tagIncest/TabooViki and Peter

Viki and Peter


Viki tried in vain to talk through the gag that her son had forced into her mouth. Her wrists were being rubbed raw by the ropes that bound them so tightly that her fingers were getting numb. Her sexy legs were tied together with what seemed like miles of rough, heavy rope. Her slender throat was circled by still more rope. Somehow, her son, Peter, had rigged the rope around her throat to get tighter and tighter as she tried to free herself.

Viki glanced at the full length mirror that her son had placed in front of her. He said that he wanted her to see what she looked like, tied, gagged, helpless to save herself from his erotic desires. She was glad that no one outside their house would see her like this.

Viki was dressed in what had become one of two "around the house uniforms" that Peter was forcing her to wear for him. Today, she was dressed in her bright red bikini. It left nothing to the imagination. Her breasts were put on display for her son to drool over.

Of course, at the moment, Viki was drooling over her own breasts. This was due to the fact that it was now just past 3:30 on the afternoon and the bright red ball gag that was in her pretty mouth had been inserted by her son just before 1:00. At least Peter had the decency to occasionally wipe his sexy mother's chin off when she was gagged. Which of course was rather often!

Viki's other "around the house" uniform was a pair of what her son, Peter, jokingly called "ski - high micro - shorts". They were as tight on Viki as the ropes around her body. They were called ski - high because because they just barely covered her sexy ass. They were called micro because they were so tight, it was almost like they weren't there at all.

The tops that her son allowed her to wear were all designed to show off her beautiful breasts.

For trips outside the house, Viki was only allowed to wear embarassingly short mini skirts and "sky scraper" heels. The tops that she could wear consisted of super tight sweaters or ,in the summer, "midriff" tops that showed off Viki's tanned and toned belly.

Viki admitted to herself that she liked it when her son forced her to walk in front of him when they were walking from his car to a night club. She enjoyed it when her son ogled her legs. She would put on a little show for him and hike up her skirt even higher.

Viki groaned as Peter stepped up behind her and pulled the sopping wet ball gag from her soft mouth. Her drool ran down her cheeks like a river. Slowly, lovingly, her son dabbed a soft cloth on her chin and on her cheeks and on her throat. Everywhere that there was drool.

Suddenly, like a rapist, Peter grabbed his mother's mouth as he stood behind her. Viki's eyes went wide with surprise as her son held his hand over her mouth as tight as a vise. Her jaw began to ache as the minutes passed with her son's hand over her mouth. She looked into Peter's eyes as he looked into hers. She knew that her son's hand would stay clamped over her mouth until his digital camera had recorded dozens and dozens of phographs of her with her own son's clamped over her mouth. And if her jaw ached after he was done with his little "hand over mouth" session than that was just too bad for her.

Viki saw Peter put down his camera and then pull out his prick. She sighed. Viki had come to accept the fact that her son's business as a bondage photographer required him to take hundreds, sometimes thousands of digital pictures of her tied up in various positions and gagged in dozens of different ways.

Peter released his hand's grip on his mother's sexy mouth and proceeded to guide his almost freakishly large cock between her full red lips. Viki nearly choked as her son's pulsing penis penetrated her mouth like a curious snake. His hand held her head up so that she could not turn away.

Five minutes. Ten minutes. Fifteen minutes. Time ticked by as Viki used her mouth to pleasure her son. Her throat muscles worked and did their best to tame her son's cock. Their moans of pleasure blended together in a chorus of lust as mother and son tasted the taboo pleasure of what Viki called "semi consensual sex".

Viki had come to love the feeling of being tightly tied and securly gagged by her own son. She had even learned to love the feel of nearly choking to death on his cock. She loved being photographed being dressed like a whore and acting like a whore for her son.

But deep inside, Viki knew that she had no choice. She was not taking advantage of her son. He was taking advantage of her. Her son was 24 years old, an adult, and had a successful career as a bondage photographer. His girlfriend had not approved of his business and moved out of his house.

Viki's husband was a jealous bastard who could not stand the effect that Viki had on other men, including their own son. Viki was a gorgeous women. She had just turned 44 years of age. She stood five feet, three inches tall. She weighed just over 100 pounds. She had beautiful long red hair that cascaded down to the small of her back. She was in fantastic shape thanks to her physically active lifestyle.

Viki was a MILF in every sense of the word.

Her son had started to comment on her tanned skin when he was in his early teens. Soon, Viki had to accept the fact that her son, Peter, was sexually attracted to her.

