tagChain StoriesVirtual Reality: Pokemon D/P Ch. 4

Virtual Reality: Pokemon D/P Ch. 4


Virtual Realities: Pokemon Diamond/Pearl

Episode 4: Familiar Faces

Disclaimer: this story is a work of fiction based on the characters in the video game: Pokemon: Diamond/Pearl. I make no claims of ownership towards these characters, only the twisted things they do in this story belong to me. If you find this story on any site except Literotica, it has been stolen from me, I would appreciate you letting me know! Enjoy the story, and remember: Feedback is crack for writers!

Please note, I have extensive knowledge on the subject and have double checked with online research. All characters involved in sexual activities in these stories are above the age of 18 in both the game and the show. No "aging up" or other literary tricks were used to make characters legal age.

In the months that I had been trapped in the strange and wonderful world of impossible technology and sentient furballs, I've come to a few conclusions. First, both the show and the game lie! They make it look so easy to get from one place to the next. True, the show remembers to show stops for lunch and dinner, not to mention the occasional naps, but the truth is it takes days, even weeks to simply go from one town to the next!

By the way, you can't get toilet paper at a pokemart. I practically had to special order it. Worse still, I could have bought a Hyper Potion for what it cost just for one roll!

You don't even want to know where to go to get condoms! With all of the adult rules battles going on, you'd think they'd be a staple product. Apparently, sex ed isn't on the curriculum. If not for random challenges (yes, both women and men), I'd have begun to think the whole thing was some sort of giant conspiracy. A joke they play on newcomers to their world.

Along with the sheer time it takes, they never bother to show how poor the condition of the roads are. Many of them are nothing more than forest paths. And you know the old joke about having to walk uphill...in the snow...both ways? Yeah, I still haven't managed to figure out the laws of physics on that one, but some of the time it certainly seems like I'm living in an M.C. Escher nature painting. There, at least, the game actually does it a little better than the show since there's the occasional hill you can't get up without the right equipment or pokemon.

Thankfully, the bike makes everything a bit easier. A four-by-four would be nicer still, but I have yet to find a gas station. I've seen the cars but never got a chance to ask how they fuel it as they zipped by. For all I know, horsepower means a ponyta under the hood in near-Flintstones style methodology.

All that travel, however, has been good on my physique. Pretty much dawn 'til dusk I'm riding my bike. Better yet, there's no microwaves in the middle of a forest for me to nuke a meal. Hamburger Helpers are a bit clunky to pack for travel and fast-food chains are about as scarce as the aforementioned microwave.

I was a bit overweight when this all started. Now I'm pretty svelte. I'm not ripped or anything, but then again I've never had that body type. I can finally accept the hungry stares I get when I run into the other adults on my journey. And now, they're not just limited to the mysterious x-ray vision riveted on my groin either.

One final difference seemed to be more between the show and the game. After pure trial and error, I had discovered that the show had one thing right over the game. Pokemon could remember five moves at a time, not four.

"Hey! You!"

I looked up from my campfire. I was finally on the edge of civilization once more. Solaceon town looked pretty small, probably without even a gym to speak of, but it provided a break from the endless trails I'd been on.

There was no way that I could have mistaken the angry woman who stood ten feet from me, with her hands on her hips. Since the very first game and anime came out, there's only two major women who consistently appear in the mythos; Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny. I was too far out of town for Joy to have any reason to wander at night and the blue uniform was a dead giveaway anyway.

"Yes, officer Jenny? What can I do for you?" I replied amicably. Just because she was pissed didn't mean I had to respond with negativity. Besides, I'd found, through many years of life, that cops simply aren't going to trust me. Probably the fact that I dress all in black, including a trench coat (regardless of the heat) and am six feet tall.

"Where'd you get that food?"

Startled, my eyes glanced left and right in search of the hidden cameras. After the trip I'd been on, I was pretty much down to the dregs of what I had. That was one of the reasons I'd headed to Solaceon, despite the lack of a gym. Time to restock.

"Oreburg City?" I took a shot in the dark. It had been my last gym battle so I probably had stocked up then. There might have been a town or two along the way but I hadn't passed through Hearthome. I'd been told the gym leader was out of town, so I'd decided to give it a pass and stop back again on my travels.

