tagRomanceVertigo Eyes Ch. 8

Vertigo Eyes Ch. 8


Life resumed more or less back to normal on our return to Melbourne except that now, whenever I had a project, Kate made sure that my house didn’t descend into its usual squalor and that I ate properly. She was also smart enough to allow me my space when I needed to be totally focussed on the task at hand, but made up for lost time whenever I had a work lull. When that happened, she moved in with me for the duration and tried to fulfil her promise, made in Brisbane, that she intended to fuck me into an early grave! Jim continued to be very grumpy about my relationship with his daughter – I think he was secretly jealous that I was the lucky bastard who was bedding her and would have preferred to be doing it himself. But Corinne was rapt with the way things were progressing between Kate and I - she knew for certain just how happy her daughter was. As for Kate, well she was positively glowing! And her schoolwork had improved out of sight too.

Our Personal Porn Library grew steadily. We were both determined to make it an artistic collection rather than just straight-out Internet style hard core and it turned out that the software Kate bought from Stavros’ cousin wasn’t equal to the task. So, because we were seeking the ultimate, I raided my bank savings and bought an Apple G3 with heaps of memory and a massive screen, and the entire Adobe graphics suite. Working together and with only minimal conflict, Kate and I became quite expert at lifting and moving images and manipulating colour saturation and gradients. Our favourite picture remained the one of her breast and my penis that she took in Brisbane. It was totally outstanding once we sharpened the focus slightly and blanked out the hotel room with a misty, opalescent background.

Another task was to find the perfect location for us to fulfil Kate’s fantasy. We eventually found it one Saturday afternoon up in the Strathbogie Ranges in the Central High Country. I stripped her clothes from her slowly, marvelling afresh, as I always did, at her body’s subtle curves and planes as I made her naked. Then I laid her back on the Harley’s fuel tank and took her without any foreplay with the big bike’s motor rumbling and grumbling beneath us. She was wet and willing and came very quickly, her orgasmic shriek setting up a clatter of frightened bird-life in the surrounding bush when my gushing torrent filled her vaginal channel and tipped her over the edge.

After I photographed her, spread-eagled across the bike like a pagan sacrifice with my pearly come dripping out of her engorged and glistening hole and sliding down the shiny metal, we exchanged places and Kate took me. She rode my cock like some demented Valkyie, her golden hair flying and her breasts jouncing through two, three and then four orgasms, revving the Harley’s motor and howling her pleasure at the top of her lungs until she drew an equally fierce eruption from me.

Still shaking with the intensity of our coupling we climbed off the bike and cuddled up together laid on the blanket we had spread out to sit on when having our lunch. The cool mountain air soon chilled the sweat on our bodies making us shiver, so I pulled part of the blanket over our nakedness and we slept for maybe 45 minutes or an hour. I awoke to find Kate’s dark eyes inches from mine, studying my face intently, “You look just like an innocent little boy when you sleep,” she whispered tenderly, “all that hard, male “facing up to the world” façade you normally wear in front of other people just melts away. You are so beautiful.

“What’s going to become of us Greg? I know I want to marry you and stay with you forever and have lots and lots of little Gregs and Gregesses. What do you want? Can we marry soon?”

“Can we marry at all, Kate? Will your parents and your Church allow it? Will they allow you to marry me, a divorced non-Catholic? I know you want to stay in your faith.

“Then I take your age, double it and then add almost half again and wonder, how many more years will it be before Kate looks at me first thing in the morning and sees an old man dribbling into his pillow? How many more years before Kate starts to look at younger men and regret throwing away the best years of her life?”

“I’d never, ever do that!”

“Sweetheart, you would stay loyal, but one can’t control what goes on inside one’s head. No, it would still be wrong of me to try and tie you down at your age. What I really want for now is to be your man and love you and make you happy for as long as you want me to. Then, if you feel the need to move on, I want us to part without acrimony as eternal friends who will cherish the wonderful times we spent together and remember the things we shared and each other with the deepest affection.”

Kate’s eyes brimmed with tears, “Oh, Greg, I… I thought you wanted to make “us” permanent. That you wanted to marry me as much as I want that with you.”

