tagNonConsent/ReluctanceViolated Cheryl

Violated Cheryl

byblack saphire©

Cheryl teased her black, shoulder length hair as she checked her make-up. She adjusted the straps on her nightdress, making it hug her body tighter and give a lift to her 34C breasts. She stood back and looked at herself in the mirror, twirling herself around. The nightdress was just sheer enough that she could make out her silhouette through the material. Her dark areoles could also be seen and her nipples poked out slightly. Her crotch was bare of the thick fur that normally covered it. She had shaved her pussy just this morning in readiness for Andy's return.

Andy had been out of state for a week on work and Cheryl had missed him. Married for three years now, they lived alone in a small house in the suburbs. She had been horny the whole week while Andy was away and today had been especially difficult. Her shaved pussy had itched the whole morning and she found it hard concentrating at work. She had returned home from work to find her panties soaked at the crotch.

Cheryl picked up her favourite perfume and sprayed it at the valley of her breasts. Andy loved this perfume as well and she imagined him burying his head in her cleavage as he inhaled the sweet, floral fragrance. She lifted the hem of her nightdress and sprayed a liberal dose to the tops of her thighs, being careful not to get any near her pussy. Not only would it cause her tender, shaved skin to smart, it would also ruin the wanton taste of her pussy. And she knew how much Andy loved to lick and suck a juicy pussy!

Her heart skipped a beat as she heard a car door slam outside and then shortly after, the jiggle of keys in the front door. She ran out of her room just as Andy opened it and stepped inside. "Hi Babe!" She called out as she ran into his arms. "Hi sweets." Andy smiled as he hugged her tight and gave her a soft kiss on her hair. "I feel like shit." "Oh honey, what's wrong?" "Food poisoning." Andy replied weakly. "I think it was the fucking prawn cocktail they served for lunch."

Cheryl sighed quietly as she realised the night of passion she was hoping for was slowly but surely fading away.

"Poor baby." She consoled him as she wrapped an arm around his shoulders. "Maybe I can kiss it better?"

She had to at least try to appeal to his sexual nature. She felt rotten trying to tempt him into sex when he wasn't feeling up to it but she was so hot and horny.

"No sweets. Sorry." Andy replied ruefully. "You look amazing but I really feel like shit and I'm real weak and tired too. I've been throwing up the whole day. Not to mention how many times I've had to crap."

"Too much information!" Cheryl laughed, belying the disappointment she really felt. Still, it was good to have Andy home.

"Come on up and freshen up." She said supportively. "You'll feel better."

It wasn't long before Andy was fast asleep, his head cushioned on Cheryl's breast. She lay awake, lightly stroking his head and thinking to herself. "Damn! I was so looking forward to getting some loving tonight. At least he's home, I hate sleeping alone." She slipped a hand under her nightgown and felt herself. "Shit! I'm so wet. Oh well. I'm not getting any so I better get some sleep" She removed her hands and trying to forget the wetness between her legs she fell asleep.


Cheryl stirred as she felt her legs being pushed apart. Still half asleep, she sighed as the feel of a hot, wet tongue slid along her wet slit. Andy must be feeling better she thought to herself. She spread her legs wider and lifted her ass toward the slurping tongue. Her hands moved downward and lifted the nightdress higher, over her hips, allowing her to open her legs even wider.

Sharp thrills began to course through her as her body awoke from its slumber and she could really feel the light twirls and flicks of the tongue along her vulva and then up on to her clitoris. Her eyes were still closed as she let out a slight gasp. Cheryl moaned softly as her hands moved down to caress Andy's head, to pull it deeper into the juncture of her thighs. Her hands reached behind his head and caressed the short stubble on his head. Her eyes flew open as she realised something was wrong. Andy had a thick head of hair, not short, spiky stubble!

She gasped aloud as her eyes accustomed to the dark and she saw Andy seated on the chair by the dresser. Something was stuffed in his mouth and his hands were being tied behind the chair. He was struggling but the tall intruder tying her husband was too strong for him. She flicked her gaze toward her wide-open legs and saw a shiny, black, shaved head with just a little stubble around the back. She started to scream but just then the black man's hands flew upward and grabbed at her throat.

"Not a sound bitch," he grunted "Or I squeeze this purty little neck of yours."

Her heart was thumping wildly as the oxygen supply started to deplete. She struggled briefly before she felt the grip at her throat loosen. She coughed and gulped in air.

"P-please! Let me go. What do you want?" she pleaded. Her eyes glanced upward to see the white stranger walk over to her, her husband securely tied. She caught her husband's eye and noticed the helplessness and desperation in them. Oh God! These monsters had broken into the house!

