tagRomanceVelvet Journal Ch. 1

Velvet Journal Ch. 1


How did I get to here?

I'll have to go back to then.

Eighteen and still inexperienced.

A tall awkward boy who desperately needed to lose his innocence. Well actually I had already lost that due to the chance discovery of hardcore in my brothers bedroom - he was at college and I was playing his records - cool.

The Clash, Stranglers, Elvis Costello - a good musical intro for an English boy.

Exclusive, Hustler, Whitehouse - an extreme sexual intro for an innocent white and awkward English boy.

Behind the vinyl, a cheap blue soft zipped case, tucked in the back of the unit. I can still remember pulling out the thick bundle of glossy paper - disbelief at my luck - what a day.

Innocence lost.

Appetite gained.

Flaccid lengths dangled provocatively in front of rouged mouths. Long legs spread for pink close-ups. Blondes dressed like college girls available in my dreams only. My virgin cock uncurling in my Levi's as I devoured each page whilst listening for my parent's footsteps on the stair outside.

It all starts then.

Girls just don't look the same after then.

Then came Gabby. The first girl to show me the pleasures ahead. She worked at the shop part-time. She was so cute and had such a curvy sexy figure.

I wanted her Pussy.


There was a word that encapsulated it all. My new word from the glossy pages of my brothers secret horde, it summed up my desires, fuck pussy, suck pussy, lick pussy, rammed it into her wet pussy, shaved pussy. Pussy!

Please Pussy.

Gabby was eighteen too, and she lived on my way home. Gabby became my desire - she was my first fantasy and, as the weeks went on, my best hope of losing that virgin air. She was experienced, having had an older boyfriend in the months before, she slowly told me of the pleasures ahead as we coyly flirted on that short walk home. Gabby had sucked him off and swallowed his spunk. He had put a banana in her pussy and fucked her with it. She had a vibrator he had got her that she liked to use.

A banana in her pussy? A vibrator?

Too good to be true. (I can still feel the shock).

Her mum had a Morris Minor parked down the side of the house, which proved to be the perfect place to move on our flirtation. Our short walk home became sitting on her fence, which in turn became standing at the back of the drive, behind the Morris minor.

Perfect camouflage from prying eyes.

Slowly we became more familiar with each other. First time was French kissing and feeling her ass. I can still remember her grinding into my rock hard cock, feeling like I was going to explode any moment - come to think of it, I think I went home with damp trousers on at least one occasion. Second time was her beautiful tits - my first pair - standing behind her and caressing her large breasts. Gabby was very well blessed and she certainly had more than my hands could hold easily - I remember her T-shirt up over her tits and her nipples poking out of her white bra as I pawed hungrily at them. Her ass backing into my crotch as we explored each other in the dark alley.

Boys dream coming true.

Boys cock getting sore.

Then came summer and the perfect afternoons off spent in her room. Her mum worked and we had the house to ourselves. I can still see her room perfectly, the single bed in front of the window and the stereo next to it, playing the soundtrack to our summer. More French kissing and necking developing into a striptease as we dared to go further with each hot afternoon. The one thing I had learnt from my brother's library was that a man should kiss and lick the woman's pussy so I applied this important knowledge within the first week.

Her pussy was so wet, my face smothered with her juice as I eat her ravenously, her white knickers around her ankles with me between her white milky thighs.

Licking Gabby's pussy - my first taste of a girl.

Here comes the blowjob - my dream fulfilled.

Gabby used all her experience to guide me and soon returned the favour by giving me her oral attentions. She got me to lie back on the bed and pulled down my jeans and pants - my prick was so erect and hard. That feeling! I can never forget that feeling as I exploded into her mouth almost straight away. Awkward apologies but she didn't seem to care - in fact she swallowed it all as I remember.

Just like the magazine girls.

My cock has been sucked.

Nothing is the same.

More perfect days followed, Gabby allowed me to use her hummingbird vibrator while I lapped at her pink gash for hours on end. There was one rule - no fucking! Gabby was paranoid about getting pregnant and would not even consider doing it with a condom.

Too risky - they might split - no babies! Looking back now, I think this made it even better - I accepted this rule and just concentrated on the oral side of things - an explanation for my continuing obsession for eating pussy!

Thank you Gabby.

My teenage dream.

Here comes Sarah.

Excerpt from the Velvet Journals 1982.

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