tagGroup SexVacation Getaway Ch. 09

Vacation Getaway Ch. 09


"I have a suggestion for tonight," Papi said.

"What's that, Papi?" I asked, drying myself with the towel.

"How about we hide the video cam and record it?" he said, his face plastered an ear to ear grin.

"That sounds good Papi. I'll leave all that to you."

"What are you going to do while this happens?" I ask.

"I will assume my place in the closet. How would that be? If you would rather, I will go somewhere," he said looking down pouting.

"Of course not, Papi. I want you where ever you want to be. I was thinking that it might be lengthy, especially if he brings six boys with him. What if you have to go to the bathroom?"

"Well, how about you start in the living room and progress to the bedroom? That way, if by chance I need to use the restroom, I can call from my cell phone and let it ring once then hang up. That will be your cue to take it to the other room, yes?"

"Sounds great Papi," I said. "But which room are you going to put the video camera?"

"Both," he exclaimed. "I'm going to rent another from the shop two doors down from the hotel; one with remote control so I can start, stop and zoom too. They have the tiny color cams there that send the picture to a remote T.V. and recorder. That way, I can control it and watch from the closet."

"You're joking, right Papi?" I questioned.

"Not at all, babe. It'll only cost $125.00 until noon tomorrow."

"When did you price that, Papi?"

"On the way back from the store, when I left you to get acquainted with Maeling," you stated.

Laughing I said, "That's my Papi."

"Down fall is that that will leave us with having to use our camera first. You will have to start it when they arrive and, since it has only a 4 hour capacity, you will have to keep your festivities in the living room and less than 4 hours then take it to the bedroom where I can control it from the closet."

"Fine, Papi," I tell you. "Not a problem."

I finish drying off and went to get dressed while you took off for the camera shop to get your cameras. I wore only panties and one of your button-up dress shirts to lounge in, considering it was just approaching noon. I had no sooner taken a seat in the living room when you rushed in, shouting at me that you had gotten two remote control cameras. They came with panning abilities to turn right, left, up, and down, and were encased in a smoke detector shell that could be mounted anywhere with self-adhesive tape, a recorder and a small color T.V. for viewing. They had cost only $150.00 dollars and the recorder capable of holding over 24 hours of recording time, giving us enough time to record all night should we need it and able to go back and forth between both rooms when desired.

You were like a small child at Christmas, one of the things I loved about you, which was good considering that you act like a small child 99% of the time. You went about busily setting up your gear and strategically placing the cameras on the ceiling of the living room and bedroom then making a test run of how they worked and if they were able to capture the entire room from their locations. With only small adjustments to the camera locations to be made, you were ready to go, bringing me excitedly into your closet, a.k.a. "control room," to show me how great they worked. I had to admit you did an excellent job. The units had phenomenal pictures and sound. He was able to zoom in and out of the entire locations in each room, all while keeping the entire room in view.

While zooming, they had remarkable focus and were able to turn and zoom in and out of anywhere in the room. With a huge serious look on your face, you told me that we could buy the same set-up brand new for $1250.00 and that if we could ever afford it that we must have one. I laughed and kissing you then told you that maybe if you was a good boy, you may find one under the tree at Christmas time but being good might be asking a bit much of you.

"I love you so fucking much," he said.

"And I love you so bloody much," I replied.

"Now go lay on the bed with your legs open and shirt up so I can pan and zoom in on your pussy and check it out on the screen."

"Okay, Papi." I did just that.

"Oh wow you won't believe this," screamed Papi from his control room. "It's flawless! I recorded it so you can see. Hurry, come look, hurry up!"

I'm coming I'm coming Papi it's not going anywhere I cry out to him.

It was just like he said when I looked. The picture and recording quality were flawless. He left his "control room" closet, blabbering nonstop in approval of his achievement. It was shortly after 1 pm now and even though there was plenty of time before I was even to receive notice of my boy's accomplishments or lack thereof in recruiting his entourage for the evening, I found myself worrying about details, mostly of what to wear. I decided to run out and get something new for this night: crotch-less panties, a garter, perhaps a sexy teddy or lingerie of some sort and for this occasion 'come-fuck-me' boots were in order. As much as I hate spending money on things I already have, buying them was a must because mine weren't with me. The great thing was that there was an adult clothing and novelty store a block away that had all my needs and more. I went with white 5 ½ inch heel white 'come-fuck-me boots,' white garters, pink crotch-less panties with a white bow, and pink teddy with open holes for my areola and nipples to come through.

