tagNonConsent/ReluctanceUsing Jill Ch. 05

Using Jill Ch. 05


Jill barely remembered the ride home in the pre-dawn hours that morning and she slept until early afternoon in her bridal bed and awakened feeling surprisingly normal. It took her several seconds to realize that she was home, laying in her soft bed, and perfectly fine - physically. A sigh of relief escaped her lips when she found herself in the safe bed of her home. She shifted under the sheets. The innocent housewife was very surprised to find that she was entirely nude. Being naked in bed was a little different for the gorgeous woman -- she was used to wearing clothes to bed and awaking in them. Even when Tom fucked her hard and exhausted his young bride by riding her relentlessly, Jill waited for him to roll from between her thighs until she heard the steady breathing of his sleep and then put her panties and night clothes back on. It just seemed to be the proper thing to do.

Obviously she was too tired last night to even do anything but undress and get in bed. She remembered very little of it. Her soft hands went to her hips and slid down her legs. Then, without thinking, they went to her large breasts and weighed and squeezed them self-consciously. She didn't hurt anywhere. "I seem to be okay," she decided. Jill then let her hands drift to her hips. Reluctantly she moved to her pubic area. When they arrived at the juncture of her thighs, she was appalled to feel a crusty residue around her vagina! She closed her eyes in shame. She knew it was a mixture of her own love juices and the men's cum from last night! Even though she wasn't physically hurt, she was mortified. She had been fucked so many times!

Her conscious bothered her, too. The young woman remembered the strange occurrences of the night before -- being passed around from man to man to have sex with her as if she was a common slut! She shut her eyes as if the ghastly images would leave her, but instead they simply tormented her more! She felt filthy thinking of her laying on her back on the soiled bed in Dre's apartment, her beautiful white thighs open to whatever man happened to have an erection. As she lay in her bed, her mind raced with flashbacks to the faces of strange men atop her, grinning at their good fortune, and then grimacing and grunting while pounding their rigid penises between her lovely, widespread legs relieving their pent-up sexual desires in the beautiful blonde who was suddenly theirs!

There was no love or tenderness in their disgusting acts. Her nearly virginal pussy was only a receptacle for the thick, white semen that exploded from their balls! She felt her breasts being mauled and kissed and licked by horrid men, or crushed against their heaving chests as they fucked her. Then she remembered one man pulling his giant, dark-fleshed penis out of her pussy and rolling her over onto her knees and elbows to take a fucking from behind like an animal - like a dog! His voice still rang in her ears! "That's what they called it!" she remembered, "doggie!" How sick!

And, perhaps worst of all, Jill flashed back to her sucking penises all through the night! What had she done?

As she lay in her own bed, she could almost feel the weight of the men on top of her, their different bodies pressing her hot ass into the bed. The images were so vivid! She wished that she could get the thoughts out of her head!

But it was the unthinkable realization that she had responded to the men that shocked her. Her own hips had eventually risen to their pounding penises. Her legs had wrapped themselves around the men and pulled them into her pussy. When the man demanded to fuck her "doggie," she had arched her back presenting her buttocks to the man and taken his long cock as if she was a bitch in heat! Sure she had fought the feeling as long as she could. She knew she had resisted the sexual desire desperately. But a dam had eventually burst inside her and she had to live with the knowledge that she had acted like a wanton whore the entire night!

The beautiful blonde covered her head with the pillow as if it would shield her from the memories. It did not. Every time she moved under the clean sheets, they seemed to touch her sensitive nipples or drag across her inner thighs, exciting her and bring her thoughts back to the sexual workout she had been put through the night before. She hated that she seemed to get some strange erotic sensation that rippled through her palpating breasts from the memories causing her pussy to moisten! Something that she had repressed her entire life was stirring in her body that she tried to ignore! Only her conservative upbringing allowed her to push the sinful thoughts aside.