I kissed each glistening eyelid, “Ah, but I do Kate, I do! Deep down, I’m selfish enough to want us to marry and live together forever! But, at the same time, the last thing I want to do is make Kate O’Donnell, the most wonderful person on the planet, unhappy. Not now, not ever!

“Let’s make a deal… you finish school at least. I’ll be thirty-eight and we will have had another year months of “knowing” each other by then. Maybe, you should seriously consider going to university like your parents want you to. By that time you finish there you’ll be nearly twenty-three and will have seen one heck of a lot more of life. I’ll be forty-two. If we are still as crazy about each other as we are now, there’s no doubt we are meant to “be” forever.”

My Princess wasn’t at all happy with me, but I needed her to be totally sure before we took that momentous step. We couldn’t afford an error. It was going to be hard enough for us to marry with the restrictions inherent in her church, but getting out of it when the deed was done would be impossible.

I wasn’t looking for her to get into a physical liaison with anyone else either, but Kate also needed to go out with other men so that she had benchmarks to measure our relationship against. Now wasn’t the time to bring up an idea like that, but, as it turned out, the need was to come along much, much sooner than I thought it would.

Kate rested her cheek on my chest, “You’re right, of course. But damn you just the same Greg. Damn you! Damn you! Damn you!” She said it without any rancour, reaching for and grasping my soft member in her fist and sliding her cheek down my belly to enclose me with her mouth. “You taste of cunt and spilled semen, “ she broke off to tell me and then returned to bringing my cock back to raging hardness. And when her finger slid into my anus, the first time she had ever touched me so intimately there, I filled her mouth to overflowing with gouts of my thick, salty come, astonished at the depth of the feelings this wondrous creature aroused in me.

The next morning we had a surprise visit from Corinne. She and Jim had been to Mass and then he had gone straight on to play golf. It took Corinne a while to get to the point of her call and when she did it was quite a shock for both Kate and I.

“Kate, Greg… I want you to do me a big favour. I know from Kate that you two have been taking pictures of each other… intimate pictures, I mean REALLY intimate pictures. Well, it’s Jim’s birthday next month and I’d like to send him a surprise by e-mail. Not to his office of course, just to home.”

Kate flopped down in a chair absolutely flabbergasted, “You want us to take “naughty” pictures of you so you can send them to Daddy?”

“Yes… well not just naughty… pictures like those he downloads from the Internet.” Corinne delved into her handbag and pulled out a flesh-coloured, foot-long artificial cock, “If you don’t mind Greg seeing me with this…”

“How long have you been using this, Mom?” Kate whooped, grabbing the cock from her mother’s fingers and running her fingers over it like she was jacking it off.

“Well, I never have. I only bought it just the other day when I was shopping down in the City.”

“I can’t imagine putting something this size in there!” Kate exclaimed, “Greg feels huge as it is, and he says he’s only “average”.”

I felt myself blushing at this frank discussion of my penile properties.

“I can’t either, frankly. But having given birth to you and Kevin I do know what being stretched is like!”

Kate turned to me, “How do you feel about Mom’s idea Greg?”

“Taking photographs of Corinne using that? Well, if you don’t mind me seeing your sexy mother “In Flagrento Delecti”, who am I to argue?”

We took Corinne to our bedroom and photographed her while she undressed. She was uncertain and awkward at first, but she soon warmed to the task, caressing her breasts through her bra with the fake cock and sliding its head up the insides of her thighs under her skirt. At Kate’s suggestion we got out the video camera as well, so Jim would receive a movie for his birthday as well as a portfolio of stills. Very quickly, Corinne began to totally ignore Kate and I and became wrapped in her own reality as we moved around her with our cameras, trying for the best angles. As soon as she was totally naked, Corinne really “Went to Town” with that dildo. She played with it as though it was a real cock; fucking herself with it in numerous positions and bringing herself close to orgasm several times; and, rubbing its cunt-slick head over her distended nipples or bringing it to her mouth and licking her own juices from it. She was really hot!

Despite having to concentrate on taking good pictures, I couldn’t help but get a raging hard-on. Corinne had gorgeous, tight little body for a thirty-six-year-old and her inventiveness with that dildo was something to see! And Kate was inescapably turned on too, because she kept checking my crotch out and squeezing my rampant erection. Eventually she whispered, “Keep on filming Mom, I’ll be back in a second.” And then she left the room.

