jason,-"

"Chris, call me Jay, not many call me Jason," He nodded the opened his mouth. "Hurry up and get dressed I am hungry,"

Chris looked at the boxers a minute and just laid them on the bed and pulled on the pants. Hell if that wasn't hot, the pants were slung low on his hips... Damn! I must be bigger around than I thought. He blushed and pulled the shirt on. He looked around for his flip flops and stepped into those.

"How the hell can you wear those? They always hurt my feet,"

"That's why you get the cloth ones," He smiled and lifted his foot up in the air and wiggled his toes.

I laughed and grabbed a shirt from the closet and pulled it on before getting some shoes on and grabbing my keys. We drove to the café and got seated.

"So do you have any family?" He asked me.

I smiled "Yeah, I have a younger sister, and brother, but they live far away so I don't see them much, they come and visit or I go and visit them every now and then though,"

"Do they know about you?"

"Well my sister and brother do but not my parents, they don't pay too much attention to their kids, but what about you do you have any family?"

He looked up at me shyly. "I have my dad, mom disowned me when I told her, and I am an only child. Dad is always there for me though, and he doesn't blame me either,"

"Blame you?" Why the hell would anyone blame soft spoken Chris?!

"After I, uh, told them, mom went crazy blamed him for it all. They got divorced over it. Dad just says that it was going to happen sooner or later, but he stayed with me, he helped me and did all he could to support me, which surprisingly he went to some meetings that helped us,"

"Wow, hell of a father,"

Chris nodded and took a drink of his orange juice. "So what's your siblings names?"

I smiled and responded. We continued the conversation on through breakfast and continued to chat even after all the plates were cleared away. He seemed a tad reluctant to talk about himself and would give me short answers.

He looked up at me and said that he needed to get home soon. I sighed and got up and threw some money on the table. I put my arm around Chris's shoulder and walked on out. Chris started sputtering, "Jason I can pay half of the bill-,"

"It's Jay, and no I'm paying for brekky,"

Chris smiled and nodded then we jumped back in my truck and headed towards his apartment.

When we arrived he plastered on a rough smile and said. "Thanks Jay, it was fun," He looked deflated again.

"Wait Chris," I reached across the seats and grabbed his wrist before he could fully get out of the cab. "Like I said before I don't want this to be a one night stand, if I give you my number will you call me?" I looked up into his grey eyes. No, he wouldn't call me, Chris wasn't assertive enough. I sighed heavily, "Give me your phone," I demanded. When he handed it over I typed in my number and name then sent a message from his phone to mine. I then handed his phone back, "call me if you ...ever want me," I forced myself to smile.

Chris was still looking up at me, but now he was looking at me like he was amazed. He backed out of the truck but I gasped his fingers again. Damn it was hard to let him go. I looked him in the eye and kissed his hand. "Be safe ok?"

He nodded mutely at me before slowly turning around and heading in.


I decided that I wouldn't call him that night I would see him in class. I got there early and waited for him. What the hell? Me early? I lay against the desk my head pillowed on my arms. When he came in I smiled and watched him. He came up and sat down his books before looking at me.

"What?" He asked looking down at me.

"Can't I be happy to see you?" I grinned up at him, my head still resting on my arms. He plopped down in his seat and instantly winced.

I grinned wider. "And how are you, beautiful?" God I love hearing myself being proved right.

"Sore," He muttered as he lowered his head, his hair falling to hide his features. I still noticed he turned bright red though.

"Whelp, that's what you asked for," I leaned back in the chair making it stand on two legs, my hands crossed behind my head.

He looked over at me, "Hope you fall," he muttered playfully with a smirk on his face.

I mocked being shocked. "But then I could get hurt, and that would put a dent between us," I smiled cheekily.

He looked at me and smiled back.

"So, want to come over tonight?" damn. I am asking him too soon.

He looked at me wide eyed confirming my fear. "I'm still sore!" he said softly. Oh....OHHHH! so he thought that I wanted sex again,

"You think I'm that heartless of a bastard?! And here I was the one trying to make sure you weren't going to be sore," He blushed and opened his mouth. "Nope. I am truly offended. I was just trying to invite you to hang out with me and you think I'm ready to jump in the gutter again,"

"I didn't mean-" He looked shocked.

I laughed loudly "I am only playing with you Chris," I laid against the table again and looked up at him "So, are you wanting to come over again?"

He smiled at me "You sure?"

"Course I am!"


Chris started to hang out with me on a regular basis. We quit hanging out with Danny so much after he found a new love. Basically whenever I didn't have practice and when he wasn't bogged down with school work. We never went over to his apartment though, I'm not sure why. He would always make excuses about it, I figured he would tell me in time.

A few weeks after our first night together, he stayed the night again and in the morning we went to the café to have breakfast again. We were sitting there talking when someone yelled my name. I turned and saw some of the guys from the team standing at the front of the café. Adam hit Luke and said "See I told you it was him!" Adam rushed on over followed by another guy. "I thought that it was you but dingus here didn't," He pointed to Luke.

"What are you guys up to?" I asked them I was a disappointed they were butting on my time with Chris.

"Food! Mind if we join you guys?" Adam asked. DAMNIT, why didn't I remember to go shopping for some food so we could have stayed home and I could have cooked?

"I don't mind, do you Chris," He looked at the three guys then back at me with wide eyes. He nodded no quickly. "You don't have to they all look like bullies but once they get checked into a wall they start to cry like little babies,"

"NOT COOL JAY, that was only once and because I broke my nose in the process," Luke muttered.

"See what did I say?" Chris shared a laugh with me and Adam, smiling as I nudged Adam with my elbow.

"I don't mind," Chris finally came out of his box a little.

They all pulled over some tables and chairs then I introduced them. "This is Adam," I patted him on the shoulder since he was sitting right next to me. Adam currently had a light brown, hair color he always changed it though, "next to him is Luke, aka Dingus" Luke had natural bleach blond hair and thinner than me and Adam, he was speedy though. "Then with the black hair is Gray, he doesn't talk much," He nodded "And this is Chris, he is a good friend of mine," I smiled.

Adam picked up on Chris' unease and smiled, "Hey Chris you shouldn't be worried about us man, Jay here gets in more fights than anyone else on the team, hell he is in the penalty box more than he is in the game,"

Chris's eyes widened. "You are an asshole," I smiled and hit him in the side.

Chris laughed and smiled brightly, he seemed talked easily after that but I could tell he was still a little shy. I was afraid the team would pick on him and tease him, they did a little but it was all good naturedly, Adam was really nice to him though. By the end of breakfast we were all talking easily Adam had managed to get Chris to laugh with some stories about hockey.

We were all laughing as we walked out Adam slapped Chris in the back and a said "Chris, bud, any time you want to hang out just come on over with Jay, it was a pleasure meeting you," Adam then turned to me, "Don't forget practice tonight,"

"I'll be there,"

After that Chris always hung out with me and Adam. Sometime he would go to practices and study while we worked our tails off. We would all walk out of the rink and Chris would be right there waiting and watching us walk to the locker rooms. Then after we all showered and left the locker rooms, Chris would be right outside waiting to go out to dinner with Adam, Luke and Gary.

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