The white intruder stood at the side of the bed, leering down at her. Cheryl clamped her thighs together and smoothed down her nightdress, suddenly aware of her splayed form.

"She taste good Leroy?" the white intruder laughed as he winked at the black man.

"Damn fine tasting pussy Jerry," Leroy replied. "Damn fine."

Jerry pulled the nightdress up and looked under it. "Whoaaa! Smooth, shaved pussy too!"

Cheryl noticed Jerry's pants swelling as he looked at her naked pussy. Why, oh why, did she shave it today? His hands went under the nightdress and cupped her pussy. He squeezed her mound and slowly inserted a finger into her. Cheryl gasped involuntarily as Jerry's thick finger pushed into her.

"Damn! She's wet Leroy!" Jerry said. "And I don't think its from your licking!"

"You a hot, little white hoe are you?" Leroy directed the question at Cheryl. "A hoe waiting to be fucked?"

"N-no. No!" Cheryl spluttered. "I'm not a whore. Oh please! Please let us go. Please!"

Jerry's finger was still working inside her. Slowly sliding in and out of her wet channel. She tried to block it out but her pussy was wet and getting wetter the more Jerry messed around inside it.

Cheryl felt Leroy press the cold, steel blade of a knife against her face. He slowly moved it across her neck and then down to the neck of her nightie.

"No noise from you hoe." Jerry said. "No screaming or this knife will mess you up something good."

She felt the knife settle at the valley of her breasts before it was pulled upward and down the length of her body, neatly ripping the nightdress in two. She felt the nightie fall away from her body and her muscles tensed in fear.

"Please, please!" Cheryl pleaded. "Don't do this to me. Oh God nooooo!"

Leroy raised the knife to her breast as he pinched a nipple hard with his other hand. "I said to shut up bitch! Or don't you'se understand simple English?"

Cheryl gritted her teeth as the pain shot through her nipple. She nodded her head in acquiescence. She looked up again at Andy who nodded his head as if to say "Don't get hurt. Do what they want."

Leroy moved to the other side of the bed and climbed on to it. She felt the mattress depress under his weight as he lay beside her. His hands moved to her breasts and grabbed at them, lifting them up as his mouth covered one nipple and then the other. Little tingles of electricity shot through her body. "No! This is so wrong. I can't get turned on. I mustn't!" She thought to herself. She tensed her body and closed her eyes. She tried to focus her mind on other thoughts.

Leroy seemed to know exactly what to do. He noticed her body tense and he reciprocated by lightly flicking his tongue across each nipple in turn. He then pressed both her breasts together and tongued both nipples at the same time. He could feel her resistance slipping, as he knew it would.

Cheryl bit her lower lip as she tried to deny the feelings in her body. Her nipples were erect with lust and Jerry's fingers in her pussy were causing an ache that needed to be satisfied. His fingers became more urgent inside of her, lightly scratching against the upper wall of her vagina, tickling her g-spot. Her body relaxed a little and her legs opened just a little wider. Leroy was still tantalising her nipples but now one hand had slipped underneath her and was rubbing her back ever so gently.

Her breath was becoming laboured now as she gasped and sighed. Her mind was fighting her body but it was a losing battle. Her flesh was winning. Why did this have to happen when she was so horny? She felt a terrible sense of guilt at the way her body was responding to rape. She couldn't help it! Why couldn't they have just raped her like she had always imagined rape was like? Rough, disgusting and quick. To be used as a receptacle for satisfying a mans' lust.

But no! This was different. They were taking their time and they were making sure she was getting turned on. Hell, she was more than turned on. She wanted it. Worse than that, she needed it. She focused on her body and a flush of shame and embarrassment filled her briefly as she realised she was thrusting her hips against Jerry's fingers. His fingers were making a wet sloshing sound in her pussy and she could feel her juices dripping around her vulva.

"I think she's ready dude." She heard Jerry say as she felt his fingers pull out of her. She watched with a mixture of fear and lust as he popped his fingers in his mouth and sucked on her juices. Her pussy felt annoyingly empty and her breasts tingled although Leroy was no longer paying any attention to them. He was standing at the foot of the bed and had pulled his shirt over his head. His chest was hard and firm and a thin layer of hair covered it. Cheryl kept biting on her lip as she watched Leroy pull his trousers down and then his boxers.

