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Virgin Princess


Mera felt like a sack of potatoes as she was bounced around on a horse at full gallop with Kadar's arm tightly around her waist. She had been sleeping peacefully in her bed when she felt Kadar's hand cover her mouth and his body pinning her down.

"If you breathe a word, you die," he whispered into her ear. "Do you understand?" he asked as she nodded, tears already streaming down her face. "Good. You're father will pay handsomely to have you back," he laughed.

With that, he forced her out of her castle without even letting her put something over her thin, white nightgown. Kadar had no trouble leaving the palace, clearly having planned out this kidnapping in advance since all the guards that would have been there were knocked out cold. Mera also suspected that Kadar had not acted alone, which was revealed as true as they entered the woods just outside the gates of her home.

There were six other men and about a dozen horses several yards into the dense woods, waiting for their leader. Mera felt so exposed in only her nightgown as the men eyed her with lecherous intentions. She thought she would be given her own mount since there were so many horses, but of course, it would have been all to easy for her to escape, so Kadar forced her in front of him where he could ensure she couldn't escape.

They rode hard for several hours, covering a lot of ground before the sky started to lighten. Mera had still yet to utter a single word, this whole journey, fearing what would happen if she did. It was incredibly hard not to protest the indignities Kadar objected her too, though, but every time she felt like saying something, she just closed her eyes and bit her lip, praying this was all just a horrible dream. She knew it was not, though. Kadar was proof of that.

Throughout the ride, Mera was painfully aware of her lack of clothing. She was forced to sit astride Kadar's horse instead of side saddle as she was used to. This was painful enough because of how large his mount was between her legs and there was only her thin cotton underwear between her and the saddle, but her nightgown was also pushed up to her thighs, exposing her legs to the cold night air and the eyes of Kadar's men. There was also nothing holding her large breasts and it was painful as they bounced with the horses gait. Because of this, she was almost thankful when Kadar grabbed them, because they no longer bounced painfully, but the indignity was too much.

As dawn approached, Kadar and his men slowed their pace, allowing the horses to rest a bit. Mera would have been glad at this slowed pace, but it allowed Kadars hands more freedom as he could guide his horse with just his knees.

He grabbed her breast in full now, groping. "These are quite beautiful," he whispered in her ear. "It's a pity, they're wasted on a little virgin princess like yourself."

Mera whimpered slightly as he kneaded her soft flesh, but she quickly stopped when it caused him to dig his nails into her tender breasts. After a while, he let go of her, and Mera wanted to breathe a sigh of relief, but forced it back. Kadar placed his hands on the bottom of her thighs, where her nightgown ended and started to pull up the only thing covering her sore legs. As he did this, Mera tried not to wince, but to no avail.

"You're not used to having such a thick beast between your legs are you?" Kadar laughed. Knowing he wanted an answer, she shook her head slightly, still not daring to speak. "Well, that's not the only beast you'll have between your legs by the end of the day," Kadar smiled evilly.

Mera didn't quite understand what he meant, but she knew it would not be good, especially when she felt him completely uncover her thighs and move his hand between her legs. His fingers worked their way under her underwear and started to make slow circles, causing Mera to jump slightly. She had never felt anything like this before and she wanted him to stop, but had not idea how, she was completely in his power.

After a while, Kadar stopped the slow circles, but before Mera could rejoice, he had stuck a finger up inside her. "You little whore," Kadar spat in her ear. "You're enjoying this. You should feel how wet you are." Mera didn't understand what he meant, but she couldn't think about it for long because soon he had stuck another finger inside her, pumping them in and out. This second finger was painful and he didn't keep it in for long. "I don't want to loosed you up too much," he explained. "I like me a tight virgin pussy milking my cock."

He soon removed the other finger as well, but he started up the slow circles again, pinching at the flesh down there, causing her to squirm. It wasn't long before she felt something building inside her and he seemed to feel it too, because he stopped suddenly. "We can't have you cumming yet," he told her. "I bet you've never even had an orgasm before, is that right?"

Mera nodded this time, confirming his guess, even though she still did not know what he was talking about.

"That's just sad, an 18 year old princess like yourself and you don't know anything about sex."

By midday they were far enough away from Mera's home that Kadar felt safe enough to call for a halt. His men made a quick camp to eat and rest. They set up only one tent several horse lengths away from the camp. This was clearly for Kadar, since it was only big enough to hold a few people, not the whole group. Kadar didn't allow Mera to eat much before dragging her into the tent. The bottom of the tent was made up of a few blankets, but they were so thin, Mera could still feel every rock underneath them when she was thrown to the ground.

Mera barely had time to catch her breath and look at her surroundings before Kadar was on top of her, pushing up her nightgown and pawing at her breasts.

"Please," she begged quietly, the first time she had spoken since she was taken. "I must remain chaste."

Instead of slapping her as she had expected, he merely laughed cruelly, "I won't tell if you won't."

A single tear slid down Mera's cheek as Kadar removed her nightgown completely leaving her bare save for her thin underwear. To her horror, he lowered his mouth to her breasts, sucking and nibbling on them, making her nipples hard from the attention. As he did this, his hand travelled back down to the place between her legs and he started making slow circles again, reminding her of of the feeling that had built inside her before.

It wasn't long before he stopped his ministrations and his head travelled down to the place between her legs, confusing her. She yelped slightly when she felt his tongue licking her and darting in and out of inside her. It didn't take much of this attention to bring the feeling of something building inside her back, but as soon as that started, he sensed it and stopped.

