Vampire Korps of the Gestapo Ch. 02


No matter how many years he'd been hunting the head of the Vampire Korps, after losing Hoffner and Yell in the last hour, he was unwilling to sacrifice Monika, not now; or, he hated to admit it, not yet. She still lived and so did he. Fucking hell, he'd hop on the bumper again and ride it out. Von Schitt set Monika in the back seat of the car and piled in afterward. He could blow her head off through the back window before cops or Nazis showed up or drunks gave him away somewhere down the line.

Gnashing his teeth in frustration he edged from underneath the car. Kneeling by the back bumper he waited until the goon girl stepped inside. When the springs of the Mercedes bent with her weight he got his feet on the bumper and his hands on the spare tire holder again.

Fool's errand!


Trommler sat behind the wheel with Koch next to him on the left passenger side in the front seat.

The car idled, the men awaiting orders. In the rear view mirror Trommler could see Monika, who seemed unnaturally subdued compared to the last time he'd seen her, like she'd been drugged. She was quite lovely despite being disheveled and with her hair uncombed. He wanted to grab her, kiss those full, pouting lips that drove men crazy all over Germany. The tips of her nipples pushed against the material of the low cut blouse. He hoped that von Schitt hadn't been stringing Wolfgang and him along about getting to ravish her. She'd wanted to them to drop their pants in the alley but that may have been a joke; Himmler had told her to let Koch and him assist her in humiliating Monika. Regardless he wanted her naked, writhing beneath him. Just her proximity made his desire evident in a physical sense; he shifted in his seat.

Colonel von Schitt complained about the amount of time it had taken them to arrive with the car. Koch explained they had been detained having to kill a man for trying to follow them.

The baroness said, "Major Koch, get the camera stuff and come sit back here with us."

While Koch eagerly changed seats Trommler asked, "Where do you want to go, colonel?"

"Head south out of town, on the outskirts there's a paved road going west, about ninety kilometers away is a big pine forest."

"I know the way."

"Excellent, major. We're going to be pretty busy back here so alert me when you see trees."

Koch got in the back, sat on the bench seat facing the rear of the Mercedes with Erika. Monika and von Schitt faced them in the other seat. The colonel nuzzled the lovely actress as soon as the car began moving, kissing her on the mouth and unbuttoning her white blouse. When Monika's breasts were bared she instructed the girl to remove the blouse. She offered no resistance, did so in a daze. Everyone in the car admired her nakedness, including Trommler via the rear view mirror. Her big plump breasts rode high and firm for their size, almost in defiance to the laws of gravity. They quivered with the motion of the ride, the nipples large and more pink than tan.

Von Schitt put her arm around Monika. "I think this would make a nice photograph, major, try to get both of us in the shot."

"Even with the flash, colonel, I think a bit more light is called for." He flipped the switch for the overhead and the rear of the car lit up with soft illumination. He fiddled with the camera a minute then put his eye to the viewfinder. "Fraulein, how about a nice smile."

Monika smiled dreamily as the flash bulb popped, freezing the moment in time of von Schitt kneading her outstanding attributes.

"Would you take off your skirt, dear?" requested the colonel.

The girl gave no indication she intended to comply and the baroness thrust her toward Erika and tugged the garment down herself. Monika bent between the seats in only her garter belt, stockings and a tiny pair of panties. Koch watched her eyes go wide when the colonel pulled her panties down to her knees and pressed her face between her buttocks. Monika gasped as the tongue invaded her most private spaces. Her breathing changed and her eyelids lowered. In a minute or two von Schitt directed her back into her lap. With the panties down around her thighs the overhead light made the meaty lips between Monika's legs visible. She had a blonde pubic thatch only a shade or two darker than the hair on her head. The colonel delved a finger inside the young girl until she moaned. She placed the fragrant finger, now shiny with wetness, into Monika's mouth so she could taste herself.

Koch opened the camera bag for another bulb. Not only had Trommler stocked the bag with bulbs and extra rolls of film, but he'd had the foresight to bring along an overnight kit and a bottle of wine. "Siegfried, you are using your head tonight. Colonel, are you in for a surprise." He held up the bottle of wine for her to see.

Von Schitt paid Trommler her only compliment of the evening. Her hand wandered down again into Monika's lap. Koch set the overnight kit on the seat to get at the flashbulbs. With a fresh bulb in place he snapped another picture, his desire physically rampant.

"Open the wine for us, major, and let me have that shaving kit as well. Monika, sit beside me and take your panties all the way off."

She slipped unselfconsciously out of the nylon underthings, aware of every eye staring at her. Evidently she enjoyed being the center of attention. Since her body blossomed in her teens she'd known of her power over grown men and had exploited it to her advantage, reveling in her womanhood. Her beautiful face and splendid ripe body opened many doors for her. She slept with all the attractive men of her choice: photographers, professors, one or two casting directors, actors, soldiers, with many other women's husbands. While only seventeen her acting career began and in the next two years she'd appeared in five films.

At the moment she was appearing on film again, if the photos the SS man took became public her acting career would be ruined and her private life scandalized. Even the most wanton American sex sirens did not allow pictures taken of them unclad. The major snapped a shot of her with her legs widespread.

Von Schitt rubbed Monika's pink openness, combed her fingers through her pubic hair. The colonel grinned when she fished into Trommler's overnight kit. Wonderful, she thought, he brought his shaving cream and straight razor. She filled her hand with lather, ordered Koch to pass Monika the wine bottle.

"Drink up, my sweet seductress, I want you as uninhibited as possible because you're about to stage the performance of your lifetime. But while you drink yourself into a stupor you're going to get a shave and a haircut, and I don't mean the hair on your head."