She told herself to pull herself together and get up and bathe. She needed to feel clean and fresh, if that was possible. Pulling the sheet off of her body, she lay there nude for a moment. She was overwhelmed! She took a deep breath. When she inhaled, her pert nose crinkled. She could smell the lingering scent of the men on her skin - their dried sweat and, yes, even their sperm, especially in her hair and on her breasts! She needed to get this off of her skin. Douching her pussy thoroughly would make all the difference in the world.

When she swallowed hard at the thoughts, the smell and taste of cum seemed to still be in her mouth! Her thoughts turned to her sucking on Dre's mammoth cock and she remembered that he had ejaculated his thick semen into her mouth sometime during the night. She did not know that a man's balls could hold so much spunk! Dre' had ordered her to swallow it all, but Jill could not do it, despite fearfully trying to obey, trying to get as much of the thick white spunk down her throat as possible. She just couldn't swallow fast enough! A good bit of it dribbled out of her mouth and onto her chin and breasts!

"Oh, God! I need to gargle," she said to herself.

Jill tried to turn her thoughts from Dre's huge black penis, but she seemed unable to. She tossed and turned a couple of times but realized that her vagina was moistening simply when her inner thighs touched. The size and color of his cock were startling to her. She did not consider herself a racist, but she had never been with a black man before and certainly never seen a black penis. But it was the fact that he was an expert cocksman that caused her to blush. The feeling of sexual pleasure that he brought her came clearly into her mind. "Tom's never done it to me like Dre did it to me," she thought. Then, realizing her thoughts and her growing sexual excitement, she was repelled! "What is wrong with me?"

She dragged her young, battered body out of bed and drew a hot bath.

**** After her bath, Jill went straight back to bed. She still had not left the bedroom area of her home. She was awakened after falling asleep that afternoon by her telephone ringing. When she answered it, it was her husband, Tom. Her heart rose as she talked to the man that she loved so deeply! He told her how much he missed her and she tearfully told him that she missed him as well. He said that his trip was going pretty well and began to question her about how she was doing. She lied to him and said that she had not heard from his boss, Mr. Borovsky, at all. Tom doubted the truth of that, but did not press her about it. In fact, the night before, he had picked up an attractive young woman waitressing in the hotel bar and had banged her all night long. The shocked young woman had left his room on rubbery legs at the break of dawn. Tom did not miss Jill so much as much as he simply wanted to know whether the pussy that he felt he owned was being used by someone else.

When she hung up the phone, she cradled it near her breasts. She wanted to make her marriage work. Having been raised in a very conservative home she had been indoctrinated with the idea that she was subservient in every aspect of her life to her husband and that her role was to do as he wished and make his life easier and happier. She told herself that whatever she needed to do to help her darling Tom, she would do. She smiled when she thought of how much he told her he missed her!

The young housewife lay back on her bed wearing a flimsy, tight t-shirt and panties and tried to sleep. The thoughts of Tom and her marriage brought back memories that seemed to have escaped her until now. These were memories that she had tried to forget and that she had not thought of since her marriage to Tom but seemed to be central to her desire to please him and serve him in any way he wished.

Her mind drifted back to her own teenage years. She remembered being awakened to the sound through the wall of her own mother being sexually used by her father. Her father was a large, powerfully built man who allowed no arguments against his wishes. A laborer, he resented the fact that he had never risen into the management ranks at his work. When he came home from work, he was often exhausted. It was worse for them all when he stopped off to have a drink before coming home. But whether sober or drunk, his demeanor was harsh and demanding towards his wife and daughters.

Her own mother was two decades younger than Jill's father and, like Jill, a gorgeous woman. She was a sweet, tender woman who was intent on keeping the peace in the home and shielding her daughters from her husband's bad temper. Jill could remember times when her father would come home with the dinner table fully prepared, smelling of whiskey, and grab her mother and tug her into their bedroom. The beautiful woman would smilingly try to deflect her daughters' attentions by telling them that their father and her needed to "talk," but Jill and her sister were old enough to know better.

They would sit quietly at the table only feet from the bedroom as the sounds of her father fucking their mother came from the room. Sometimes only her mother, looking used and disheveled, would come out to eat but other times her father, wearing only pants and a t-shirt would emerge as well. There was no doubt who dominated the house and her mother's completely subservient role in it.