"I told you, I can't have you cumming yet," he laughed. With that he began undressing himself and Mera's eyes widened in shock when she saw what lay between his legs. She knew men were different down there as she had seen the bulges in the trousers of the men back home, but she had no idea that his giant, reddish purple, thing would be what was hidden. "Do you like my cock?" Kadar asked, seeing where Mera's eyes were transfixed. "You can touch it if you want," he laughed, grabbing her hand and guiding it down to his rock hard member.

Mera was shocked to feel how hard and how hot it was. Kadar wrapped her hand around it and started working it up and down the shaft, causing her shock to be replaced by shame and guilt at her fascination.

"Get up on your knees," Kadar ordered her and she obeyed quickly, albeit reluctantly. He kept her hand on his cock as he stood, positioning it right in front of her face, making her eyes widen once again. "Now put it in your mouth," he instructed her, "suck my cock."

Mera wanted to protest, she surely could not fit it inside her mouth, her hand had barely fit around it and it was as long as her forearm, but his cock was rubbing against her lips and as soon as she opened her mouth to say something, he shoved it inside, choking her slightly.

"I don't want to feel any teeth whatsoever," he told her. "If I do, you won't like the consequences." Mera understood and made sure to keep her mouth wide open as he pumped his throbbing member in and out of her mouth. With every thrust, he went deeper into her throat and she kept trying to push him out as she couldn't breath, but the more she fought, the deeper he went and the longer he held her in place. Finally she had the whole thing down her throat and he could see the bulge of his cock in her throat. Now he taught her how to suck and lick it, bobbing her head up and down to give him the maximum pleasure. She really was a fast learner, he thought, groaning in pleasure.

It was a good thing he had plenty of self control or he would not have lasted long at all. He was also glad that at how quickly he could recover because it allowed him to empty his first load in her mouth to watch as she was forced to swallow. She was barely done cleaning him before he was at full attention again. This time, he positioned his cock outside of her pussy, rubbing up and down before plunging in.

Mera cried out in pain, she had never had anything inside of her before and Kadar was so big. He had hoped it bury his cock all the way in her, but she was so tight that he only made it halfway before taking it all the way out and shoving roughly back in, causing her to cry out again, tears flowing freely down her face now. "Damn this pussy is so tight!" Kadar said. "I don't know how long I can last with you milking my cock like that." He kept thrusting into her as hard as he could, burying himself completely inside her. Mera was glad that at least he could go no further as he rubbed her insides raw.

It wasn't long before she became accustomed to his size and the pain started to turn to pleasure and for the third time that day, she felt something building inside her. Determined to feel this orgasm Kadar had been talking about, she thrust her hips with his, intensifying the sensation.

Kadar noticed this and stopped immediately. "I told you, you don't get to cum until I allow you to. Just for this little display, I'll have to punish you," he told her. Secretly he was thrilled that she was giving in and fucking him back, but he jumped at the excuse to violate her further. He pulled out of her and flipped her over, pulling her hips up to him. He entered her a few time from behind, just to get a bit more of her pussy juice on his cock before positioning his dick at her tiny asshole.

As soon as Mera felt where Kadar had moved his cock, she squirmed relentlessly, hoping he didn't really mean to enter her there. Kadar smacked her bottom hard, leaving a mark. "The more you move, the more this will hurt," Kadar told her. "Now just relax because my dick is going in here no matter what."

Mera lay still, resigned to her fate as Kadar pushed slowly into her tiny asshole. She winced in pain, trying not to cry out, but failing miserably.

Kadar was surprised at how small her asshole really was. He could barely get the tip of his cock inside, but he was determined and slowly, he got the whole thing inside and began to slowly pump in and out. Her tight ass would have made him cum immediately if he hadn't already came once already. He managed to hold off his orgasm, though, as his pace quickened, loosening her up. It wasn't long before Mera's whimpers turned to moans, arousing him further. While he pumped in and out of her, he grabbed her breasts again, pulling her towards him and driving into her even harder, making her moan even louder. He grinned, knowing his men could probably hear her. In order to make sure they could, he reached his hand down and started circling her clit as he had done before. This did the trick and her moans intensified, leaving Kadar no doubt that his men would hear her.

"Do you want to cum?" Kadar whispered in her ear. "Do you want to feel how amazing it is to orgasm?"

"Yes," Mera whispered quietly, still ashamed of what she was doing.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't hear that," Kadar told her, stopping his circles and pulling all the way out of her before thrusting back into her with all his force.

"Please," Mera screamed, for the whole camp to hear. "Fuck me! Let me cum! I'll do anything if you just let me cum!"

"That's a good slut," Kadar laughed as he drove into her as fast as he could while pinching her clit hard. He felt her ass tighten around his cock as her orgasm hit her, making him unload in her ass.

Mera felt amazing as waves of pleasure washed over her, almost causing her to pass out. She almost protested when she felt Kadar remove his cock, but she remembered her situation and held her tongue. All she wanted to do was collapse onto the ground and fall asleep, but Kadar roughly grabbed her, dragging her to her feet.

She didn't have the strength to fight him as he dragged her, naked with his cum dripping out of her ass, out of the tent and into the middle of the camp where all eyes were raking over her.

"A good leader shares the spoils, right men?" Kadar asked the camp. They all cheered, agreeing with him as Mera realized what he meant.

"No, please, no!" she protested, begging him.

"I let you cum," Kadar reminded her. "You said you would do anything if I let you have an orgasm."

"Anything, but this," Mera tried to reason with him, but he wasn't having it.

"I can't deny my men their turn," he told her. "A leader that doesn't share, gets killed." With that he threw her to the ground in front of his men and walked off, back to his tent.

He barely reached it before the men were undressed with their hands all over her and a cock in every one of her holes, building her back up to another orgasm.

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