I added some toys to the list, getting anal beads, a vibrating vagina to keep the boys who were sidelined busy, a couple of cock rings, anal lube, a board game with various tasks for the players to perform when chosen, a leather whip for fun if nothing else, and last but not least, a fingertip vibrator that came with a vibrating egg. Oh, the marvelous, egg shaped vibrator, tried and true. With those items hidden in several large black bags, I returned home. It was just after 2 and I was just in time to receive my call when it came. I showed my things to you and when you asked how much they cost, I told you a wee bit more than your video gear rental but that the up side was that we got to keep every thing I had bought and not have to return them in 24 hours.

"Ha, ha," you snickered. "Don't forget that we get to keep the video tape.

"Not bad for $150.00," I said to you, smiling.

"Just be quiet and model those sexy garments for me," you said as you put batteries in the vibrators then firmly slapped the whip down on your hand a couple of times. When I emerged from the bathroom, you were spinning the board game task thing around, holding the anal beads in one hand.

"Well, Papi, what do you think?" I said, posing in front of you.

"You're gorgeous. The boots are so perfect and the teddy and crotch-less panties are stunning. I'm jealous," he said, dropping the anal beads and giving the game spinner one last hard twirl before coming over, grabbing me and kissing me passionately. "I'm jealous," he repeated. "All these boys get you first in your new things, my hot sexy wife."

"Aw, don't be, Papi. I'm all yours and yours only and I'm doing this for you anyway. "

"I know," he said. "But you're benefiting from it as well, yes?"

Yes, I am. But you know what I mean and we can always call it off if you like."

"No, no. It's all good, baby."

"Okay. Are you sure you're alright with this?"

"I'm sure, Mami."

"Okay then. I love you, Papi."

"And I love you, Mami".

With that, I took off my outfit and put on just panties and Papi's long sleeve shirt, happy to have that out of the way. I sent Papi to the store for whipped cream and cherries while I relaxed and waited for my call. It was nearing 3 and I surprised that the breakfast boy hadn't called yet. Could he be having a problem getting enough volunteers? I thought. Seeing how they were all going to be fairly young perhaps, boys being boys, their bark was worse than their bite. Though they talked a lot about wanting to train a girl, when the opportunity came they chickened out and couldn't step up. It could be any number of things. I resumed thinking while I waited for my call. Whatever will be; will be. At exactly 3:30 and the phone rang.

"This is my call," I said to myself, picking up the phone. "Hello?"

"Hi, Mami, it's Papi. I was wondering if you want some of that liquid chocolate that hardens when you put it on ice cream?"

"Sure, Papi, sounds great," I said.

"Did you get your call yet?" he asked.

"Not yet, Papi. I thought you were it but nope."

"Well, I'll let you go and get off the phone. See you shortly, okay?"

"Okay, Papi, see you then. I love you, mi Esposo."

"I love you too, Mami. Bye."

No sooner had Papi hung up then the phone rang. I thought it was Papi again, calling to tell me something he had forgotten.

"Hello," I answered.

"Hi, it's me," mumbled the breakfast boy.

"Hey you," I said. "So tell me, how it goes so far? Have you any takers yet?" "Well, I have a problem."

"What's the problem?" I asked.

"You told me I could bring as few as 3 or as many as 6 tops including myself, right?" he asked.

"Yes, that's right. Why? Tell me; what's the matter? Don't worry. It's all good. Go ahead and tell me what the problem is."

"Well, it's that I have 7 guys, 8 including myself. All of them are begging me to come and I told them only 5 could. So that's my problem. By the way, 4 of them are virgin. So tell me, what should I do?"

"Gods," I said. "I don't know. Let me think. Call me back in ten minutes."

"Sure. I'll call you back in ten," he said and hung up.

