tagGay MaleVice Ch. 02

Vice Ch. 02


Vice 2 -- Jay Grady

My own fucking son, Brian, sprawled out on his back. In my own fucking bed with his legs spread open like a whore. I held his ankles in each hand and pushed his legs down and back so his ass was open and visible. I backed my cock out slowly, twitching when his wet insides fluttered around the sensitive crown of my cock. It was worse when the head plopped out from between the lips of his hole.

I watched the puffy ring flex and try to close before going slack. A trickle of my cum leaked out, it'd felt like gallons pouring out of my cock when I'd been unloading into his guts. More followed but I knew there was even more left inside his hot ass-cunt. The stream was thick and white at its center, a little chunky with clotted sperm, while the edges were clearer like egg whites.

I looked down vaguely disgusted with myself and the dark, fierce pride in my chest at the sight of the wreckage I'd left of my son's asshole. I released his ankles to press down on the backs of his thighs. I dropped down and scooted back to take it in up close. The blood-swollen lips of his violated hole looked bruised and well could've been after the heavy pounding I'd just given him. I flicked my tongue over the bottom edge of his hot hole and caught some of my cum.

"Fuck, Dad," he moaned and jerked like he was trying to get away from me. I rose up over him and leaned forward to give him my tongue and the bitter taste of my seed. Brian moaned and sucked on my extended tongue, taking the dregs of my cum and even the chemical aftertaste of the lube. I released his legs and he wrapped them around my waist as I let my weight down onto him. Brian's heavy load squished between us and the smell of it rose up around me like bleach and yeast over the scent of our sweat.

His heart was barely starting to slow down in his chest as I kissed him harshly. My forty-one year old cock gave a jerk like it wanted to get hard again but I'd already fucked him twice. His lips curved against mine so I could feel his grin. He mashed his half-hard cock against my spent one as I pulled away to look at him, already smiling in return.

"I'm gonna need a few hours to recharge, kid." I brushed the short bangs of his dark hair off his forehead where they hung limp with sweat. "You want a shower?" I asked, wishing I could feel like this, be tender and kind with him, before fucking him. Not just after.

"I just want to go to sleep, Dad," he told me with heavy eyes and a sated smile. I plucked a few tissues out of the box on the nightstand and used them for a hasty cleanup, wiping his cum off our chests and stomachs. "Thanks, Dad. I love you," he said. His eyes were already closed.

"Love you, too," I whispered and settled on my side next to him. He rolled over and settled his back to my front with a contented sigh. I let one of my arms rest over him as he quickly fell asleep. I waited until he was out then left him to piss. I ended up taking a shower because my cock and balls felt nasty with cum, lube and Brian's ass slime. Back in the bedroom I watched him sleep, my son. I loved him and hated him, hated him as much as I hated myself for letting this happen. No matter how much we wanted each other I knew I wasn't good for him, probably had never been good for him even when I'd just been his father.

The sheet and blanket only covered his lower half and he'd turned onto his back. I studied his wide, rounded shoulders and how they flowed perfectly into powerful arms. Brian's hard and squared pecs with their flat little nipples moved gently with each deep breath, as did his ridged belly. I still found it hard to believe the man before me was the same boy I'd helped raise even though I'd been there through the whole change. It brought back memories of him at sixteen when I'd first become sexually aware of him as a man; always running around my apartment without a shirt and showing off his athletic young body.

I tried to tell myself that I should stop the sex but knew I wouldn't. He was like an addiction and I'd become a total junkie. I could barely keep my hands off him outside the house. Especially with him soon to graduate and leave for Colorado I was certain I'd take as much of him as I could get. I shrugged off my concerns and climbed into the bed. Brian grunted as the bed shifted then rolled over to throw one of his legs over mine, breathing against my shoulder with his hands between us. I reached over and took his hand to pull his arm over me and instinctively he settled with his head on my chest, draped over me. I reached over and turned off the light.

We had the whole weekend ahead of us. No work for either of us, no practices or games, no martial art tournaments for Brian to attend. We had plans to head over to my sister's for a cookout to celebrate them opening the pool the next day but that was it. My ex had been complaining about all the time Brian spent at my house recently, though she didn't know it was because we'd started fucking. I figured I should send him over there Sunday for some time with his mom. I fell asleep quickly after that.

The weekend passed too fast with plenty of hot sex; the memory of Brian riding my cock Saturday night ranking up there with the hottest sex I'd ever had. He surprised me by spending Sunday night at his mom's house. I used the time to do some chores and go grocery shopping. I got a text from Brian that he planned to spend Monday night there, as well. I tried not to worry and wonder about it. Luckily I had my hands full at work.