"Right. I'm supposed to believe that." Jenny glared. "You have any proof?"

I stared at her, mouth agape. No, I didn't have proof. I don't think the people of Sinnoh had ever heard of receipts. If they had, I'd never seen a printer for one, much less been given one. I gave them the money and they gave me supplies. Record keeping for the corporations must be horrendous.

"Nooooooo." I drawled out.

"Right, then. I'm taking you in for stealing food from the farms."

I blinked. My hand twitched towards the pokeballs on my belt. I was fairly certain I could wipe the floor with her but it certainly wouldn't look all that good if I did. "Excuse me?"

"Pokemon trainers have been wandering through recently and the farms keep turning up with missing crops." She replied as if the line of logic made perfect sense. To a degree, I had to admit that it did. There was just one itsy-bitsy little flaw in the logic.

"I've got plenty of money. Why on Earth would I bother to steal food I can buy a hundred times over?" She opened her mouth to reply, looking only a little confused, but I rolled right over her. My annoyance had kicked in, as it often does when presented with idle stupidity.

"There's absolutely no proof that it's the trainers who've been taking the food, or else you'd have gone after them. How do we know an aipom hasn't suddenly moved in and started swiping things? What about Team Rocket or some other band of miscreants?

"Even if there has been a particularly morally lax bunch of trainers through here that have stolen from your farmers, that's no excuse to automatically assume that I fit into the same category. I know for a fact you have know proof I've done any such thing because I haven't.

"And, finally, if you're looking to scapegoat me, since I happen to be handy, for all of the crimes then I'll simply point out that I've been en route from Oreburg for weeks. It can be confirmed with a simple call when I received the Coal Badge from Roark. The travel time alone would prohibit being able to have committed any thefts."

When my rant finally ended, Officer Jenny at least had the decency to look more than a little sheepish. There are some people, even those in positions of authority, who tend to resent when their flawed logic is pointed out. It doesn't usually help when it's been done in such a blunt fashion.

"You're right." She mumbled, unable to meet my accusing gaze now. "I'm sorry to have bothered you. If you could, please keep a look out for suspicious characters."

I had to admit, however, Jenny could be cute enough when she wasn't threatening to arrest me. Besides, as one of the two longest running adult women in the franchise, I was kind of shocked I hadn't run into her yet. Much less thought to challenge her to a little adult rules fun. My hand curled around one of my pokeballs and reared back to announce my challenge when a voice came out of nowhere behind me.

"I wouldn't."

I spun around, surprised by the interruption. Jenny, eyes narrow in suspicion, pulled her accusing glare off of me long enough to check out the newcomer. After a moment of recognition, they snapped back. Her hand hovered close to her own pokeball, ready to draw should I complete my own actions.

Although her dark clothes went a long way towards hiding her at night, the long blond hair and pale flesh of her limited cleavage practically glowed. It had been months since I'd come across her (not to mention in her mouth). While it was good to see a familiar face, I didn't understand why she'd just stopped me from battling. After all, it had been she who had pointed me in the direction of my second conquest in Sinnoh.

"Good evening, Officer Jenny. I'm glad to see you are being diligent in keeping the farms safe."

"Good evening, Cynthia." The other woman replied. Her tone was incredibly friendly, maybe even a little sultry. That tone made me do a double-take. Although subtle, I could see the hungry glances she shifted towards the newcomer.

My hand, dumbly still cocked back to throw my pokeball like an ultra-spaz, dropped to my side. Officer Jenny's didn't shift from her prepared stance, though her gaze more fully settled on Cynthia. I could almost see in her eyes the debate over whether or not to challenge her to a battle. There was no doubt in anyone's mind that the pokemon wielding policewoman would lose to the Sinnoh League Champion but there was a strong drive to put herself at the sexual mercy of the imposing woman. I couldn't say I blamed her one bit, already knowing the prowess that lithe body held.

"Well, we'll let you go back about your business, officer. It's been a while and I think Lynx and I have some catching up to do."

There was no doubt that Officer Jenny recognized the dismissal for what it was. As an officer of the law, she could probably come up with any number of reasons to stick around but the chances of getting what she wanted if she pressed the issue were slim to none. She conceded to the obvious, bid us each a safe night, and left.

