tagInterracial LoveVirgin Party Girl Ch. 03

Virgin Party Girl Ch. 03

byMarla B©

(See prior chapters in Virgin Party Girl series...)

As my relationship with Steve progressed, he got increasingly possessive. While he never found out what I did, maybe he sensed something. He started putting me down, telling me I was stupid or something. Even though he was mean to me outside the bedroom, once in bed he was still gentle as a lamb - and always done in a few minutes. He was also insanely jealous of any guy that paid me any attention, even if it was innocent. But the last straw was the time this guy started chatting me up at school. Steve walked in on the conversation and just looked pissed. The guy happened to be black and, when he left, Steve start saying derogatory things. He even used the n-word. I was shocked and upset. He had made a few comments in the past that left me wondering, but nothing this blatantly offensive.

That's when I knew I was going to break up with Steve. And I knew just what I had to do to make sure he'd never want me back again.

A few weekends later, I told Steve I was spending Friday night with a few girlfriends. Boy, was he pissed. He said he wanted to drive out to the lake with me and "hang out". But I told him no.

Instead, I went to a house party some friends were having. I had asked around beforehand and found out some of the guys from the basketball team would be there, especially Joey. He was a real player. He liked to brag. Everybody knew who he had fucked and who he wanted to fuck. I wasn't on the latter list but, by the end of the night, I hoped to be on the former. I just knew Steve would hear about it but, to make sure, I put my mini-camcorder in my bag.

Dressing in a black mini and mesh top, I put on black fingernail polish and dark lipstick. To look even hotter, I wore my black sheer cling stockings and heels. When I got there, Joey wasn't at the party yet. But about four shots and a few beers later, he showed up - alone.

I made a beeline toward him and we talked. I smiled a lot and pushed my hair behind my ear as we chatted. Soon we were dancing together. At some point, I asked if we could sit down and, as we headed toward a couch, I felt especially bold and whispered, "We could sit down, or we could find a room and you can fuck me."

Joey smiled wide and said, "It's about time." His teeth were so white compared to his dark black complexion and I looked up into his eyes. I stumbled slightly and his arm reached around me and held me up. At 6'3" he was nearly a foot taller than me and seemed so strong.

Once we found an empty bedroom, he sat on the edge on the bed. I put my bag on a dresser, and pulled the camcorder out a bit -- hitting 'record' -- as I pointed it in the direction of the bed.

I then did a slow striptease, dancing to the music in the living room, as I took off my top. I had no bra on and my nipples were already so hard. I gyrated to the music and twisted my nipples for a bit, then slowly shimmied out of my skirt. I had no panties on. I hadn't shaved in a couple of weeks so had a fine feathering of blonde pubes just above my pussy lips. I slipped a finger in me as I danced. God, I was so wet already!

"I'm gonna fuck you so good," Joey muttered as he began undressing. I watched and continued to dance. When he took off his pants and lowered his briefs, he was already erect and I found myself staring at what looked like an 11" cock! It wasn't too thick but, boy, was it long.

I started to roll down one of my stockings but Joey said, "No, leave them and your shoes on" so I did. He then stood up by the side of the bed and motioned me over. I crawled over the bed and, on hands and knees, was face to face with his member. Joey lowered it to my mouth and I tongued the tip for a minute or so before opening up so he could slide it in my mouth. He grabbed me by the back of my head and began pushing his length in and out. Each time he went in he went a little deeper. Since the camera was pointed toward the foot of the bed I just knew this side view of me blowing him was being picked up fine. At some point I felt him hit the back of my mouth and he stopped there.

"Ever deep throat a big black one?" he said, before slowly pushing forward. I guess I was lucky I got my tonsils out when I was younger, because I didn't choke and it kept sliding in further. I felt my throat tightly expanding as his cock muscled its way down. When close to three inches was in my throat alone, Joey told me to start swallowing. I did, massaging his cock each time I swallowed.

"Oh, yeah," he said, then started pulling his length out. As he continued to thrust in and out, he began going faster and faster, each time my throat accommodating his length a bit more. Soon, his hands gripping the back of my head, he was face fucking me hard.

I felt so used. It got me so hot. I reached down between my legs and started rubbing my clit furiously. I could feel my drool running down my chin each time he pulled out. My eyes were watering but it all felt so good. Finally, he slammed the entire length of his cock down my throat and moaned. Before I could start to choke I felt his cock head expand, he began nutting straight down my throat and this sent me over the edge. He pulled out quickly, shooting two streams of cum onto my lips and chin before I collapsed onto the bed and twitched uncontrollably - my whole body tingling - in orgasm.

"Turn around and roll over onto your back," Joey said. I laid on my back and, kneeling by the side of the bed, he lifted my legs from under the knees - spreading them as he did - and lowered his mouth to my pussy. As he did, I turned my head toward the hidden camera and slowly fingered his cum off my chin and lips. With each fingerful I opened my mouth and licked it clean.

As I was doing this, Joey began swirling his tongue over my clit. He slipped two fingers into my pussy and slowly finger fucked me as he increased the pace and pressure on my clit.

After six or seven minutes of this, "Oh god," I cried out, "that feels so good!"

And it did. My face toward the camera, I bit my lower lip and closed my eyes. I was breathing so heavy. I always liked when Steve went down on me but it usually took longer before he got me off. But I was so close now. Part of me thought it was because Joey was really good at this, but part of me knew I was getting off on the fact Steve would see the video later.

"Please...faster," I said, as I ran my fingers through Joey's hair, pushing his head into me harder. "Yes... I’m gonna cum.. Oh, that’s it... yes!”

After another minute or so, an incredible orgasm shot up my spine as I began bucking against Joey's mouth. "I'm cumming! Oh fuck, yeah!"