She also began to notice that he was growing into a handsome young man. He was 5 foot 8 inches tall, 160 pounds of solid muscle, and in possession of a head of long black hair that Viki wished her husband had. He had a stubble that gave him a rough edge. When Peter kissed Viki, his stubble would scratch her face a little and she LIKED it!

What Viki thought odd, at first, was as Peter reached his mid teens he would sneak up behind her and clamp his hand over her mouth! She didn't feel threatened by it. He would keep his hand over her mouth for a few seconds and then release her.

"Why do you keep putting your hand over my mouth", she asked him.

"I don't know. I guess I'm just goofing around, mom. Are you mad?"

"No, I'm not mad, honey, but just do me a favor and don't let your dad see you with your hand over my mouth. He's weird enough already and that just make him weirder."

After that, Viki noticed that whenever she and her son were home alone, Peter would cover her mouth. What surprised her is that instead of taking his hand off of her mouth after a few seconds, Peter would keep hs hand over her mouth for a few minutes. She also noticed that she didn't mind his hand over her mouth. In fact, she began to like it.

It seemed that every time Viki wore her short shorts or her bikini her son would cover her mouth. She felt strange doing it but she found herself wearing her bikini and her short shorts more often so that her son would cover her mouth.

A preview of their present situation occured when Viki and Peter went on a vacation together. Viki's soon to be ex husband did not want to go with them. Said something about "too much work at the office". Viki didn't care. Peter seemed to be delighted.

It was in a Wisconsin Dells hotel room, of all places, that Viki was introduced into bondage by her own son.

Peter had lured Viki into the dark recesses of their hotel room on the pretense of not being able to find his room key. As Viki looked for the room key she suggested to her son that he should turn on the lights so they could search easier.

Those were the last words out of her mouth for a while. Her son's hand clamped over her mouth! It was clamped over her mouth tighter than it had ever been before. The next thing she knew, her son forced a cloth gag into her mouth and tied it tightly behind her head.

She felt herself being thrown onto her bed. Quickly, easily, in a matter of seconds, her son had her hands tied to the headboard. Next, her feet were tied together. For the first time in her life, Viki was bound and gagged, by her own son!

"Please mommy, don't scream. Please don't scream", pleaded Peter. He put his hand over his mother's mouth to supplement the gag that he had already forced between her soft, full lips.

Viki's mind was racing. Peter hadn't called her "Mommy" since he was in grade school. What was happening? She felt her son's strong, smooth hands begin to stroke her thighs. He had recently started to compliment her on her sexy legs on a regular basis.

"Mom, I have to touch you. I can't stop myself. I promise I won't hurt you. Ok?"

Viki, to her own surprise, actually AGREED with her son's request. What was she doing? Viki nodded her head up and down and said a muffled "yes" under the gag in her mouth. She shivered with taboo excitement as her son's hands explored her sexy body for the next hour or so.

When Peter was sure that his mother wouldn't scream, he took the gag out of her mouth. Viki's moans of pleasure filled the room. Viki couldn't help but notice that her son's cock looked like it was ready to burst.

Her eyes met her son's eyes. The unspoken question was answered as Viki heard herself say "yes" and opened her mouth. Viki took her son's cock into her mouth. Her tongue swirled over it. Her son moaned out loud as his mother sucked hungrily. This time, it was Viki who put her hand over her son's mouth to quiet him down.

Viki moaned loudly as her son's come cascaded down her slender throat. It tasted warm and wonderful. She didn't want it to stop.

As soon as her son's cock was out of her mouth, Viki kissed him all over, just like she did when he was a baby. But now, she was more than his mother. She knew, deep inside, that she was his whore, his plaything, his girlfriend. She would be anything that he wanted him to be.

Upon returning home from vacation, Viki filed for a divorce from her husband. Peter broke up with his girlfriend. Viki moved into her son's house as his sex slave. From now on, his wish was her command. She would wear what he told her to wear. She would suck his cock on a pubic street if he asked. If he wanted to keep her tied and gagged for hours on end that was all right. She was his mother and he was her son and she would do anything to please him.

Fast forward to the present time.

Viki is dressed like a whore and tied so tightly it hurts. Her mouth is filled with her son's giant cock. It has been over an hour. She manages to get out the words "please, no more". Her son's hand squeezes her throat. A low moan comes from deep within her. Viki strangles as a river of cum roars down her throat for a very long time.

Her son's digital video camera captures it all.

Later that evening, Viki and Peter study the hundreds of pictures they have taken that day. They select which ones will be put on their web site and which ones will go into their personal album. Even now, they can barely keep their hands off each other.

They eventually retire to their bedroom where Viki is once again tied and gagged by her son, Peter.

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