I clicked the macro lens onto the video camera and started taking some ultra-close footage of Corrine, on her knees, plunging the dildo frantically in and out of her ass whilst she fucked herself in the pussy with two fingers. Her whole vaginal area was a bloated purple-red from her arousal and her inner thighs were glossy with her streaming fluids. And I could tell that she was very close to coming from her violent trembling and the way she was grinding her pelvis. Jesus! I thought, this is really going to blow Jim’s mind! But I got blown away first, because my Princess’ hand suddenly came into my camera’s field of view and joined her mother’s in manipulating the make-believe cock! I almost dropped the camera from shock and then lost my breath in a great whoosh when I turned and saw that Kate also was totally naked.

“Keep on filming.” She told me as she moved in between us and lay down with her mother.

Corinne snapped, wide-eyed out of her private world, “Kate! What ARE you doing?”

“Shhhhh, Mom!” Kate kissed her mother softly, “I want to surprise Daddy too. He’s been dropping very unsubtle hints about me undressing for him for the last three years and I’m sure he wants to have sex with me as well. He’ll never get a chance at the second bit, I love him a lot, but not in that way and this will be the only time he’ll ever get to see me naked. So, let’s both send him right into orbit by giving you that orgasm you were working up to! I’ll work the dildo while you concentrate on your pussy and your clit.

“And then I want you to film Greg and I making love. That’ll be on a different tape for our own private collection.”

Corinne’s climax was a tempestuous, thrashing, sobbing cataclysm that almost had me creaming in my pants, as did the tender way Kate caressed her mother’s breasts whilst she rocked and jolted through its aftershocks. Then we showed Corinne how to operate the video camera and she recorded Kate undressing me. And then she filmed the two of us making oral and “conventional” love. Her camera work wasn’t the greatest except for her final shots, which were of Kate and I ecstatically smiling at each other as we reached our orgasm together, tightly clasped in each other’s arms. As a personal record of that side of our relationship, that few seconds of footage is worth millions to me.

Kate invited Corinne to join us on the bed – I felt very decadent, sandwiched as I was between the two warmly naked, ripe, sex-odorous women. I was amazed that Kate so readily welcomed another female that close to me, even if it was her mother – and a beautifully nude mother as well! My appreciation of the situation soon became evident as my cock insistently began to harden again. And my wonderment became almost exponential when Kate took her mother’s hand to lead it to my hot pole and both women stroked me until I shot boiling streams of pearly jism up over my belly.

“It’s a good thing we didn’t film that part!” Corinne laughed, “Jim would NOT be amused!”

I went to the bathroom to clean up and take a leak, still shaking my head at the sudden erotic turn of events. When I returned to the bedroom mother and daughter, oblivious to everything around them were fast asleep in tangled nest of naked arms, legs and breasts. I watched them for a few moments, entranced by their graceful beauty, then I closed the door quietly behind me and went downstairs to find an ice-cold beer and some clothes.

Corinne left about an hour later without say goodbye to me. Kate joined me in the kitchen, freshly showered and dressed only in one of my baggy, oversized T-shirts. She had never looked more radiantly beautiful.

“Greg, I’m sorry…”

“Hush Princess! I don’t feel that we are in any danger.”

“Oh Greg…” Kate climbed onto the breakfast stool with me, sitting astride my legs, “It was like Donna and me all over again. Mom and I half woke up at the same time and almost did it. I’ve never seriously imagined having sex with a woman, as you know, especially my own mother. But I felt so warm and tender that it seemed to be a completely natural thing to do…no writhing and screaming, just soft caresses and gentle, intimate kisses and a long, rolling release for both of us...but then we both chickened out.”

I held her close and nuzzled the side of her neck, breathing in her clean scent and stroking the smooth muscles of her bare back under the T-shirt, “Maybe, because you are both feel safe being “women”? And neither of you felt the need to be the “man”?”

She sighed, “You are such a perceptive individual Miracle Man! And right now I want nothing more than for you to take me to our room and accomplish one of those stupendous man-miracles on my body that only you can do.”

