tagGroup SexView From A Site Ch. 03

View From A Site Ch. 03


Again this story is inspired by & dedicated to New Zealand author KJ Tatts, for both her posts on the Literotica Forum and her persona.


One of the most enjoyable parts of my job as a construction project manager is the variety in the working day, with no two days being the same. There are always problems to be resolved, people to direct, and the obligatory paperwork to be tackled. I try to split my day so I tackle each of these tasks several times a day by walking around the construction site at least twice a day checking on progress, safety, and quality, amongst other things.

It was during my early morning tour of the site that I saw out of the third floor window a car drive slowly onto site that I didn't recognise so I stood by the window of the office block we were building and watched for a couple of minutes.

The car pulled up close to the building and after a couple of minutes James, one of young apprentice chippies walked over to the drivers windows and bent down to talk with the driver for a short time before standing up and calling out to someone else. As Bill walked across towards the car James moved around to the front and opened the bonnet.

'Strange,' I thought, "I'd better check out what is going on when I get back downstairs.' On the way down the building I checked the electricians were mounting their outlet boxes correctly in the acoustic walls for about 5 minutes before heading out into the car park to see what was going on with the car.

As I approached I could see Bill bent under the bonnet standing in the centre with someone in a summer dress with lovely legs bent over under the bonnet as well alongside him, and I could just make out young James bent over the wing of the car with his head also under the bonnet. The sight of a pair of nicely tanned legs kept me focused and quiet as I approached, admiring the way the short flimsy material of the dress blew about in the light wind, occasionally giving glimpses of more thigh.

As I got closer I could see the young lady's hips moving in a slightly circular action which seemed odd as I headed around past Bill & the young lady to put my head under the bonnet by the far unoccupied wing.

I dipped my head under the bonnet, and was just about to enquire "What's going on her then?" when the most amazing sight stunned me into silence. Young James was reaching in from the wing with one arm outstretched into the woman's dress and was massaging a full lovely firm breast in his hand. There was a look of total shock on the faces of all three of them as my gaze travelled down to see Bill's hand reaching down into the woman's panties and by her soft panting and circular motion of her hips he was obviously fingering her.

"What the fuck is going on here?" I exclaimed as I finally started to look up at the woman's face for the first time.

"This woman's car rolled...," young James started to blurt out caught in the act.

"We came over to see...," Bill started to explain.

"My car cut out as I came down the hill...," the young woman started to explain.

All three fell silent as they looked at me.

"You!" both the young woman and I exclaimed together.

Bill & James stood stock still in utter surprise, James still holding a handful of breast, very reluctant to release it even though his boss had just caught him doing something that certainly wasn't part of his job description. Bill recovered more quickly and removed his hand from the front of her panties.

"So we meet again," I announced as three surprised faces stared back at me under the bonnet as I looked into the eyes of the young woman who lived across the road from the site, who I had nicknamed 'Tatts' after seeing her naked previously and had admired her body art.

Bill and James looked gob smacked.

"Rather than adjust the lady's 'points'", I suggested, "both of you push her car down into the basement car park and repair it, as you both want to put your hands to good use. And you Miss, should come with me to my office while the lads repair your car. But I would do your dress up first before everyone on site comes for a handful of you."

James finally and very reluctantly released her breast as Tatts started to pull her dress together and fasten the buttons up the front. I felt sorry for young James as I doubted he got much chance to glimpse naked breasts apart from in porno mags, let alone get his hand on a real warm one with a hard, horny nipple. He looked crestfallen as he withdrew from under the bonnet.

"Come on James," Bill instructed taking control of the situation as he obviously had done in the last 5 minutes, "you push, I'll steer." Then his head disappeared leaving me to admire Tatts as she finally got her breasts contained inside her dress and secured the last two top buttons.

"Follow me to my office," I instructed as I withdrew from under the bonnet.

As we walked away young James lowered the bonnet and stared at the rear of Tatts as she walked towards my Portacom office by the site fence.

"This way," I guided so she could walk in front of me and I could watch her fantastic arse and legs as she walked; just as I had done several months before when she had come to the site to complain about one of the workers parking his car on her drive.