It didn't take me long to come up with an answer for him. I decided that 8 were just too many to handle and keep under control at one time. I thought it would be easy to make quick work of the virgins, even if they could each get it up twice, so I would take the 4 virgins first at 7 o'clock. Then, when I was through with them, I'd have them let the other 4 know to come a half hour later, giving me time to shower and get ready for them. Papi walked in as the phone rang and I motioned him to be silent and he nodded in understanding. I took the call and ran the scenario by the breakfast boy, who was happy to not have to let any of his friends down, not wanting them to be mad at him for their exclusion.

We set it for the virgins to arrive promptly at 7. The breakfast boy and the other 3 would wait until a half-hour after I finished with the group of virgins. I assured him that I shouldn't be that long in my endeavors and that he and his experienced pals wouldn't have to wait very long, well, not too long anyway. That way, he and his 3 other friends would have the entire night with me, should they want it. He hung up, happy with the order and sequence for the night. Papi managed to gather from the conversation that there were changes made and smiled, stating that the items from the store were in the small in-room fridge.

"Guess what Papi?" I said, smiling back.

"What, Mami?" he asked.

"I have 4 virgins coming to fuck me at 7 p.m. then the breakfast boy and three others after the virgins. What do you think about that?"

"The question is, Mami, 'What do you think about that?'"

"Well, the virgins are really making me excited and horny. I can't wait to take their youth from them and see the expressions they make as I fuck them. I think I'll only wear panties and this shirt for them, and use some toys. I don't want to freak them out much. For the others, I'll wear my new outfit and use the hard core toys. I think the board game will be perfect for starters with the virgins. What do you think Papi?" I asked.

"It's your call, Mami. It sounds great though. I'll be busy in my control room the whole time, catching all the action."

"I know you will, Papi. I'll try to make it worthy of filming for you, okay?"

"I have no doubt whatsoever in your abilities, Mami. If you say worthy, then worthy it will be," he said, chuckling.

Papi and I sat talking about the coming events to pass the time. We both were excited and anticipating as we waited for the clock to near 7 pm so we could get things underway. 7 pm came quick and a knock rang out from the door. Papi kissed me and left for his place in the closet as I answered the door.

"You're right on time," I told them, inviting them in and looking them over as they passed.

They were a mixed a group as possibly could be. There was a white, a Black, an Asian, and a Hispanic boy, all confessing they belonged to the football team. The Caucasian was thin and a bus boy from the hotel, he pronounced. The Black was a running back, short and stout with strong legs and upper body. The Hispanic was a husky, slightly over-weight front lineman, which explained his heavy build. The Asian was tall, lean and a receiver on the team. I smiled, brushing my chest and panties as I talked to them. I told them that I had prior knowledge that this was in fact their first sexual encounter. Looking embarrassedly back and forth at each other, they sat speechless.

I smiled and said that they needn't be ashamed or embarrassed and that it was commendable that they held out so long. I was so excited to be their first and was looking forward to breaking them to the point that I was hardly able to contain myself. I told them that, running my finger between my pussy lips under my tee. I asked if I could get them anything at all before we settle in and to make themselves comfortable. No one wanted anything so I tell them what our plans were for the evening and that if any were not really wanting, that I'd not be offended if they left. It was unanimous all were to stay and with that I lay out my agenda. I ask first that they take off their shoes because I had a board game to play while we were getting acquainted better.

I gathered the group on the floor around the board and we went over the instructions to the game, which were so easy a child could understand. With that, I took liberty of being the only girl present to get the game going. I spun and was told to move 5 spaces. I landed on a square that asked that I pick a player and let him rub any part of my anatomy under my garments, should I have any on. I chose the Asian boy and made myself available. He coyly reached under my shirt and rubbed my breast, circling my nipple. I closed my eyes and coo, taking his hand and guiding it for a moment before I re-open my eyes. I see the others smiling in anticipation of their spin and my Asian now sporting an erection in his jeans.

"Next," I said to the player at my left, the Hispanic boy.

"Move forward 3 spaces," he read aloud then spun, landing on a space that told him to he rub his penis for no less than 30 and no more than 60 seconds with genitals exposed if clothed.

He stood up and was noticeably reluctant to comply, so I reassured him that it would be fine and over in at least 30 seconds. Besides, another player would face an equally awkward task if not more so to do and we'd all soon be through a round and it would be easier after that. He nodded, unzipped his pants and pulled them along with his boxers to his knees, revealing a rather smaller than average penis, which he took in his hand and pulled exactly 30 seconds. Before he could pull his pants back up, I reached over.