Joey pulled away and, without a word, headed into the bathroom. My legs dropped over the bed, still twitching slightly.

I called out, "My boyfriend has never gotten me off that hard or fast!"

"So, you do have a boyfriend, huh?" Joey called out as he returned to the bedroom. "Well, let's find out if your guy has ever done this."

He told me to get on my hands and knees. I did, facing the foot of the bed. I saw Joey had a small bottle of something in his hand. He also had a condom on now. He got behind me so I figured he was going to do me doggy style. I was kinda right. He pushed down between my shoulder blades and I got in what he called the "kitty position."

I then felt him pouring something oily onto the crack of my ass. Soon, he began working his fingers, and the oil, into my ass. Oh my god... he was going to do me anally! I had never let Steve, or anybody, fuck my ass! I was kinda scared but felt so nasty.

Before too long, I felt the tip of his cock at my opening. He worked it into my ass and started pushing himself into me slowly. God, it burned. But he'd stop every few seconds or so, letting me adjust.

After about six or seven inches were in me, Joey stopped and said, "How many times has your boyfriend done this?"


"Good," he said, and then started fucking me hard. It really hurt for more than a few minutes but, slowly but surely, the pain was joined by a growing pleasure. I felt like such a slut! I instinctively reached for my pussy and again rubbed my clit. I kept my eyes focused directly on the camera.

Soon, I felt another orgasm building. He was ravaging my ass so rough and said he really loved breaking in white sluts this way. I had never felt so full! I was moaning by then and told him, "Don't stop."

I was so close. I was literally panting. I stared into the camera - my free arm gripping the sheets - and, as I exploded into orgasm, just knew it had caught my eyes rolling back into head. I screamed out loud.

As my shuddering subsided, Joey pulled out and slipped off his condom. Then, with me still in that "kitty position", he rammed his entire length into my pussy. I was so soaked by then, he had no problem bottoming out in me. I clutched the sheets in front of me with both hands. Grabbing me by the hips, he slammed into me for about five minutes before stopping and - with his entire length still in me - cried out as his balls pumped shot after shot of hot cum into my pussy.

With him still in me, Joey haltingly asked, "So where's your boyfriend now?"

"At home I guess."

"Why aren't you with him?"

"He only wanted to go up to the lake to have sex. That gets so boring after a while."

Reaching over the edge of the bed, Joey fished his pants off the floor. I heard him fumbling for something in his pocket and, then, he handed me his cell phone.

"Call him. Ask him if you can come over now."

Without questions, I called Steve. With Joey's cock still in me, I talked to my boyfriend. He invited me over.

After the call, Joey and I disengaged ourselves. I sat at the foot of the bed and opened my legs. I spread my pussy and fingered myself gently. I could see Joey's cum slick against my pussy lips and matted onto my pubes. It was thick and white, he had creamed me good. Even without zooming in, I knew the camera was picking it up. There was just so much cum.

I started toward the bathroom when Joey asked, "Where do you think you're going?"

"To clean up."

"No," Joey told me, "go over to your boyfriend's like that." I had already seen some of Joey's cum leaking out of me, so started to protest when he added, "I want you to fuck him with me still inside you. And you better hurry so too much doesn't leak out."

Oh God. This was so totally nasty. But I knew if I wanted Steve out of my life this would be the final insult. So I quickly got dressed, kissed Joey goodnight, and drove over to my boyfriend's.

When I got there, about 5 minutes later, Steve was laying on his bed wearing just his boxers. He had probably been playing with himself after I called because he was already hard. I undressed and slipped into his bed. When he reached for a condom, I told him, "No, let's do it without one tonight."

He looked at me questioningly so I lied and told him I was on the pill now -- but wanted to surprise him so hadn't said anything. I was still kinda wasted and, like always, whenever I got drunk I always "forgot" protection.

We made out for a few minutes and then Steve started suckling my nipples. Soon, he began working his way down to my stomach, kissing my body as he went. But before he got any further I got scared, knowing he'd freak out totally if he went down on me and discovered my pussy sticky wet with white gobs of another guy's cum.

So I pulled him gently up by the hair and said he should fuck me. He was on top of me and slide in so easy then said, "You are so wet tonight. I don't think you've ever felt so hot inside either."

That alone almost sent me over the top. Steve began pounding my sopping pussy and within just a few minutes - as I replayed the earlier part of the evening over and over in my head - I just knew I was going to cum.

"Don't stop! I'm so close... faster... oh yeah... ohhhh...", I moaned.

"God, you must been horny! You've never gotten off like this before." Steve whispered.

Just then, my orgasm hit and my body thrashed wildly under Steve. I dug my nails into his back and clamped my spread legs down hard onto his ass, pushing him further into me. My toes curled tightly as I threw my head back into the pillow. This completely set him off. I felt him spew his load into me, and I moaned, "Fuck! I'm cumming! Oh, Joey! Yes!"

Steve immediately pulled out of me and leaped off the bed. His face was red with anger. "Who the hell is Joey?" he demanded.

I answered that it wasn't important. I explained that I had wanted to break up with him for a while and this was our last time together. He wanted to know why. I said it was hard to explain in person but that I had made a "video diary" that would answer both his questions . He angrily grabbed the videotape I had pulled out of my bag and said I should leave. So I did.

Steve never confronted me later about the tape's contents. But the guys at school were soon looking at me different. I don't know who talked - Steve or Joey. Probably both.

I soon found myself hanging out with Joey, and his friends, more often. Mostly at the mall and stuff.

Then, one Saturday afternoon, Joey called me at home. He invited me to a party him and his friends were having that night. He said it was a private party. I only realized once I got there just how "private" it was.

But that's a story for another time...

(Part IV coming soon)

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