tagRomanceUntouchable Ch. 02

Untouchable Ch. 02


It took some work, but I managed to get a temporary visa for Devi to enter the United States. Naturally, I was her sponsor. My plan was already being mentally conceived. I was going to ask my unhappy wife for a divorce and marry my new lover ASAP. The dissolution of my old marriage would be a pretty clear signal to INS that I was serious about wedding this Indian girl, not setting out to defraud Uncle Sam.

Inevitably, my colleagues had some reservations. Quite a few thought that she was just a fling or a mail-order bride. The truth was that I loved her and I knew it. She loved me back, which was evident in her attitude toward me. There was no coldness like I experienced with Rebecca.

Devi's parents were another difficulty. They really didn't comprehend the reasons for a prosperous American from New York City to take their daughter, a WAITRESS, for a mate. They barely condoned her liaisons with her cousins, because they assumed that one of them would marry her someday. They were from the same background and family, after all.

Despite all of this, I got her to leave India and found her an apartment near my neighborhood in the Big Apple. I figured that I might need it anyway, after I told Becky that I was about to end our marriage. She might well try to take me to the cleaners. I would fight that, but not to keep the house. She was the one who had wanted the damned money pit in the first place.

Meanwhile, I rented a suite for Devi and myself. I took her to work, pulled some favors to get her a job with the same airline, and spent what free time that I could find making incredible love to my new girlfriend. She had become particularly fond of fucking in the Jacuzzi, which was something that she had never known before in her impoverished life.

I dreaded having to make the final step. As it was, Becky must have suspected my infidelity this time, since I hadn't come home after my return flight. Strangely, though, I got no messages or calls on my cell or work phones. That was odd indeed, even for a cold fish like my wife. It was enough to make a guy paranoid.

Just when I was about to let Becky know what was happening, she finally contacted me.

"Gus, what the hell are you doing there? Are you fucking some slut? I've doubted your fidelity in the past, but I really think that you're cheating now! Can you give me ANY good reason to think otherwise? What are you up to, Gustavo?" she interrogated me.

"To be honest, Becky, I'm leaving you. I want a divorce. There it is. That's why I haven't been back to the house or spoken to you. I've tried to give myself the chutzpah to let you know that it's over. Apparently, I have succeeded. I want to end the legal pretense, which is all we have left of our marriage. You know that it hasn't worked out for us. Stop kidding yourself. We're not a couple. We're just roommates who share a bank account. Well, THIS roommate is calling it quits and cutting his losses," I announced.

"I see. That explains your weird behavior since coming back to the States. I guess it's not really a shock. You've stopped suggesting therapy, asking for sex, and doing anything romantic for me recently. Part of me suspected that you'd given up. I won't lie and say that I'm not angry or hurt. I am BOTH. It's like you were easing out of the marriage once you decided that there was no hope for us. Is that right?" she reacted to my declaration.

:"Pretty much," I agreed.

"I suppose that we should have our lawyers draw this one up as soon as possible. I want to tear off this bandage swiftly, rather than take my time and make it hurt more. Of course, I want the house. Do you object?" she probed me.

"Not really. I never liked it anyway. It's another example of what went wrong with us. You never thought of me as a person. My views on things like houses were just drivel to you. I was merely an ambitious Puerto Rican who couldn't understand things like that. I was only your ticket to the top of society: a future CEO, as far as you were concerned.

"Face it. You're dead inside. I can't stay married to a living corpse, a soulless woman who thinks of nothing but her status and the opinions of her neighbors. It's not just that you're sexually frigid. You're frozen, ice cold in your spirit. There's no kinesis, that is energy, inside you. I wasn't shocked when you proved sterile. How can someone without life inside, without animus or spirit, create or conceive another life?

"It's quite an irony that you focus so much on prolonging your lifespan, when you're already dead in a spiritual sense. No matter how many carrots or protein shakes you consume, or how much time you spend jogging; your existence will kill you.

"I have learned what life really is in Santeria and you're not enjoying it. You're just marking time until death. That's a sure way to an early grave. I don't envy you. Unless you wake up from your self-imposed trance, you will never truly live, just going through the motions.

"Anyway, I just want the bike and my half of the marital assets. I don't think that you'll need alimony with 50% of my wealth. Your lifestyle should be intact until you find some limp Ivy Leaguer who wants a trophy wife. Since we don't have kids, the settlement should be simple and straightforward. Would you agree?" I offered.

