Untouchable Jade


Tyrone flashed his smile and replied, "Don't worry, sexy, it's just like a door...knock on it long enough and it'll open right up."

For ten more minutes, Tyrone pumped his big black cock steadily deeper in and out of Jade's tight pussy and in the process bringing Jade to her third and fourth orgasms in the first twenty minutes. Finally, Jade let out the loudest moan yet as Tyrone's cock sank completely into her so deep that his egg-sized balls were pressed against her ass. Jade was nearly hyperventilating as Tyrone stayed still with every bit of his big thick black cock imbedded into Jade's hot wet white pussy. He grunted as he slowly humped a few inches back and forth, keeping the head of his cock buried inside Jade.

"Oh, baby....oh... it's so deep....oh god...I can feel it inside me....actually inside me, baby," she panted as she looked at their erotic image in the nearby mirror.

Tyrone then pulled out until his cock knob was just outside Jade's cunt and then drove it slowly back in until he was balls-deep. For a long time and two more orgasms for Jade, he fucked Jade slowly like that until he started picking up the pace. He'd been fucking Jade for nearly 45 minutes. As his pace quickened, Jade was babbling on and on about how good his big black cock felt inside her and urging him to fuck her harder and faster with his amazing pelvic thrusts. Sweat was pouring off of their bodies as Tyrone's heavy balls slapped hard against Jade's ass. Jade's tits were frenetically bouncing back and forth and she held onto her nipples, pinching and pulling them as their fucking reached higher and higher crescendos.

And then it happened, as Jade multiple orgasmed, Tyrone let out a low, guttural growl and said, "Fuck yeah, baby, you ready for my cum in your married pussy? Are you?"

Jade went wild telling Tyrone every erotic fantasy she had about him and her urging him to fuck her married white pussy with his big black cock. With one last great thrust, Tyrone slammed his cock deep inside Jade and moaned as he held himself still for a moment as his cum boiled up the length of his cock and started to erupt.

As Jade babbled on, Tyrone started pumping his cock in and out in short spastic thrusts as he no doubt kept cumming with each mini-thrust. For what seemed like an eternity the two of them kept cumming on and in each other, moaning and groaning incoherently as pleasure rippled through their bodies.

Tyrone finally came to a stop with his cock buried balls deep in Jade. She stopped writhing around underneath him and they lay there in an ecstatic post coital glow.

A few moments later Tyrone withdrew his still hard cock from Jade's pink, swollen pussy. Only this time, it seemed different than when he'd put it in. There were white smears of thick liquid clinging to his black shaft. A thick drop of milky white cum oozed lazily out of the tip of his cock and dropped onto Jade's well-fucked pussy.

There it was around the base of his cum-smeared cock, the flimsy and shredded remnants of the condom Jade had put on him. Jade was staring intently in silent contemplation at the drop of cum that had just fallen onto her raw pussy lips when a river of Tyrone's cum came flowing out of her. Tyrone's copious cum oozed out and ran down between Jade's ass cheeks and onto the bed, pooling underneath her.

She rolled out from underneath Tyrone and stood up. Tyrone's seemingly never-ending load of cum slid out of Jade's pussy and down her still-quivering legs. With an sultry grin, Jade reached down and scooped some of Tyrone's cum from between her legs and licked it off her fingers while grabbing his cock with her other hand and saying, "Luscious. Now that I've had one load, I may as well have all you have left."

She pulled Tyrone to the edge of the bed and pushed him down so that he was sitting with his cock pointing straight up in the air. She watched herself in the mirror as she turned around with her back to Tyrone, spread her legs wide and reached between her legs to grab Tyrone's cock and guide it into her cum-slicked pussy.

As she slowly sank down on Tyrone's cock until his balls pressed against her clit, Jade said, "Lately I've been wandering why I didn't let you have sex with me when I was tutoring you. Knowing now what I've been missing, I'm going to make sure you want to be my secret lover for as long as we want after I return from the Bahamas."

For the next two hours Tyrone fucked two more loads of cum into his married white lover's pussy. Around 2 AM he finally squeezed the last load of cum out onto Jade's face and tits. Tyrone got dressed after their final phenomenal fuck and left.

Jade's long suppressed and until recently ignored interracial sexual curiosity was finally satisfied. As a high school English teacher Jade abhorred trite clichés. But after such a phenomenal introduction into black fucking, she unequivocally now knew, once a white woman goes black, there is no going back!

Jade returned from the Bahamas with corn rolled hair looking like Bo Derek in "10." Without any equivocation Jade remained after the end of the normal school day and easily seduced the janitor. Initially once a week, then twice a week and by the end of the decade thrice a week Nathan Brown was one of two contributors to keeping her desire for big black cock satisfied.

Jade's white husband took his three minutes of selfish gratification most Sunday mornings. For the next fifteen years she remained secretly devoted to her two black extramarital lovers. No one in the bigoted, mostly white small city ever had a clue that the breathtakingly attractive married white high school teacher is a secret Afrocentricmwf all the while sustaining her reputation as untouchable Jade.

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