"Sophie..." I gasped weakly... "Are you Ok? - Just leave the flashlight and find somewhere safe to sit."

"I'm Ok Mum, I found the torch but it's broken!"

In the darkness, relief mixed with a familiar flush that warmed my body as tiny shivers of pleasure emanated from my crotch and flowed through me like electricity. As the ground rose and fell, I felt my sons cock follow the movement, gliding between my lips with growing ease as my welcoming juices poured along his shaft, lubricating the way. Silently, I bit my lip to hold back moans of pleasure, threatening to escape as my body tensed, his gentle fucking teasing my hungry pussy to ever higher states of arousal until I struggled to contain myself.

Since his mortified apology James had been silent, but gradually I could hear his breathing quicken, catching occasionally in betrayal of his own strained efforts to control his intensifying arousal. Torn between pretending to remain detached and comforting my guilt ridden son, my arms seemed to slip of their own volition to hold his face between my palms.

"It's Ok James," I heard myself reassuring him softly..."It's Ok." and his body seemed to relax slightly at my voiced acceptance. Slowly I drew his head into my chest, holding his face against my swaying tits as his cock rocked within my burning hole. Between my legs, I could feel my own wetness as the warm liquid flowed from my pussy, soaking my thighs and ass, and involuntarily my tight hole contracted around his thick shaft sending spasms of pleasure through my body. I realized that slowly, the rhythmic pressure of his cock stretching my wet lips was driving me closer and closer to orgasm, but rather than feeling shame, I found myself willing it on, eager – desperate to cum over my son's hard prick.

Finally, lustful beyond caring I cast all hesitation to the wind. Grinding my pussy down to meet the next up thrust of James' cock, I groaned shamelessly as he plunged into my wanton hole. I allowed my hands to roam over his body, as his length penetrated me again and again, and then suddenly I felt a warm wetness envelope my nipple, as he drew one of my tits readily into his mouth, groping roughly at my ass with his hands. Moaning like a dockyard slut, I felt the rising tide of my climax welling up from my molten pussy like a firestorm. Deep inside my sodden hole, I could feel his cock swell and I knew that he was moments from filling me with his hot cum. Suddenly, the ground stopped moving as the tremor passed. Without its motion, I was no longer riding his eager prick; instead it rested tantalizingly inside of me. Fervently I tried to renew the movement, but my legs wrapped around his waist now impeded rather than aided.

Desperately, I drew my legs from around him, curling them beneath me and lifting myself from him. In the darkness, I heard a disappointed groan as his stiff member slipped from my frustrated hole. Kneeling above him, I slipped my hand between us and grasping his cock, I guided it back to my impatient pussy – sliding blissfully down the slippery shaft. Unimpeded, I now rode him of my own volition, pounding his prick deeper and deeper inside until a surge of pleasure broke over me like a tidal wave.

At that moment the flashlight flicked on.

"Hey, I fixed it. The back broke off and the batteries fell out..." Sophie's voice stopped dead, as the bright beam fell onto the wall behind us. Her eyes instantly took in the image of her mother, spine arched and head back as her brothers cock exploded inside of me, coating my hole with his thick cum. My feverish eyes held my daughters gaze apologetically as, unable to prevent my climax, my mouth opened and a gasp of ecstatic pleasure purred in my throat. Ardently I forced myself down, driving James' prick deep inside my contracting passage and he grunted with gratified pleasure as I continued to grind my pussy onto him, milking the last drip of cum from his throbbing cock.

Outside the earthquake had passed, but the silence that shrouded the confines of our small bathroom was more deafening than anything nature could have thrown at us. Slowly, I lifted myself from my son, his rapidly shrinking member flopping audibly from my now gaping hole, amidst a seeping cocktail of cum and fluid. All the while, Sophie gazed through stunned eyes at the scene before her, one hand clamped over her mouth in disbelief.

For nearly a minute I stared at each of my two children, searching anxiously for something appropriate to say, but it was James who broke the awkward quiet.

"Heck mum...I'm really sorry and all, but...shit that was the best lock down ever." Even as his face broke into an uneasy grin, I heard Sophie snigger behind her hand and the corners of my own mouth twitched as my cheeks flushed red, despite being a little late for embarrassment.

"Sophie I..." I started hesitantly, but quickly she interrupted me.

"No...mum it's Ok. What happens in the shelter stays in the shelter – besides...I think I just witnessed the hottest thing I've ever seen!"

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The story was fantastic. The twist and turns got me excited. And ready to touch myself

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Implausible, but funny as hell. The final comments from the kids made the story for me, sometimes you just have to laugh at the absurd. Good job Thanks.

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