"Very well. I don't appreciate your unsolicited critique of my lifestyle, but I'll accept your proposal. After all, I'd much rather have the Volvo than the Harley. I can't say that I understand your interest in motorcycles, anyway. They're too wild for an executive's image. I guess that's not my business now, anymore than what happens to me is yours. I suspect that you have found a new woman, but I won't ask who she is or anything else. Goodbye, Gustavo," she concurred.

"Goodbye, Rebecca," I answered, mercifully not commenting on her suspicion.

That was it. As abruptly as a cancelled pizza delivery, I had set in motion the formal termination of a marriage long deceased. I was about to divorce my 1st wife. I knew that this was the right thing to do. As warped and twisted as Becky was, she didn't deserve to be strung along with false hopes of reconciliation, while I pursued a secret affair with another woman.

Although I knew by now that I wasn't cut out for monogamy, I was tired of deceiving a woman whom I had once loved. I wouldn't make that mistake with Devi. I would include her in my lifestyle. There would be no lies.

As I thought about this in my birthday suit, still holding the phone in my hand, I felt a mouth on my cock. My new lover was licking and sucking my dick. She winked at me while she gave me head, letting me know that she was trying to persuade me to return to the hot tub. I was easily convinced to do that.

Once I sat down in the Jacuzzi, Devi planted her pussy down on my cock. Evidently, she wanted to experiment with the "cowgirl" position, to which I had no objection. She rode me with the typical energy of a 20 year old girl, enthusiastic and relentless.

As she jumped up and down on my manhood, I grabbed her ass cheeks and slid a finger into her sphincter. The feeling of my cock in her butt really excited her. My young Indian lover started milking me for my cum, as her own climax hit her. Apparently, this style of sex made it easier for her to orgasm, as it often did with women.

"God, Devi, I'm about to explode!" I shouted.

In an attempt to slow me down and get one last romp from me, my sexy, swarthy companion moved my finger out of her ass and moved my cock from her pussy to her backdoor. While this halted my release for a moment, it merely stalled the inevitable. The heat and tightness of her bottom squeezed my dick, making it twitch and then expel my cum into her. The rest of the load came a couple of seconds later.

Thinking that I would rest in the tub, I was stunned when Devi instantly grabbed my cock and took it back into her mouth. I then realized that her earlier blowjob and wink were hints of her plan to suck me off straight from her own ass. She was definitely a kinky girl and her wilder side got me semi-hard for a bit. I couldn't keep it up, though this hardly bothered her. She simply sat on my lap and held onto me in the hot tub.

"Devi, I told my wife that I want a divorce. That will speed up the wedding date. However, I should warn you that I'm not really a one-woman man. Don't expect monogamy. I don't want to hurt you by making false promises. Will there be problems with an open marriage?" I informed her.

"You're asking that question to the wrong girl. Remember, I used to fuck all of my cousins! I've NEVER practiced monogamy and don't think that I could, either. I've gotten used to multiple partners and planned to tell you that. I would have, if you had not brought it up first and saved me the trouble. This just made it easier for me. I believe that our marriage will be every bit as exciting as we hoped, my dear Gustavo," she answered me.

"You're clearly a free spirit, but so am I," I commented.

"Actually, I'm more of an old soul. I think that you are too. That's why we get along so well. We've been through enough lives and matured to see past jealousy and other silly feelings. I just had to break free of my parents' rigid adherence to the Vedas. I'm still a Hindu, but a more liberal and enlightened one. You know, those books of yours have taught me a lot," Devi noted.

"What books?" I asked her curiously.

"The ones on Santeria, Taoism, Druidism, Wicca, and Voodoo. Some of the ideas are similar to the ones that I grew up with, but others are more radical. Do you really put hexes on people who offend you?" she wondered.

"Yes, if they push me too far. It's usually next to a last resort. I am a Santeria practitioner and a warlock. I'll teach you more over time, especially after I get my books back from Becky. Anyway, my love, our wedding should be in a few months. I want it done as quickly as New York law permits. That should satisfy INS and get you a green card. Can't have you thrown out of the country, as I'd rather avoid a long-distance relationship. Plus, you'll be happier here than as an outcaste in New Delhi," I declared.

"True. I just wish that my parents would understand that," she replied as she soaked her lovely skin in the Jacuzzi.

"They will after they attend our wedding. I'll be sure to get them here for that. There are few GOOD traditions here, among them the father giving his daughter away. I like the implication of acceptance of the girl's maturity and her new love. I wouldn't want you to miss out on that," I told her.

"Neither would I, now that you've informed me of it," she agreed as my hand fondled her delicious butt.

That was definitely a good indication of what would happen to us. Devi and I are celebrating our 3rd anniversary next week. We're as wild now as we were then and we don't plan to settle down. After all, who wants to SETTLE for anything?

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