I turned my attention fully to Cynthia. In the months that had passed since our first encounter, I might have forgotten how attractive she was. My body certainly hadn't. Even before I'd turned to discover the identity of the newcomer, a pulse of life echoed from my groin. Now that I focused on her, my pants quickly grew too tight for comfort.

Cynthia slowly looked me up and down. The first time she'd seen me, there had been a hunger in her eyes when she scoped me out. Then, it had focused mostly on that bulge in my pants. This time, she seemed hard-pressed to keep her gaze on any one part of me. True, her eyes kept returning between my legs but they never stayed long.

It really was the single largest compliment anyone had ever paid me. It made me both proud and embarrassed at the same time. Her fingers had begun to twitch towards her companion pokemon and I relished the thought of a rematch.

"I see you've done well for yourself over the last few months." It must have taken no little force of will to drag her eyes off of my now-firm stomach and pointedly note the four pokeballs on my belt. "How many badges do you have so far?"

"Four." I admitted proudly. I'd worked hard for them. I knew I was only halfway there, but at least I had shown the proper initiative.

"Very good." She complimented. "Maybe it's time for a rematch then?"

I smiled back, the look just as feral as hers. "Adult rules, then?"

She nodded. "Of course! Though, with only four badges, I can't properly battle you with a full compliment. If you had eight badges, I wouldn't feel bad about taking on your four with six of my own. As it is, I think a two-on-two would be appropriate."

I didn't have to acknowledge her challenge. It was enough when I slipped a pokeball from my belt and pointed it. "Poe, come on out!"

After all this time, and another pokemon on my belt, my poor little murkrow was still my weakest pokemon. The poor little bird had a penchant for fainting at the slightest hit. I figured he was probably only level ten or so. Unfortunately, he never survived enough battles to get him up a level.

Cynthia pulled out what looked like a giant pink slug. Curious, I tried my pokedex. Thankfully, the stupid little thing does have a mute feature so I was able to skim the data about a third as quickly as it would have taken the dumb device to speak. Evolved form...yadda yadda...shell on its back...yadda yadda...

I really don't know why anyone bothers to use the thing. I suppose there's probably a place to go on it that will tell you more than the encyclopedia highlights, give you the vital stats, but it won't without catching them. Once you have one, it's not like you need to know. After all, you've already proven you know how to beat it. Give the damn thing to the kiddies for pre-school growing up and let the rest of us figure it out on our own.

Well, I knew it was a gastrodon. Both from looks and the strange name, I guessed it was a water type. I really wanted to call out Lita to take it on. Unfortunately, I only had one pokemon to use to take on two of hers and I figured that garchomp would be her other. It was her trademark companion.

"Gastrodon, stone edge!" "Poe, return!"

Cynthia looked a little confused as the red energy once more poured out of my pokeball and stole her easy victory. He'd have been toast, even if she hadn't used type advantage against me. The shards of stone flew through the now-empty air and buried into the dirt where my poor bird had been.

I shrugged. "He needs the XP."

The look of understanding that crossed her face spoke that all trainers had gone through the same thing at one point or another. A moment later, she realized that I could only battle her at two-to-one odds. She couldn't help but grin in anticipation of her victory. Last time she'd shown me what her mouth could do. This time, I'm sure she hoped a demand of the favor returned.

I wasn't as sure of the outcome as I would have liked. I could have called on my empolion, to hedge my bets, but, like Poe, I had other pokemon who needed to train up a bit. Besides, I wasn't exactly averse to being at her mercy this time. "Jive, your turn!"

Red light poured out of the pokeball in my hand and quickly formed into a tiny little bullet-shaped, shark-like, pokemon. Cynthia's eyes widened for a moment before they narrowed in speculation. She was intimately familiar with the little guy. After all, her favorite pokemon had once evolved from one.

Gible, it turns out, is a ground/dragon dual type. Although the "g" at the beginning of his name is hard, when followed by the "i" I thought it should be soft and named the little bugger accordingly. "Jibe" lacked a bit of flair, so it ended up as "Jive". Yeah, it hurts even my brain to think about these logic processes. So I don't. It just happens naturally.

