Author's Note - I know the information about Vermont's drink-driving laws is incorrect, but plead artistic licence!


Last year my friend Carole won a week's holiday at a plush health resort in Vermont. Not surprisingly her husband didn't fancy a week of manicures and spa treatments, so she invited me instead. My husband said I deserved a break and as he was happy I said yes.

For two women in their late thirties it was a wonderful week of relaxation and pampering. We stayed in a luxury log cabin in the hills and they provided a hire car which we used to drive the 3 miles each day to the spa building.

The cabin was superb though it was meant for a couple so Carole and I had to share a king-sized bed. We tried to switch to one with twin beds, but nothing was available and anyway it was no big deal.

On the last night but one we went to a local restaurant which had been recommended to us. We had a lovely meal with a couple of bottles of wine and then stayed on in the cosy bar and had a few more glasses of wine.

It was midnight by the time we left and Carole said she would drive.

However after she'd made a mess of one bend and nearly put us in a ditch she said that perhaps it was better if I drove. We stopped and swapped places. We'd only gone a few hundred yards when I noticed another car behind us. Then the flashing lights came on and I realised that it was a police car. I was panicking looking for a place to stop when I saw a parking sign indicating a lay-by. I pulled in, stopped and wound the window down as two officers came across.

They soon realised we were English tourists and the senior, older officer explained that we had been stopped because of Carole's erratic driving.

"Have either of you ladies been drinking?" he asked.

There was no point lying, so we admitted we had.

The officer said Vermont had a zero tolerance policy for drink driving so we would have to take a breath test. If the result was under a figure of 100 we'd get a ticket and a fine, but if it was over 100 it was more serious.

We stepped out of the car and Carole went first. Her reading was 170 - way over. Next it was my turn and I just prayed that by some miracle it was under 100. No chance - it was 145.

"OK" said the officer. "I'm afraid I have to read you your rights, arrest you and confiscate your passports. You'll be jailed overnight and only bailed if you can raise security of $100,000 each. Your case will come up in about 3 weeks time and the minimum you will receive is a 2 month jail term."

We were horrified at this and explained that we had husbands and families who were expecting us back in 2 days time.

"I'm sorry ma'am," he said. "That doesn't change anything."

"Look officer," said Carole. "There's been no accident, no-one's been hurt. Going to jail would be horrendous. We'll do something, anything if you help us out."

"You'll do anything?"

Carole gulped and nodded.

He looked at his younger colleague.

"What do you think Gary?"

"Up to you sarge. Perhaps we can find a way to help these ladies."

The older guy nodded and looked at me.

"Step over to the police car ma'am."

He held the back door open and I got in. At the same time I noticed Carole being ushered into the back seat of our hire car.

The sergeant got in the other back door.

"Unbutton your blouse please ma'am."

"Do I have to?"


Slowly, reluctantly I unbuttoned my blouse.

"Now remove your skirt and panties."

"No please something else, not that."

"Ma'am you've no bargaining power. It's either that or tonight you'll be sharing a jail cell with junkies and whores."

I hesitated, then with trembling fingers I unbuttoned my skirt, pulled the zip down and slipped it off. Next I hitched my thumbs into the waistband of my panties and peeled them down. I put my hands across my fanny to preserve what little modesty I had, but the sergeant told me to remove them, then he ordered me to part my legs. He nodded approvingly.

"Ma'am you sure have a lovely furry pussy."

A comment that made me blush. He unbuckled his belt, pulled his zip down, moved between my legs and guided his prick towards my love hole. And that's how I came to spread my legs on the back seat of a police car and allow a sergeant to fuck me, whilst in a car a few feet away my best friend cried out as another officer fired his spunk into her cunt.

When he'd finished with me the sergeant got out and spoke to Gary. Carole came across and got in the back seat next to me and the sergeant explained that due to our high blood alcohol levels they couldn't let us drive, so he would take us in the police car, whilst Gary would follow in the hire car.

A couple of minutes later we were at our lodge.

"Where's the door key ladies and we'll make sure you're in safely. There was a robbery here last year, so we might as well make sure."

I told him they were on the same key ring as the car key, so Gary passed them to him. He unlocked the cabin door and held it open for us. We stepped inside, both officers followed us, then to my alarm the sargeant locked the door and slipped the key into his pocket.

"What are you doing?" I demanded.

"Oh I think we've still time for some more fun. My colleague tells me that your friend is a fine piece of ass and I sure would like to find out if he's right."

He went up to Carole who seemed resigned to her fate and stood calmly compliant while he unbuttoned her blouse.

I was annoyed, they really were taking advantage of us, but it seemed there was nothing I could do. So when Gary approached me I reluctantly allowed him to start undressing me.

Meanwhile Carole was naked and the sergeant took her hand and led her into the bedroom. Through the open doorway I could see him starting to undress.

Gary had removed my blouse and was pulling my skirt down when the sergeant shouted through for him to hurry up.

"Just about to remove her panties sarge," he shouted. Then he knelt in front of me and slipped my panties down and off. When he'd done that he delivered a light kiss to my bush, then he stood up. He took my hand and led me into the bedroom.