I could feel a surge of blood to my loins as I walked as I anticipated entertaining Miss Tatts whilst her car was repaired by the lads. It is about 100m across the car park to my office and I enjoyed the view of her every metre of the way. The light breeze and sunlight highlighted her lovely figure under the dress as the breeze wrapped the material tight against her and the sunlight in front of us showed the shape of her upper thighs through the backlit material; just like Princess Di's early photo holding a young kid before she became engaged to Prince Charles.

I couldn't wait to get her alone in my office.

As we got to the steps of my office Tatts turned and looked at me questioningly.

I smiled and with a sweep of my arm gestured that she should enter. I stood and admired her tanned thighs as she slowly climbed the four steps up to my office, opened the door and walked in. I had a quick look behind me to see James pushing her car into the basement car park; I smiled to myself and followed Tatts into my office.

As I closed the door behind me I turned the snib on the lock to ensure we won't be disturbed and started to adjust the blinds to ensure that no one could see in either.

"I must apologise for my men being so forward and brazen," I offered, "but they follow my example and leadership," giving a sly smile to my guest who was now standing backed up against my desk.

Retaining the initiative, I offered, "Here let me take your wet clothing," as I stood in front of Tatts.

She looked totally puzzled.

"What?" she queried and looked totally surprised as I sank to my knees in front of her.

"What wet clothing?" she asked totally bewildered.

Reaching forward I placed my hand on the outside of her warm bare knees and slowly slid my hand upwards on the silky smooth tanned skin of her firm thighs as I looked up into her stunned eyes.

My straying hands slowly slid under the hem of her dress, and kept going until I felt the waist band of her panties clinging to her hips.

"These!" I calmly stated as my fingers hooked into the top and gently, but firmly pulled them down her thighs in one swift movement.

"Hey, you can't do that," she cried out.

"Yes I can," I smiled up at her, "and I just did," as her panties reached her ankles and she automatically stepped out of them. That was a reassuring action from my point of view.

I picked up her damp panties and passed them up to her.

"Here, put them on the cage of the desk fan and they will be dry in a couple of minutes.

Tatts turned slowly and placed them on the fan as I reached up for the bottom buttons of her lightweight summer dress. Soon my office was filled with the sweet aroma of finger frigged pussy as the fan wafted her scent around the office and I breathed in the scent of her honey nectar.

By the time Tatts had done this and turned forward again, I had the lower buttons undone up to her waist.

"Now wait a minute...." she started to say as I opened the front of her hem in my hands.

"Why?" I asked as her shaven pussy came into view at eye level, as I remained knelt in front of her. Her pussy lips twinkled like the jewel in the crown with a couple of drops of her nectar after her earlier fingering by Bill in the car park.

"Well Miss Tatts?" I enquired.

"My name is Mary-Jane," she informed me.

I lent forward and quickly ran my tongue up the full length of her damp lips in one long lick, exiting with some of her nectar on my tongue.

"Pleased to make your acquaintance Mary Jane," I proudly smiled at her as I reached between her warm thighs to get her to ease her legs apart, which she did automatically with no apparent resistance. My hands reached up on to her hips and pushed her back a couple of inches until her bum brushed against the edge of my desk.

"Please make yourself comfortable," I offered as my mouth eased forward to sample and pleasure her pussy. Once I knew my desk was taking her weight I reached down to her knees and pushed them further apart until I could see her pussy lips ease apart in response to the wide gap now between her thighs, and I shuffled forward on my knees to fill the gap.

I reached under her thighs and around her hips to run my hands onto the warm flesh of her buttocks as I clamped my mouth on her pussy and plunged my tongue deep inside her already wet pussy.

"AAarrgh," she cried out in pleasure and surprise as her hands suddenly gripped the back of my head and forced my lips hard against her mound.

I knew I wasn't in for a morning of gentle, sensual lovemaking. I knew I was in for some down and dirty sex which would satisfy both of our lusts for gratification in one form or another.

My hungry tongue plundered the depths of her love tunnel as my nose rubbed against her hood covered clit.

"This is so cool," she cooed as I went at her pussy as if it was the last meal of a condemned man. My fingers sank into the ample flesh of her buttocks to ensure I had a firm grip on her as she started to squirm on my desk.

