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Video Booth Bitch


It was a regular day like any other I was taking a short break from my work to check out some hardcore porn as I was thinking about how great a nice hard cock would feel banging my ass. I had been to a local Adult Bookstore before and had sucked a couple of dicks I was thinking about how hot it would be to go back and see if there were any big cocks that would fuck my ass. I started day dreaming about being bent over in the dirty booth getting my ass filled.

Finally I decided that I was just going to have to go there and see if I could make this day dream a reality. I quickly headed out of my office and hurried my way toward the Adult Video Store. I stopped at a close gas station to buy a pack of condoms so I could be safe in my encounters. I arrived at the Video Store and I was so nervous I was shaking as I paid the clerk for entrance in the arcade. I walked in and it was taking a few minutes for my eyes to adjust to the dark lighting in the arcade. I walked around to see how many people where there. There were quite a few people standing around outside the booths watch porn in the booths. I walked around a couple of times then decided to go into a booth and see if anyone would join me.

I picked a booth in the back darkest corner of the arcade and sat down on the bench. It didn't take but a second and a guy came in and locked the door. It was a short Mexican guy, I dropped to my knees on the filthy floor and he pulled out his cock. I started sucking on it while he was watching the porn playing on the TV in the booth. His cock quickly started to grow it was not too long only around 6 inches but it was quite thick. I continued to suck and lick his cock till it was rock hard. Then I pulled out a condom and put it on his hard cock. I stood up and turned around. I dropped my pants to the ground and bent over. He wasted no time shoving two fingers up my ass hard and fingering me a couple of times, the he lined his thick cock up to my ass and rammed it in all the way. I let out a loud moan, he slowly started to fuck my ass harder and harder. I had to brace myself on the wall so I wouldn't fall over. He was fucking my ass so hard I was hitting my head on the wall. It felt so good to be getting my ass fucked. I felt like the biggest slut having an anonymous man pounding my ass in a dirty video booth. He continued for a few minutes and then pulled me back hard on to his cock while he shot his load. He pumped my ass a couple more times and pulled out zipped his pants and opened the booth door.

I didn't even have time to pull up my pants before he left, I looked out the now opened door and my eyes me two guys that where outside the booth door and they saw that my ass had been freshly fucked. One of them quickly came into the booth and locked the door. His cock was already hard when he pulled it out. This was a fat tall white man; his cock must have been about 7 inches. I only saw his cock for a second as he turned me around and I handed him a condom. He pushed my head down from behind as he shoved his whole cock up my just fucked ass in one push it burned with painful delight. I could feel his fat belly pushing on my ass while his big cock was stretching out my asshole. He pumped my ass hard for a few minutes then turned my around and told me to suck his cock. He pulled off the condom and I started to suck his cock. After a few seconds he grabbed my head and pushed his cock down my throat. I could feel him pumping his cum straight down my throat. Then he pulled out his cock and zipped up his pants. He gave me time to pull up my pants before leaving the booth.

As soon as he opened the door to the booth and walked out another guy immediately came in and locked the door. The first thing he said was "looks like we have a video booth bitch here, now suck my dick". This was a tall white guy probably about 6' 4" he pulled out his dick and I dropped to my knees and when to work. His cock slowly got harder and harder as I was sucking and licking his cock. It was a solid 8 inch cock, it was a wonderful sight. I was pushing it back in my throat as far as I could. I undid my pants while sucking his cock then I turned around and presented my sore asshole to him. He slid his cock in my ass was already sore from the other 2 cocks that had just fucked my ass. He got his dick all the way in my ass and started working it in and out. He was taking long slow strokes. He then started sliding his cock all the way out of my ass and slamming it back in every time I would let out a yelp and he would say "how do you like that cock bitch". I felt just like a dirty whore having all of the guys fucking my ass one after the other. I could still taste cum in my mouth from the guy before draining his load down my throat. I was in slut heaven and I couldn't get enough. My ass was starting to throb as it was being pounded from behind by this big cock. My ass was slapping every time he slammed in to me I was holding myself up on the wall being pushed hard in to the wall with every thrust.

The intensity picked up as he was getting closer to cumming. The he shove his cock all the way in my ass and I could feel his cock pulsating in my ass as he was cumming. I pushed my ass back into him to get his cock as deep in me as I could. He then pulled out his cock and said "you're a good video booth bitch, hopefully I will see you again". I pulled my pants back up and was preparing to head out as I was quite sore. The guy opened the door and left and I was about to follow when a black man came into the booth.

I thought what the hell I will just suck him off real quick and then I will go, so I keeled in front of him and he quickly pulled out his dick and I went to work on it, my mouth was sore and my ass was throbbing. I kept working his cock with a nice sloppy blow job taking his cock all the way down my throat. His cock was the same size as the guy before only this was black cock. I was sucking that cock the best any slut could, when he asked if he could fuck my ass. I knew that it was going to be painful and that my ass was going to be sore for sometime if I let him but I am just a cock whore I cannot say no especially to a nice big black cock. So I told him I would love for him to pound my asshole. I turned around and pulled my pants down then bent over. I shoved a finger in my ass it was gaping and dripping with ass juice from being fucked 3 times already. It was sore when I slid a finger in there I knew that this black cock was going to stretch me out. I then spread my ass cheeks so he would have easy access to sliding his cock in my ass.

He lined up his cock slid it in a couple inches backed out and pushed the whole thing in, I let out a loud moan. He must have liked that because he started pounding my ass as hard as he could. My legs where burning from standing bent over and my ass was aching from the pounding and he didn't seem to mind my agony as he slammed as hard as he could into my ass. I thought I was going to fall over but I stood there taking that cock. I spread my legs a little more to try and get more comfortable and that let him get that big dick deeper in my ass. It felt like he would break my asshole he was fucking me so hard. He had some stamina because he was fucking me for a good while. I was so sore from the pounding. He finally slammed into my ass one more time and came then pulled out and said that was some nice ass. I pulled up my pants and was headed out the door.

There was another guy there a short white guy and I was thinking to myself I am done. So I was walking out and he is like hey man can't you hook me up. I told him that I was done but he insisted and pulled out his cock. It was not very big but after seeing the cock I decided I would let him fuck me quickly. I told him I had to hurry he said ok. He puts on a condom and slides easily into my ass. He told me what a slutty ass I had and that I was a worthless booth bitch. He fucked me very quickly and came then left the booth. I walked out of the booth and as I was leaving I saw all the guys outside the booth where I had been. I could have been getting fucked all day, but I was sore and couldn't take anymore. I was walking funny as I could feel my asshole throbbing the rest of the day. My ass must have been sore for the rest of the week after this trip to the Adult Video Store.

I can't wait to go back for more.

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by Anonymous

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by hungbottom01/25/18


I would have seen all those men and turned and gone right back in that booth.

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by Anonymous01/11/18


That was a great story!!! That`s been a fantasy of mine for years but I`ve never just did it. The thought of getting gang fucked by strangers in a video booth drives mr crazy with lust!!!!

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