"May I touch it for a moment?"

"Ok," he said as I took it softly and pulled it, massaging his balls as I did.

"Mmm," I said. "I love cocks, especially hard ones."

Almost instantly, his cock rose to attention and started to pulsate. He started cumming then and there in my hand as he let out 'ah, oh no!' in an almost pleasurable fashion.

"Excuse me please," he asked, pulling his pants up and briskly running out the front door. Laughs arose from the others and I too had to refrain for laughing as I reminded them that they had all yet to spin, excluding the Asian who already had, and that they may yet suffer an equal fate themselves.

"No way," they clamored. "Never in a million years."

"Okay then. Let's continue," I said, speaking to the white bus boy. "Your turn."

He took and spun the spinner hard, hitting the same spot as the boy who had just ran out. We all laughed and prompted him, looking at the clock and reminding him to go no less than 30 and no more than 60 seconds.

"Let me know when it's been a minute," he said, dropping his pants and boxers to reveal an impressive 8 to 10 inch long slender cock that amazed us, one and all.

This reaffirmed my fast growing belief that the homely goofy white boys seem to all be more than well hung than their white muscle bound friends. Anyhow, he took and stroked his cock all of a minute and had to be reminded that 60 seconds was the max. He then asked if I'd to feel his penis as I did the absentee.

"I must be fair so yes, I will. Give it to me, baby." I say, grabbing its full erectness in my hand and, pulling it fast and hard, not like the first, asked if he liked it. "God, yes. It feels really good. You can stop now," he stated, pulling back from my grasp.

"What's wrong? I'm sorry; was I too rough with it?"

"No," he replied. "I just didn't want to be a hog and upset anyone, that's all."

"Okay," I said to him. "I thought that I was too rough. Since you said I wasn't, well, I'd have to say from my experience anyway, that you were getting ready to cum, am I right?"

"Um, hell no. I wasn't even close."

"Well then, if it's ok with the others, let me have it for 2 more minutes max and we'll see ok?"

"Let's just keep the game rolling," he said, smiling a grin that told I was correct in my assumption. He motioned to the Black boy at his left. "Your turn, spin."

The Black boy spun and moved 7 spaces, landing on a space that told him to pick a chance card from a pile of cards in the center of the board and do what was written on it. He chose the top card, giving him the choice of picking any player to either kiss or touch any where he chose for as long as 45 seconds or the option of passing the command to any player of his choice to carry out the task. He chose to do it himself and picked me, asking that he touch my pussy for 45 seconds.

"No problem," I said. Having only panties and my tee on, I pulled down my panties to the side and parted my legs, making my wet pussy available.

Smiling, he rubbed his fingers over my pussy and then inserted his middle finger and spent the remainder of his 45 seconds fingering me in and out as I moaned in acceptance. Upon removing his finger, I motion a vote stop the game because it was rather slow and replace it by me lap dancing for them. It was unanimous that we stop the game for lap dance. I instructed them to remove their pants and sit in their boxers on the couch while I put away the game and put on some music I could dance to. They did as I asked and were on the couch before I had the game back in its box. I finished and found a station with my music then slid the coffee table from the couch allowing me access to them as I danced. I stood in front of the group and swayed touching myself over my tee and panties for about 10 minutes.

I moved on to touching myself under my tee and inside of my panties, at times pulling up my tee just to the point they could see my breasts. I did the same with my panties, bringing them to the top of my pussy and back up at times even pulling the crotch to the side and revealing my pussy lips. The teasing went on like this for some 15 minutes before I removed my top and, taking turns, danced on their laps, rubbing my back against their chests and my pussy back and forth against their crotch and on their knees. They were almost shaking in pleasure. I knew if I wanted I could bring one or more of them to climax in their shorts just by rubbing them slightly longer and harder than I was. I wanted no more possible runners due to premature ejaculation so I didn't. I removed my panties and ran them across each individual nose, letting them smell my scent as I danced provocatively in front of them. I used my fingers to spread my lips apart and finger myself as I danced.

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