The Vice gig had turned out to be a blessing in disguise. When I'd requested the transfer, mostly to get away from Paul after the divorce, I'd been pissed about my new assignment. It turned out to be great. Getting prostitutes to solicit me for money in exchange for sex, finding and breaking up illegal gambling rings, monitoring various websites for sex workers and meeting with or making new CI's made up most of my job. There weren't any complex cases like in Homicide where it was all about evidence and procedure. Most things in Vice were straightforward and relatively simple. I loved it and excelled at it even though my personal beliefs about the so-called criminals I arrested didn't always mesh with the law. These things were just side-effects of a larger social problem but I did my part and tried to ignore the rest.

Tuesday night I pulled a late shift, working with some of the county sheriff's deputies to clean up a few well known areas of prostitution. It was a lot of driving around the worst areas of the city. Between the six of us trolling for hookers we picked up twenty-eight sex workers over four hours. The other six guys on surveillance picked up four pimps, fourteen hookers and their johns, one turned out to be a city councilman. By the time I got home it was after twelve and I was exhausted. Brian's car was in the driveway and I found him asleep in my bed.

I took a fast shower and joined him without waking him up. His hands on my body woke me up early the next morning, the sun wasn't even up yet. At first I thought the hand on my hard cock was a dream but his attention on my nipples with his mouth was a shock that brought me fully awake. I put my hands on his head and urged him down my body. He worked at getting me wet then taking me into his mouth. He did his best choking me down into his gullet with a well earned groan from me. On his next attempt he took me easier and swallowed around me. His hot mouth felt incredible but I wanted some of his ass.

"Come 'ere," I croaked out in a sleep-rusty voice. He seemed reluctant to let go of my cock but I tugged on his hair. It'd been days and I was quickly firing up with the need to fuck.

He released me with a sigh and crawled up over my body. I took hold of his sides and rolled us over so he was beneath me before I shoved my tongue into his mouth, getting a taste of my cock on his lips. I slotted my body between his strong legs and grinded our cocks together. His body bucked against me and he held onto my shoulders while I tasted the inside of his mouth. I released him and got up onto my knees. I reached over and turned on the light to find the lube.

Brian looked good with his hair all stuck up and his eyes still puffy from sleep. I leaned down and kissed him one more time because I couldn't not kiss him. "You got time before school?" I asked him as I pulled away.

"Yeah, I called in sick today," he said while I surveyed his body. My athletic son all spread out and waiting for me, it made my blood race harder. I poured the lube onto the fingers of my right hand and reached down beneath his balls into the deep valley between his hard cheeks. The kid had a meaty ass on him. I rubbed three fingers over his hole and watched his back arch. I pushed my middle finger into him and felt his entrance dilate then release.

"You don't look sick," I told him. His eyes were closed and not for the first time I noticed how long his lashes were. I dug in and touched his gland. The muscles in his tight manpussy softened further. The father in me was disgusted by how easily he opened for me while the man fucking him was completely turned on. From the beginning I'd told him we'd get to this point, where it would be easier for him to take my cock.

"Jesus, Dad," he groaned. Conflicting emotions swirled in my gut as I pulled my finger out and he whined in protest.

"Roll over," I growled at him while already guiding his leg out and across my body. He started to get up onto his knees but I pressed him flat on the bed. I got between his legs and he watched me over his shoulder take more lube to grease my cock. "You remember the first time I fucked you?"

"Yeah," he whispered, eyes on my hand spreading the lube over my shaft.

"It hurt," I stated. Brian gave a near imperceptible nod of his head that it had. "But you liked it." I held myself over him with one hand while I guided my cock with the other. I couldn't say why I wanted to hurt him but it was like I wanted to punish him. How could my own son be such a slut for my cock and why'd it have to turn me on so bad, I wondered.

I pushed and his hole resisted so I pushed harder and there was the snap of his muscles as my cock filled him in a rush. He was tight and hot, not nearly ready or lubed enough. I took in his grimace of pain and checked my body's progress. I gave him a moment to adjust somewhat before forcing the rest of my cock into the tight sheath of his ass.

"Fuuuuck," he moaned as I slid home. His grip around my cock was tight and strong, making me fight for every inch. Even after his thick cheeks cushioned my pelvis I pushed in deeper, wanting to feel the clutch of his hole around the wide base of my cock. Brian helped by tilting his ass and giving me a better angle.

"That's it, Bri, that's all of it. How's your dad's cock feel?" His arms were stretched out above him, holding onto the edge of the mattress. As I spoke he turned his head so I could see the side of his face and the flush spreading up his back. His lats flared and the muscles around the indentations of his shoulder blades twitched. His teenaged hole steadily flexed around my hard shaft.

"You've got a big fuckin' cock, Dad." His voice came out with an edge of desperation. I watched him hold still and fight the urge to get away.