A new fear gripped her as she finally saw his manhood throbbing out of his crotch. The deep realisation that she was going to be fucked by someone other than her husband gripped her heart and caused her breath to catch in her throat. Leroy grabbed her legs and pulled her toward him, lifting and spreading her legs as he did so. Cheryl noticed Jerry stripping out of the corner of her eyes as she focused on Andy. The fear and desperation in his eyes had been replaced by something else. Resignation? Pity? Cheryl's heart thumped wildly as she felt Leroy position his cock at her vulva.

"Please, please. Don't do this. Please!" She pleaded one last time. Leroy and Jerry both laughed as she said this.

"Who're you kidding hoe?" Leroy said. "Look how soaked you are!" They both continued laughing.

Leroy pushed slowly, his cock piercing through her wet pussy. Cheryl hissed as the thick penis spread her pussy walls and drove into her. She was thankful she was so wet, minimising the friction between his cock and her pussy walls. His cock felt so hot inside her as he continued to slowly push into her. She felt him withdraw and then push back into her, going a little deeper. He was being so gentle, that she couldn't believe this was rape. Her pussy was tingling as he fucked her with long, slow strokes.

She turned her head and noticed Jerry standing at her side, moving his hand slowly up and down his cock. She turned her head away, focusing on the feelings in her pussy. Her body was tingling with this slow fucking and lust had overtaken most of the reluctance and resistance her mind had held over her body. Still, deep in the recesses of her mind, she tried resist.

She felt Jerry pull her head toward his cock and she closed her mouth. His cock pressed against her lips and she resisted, closing her mouth tight. They were raping her pussy; she wasn't going to let them rape her mouth too!

Cheryl heard Leroy laugh as he suddenly slammed his cock hard into her, causing her to cry out both in surprise and a little pain.

"Aaauugh!" Her mouth flew open and that was all the time Jerry needed to stuff his cock into her open mouth. Cheryl tasted his salty pre-cum as the cock invaded her mouth. She pulled back, trying to fit his cock in her mouth and avoid gagging.

Leroy continued pounding hard. Her pussy was buzzing now and she could no longer resist the feelings. Her ass started to hump up to meet his thrusts as Jerry held the back oh her head and fucked her mouth.

"Mmpphh! Mmmppphh! MMMMMppphhhhh!!!!" She moaned as her body bucked and throbbed as an orgasm washed over her. Still the cock in her pussy was pounding into her. Her hands wrapped instinctively around Jerry's buttocks as she started to suck him with earnest. She moaned hotly around his cock as her tongue slurped circles along his cock head and her cheeks hollowed out, trying to draw his spunk out.

And still Leroy continued fucking into her. Pound, pound, pound went his cock in her. Her pussy was juicing and she could feel it running down her thighs and into her butt crack. She pulled her mouth off Jerry's cock and wrapped her hand tight around the shaft and milked it. Her body was at its height of arousal and her passion was boiling over as she yelled out.

"Oh shit, fuck me harder. Fuck it. Fuck me! Squeeze my tis! Pinch my nipples" She wrapped her lips around Jerry's cock again and sucked hard as she felt Leroy's hands reach up to her breasts. He kneaded her breasts and flicked his fingers across her aching nipples, sending jolts to her pussy. Cherly mewled as she felt her pussy suddenly seize and go into violent spasms. Her eyes bugged out and she tried hard to continue sucking. Her entire body tensed and her muscles contracted as another orgasm, only bigger swept over her.

She had stopped sucking and her mouth was agape around Jerry's cock. She was making gasping noises as she drew in gulp after gulp of air. She felt as if she was floating before she realised where she was and she was still being fucked.

"Gimme some of that now." Jerry said as he pulled his cock out of Cheryl's mouth.

"Sure bro. " Leroy grunted as he pulled out of Cheryl with a slurping sound. "Let the hoe taste some of this chocolate."

Cheryl's body heaved as she panted with exertion. She stole a glance at Andy and saw something completely different in his eyes. They were glassy and bug-eyed. She lowered her gaze and saw his cock sticking out of his boxers. He was turned on by this. He was turned on by the wanton rape of his wife!

Cheryl barely had time to register this when she felt Leroy's wet cock press against her lips. She obediently opened her mouth and swallowed his cock. She could taste the slightly fruity, sourish taste that she knew were her own juices coating his cock. Somehow, it didn't offend her to be tasting her juices for the first time.

Jerry lifted her legs and entered her smoothly. He wasn't as thick as Leroy but about the same length. He wasn't as gentle though and started ramming her hard with his hot meat. Cheryl wrapped her lips tightly around Leroy's cock and sucked hard as Jerry stuffed her pussy. She could feel her whole body tingling. Harder and harder Jerry fucked into her pussy, heightening her passion. She felt the warm, buzzing sensations starting again deep in her pussy and she knew she was going to cum.