Months later, when Jill finally moved out of the house, she knew that her mother had protected her and her sister from their father's uncontrollable temper when her mother tamed the man's intense sexual drive. Submitting to his forceful sexual demands whenever he demanded to be serviced actually gave her mother a position of power within the family. But the sound of those interludes still haunted Jill.

They always began with the headboard of her parent's bed banging against the wall. And then, as Jill woke up, she'd hear the sounds of her mother imploring her drunken father to be more quiet ("we'll wake up Jill and Kiley") or more gentle ("please, you're hurting me!") but all to no avail. Jill would listen to the sounds of smacking flesh and her mother's miserable pleas and groans until her father roared his orgasm and shot his load between her mother's curvy legs. Jill learned all she knew about sex before her marriage to Tom from the sounds she heard coming through the paper-thin walls of the adjoining room.

In her fear, the teen-aged girl sometimes mistook her mother's own occasional orgasmic gasps as pain, not knowing that her mother had a deep sexual drive, too. A deep-throated moan signaling her mother's sexual climax did not register as such with the teenager. Not surprisingly, Jill grew up afraid of sexual intercourse. It all seemed so demeaning and painful to a woman. But she also inherited a strong sexual drive from both her parents, although she had no idea that this existed deep within her. The nights of listening to her parents fucking filled her with trepidation about her own future husband. Would her husband expect to take out his animalistic urges on her naked body? Would she be able to submit to her husband like her own mother did?

Yet, in the morning, after her sadistic father left for work, Jill and her younger sister would sit in the kitchen watching their beautiful mother prepare breakfast, all the time lecturing them on being a good wife. Jill had wondered how her mother could submit her body so easily to such sexual abuse and still apparently love her husband.

Now Jill had a taste of it. She wished that she could call her mother or her sister, who was now in college, to talk to them about her situation but she was too ashamed to do so. She might be able to talk to her mother about it but she was afraid she would tell her father. That would not do. And her sister was an innocent coed that she would want to protect. No, she told herself, she'd have to figure this out for herself.

She lay under the cool sheets with a tingling between her thighs and in her nipples. The mere touch of her hand against her own skin made her pussy moist. Knowing that she should not do this, her hand moved to her tiny panties and she lightly felt the outside of her pussy through the thin, silky material. She moaned softly and shuddered.

"I shouldn't do this," she thought to herself. But instead of stopping, her fingers slipped beneath the panties and she searched for the outer lips of her pussy. They were already very moist. She gasped when she felt her finger dip between the pussy lips and touch the inner walls of her vagina. Jill had been taught that masturbating was sinful, but the past few days had tested all of her long held beliefs. Trying desperately to keep from masturbating, she pulled her fingers away and tried to think of something else.

As she thought back, she remembered a time when her father was out of work for several months and Jill had been awakened in the middle of the night to a stranger's voice in her parent's bedroom. She hadn't thought of the incident since she had forced it out of her mind after it happened. She remembered being surprised, at first, when the man's voice sounded through the walls. She lay perfectly still thinking that she had heard wrong. She also hoped that her younger sister would not be awakened. She strained to hear anything from the next room. There was unmistakable low conversation and the male voice was not her father's, of that she was pretty certain! Jill scrambled to her knees and put her ear to the wall. She could hear better but could not make out what they were saying. The man and her mother spoke in hushed tones.

Who could it be, she wondered? And what was he doing in the bedroom?

Jill thought she heard a belt buckle unfasten. Then, she was certain of it when the metal struck the floor. She heard her mother ask that they be quiet. Then muted sounds of wet kissing and the creaking of the bed came from her parent's bedroom. A terrible fear ran through Jill's mind and body! Had her mother gone insane, she wondered? What was going on?

Jill was panicked by the sounds! She was old enough to know what would happen if her father, who had a volcanic temper, returned home and found a strange man in bed with his wife! They might all be killed!

