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Vacation trip


I plan my trip carefully, I plan my trip right.
I know, I’ll be traveling only at night.

I will start at your watery mouth
To have a drink before heading south.

I will jump off the cliff of your chin,
Sliding effortlessly on your silky skin.

Such a speed I’ll achieve with my sliding skills -
It will carry me right to the foot of the hills.

Between them a beautiful valley
Provides an easy route,
But I will climb over anyway
To take a look around.

In front of me is an open prairie,
All covered with silvery grass.
I will cross it bravely,
In one quick pass.

When first bushes and trees appear
And my hart begins to flip,
I would know that I’m getting near
The wonderful goal of my trip.

You see, speleology is my challenge
And it is also my love.
I approach every cave very carefully,
Usually from above.

This one is a beautiful grotto
In the midst of virgin woods,
Something worth to return to,
And everyone certainly would.

In the morning, having explored
Every cavern and every fold,
I’ll return to the top exhausted,
Knowing that I’m hooked and sold.

I will carefully cover the entry
With limbs and branches and twigs,
So it will be safe and ready
For my future vacation trips.

And then, as it always happens
When my vacations end,
I’d feel refreshed and happy
But also a little sad.

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