Her pussy was hot and tight, as I journeyed around its inner sanctum with my tongue, and was rewarded with constant refreshment from her now free flowing nectar.

Suddenly Mary Jane pushed my face even harder against her mound as she cried out "Bring me off please."

'My pleasure,' I thought as I speeded up my lapping inside her, but I wanted to tease her clit before I brought her off. Pushing my head back against her hands I managed to extract my tongue from her depths so I could aim upwards under her hood to locate her now swollen clit. I eased my hands forward so I could spread the fingers of one hand down onto the top of her pussy lips and gently ease them apart to expose her erect bud.

"Fuck yes, bring me off now," she demanded and I wasn't one to argue.

I lashed my tongue hard across her sensitive bud making her squirm on my desk. I spread my fingers and her pussy lips as wide as I could, making Mary Jane wince in pain. Then I changed my attack to take her bud between my lips to gently draw on it with suction and my lips.

This sent her into a loud screaming orgasm as her hips humped on my desk and her mound ground against my face. And I drank down all of her juices as I released her bud and lapped up the steady flow escaping her pussy.

I could hear Mary Jane crying out and shouting above me, not taking much notice if it was in pleasure or pain as I continued to plunder her pussy and clit as her orgasm continued. Eventually Mary Jane gripped my hair and tugged my head back away from her now tender pussy.

I quickly rose to my feet and took her chin in one hand as I lent forward with my juice covered lips to kiss her open, panting mouth.

She tasted so good, and so full of need still as our tongues intertwined and we hungrily devoured each other in lust and desire, each with a need for our own selfish satisfaction. As we kissed I reached down to start undoing the remaining buttons on the front of her dress. Once this goal was achieved I broke our kiss and stood back to admire the hungry minx in front of me. I marvelled at the way her dress hung partly open, wide at the bottom showcasing her shaven pussy, but still close together at the top to hide her breasts. I wanted to see all of her so I reached forward to grip the sides of her dress to open it like a pair of curtain to see the beauty that was concealed. And what a stunning pair of breasts greeted me with the tattoos and the pierced nipples.

"You beauty," I groaned out loud in appreciation and sank downwards supporting myself on the edge of the desk to take one of her stunning breasts deep in my mouth. This made a very nice change to the usual bacon and egg pie I normally have at morning smoko each morning I thought as I drew on the firm coloured flesh decorated with a couple of tattoos. Her nipple immediately hardened as I tweaked the nipple ring with my tongue and Mary Jane sighed in appreciation of my gentle suckling of her breast. My right hand gently cupped and teased her right breast as my tongue continued to explore the flesh filling my mouth.

Again Mary Jane cupped my head in her hands and guided my mouth around her breast and eventually across to lap up and down her cleavage.

By now I was desperate to free my swollen cock from its confinement in my jeans, I wanted to fuck this wanton young woman as she squirmed and withered on my desk, But I also wanted to enjoy every moment there in my office, so I eased my free hand down between her thighs to lightly tease her clit some more.

Mary Jane groaned loudly at all this attention to the erroneous zones of her beautiful body. Suddenly she had needs of her own that needed satisfying and she started to undo my belt, zip, and jean button.

As I started to tease her nipple with my teeth and delve two fingers into her sodden pussy while my thumb tweaked her erect clit; Mary Jane quickly thrust my jeans and boxers down to get her hands on my hard meat.

I loved the feel of her hands on the length of my hot meat as my jeans hit the floor.

I released her nipple from my mouth and stood up while still frigging my fingers in and out of her dripping sodden pussy; and rubbed her clit raw.

"Mary Jane you are one fucking horny woman who needs fucking here and now," I grunted full of animal lust.

"Are you man enough to fuck me? And to fuck me good? she taunted.

"Fuck yes woman," I confirmed as I swept a pile of paperwork from my desk to make more room before reaching under her thighs to lift them up in the air and tilt her back flat onto my desk.

I shuffled around to the end of the desk, turning her on her damp arse cheeks as I went before moving my hands to grip her ankles and eased them high and wide apart. I looked down her thighs to the V between them showing a glistening wide open shaven pussy. The prize to be taken, to be filled, to be fucked, to be filled with cum.

