tagErotic PoetryUp Country Spell Bidden

Up Country Spell Bidden


She was well put together
but had country teeth
truth to tell I always was
a city tooth man ~ forsooth

But I did love Her country
arm & how hard She’d swing
when She had to & how hard
She swung just for fun ~ unleashed

Truth to tell She had a flair for city stuff
loved to bare my city strut & plumb
my sunny-sides till the grin in the moon
lit up the velvet dark ~ full-toothed on high

Lathered to a turn, my reddened sunny-sides
squirmed & my moans droned & She was
tickled, Her fair clit taut till wide-eyed
dawn broke & the moon paled ~ defrayed

Then She lay Her belly onto my spine & spread
full length upon my own belly down, nibbling my
cocked city lobes from behind while I stretched
forth mutely & breathless beneath Her ~ be-quartered

She called me Supsy when She turned me o’er
Supsy take your time She growled & made
of Herself a high rider, broke pale Supsy with
velvet labes in silent laving toast ~ bespoke

No more a rube than a wry boulevardier nor caring
I took dictation silent as sign betwixt Her downy trail
inhaled each waft Her cloven tuft bequeathed
curling upon Her clit wetly & ~ betrothed

Wrought weightlessly in that dark urban plight
akimbo’d to a fault but grateful beyond bearing
I bore Her duly & endured, an underling of
uncommon grace, upturned & borne below ~ withal

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