I didn't wait to see what Cynthia would do. I was a bit of the underdog there so it didn't hurt to take the initiative. "Jive, use strength."

One might think that a two-foot tall bullet of a pokemon wouldn't have much strength to put into an attack, but the little guy is more than he appears. He wobbled forward on his stunted legs. Fortunately, a slug isn't any quicker and it was easy enough to catch up.

Cynthia didn't give me a chance for a free hit, however. Her voice was calm and confident as she gave her orders. "Gastrodon, muddy water."

A gible's dragon type helps to negate some of the effectiveness of water attacks against a ground type. Unfortunately, that just means it's pure strength against resilience. I'd never fought her pokemon before so I flinched slightly as the jet of soiled water flooded in. Jive staggered noticeably under the force of the attack but kept moving. The aerodynamic body helped divert much of the blow, even if not all of it.

Now, only feet away from each other, I decided to try a page out of the anime rather than the more straightforward fights of the games. "Jive, target the ground in front of it!"

Cynthia's face screwed up in confusion as my little dragon-shark pounded its considerable strength into the rocks right before it could attack her giant slug. Thankfully, the laws of physics seemed to apply, in this case, and the recoil from the attack sent Jive airborne.

"Jive, use cut! Aim for the head!"

The unexpected combination left Cynthia too distracted to order a follow up attack that might have saved her. Forty-five pounds of ground pokemon came barreling down from the heights. As he spun, the fin on his back began to glow with the new attack. His aim was true and he smacked the slug hard, avoiding the thick shell that could have protected it.

It was kind of funny to watch my opponent's pokemon sway like an entranced viper before it collapsed on its side. Still in shock, it took Cynthia a moment before she pulled out the pokeball and summoned her fainted pokemon.

"Garchomp, your turn!"

Thank God most NPCs don't bother to name their pokemon! Even before the energy had coalesced into an impossibly large dragon, I already had my next command on the tip of my tongue. "Jive, dragon rush!"

I'd beaten Cynthia's garchomp before, so I knew it wasn't invincible. I wasn't confident, however, that my little gible was enough higher level than her garchomp. As an evolved form of my pokemon, hers would be considerably stronger than mine unless I had a significant level advantage.

Jive began to glow. Energy seemed to flash out of the strange little oblongs attached to his head and propelled him forward like a rocket. His head sunk down, prepared to strike his opponent with the fin on his head.

Cynthia's eyes widened. Whatever fear or surprise she felt, however, she was much quicker on the uptake this time. Her commands flew out with precision. "Garchomp, dodge then dragon rush!"

As quick as her commands were, they weren't fast enough, or maybe they came a hair too early. Garchomp spread her winged arms. Her legs coiled and she launched herself into the air. Still far enough away, a slight shift of his head allowed my gible to adjust his aim. He swooped up after his fleeing opponent.

Garchomp had just begun to glow with her own version of the attack when gible slammed into her stomach. Light poured out behind the two as the crashed into the nearest tree. I crossed my fingers and waited to see the outcome. Dragons are weak against dragon type attacks, which makes it doubly effective. Given that Jive is also a dragon that makes the damage four times greater than normal. I could only hope that it was enough.

My gible staggered backwards, away from the impact. Cynthia's garchomp landed heavily on her feet and glared at the annoyance at the tiny form that had attacked her. It didn't look very good. Then, the garchomp took a single step towards her enemy and fell flat on her face.

Cynthia calmly recalled her most powerful pokemon with an enigmatic smile. "Very good! My heart is pounding so hard...because I had such a heated battle with you."

There was no question that she'd added the last part purely for the record. She hadn't expected to lose and now she looked forward to the results.

As I slowly closed the distance between us, a flick of my hand recalled Jive. She stood, somehow both formal and relaxed, and waited for me to approach. In many ways, she had been my mentor to this world. I'd beaten her twice now, and it was time to show her a little of what I had learned, both in this world and my own.

My hand reached upwards. Her chest thrust forward, slightly, in anticipation as her breath caught. I could read the disappointment in her body when I bypassed her breast and placed it gently on her shoulder. Her beauty was stunning but I had the feeling that somewhere deep inside she still felt self-conscious about her breasts. With so many women in the world with D-cups or larger, her "mere Bs" were probably her biggest source of failure.

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