"Mmmpphh, mmpphhh, mmpppmhhh." She mewled around Leroy's cock. Jerry had pulled her to the edge of the bed and her legs were bent backward, almost to her ears. Jerry plunged hard and deep into her, ramming all the way in. Cheryl felt her orgasm racing up and suddenly she felt the urge to pee. She pulled herself up on her hands frantically.

"Oh Stop! Stop! I'm gonna pee!" she cried out. "Enoughhhhh gonna peeeee"

Jerry didn't stop fucking her. Rather, he hammered harder and faster into her. Cheryl made a guttural noise as her body started to tremble. Her thighs quivered as she gritted her teeth and let out a low hiss. Her toes curled up and her body convulsed. Her pussy clenched and spasmed and twitched uncontrollably. Jerry felt the tight spasming and quickly pulled out of her.

"Nyeeaagghh… aarrghhhh…uhhhh.hhh hhuuuhh huh!!" She screamed out as her hot cum juice sprayed out of her vagina. There wasn't a great volume but it shot out of her like a blocked tap had been unplugged. "Ohh…awww..oh my…ohhhh" She moaned as her thighs continued to clench and her pussy throbbed and tingled uncontrollably. Cheryl let her legs collapse back on the bed as her body still trembled, trying to come down from that massive orgasm. She could feel the bed, soaking wet under her buttocks.

Jerry walked over to stand beside Leroy. "Looks like the hoe squirted!" exclaimed Leroy. "Don't think her pussy should take more cock now. It might tear."

"U better suck us off then slut!" Jerry remarked as he looked down at the spent form of Cheryl.

Cheryl looked up meekly at the two men and raised her hands toward their cocks.

"Uh uh." Leroy said. "White hoe's gonna get on her knees and suck these cocks!" He proceeded to pinch her nipple and pull it upward, forcing her to jump out of bed to ease the pain in her tits. Her mind was still foggy and she felt as if there was a bright light shining in her head. She quickly knelt before the two men and pulled their cocks into her mouth one at a time. She was sure she looked like a slut. Her torn nightdress still on her body but wide open at the front made her look even sluttier.

"Aint got much time hoe" Leroy said. "You don't suck this good, I'll just hafta stick it in your ass."

Cheryl felt a tremor go through her. Just like earlier, a mixture of terror and lust. Although this time it was more terror. She started to suck with a new found abandon, swirling her tongue around the cocks and pulling them deep into her mouth.

God, she felt like suck a wanton bitch, kneeling on the floor and voraciously sucking two strange cocks. But they weren't strange somehow, she reasoned. They had filled her pussy and driven her to such depraved heights that she never knew existed. Her hands moved to cup and tickle their balls alternately as she sucked and jerked the two cocks wildly.

Her mouth opened wide to lick and suck both the cocks from the side. Their grunting and their throbbing shafts told her that they were close to cumming. She was amazed that her pussy was still dripping juices down her thighs and she felt tiny tremors shooting through her.

"Yeah, suck it! Suck it bitch!" Jerry cried out. He caught hold of Cheryl's head as his cock started spurting into her mouth. Cheryl wrapped her mouth tightly around Jerry's spitting cock, trying not to let any of the precious white liquid spill out. She swallowed the gooey cum down as she felt Jerry's cock deflating slowly as he pulled out of her.

"Hot damn!" Jerry said. "What a cock-sucker!"

Cheryl turned to Leroy and opened her mouth to take him in. Leroy sidestepped her and pushed her forward. Cheryl gasped and slid her hands forward to balance herself as she fell forward.

"You had your chance hoe. Now I'm gonna have your ass." Leroy grunted. "Your white hoe ass!"

"Oh God! No! Noooo!" Cheryl screamed as she tried to move away from Leroy. She managed to get up halfway and she ran toward Andy's chair. Leroy lunged forward and caught hold of the folds of her flapping nightdress, pulling her backward. She slipped on the floor and fell to her knees, sobbing loudly.

"Looks like she don't like it in the shit hole." Jerry laughed as he sat on the bed, twiddiling his cock and watching.

"The hoe gonna like whatever I give her!" Leroy retorted. "Now stop running about!"

Cheryl was in a panic now as she realised she was going to have to take a cock up her virgin bung hole. She raised her head up and realised she was staring right into Andy's eyes. He stared back at her, his eyes telling her he loved her. But she also saw his eyes hardened with lust. He had always asked her for anal sex and she had refused him. And now she was going to be deflowered right there. In her anus! Right in front of her tied husband!

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