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Valentine Cell Phone Fun


Thank you angela love, for editing my story.


My wife Madeleine Wilson is an elegant lady. Successful in her job, and when she wishes she can dress to kill. The male executives in her company drool over her when she does that. Today would be such a day, as she should present a project to one of their major customers. I could just imagine them sitting there round the conference table looking at her in her navy blue suit, skirt to one inch below the knee, with an open jacket showing off her nice waistline, under which was a white silk blouse loosely showing off her cleavage. On occasions like this she would not wear any jewelry; she was a jewel in herself in my opinion.

But just now she was Maddie; my lover and the mother of our children. It is Valentine's Day today, and she was on the bed next to me, naked and freshly showered. She was in very good shape for her age, and she was a feast for my eyes and tongue. I enjoyed using my fingertips to trace softly over her skin, and to use my lips and tongue to stimulate her amorous feelings and sexual wanting. I am a giver; it is my greatest pleasure is to give pleasure. There is nothing so good as to see my woman lying there and enjoying my ministrations. When she receives intense pleasure from me, and I must repeat, from me, I am erotically satisfied. The good thing about it, Maddie is also a giver. She enjoys pleasing me. We are good for each other.

We have been true to each other. When we were young, we were more than once invited to take part in partner swapping, and to swinging parties. We declined. We did not want to take the chance of destroying a good and solid marriage. I think we did the right thing. But we were not stupid; we did understand that it was necessary to actively work to keep the sexual part of our life from being boring or without excitement. We therefor made things happen, sexual surprises and unexpected events, always between the two of us and nobody else. So during the last few years we have had a lot of fun.

Today I would have my fun with her, and she would receive her sexual teasing which hopefully would lead to a satisfying release for both of us. I hoped it would be a memorable Valentine's Day.

"Please my love," she said, "Complete what you have been starting, don't let me hang here craving a release."

"Maddie that is just what I am going to do. Let you hang there I mean. I am going to give you your Valentine's Day gift now, but you are not allowed to unwrap it before you come back from work. You are not allowed to watch so I will lay this silk scarf over you eyes," I replied. "I want you to hurry home after the presentation, and then I will complete what I just started, and I can promise you a long and satisfying foreplay."

I pressed her legs gently apart, and let my tongue glide between her wet pussy lips and softly play with her clitoris for a very brief moment, and I heard a soft moan. My present, a Nokia 7280 cell phone put in a condom, and outside the condom was wound a string of natural pearls and over that again another condom. The base of the condoms was tied up with a silk string. I pushed the Cell phone / Pearls in her pussy and the silk string was then, one end up front, the other end up between the ass cheeks just as a thong, around the waist as a belt and with a hard knot tied at her back. My gift to her was securely placed in her pussy for the time being, the only way to get it out was cutting the silk string, the knot was tight at her back. There was now way for her to undo this knot.

When I took away the silk scarf she asked "What are you doing to me love, what have you put in my pussy, is something like BenWa balls?"

"No love, it's not. But it is your gift, all wrapped up. It has to stay there until you are back home. Maddie my love, come home after your presentation and unwrap your gift. Make yourself ready for your presentation, and I will drive you. Take a cab home, and I expect you about noon."

"I can't be that early," she replied, "I have a couple of meetings after the presentation, so don't expect me before 2 o'clock."

"I'm not so sure about that Maddie; you are going to come home sooner than you think."

She just looked at me with a questioning glance, and with a smile gave me a quick kiss, and said, "I love you darling; I'll be home by 2 o'clock by the latest."

An hour later I dropped her off outside her office downtown. She walked across the pavement and up the stairs a little more carefully, and not as springy as she usually does. I smiled to myself thinking about the cell phone and pearls in her pussy. They must certainly give her some kind of stimulation.

Madeleine Wilson went into her office having difficulties thinking about her presentation today. It would start in a short time, and she would have to organize her thoughts. But the "thing" in her pussy was distracting her. It had been in her pussy more than an hour, and she was sure her panties were soaking wet by now. I hope I do not smell of sex, she thought.

At10 sharp she entered the conference room and greeted the group of people she should present her proposal to, for the marketing of the new product their customer had developed. After a short introduction she started her Power Point presentation, and soon she was in her usual smooth and elegant mode and the audience listened to her with a rapt attention.

After about 20 minutes she felt a sudden tingling in her pussy, she lost track of what she was saying and sagged slightly in her knees like she was stumbling. With flushed cheeks, she collected herself and said, "Sorry gentlemen, my heel caught on the edge of the carpet." The audience looked a little puzzled, as the floor in the conference room was solid oak - no carpet.

Damned, she thought, I didn't handle that well, but as nothing odd was said, she continued with her presentation. Next time, after abt 5 minutes she felt the tingling again, but she was prepared. However, this time it did not stop so quickly. After the first soft and weak vibration, a stronger one came a few seconds later, and again another still stronger making it really difficult for her to stay calm and collected. What you are doing with me my love, she thought, and then it was calm in her pussy again.

I was sitting in our lounge, with my cell phone in my hand, imagining Madeleine Wilson - aka Maddie - standing in front of a bunch of stuck up male executives, with flushed cheeks and a tingling pussy, making her presentation. I was not worried she would make an ass of herself, she is always able to control herself when need be. But I didn't make it easy for her. So every 5 minutes I pressed the redial button on my phone, and each time I let it ring one buzz more. (For the cell phone ignorant reader, probably not many, the phone was programmed in the meeting mode with no sound, but with vibration - with increasing strength - as a ringing signal).

I estimated she could be home about noon, if she was finished around 11 and had a brief meeting afterwards. To be honest, I was sure she would not be as late as she said this morning. So a bit before 12 I went up to our bedroom and undressed, waiting for her. I was lying on my back playing idly with my self, I should be sure to have an erection ready for her!

How right I was, 5 to 12 the front door slammed and I heard a shout, "Where are you?"

"In the bedroom Maddie, all ready for you," I shouted back.

A few seconds later an agitated Maddie was in the bedroom, peeling off her clothes, I have never seen her undress so quickly, I heard a couple buttons pop off, and at last she stood there in her heels and stay up stockings begging for the pair of scissors I had ready for her. She snapped off the silk string and carefully pulled out the phone and pearls, barely looked at it and mumbled "this for later" and then impaled herself on my cock. She sank down in one smooth movement right to the bottom.

"Darling, after more than two hours foreplay I'm more than ready," and then she proceeded to fuck me with abandon. She didn't last long, maybe 4 - 5 strokes and her eyes rolled so I could only see the white, and she screamed, "Ooooooh my godddddd!!!"

She sank down on me completely exhausted, and when her breathing calmed down a bit, I rolled her over on her back and as I was still hard as a rock, I started slowly to make love to her. I was moving in and out of her with smooth motions, kissing her, speaking softly to her, expressing my love. And soon the pace heated up and she had another shattering orgasm, but this time I followed her.

After we had rested, and Maddie had gotten her pearls around her throat, lying there with a loving smile, I whispered, "Happy Valentine my Maddie, I love you so."

Maddie stroked my cheek and said, "It is so exciting being married to you, what am I going to do to outdo this, I simply don't know?"

"You'll think of something, you always do," I replied.

The end.


The phone used is chosen due to its dimensions (115 x 32 x 19 mm) and its shape. It is expensive, and of course the natural pearls are also expensive. Any suitable shaped and sized phone with vibration can be used, with or without the pearls. If you try it, please send me a report. And of course, you must buy a cash zim card with a new number; you don't want her friends to call her out of time, do you?

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