The eighteen year old crept away from her bed and into the dark hallway. Moving silently, she got to her parent's bedroom door. It was slightly cracked! Jill almost turned away, but her heart was beating wildly as she heard the sounds coming from the room. It was clear that neither of the two was concerned about what was going on in the hallway. She gently pushed at the door. It opened just a bit. As her big, blue eyes adjusted she saw that the closet light was on, giving just enough light for her to make out her mother's nude figure on the bed, bent at the waist, with her mouth on the man's hard cock! Jill watched in horror as her mother's pretty face, very clear in the light, bobbed up and down on the man's rigid penis!

Jill had never seen a man's genitals before and the stiff rod and bloated testicles looked menacing! Her mother's own full breasts hung from her chest erotically. Jill wanted to yell to protect her mother, but it she was certain that her mother was not doing this without some reason.

The stranger's face was contorted with pleasure and he complimented Jill's mother's work on his penis with some very dirty words! Jill felt her face and ears flush with shame. Her mother paused the fellatio and sat up for a moment but continued to gently jerk the man's stiff tool with her hand. They spoke, but Jill could not make out what they said. Then her mother brushed her blonde hair behind her ear, bent down, and put the man's penis back in her mouth.

Jill wanted to run, but could not turn away! She realized that her own breathing was labored and that her pussy was moistening shamefully! Her hand went to her long flannel nightie and she felt her nipples as stiff as they could ever be!

Despite the man's very large length and girth, Jill's mother bobbed several times at the head of the prick, and then seemed to open her throat, plunging her mouth down taking in the man's entire swollen penis. Jill watched in amazement as her mother's lips touched the base of the man's cock. The man's hands were intertwined in her mother's hair and held her head down in this position for several seconds. Her mother moaned erotically.

When he let her up, he told her, "suck on the head, baby."

The beautiful blonde woman pulled off his cock. Holding the big penis, she looked at it for a couple of seconds and then tongued the purplish head of it. She bathed the under shaft of it with her tongue and even sucked the man's balls into her mouth, one at a time! Then she returned to his bulbous cock head.

"That's a good girl," the stranger said. "Suck it good!"

After several minutes of being pleasured, the man pulled Jill's mother up onto his hairy chest and rolled her onto her back. Jill's eyes widened as she saw her mother voluntarily spread her shapely legs. A narrow, pink slit was exposed with a thin strip of pubic hair above her mother's vagina. The man knelt above her, his big, glistening penis positioned to enter her mother. Horrified but fascinated, Jill saw his cock touch the lips of her pussy and then go deep into her mother. Jill heard her mother groan softly and then watched as the two began a rhythmic, sexual coupling! The bed creaked it's familiar creaks but other than that and the headboard tapping on the wall, it was a nearly silent few minutes as her mother fucked the stranger.

Her mother had her legs spread wide for the man. The stranger fucked her mother for several minutes in this position. His own large ass cheeks and thick hairy thighs seemed to rise and fall like a machine, plunging his long tool in and out of her mother's pussy. Then the man reached for her legs and pulled them around his thighs. Her mother's slender ankles were now at the junction of the man's buttocks and legs. Jill could hear the man's breathing intensify and her mother's legs slid down his thighs to rest on his calves. When she did this, Jill saw her mother pump her round buttocks back at the man's thrusting hips, no longer just taking it but giving it back as good as she got.

More than anything, Jill wanted this to be over before her father came home. Jill heard her mother very quietly moan, "shoot it in me, daddy. Give it to me! Shoot it in me deep! Give it to me!" Her words sounded pathetic to Jill!

Jill saw the man's ass cheeks begin to pound harder and faster and heard her beautiful mother moan pitifully beneath the big man each time his jack-hammering hips struck her mother's pelvis. Her mother urged him on!

"Are you going to give it to me?" she asked. "Are you going to shoot it in me?"

Her words seemed to have an effect on the man. He stiffened and cried out as he fucked her mother. Jill knew that he was climaxing inside her mother's pussy. She saw her mother's hands splayed firmly on the man's hairy back as if she was accepting the seed into her body. She was moaning in a strange way. Although Jill did not realize it, her mother had climaxed beneath the man.

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