tagErotic Poetryvelvet sympathy

velvet sympathy


my body's as smooth as velvet
and as soft as velour
once you've had my body
you'll hunger for more
i'll leave you satisfied
i'll leave you content
now ravage my body
i give you my consent
take me how you want me
please don't hold back
i won't be happy
'til i've drained your scrotum sac
your bodily fluids
belong on me
i love being wet
and also sticky
it's about pleasing you
it's about bringing you pleasure
and you know damn well
that no other chick can measure
i'm the best at what i do
i'm the cream of the crop
i'm the sprinkles on your ice cream
i'm the cherry that's on top
i take pride in fucking you
and i always give my best
you love my shapely ass
you love my bulging breasts
i'll take you by the hand
i'll lead you to my room
you know what's coming next
it's not that hard to assume
i'm gonna worship your body
make you feel like royalty
to those i haven't fucked
you have my deepest sympathy

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