I pulled Mary Jane back down the desk so her arse hung over the edge slightly and she was stretched out full length on my desk, her eyes saying 'Fuck me' as she stared back into my eyes. I had every intention of doing just that. Our lust for each other determined it wouldn't be gentle. It would be raw sex, pure and simple, fucking each others brains out in wanton need for release and pleasure.

"I hope you are ready for this?" I asked giving her the last opportunity to say no, but unsure if I could stop myself if she wanted me to.

"Are you going to fuck me or just talk about it?" she taunted me some more.

I stepped forward and pressed my hardness up against her, catching her just between her two holes. Mary Jane quickly reached down and guided my meat to her pussy lips. As soon as I felt her juicy lips touch the head of my prick I lunged forward with my hips and at the same time pushed her ankles further apart.

She screamed like a wounded animal as my swollen hard meat tore into her sodden pussy right up to the hilt.

"Is that man enough for you? I cruelly asked as my balls slapped hard against her arse.

"Oh yes!" she groaned, "now prove it and fuck me!"

I had never had such wanton, lustful, rough sex before and I was loving it in an animalistic way. The power to subject someone to my desires and needs seemed so powerful and satisfying. And here I was with a woman who would tease and challenge me, and I was determined to meet that challenge. I loved the way she talked 'dirty' during sex and it excited me no end.

"I'm going to fuck your arse off woman until my desk is awash with your pussy juices and you beg me to fill your hungry pussy with my seed. " Not bad for an opening statement. Now it was time for action, not words.

Increasing my grip tighter on her ankles I eased my hips back until the tip of my meat was about to leave her pussy.

"Do you want more of this?" I asked.

"I thought you said you were going to fuck my arse off?" she challenged.

"Oh so you want it up the arse then instead? I queried easing my hips downwards so the tip of my prick started to ease out from between her lips.

"NO! NO!" she cried out, her eyes wide with panic.

"Maybe next time then?" I asked as I eased my hips upwards & forward to resume my original place with the swollen head just inside her lips.

Mary Jane looked relieved, and then I thrust deep inside her again.

"Yeesss," she exhaled as my balls slapped hard against her again.

Now it was time to get serious as I started off at a slow pace rodding my length in and out of her hot wet pussy, holding her ankles tight to stop her sliding on my desk. Looking down I admired this tattooed beauty with her dress now wide open and her breasts rolling on her chest, obeying Newton's second law of gravity that to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. I loved watching her breasts rise and fall at the same pace as my fucking.

"Oh that feels good," she smiled as she started to bring her pussy muscles into play, massaging my prick as it ploughed in and out.

"Fuck, so does that," I groaned back enjoying the wonderful sensations coursing through the length of my prick as I looked down and admired this wanton sexual woman being fucked on my desk. "You are one fucking sexy woman Mary Jane," I complimented.

Now we both fell into a regular quiet pace of fucking, with just the sounds of our laboured breaths filling the air, to mix with the sweet smell of sex wafting around powered by the desk fan, which kept us cool as fucked each other.

I eased my grip on her ankles and gently, but firmly slid my hands down the front of her legs, over her knees and onto her upper thighs, where I could pull her tight against me on every inward stroke. I want to play with her stunning jigging tits as they rolled around, but didn't want to break my rhythem as I kept fucking deep inside her. Mary Jane must have read my mind as her hand swept up the side of her breasts to cup them and thrust the hard, erect pierced nipple up towards me, teasing me to fall forward and suckle her once more.

"I've got so much cum to fill your hot pussy," I grunted, feeling my balls start to boil as they slapped continuously against her on each inward thrust, "and I am going shoot all of it deep inside you,"

"Yes lover boy, I'm ready for you," she breathed breathlessly back as her muscles clamped down hard, squeezing my prick deep inside her. Mary Jane was amazing to fuck, so full of energy as her hips humped back at me in perfect rhythm as I now hammered into her, desperate to cum inside this beauty.

"That's it lover, take me hard," she goaded, "make me cum around your hot prick."

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