I only had to look into Kate’s Vertigo Eyes to know that she meant every word. We made love into the late afternoon. And then, still reeking of sex, we climbed onto the Harley and roared off to a nearby biker-frequented roadhouse to wolf giant hamburgers and fries, washed down with schooners of ice-cold VB draught. Thanks to the Harley, nobody took any notice of us or noticed our ripe aromas – we were probably the sweetest smelling people in the place! Slightly tipsy and happier than any other couple on the planet, we flew back home to tumble back into bed and resume our wild lovemaking.

“You truly were a Miracle Man today,” Kate murmured contentedly as she finally drifted off to sleep. “Your next miraculous achievement will be to wake me up and get me to school on time in the morning!”

Our perfect happiness took a severe hammering just a few days later. Some months previously, long before Kate and I became “an item” I put in a tender for a job up in Malaysia. It was one of those contracts a person in my line of work routinely bids for without any real expectation of success. In fact, it had been so long since I put in my submission I had forgotten all about this particular one. Now, out of the blue, the principals telephoned to say they were in Australia to interview potential contractors and, “We’d very much like you to come down to Sydney at our expense to talk things through.”

By the time I left them the Malaysians had made me an offer – one in the upper six-figure quartile in US Dollars that I simply couldn’t refuse. They didn’t want me as a programmer; they had them coming out of their ears. Their project was in trouble and they wanted a no-nonsense, results oriented team leader with large-scale health sector database experience to bring it back on track – fast, before their budget bled to death and their political masters cut their nuts off. They had trawled around the Pacific Rim for potential candidates and got good raps from my clients in Brisbane about my work. On their way to Sydney they’d called in to Brisbane to see the set-up first hand and had then looked at similar work I’d done for the NSW Government. They were so impressed by what they saw I had immediately become their prime contestant.

And they knew, also, I was freelance and between jobs. There would be no waiting for me to work out notice with an employer or finish a contract. They wanted me now. An instant answer and on an airliner to Kuala Lumpur in three days time. Ten months maximum, flat tap, seven days a week, no swanning off on “home leave” like all the other expat. contractors normally do. And a very big pot of gold at the end of it, which would be much bigger if I really got them out of the crap. I could only say a weak, “Yes” with a big cold stone in my gut from the knowledge that all hell was going to break loose when I told Kate.

And I wasn’t wrong. I made the mistake of telling her the following evening, immediately on my return from Sydney, while we were in the kitchen preparing our evening meal. The first thing I wore was the entire contents of the cutlery drawer, followed immediately by the drawer itself. Next came our meal, luckily it was only salad and cold meats, but the serving plate nearly took my left ear off. I captured her in a big bear hug before she could start with anything more lethal and held her close while she kicked and punched and called my parentage, sexuality and many other things into question in the foulest of language imaginable and at the top of her lungs. Corinne had warned me that Kate had another, darker side. But there was no way I had anticipated a tirade quite like this.

It was over in a flash, with Kate collapsing like a limp doll and dragging us both down to our knees among the scattered knives and forks and the remnants of our dinner on the messy floor. There she clung to me desperately, in floods of tears and begged me incoherently to forgive her and not to leave her. In the midst of this latter drama there came a loud banging on the back door and Corinne’s anxious voice asking if everything was all right. She and Jim had heard Kate “take off” from inside their house, nearly 200 metres away and knew from past experience that she was extremely upset. I shouted to her that we were “handling it”. And, thankfully, Corinne took me at my word and left us alone.

I helped Kate up to our room – there’s no way a skinny runt like me could carry Kate up those stairs – and onto our bed. Once there I cuddled her and stroked her flanks, muttering nonsense words of comfort until she calmed right down.

“Oh, Greg! I’m so scared. There’s hardly a week gone by since I was eight years old that I haven’t seen you. And now you’re going so far away and I won’t see you for nearly a whole year! What if you never come back? What if you find some beautiful, sexy woman up there and forget all about me?”

“Hey Princess! That’s not about to happen! I love you too much. And, I’ll have you with me all the time – three CD ROMs of you and me together. Also, I’ll set up an ICQ chat room as soon as I get there and we’ll “talk” every day, I promise.”

“Well, I’m wagging school until you leave. I want to spend every second with you!”

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