"You love my big cock," I stated. I swiveled my hips in a slow grind, feeling his soft guts mold and shift around my ultra hard shaft. He sucked in a breath and his ass shifted under me in a counterpoint rhythm. I let my body settle over his and asked softly into his ear, "What do you want, Son? Tell me what you need."

"Fuck me," he said. He released the side of the bed and bent his elbows to reach back. His hands found the back of my head and held me close. "Fuck me hard, Dad. Show me how a real man fucks." I could feel his heart pounding as hard as mine, his words igniting more lust in both of us.

"You sure you can take it?" I asked. The urge to move, to mate with my son, was nearly unbearable but the anticipation had its own edge of excitement. I kept up the slow grind.

"You think I can't?" he tossed over his shoulder.

"Get up," I commanded gruffly. I pulled at his hips and brought both of us onto our knees. Brian kept his head down but I had him where I wanted him, knees spread outside mine.

I gave him one long, slow stroke. I put my thumbs into the hollows on either side of his spine just above his ass cheeks and held him steady as I pulled back to the head and fought my way back inside. He groaned from deep in his chest and his fists curled into the sheet. The friction of his clenching hole was intense on my dick. I gritted my teeth and took another plunge, faster and harder this time.

"Yes," he hissed as I bottomed out.

I set a steady pace, slowly drawing out and pounding back in until our bodies slapped together. I could've just pounded the shit out of him and cum within minutes but I wanted to draw it out for both of us. As I got closer with the need to shoot I pulled free of his squeezing chute with a pop. I took a deep breath and wiped the sweat off my forehead with the back of my arm.

I made a loose fist of my right hand just outside his ass. I fucked through my hand and hard through his twitching cunt-opening, making him grunt as the head and part of the shaft speared into him. Immediately I withdrew and repeated the move with my fist there to guide my cock. That second of resistance as my cockhead smashed through his little opening was exquisitely intense.

The sounds he was making faded away as I let the rush of sensation, the rush of fucking my son, subsume me. His asshole snapping beyond the rim of the fat head of my cock as I breached him over and over was perfect. I fucked him like that until there wasn't any more resistance. Until there was only the soft acceptance of his open hole. On the next plunge I pulled my hand away and gave him the whole length. He may have cried out but I was too wrapped up in feeling his wet heat all over my engorged meat. I gave myself a second to savor it before pulling out fully and pumping back in, my hard cock easily finding the way again and again.

"Dad, fuck, Dad, Jesus...," Brian's voice penetrated the sexual haze of my thoughts. His voice was heavy, pleading. I realized he was thrusting back to meet each full stroke. I had no idea when he'd raised himself up onto his hands.

I took him deep and held there, gripped hard onto his hips when he tried to move. Again I felt the dueling desires in me; the need to protect him and the primal desire to plunder. He reached under himself with his right hand, jerking himself.

"You'll take what I give you," I gritted out. I pulled his right arm behind his back then his left. His head and shoulders fell to the bed. I held his wrists in my right hand and leaned forward onto my left hand. I watched the clean, cut lines of his biceps and triceps as he struggled against my hold. I held him and fucked him with sharp and deep jabs of his father's cock.

"Fuck," he cried out. I couldn't tell if he was trying to get away or get more heavy dicking as he squirmed in my grasp. I didn't care.

"Take that fucking cock," I told him in a voice like rusted steel, hammering away at his ripe ass.

"Yes... God, yes!" he shouted, needy words that made my cock throb and balls tighten.

"You'll take my cock... and my cum," I panted between thrusts that shook his hard muscled body. I wouldn't have been able to stop fucking him for anything in the world, well past the point of no return. I fucked him maniacally, only caring for my own need, as his silky insides massaged the length of my pistoning cock with a constant ripple and clench.

I came hard and heavy, out of nowhere. His chute locked down around my stuttering cock as he joined me. The ripple and clench grew stronger as he unloaded onto the sheet and I bellowed like a bull because his ass was pulling the cum out of me in thick waves.

What felt like long minutes later my spasming body collapsed onto his. I released my hold on his arms and wrapped him in mine. Mind numb and hazy with release I held my son and felt his heaving chest against mine. I rolled us onto our sides but I couldn't stand the thought of pulling out of his ass. I leaned over him and he turned his head so our lips could touch. I kissed him softly with slack lips and a slow-moving tongue and Brian responded in kind.

While my cock softened and slowly shrank from his cum-lubed hole I almost fell asleep. I managed to rouse myself long minutes later when I could think again. "Why'd you call out of school again?" I asked.

"We need to talk," he told me and paused. I felt an uncomfortable ache in my gut at that. "I fucked Uncle Paul last night."

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