The room lighting was very subdued with only a single bedside lamp on. Carole was sat on the bed, one arm across her breasts and her legs folded in a way which kept her pussy hidden from view. I went and sat on the bed in a similarly modest pose. The sergeant was sat in a corner chair, naked, his semi-erect dick resting on his leg. He wasn't a bad looking man about 5ft 9, so not especially tall and a bit stocky round the middle.

Gary was undressing and I made several surreptitious glances. He was probably in his late twenties, a good two or three inches over 6ft, dark crewcut, broad chest and flat stomach. He pulled his boxer shorts down and a nest of dark curls came into view, followed by an impressively thick cock.

It might sound silly but I was idly looking at his cock when it suddenly dawned on me that in a minute or two Gary's impressive column was going to be inside me.

I was a virgin when I met my husband and throughout our marriage I have always been faithful. So the sergeant was only the second man to have me and soon a third would be added.

Gary stood naked, his cock hanging heavily in front of him.

"We need a bit of encouragement ladies," said the sergeant. "Can you please sit on the end of the bed."

We moved forward. The sergeant stood in front of Carole, and Gary stood in front of me. With one hand he pulled my head forward and with the other he held his prick ready. I delayed enough to make it clear that I was reluctant and then I licked the tip of his penis. Next I took the head in my mouth and as I sucked it was obvious he was becoming larger and harder. I cupped his balls with one hand and squeezed and he grunted approvingly. His cock swelled even further. I took it out of my mouth and began to wank it slowly. At the same time I ran my tongue from the tip to the base of his cock. Once there I took one of his balls in my mouth and sucked it, then I did the same to his other ball.

Perhaps it was the wine or perhaps it was just Gary's impressive cock, but I was beginning to enjoy servicing this well hung young man!

"I think that's enough, we don't want to get too excited," said the sergeant.

"Can you go on all fours on the bed."

I hated the way we were being bossed about, but anyway Carole and I turned round and went on our hands and knees facing the head of the bed.

"No," said the sergeant. "On your elbows not your hands and spread your legs, we want to be able to see all your charms."

Blushing like mad I went on my elbows and parted my legs.

"Now ain't that a pretty sight," said the sergeant.

I suppose to them it must have looked quite something - our pussies fully exposed and a striking difference between Carole's sparse blonde pubes and my furry brown bush.

The bed creaked and moved as the men climbed on and knelt behind us. Gary rubbed his prick against my pussy in order to get some lubrication on him. I was actually quite wet - a mixture of my juices and the sergeants come which was still leaking out of me.

I tensed as he gently but firmly guided his prick into me. Part of me was apprehensive - worried that he was going to hurt me. But if I'm totally honest, I was also excited at the prospect of being fucked by another man (and a good looking young man at that).

I could feel him penetrating deeper, but it didn't hurt and my quim could take it, though I did feel incredibly full up.

I do like being taken from behind, add on the fact that I was able to accomodate Gary's large cock, and it's not surprising that I began to respond.

However I did find it very disconcerting having sex right next to another couple. At one stage I sneaked a look at Carole, but it was at exactly the moment she chose to glance at me, and we hastily averted our eyes.

Gary reached forward with one hand and started playing with my tits. Then his hand went between my legs and he began to play with my clit. I do like that and I pushed back against him, grinding my arse into him.

"Turn over," said Gary. "I want to come when you're on your back."

"You too miss," said the sargeant. So both Carole and I laid on our backs and spread our legs invitingly. I gasped as Gary slid back into - he really did have a lovely big cock.

Now it was some serious hard fucking and the room was full of the sounds of sex - our gasps and cries as we were fucked and the men's cries and groans as they did the fucking.

I began to shudder as an orgasm racked through me. Completely carried away I yelled at Gary not to stop, to fuck me harder, to do it in me. He thrust extra deep into me, then gave an almighty groan and I felt his prick jerk and jerk as he pumped his sperm into me.

We lay there for a while, then the sergeant said to Gary that they had better go. They dressed quickly and the sergeant said thanks, he hoped we had enjoyed it as much as they did. The sergeant went across, kissed Carole on the cheek and squeezed one of her breasts. Gary came across to me, pushed my legs apart and caressed my gaping, spunk filled quim.

"You were a great fuck," he said.

Then they were gone.

As soon as their car pulled away we locked the door and fell asleep.

The following day was our last, but we stayed at the cabin and didn't go to the resort.

At first nothing was said about the events of the previous night, but we did discuss it in the afternoon. I told Carole I was ashamed of what we had done.

"Well I'm not," she said. "Think of the horrendous consequences of being held in the cells, then jailed for drink driving. Not just the time, but also the money - plane flights, hotel bills, lawyers fees - over $20,000 each I bet. So if you think we acted like tarts then at $20,000 a fuck we are very high class ones."

"Well $20,000 for two fucks actually," I said.

"Yes that's true," smiled Carole. "Two fucks. And Gary did make you come didn't he."

I couldn't deny that he did.

"Well don't worry," said Carole. "He fucked me on the back seat of a car like some love-struck teenager, but he still made me come."

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