Later she would shave Monika's head like the Nazis shaved the heads of Jewish women in Berlin. For the present time she still wanted her lovely and appealing for her purposes. She made the girl lean against the car door with her legs apart so she could lather her pubic hair. Koch took several more photographs and Monika took several big drinks while von Schitt shaved her mound of Venus bare. She wiped away the excess shaving cream with the discarded blouse and inspected her handiwork.

The wine made Monika's head spin and Erika took the bottle back before it got dropped on the floorboard. She sloshed the leftover contents around in a circular motion, the actress had drunk two thirds of it. The shaving of her pubes for an audience obviously had excited Monika in the extreme, her lips swollen and sprung deliciously apart, the mouth between glistening. The baroness bent forward to taste Monika's copious secretions.

Monika arched her back, mewling with pleasure because the woman licking and nibbling at the sensitive folds of her flesh had had much practice at what she was doing. Before too long she wrapped her thighs around von Schitt's head and in the minutes thereafter assumed a rhythm against her face. The colonel drank intently as the actress became tremendously animated under her ministrations. Eyes closed, Monika tugged at her own nipples, biting at her bottom lip and groaning constantly. The groans increased in volume until Monika gasped. A series of delighted screams ensued. She got so loud that Erika snatched up the pink panties from the car seat and stuffed them in Monika's mouth, muting her frantic cries but not stopping them. She continued screaming and hunching and pinching her own nipples. Finally her hands left her breasts to hold the other woman's head firmly in place.

The pungent aroma of young female arousal filled the car.

Monika sighed with disappointment around the mouthful of panties when Ingrid von Schitt, who'd so skillfully pleased her, finally came up for air, gazing down as if hypnotized herself at the charming truffles framing the portal of Monika's femininity. She fiddled with those uneven scrolled flaps as she caught her breath, her face smeared with the sweet juice of which she'd imbibed like a glutton.

From where Koch sat the pronounced round muscle beneath Monika's vulva was unashamedly on display. The baroness must have noticed it too because she teased it at length with a fingertip before inserting it to the knuckle. As she eased her forefinger in and out repeatedly Monika's hips lifted off the car seat. A gasp escaped the flush-faced actress, her skin blotched here and there with redness, especially her tummy and trembling breasts.

Still lewdly probing Monika's defenseless anus, she asked, "Did you have an orgasm, honey? It's all right to spit the panties out now so you can speak."

"I had a lot of them," the girl panted. She spread the cheeks of her buttocks wide, rotated enthusiastically against von Schitt's hand. "No one's ever done that to me before, I like it."

"Squeeze my finger with your muscle. Just like that. Oh, you are such a naughty thing."

Von Schitt eventually withdrew her finger with a plop that sounded not unlike a cork popping out of a champagne bottle although not nearly as loud. Maybe that reminded the colonel of the wine and she motioned for Erika to pass it over. She tipped the bottle back for a healthy pull, touched her fingers to her chin. "Look what you've gotten all over my face, you tasty girl," she chided. "Give me a kiss, darling, but first clean up what you got all over my face with your tongue."

Koch finished the roll of film while the two women kissed. He reloaded the camera, resumed staring at the wide-splayed crease between Monika's thighs and the inviting tight grommet of flesh nestled in the valley of her buttocks. For over half an hour an uncomfortable pulsing hardness strained against his jodhpurs. He wished the colonel would let him relieve it with Monika, but relief was not yet in store for him. The baroness undid her belt and started taking off her jacket.

"Why don't you get undressed too, Erika, and partake of this feast yourself." She stroked at Monika's brazenly exposed naked lips again. "Doesn't she have a pretty pussy? It reminds me of one of the flowers in a Georgia O'Keefe painting."

In anticipation Erika ran her tongue around the outside of her mouth. She shed her uniform with great haste.

"Major Koch, you may turn off the overhead light if you want. Personally I don't care if you see me nude and I know Erika has no reservations. After we're through I promise you'll get your turn. You too, Major Trommler, and please watch the road more than the mirror. You don't want to crash the car before you get to indulge in this fabulous morsel, do you?"

"No, colonel, I certainly don't." He had one hand on the wheel and the other in his lap, enduring the same condition as Koch.

"How close are we to the forest?"

"I reckon another fifteen twenty minutes."

Satisfied that Trommler had the driving under control she got out of her jackboots and shoved down her trousers and her own damp panties. Erika had already stripped. She slid over next to Koch, playfully unzipped his pants and freed his discomfort. She gripped him in both hands.

"That is impressive, major. Be sure to save some for me," she said wickedly. "Have you seen this, Ingrid? He's big as a horse."

The colonel smiled knowingly, "So is his friend." She turned to Monika, who also stared in awe at what Erika held in her hands. Von Schitt told her, "Now you're going to do the same thing to me that I did to you, my sweet little pudding, except keep your finger to yourself. While you lick me, Erika is going to be licking you. Understood?"

Monika nodded with eagerness. Initially the three women arranged themselves on the car seat, but after a cramped few minutes decided the floorboard afforded them more room. Erika reached for Monika's clothes to spread out on the bristly carpeting but Koch tossed her a car blanket he located somewhere. The goon girl thanked him by engulfing half of his member and noisily sucking the engorged flesh for thirty seconds.

"Remember, Wolfgang, save it for later," Erika smiled, "I don't want you to have a dishonorable discharge."

She returned then to the gaping mouth Monika presented with her gorgeous bottom wagging around in the air as she knelt over the baroness' crotch. She lifted up to laugh at Erika's joke before the colonel grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head back into place.

In the front seat Trommler thought he'd go out of his mind.

In the back Koch left the overhead light on.


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