Vision of the Spirit Ch. 08


"I think you're beautiful," said Hannah, and meant it. She'd never been close to a woman with child before. The voluptuous, fertilized body intrigued her. Before things went too far, she wanted to give Annie one last chance to stop. "Big Willie is a lucky man."

Annie looked down at the floor, and said, "Thank you." She moved away, sat on the edge of the bed, and appeared subdued. Her mussed red hair and creamy, freckled skin gave her a pregnant fairy like quality. A moment later, she lay back and Hannah spied a tuft of red hair between her legs. Annie began to play with herself. First the right nipple, her fingers teased around the tip until it grew large with excitement. Then she twisted the spongy nub. A while later, the free hand slipped between her legs and toyed in the folds.

Hannah began to feel aroused by watching the erotic exhibition. She also felt a little selfish. Annie hadn't been demanding. In fact she'd said, 'please'. Annie had been kind all night -- brought her home, soaked her feet, offered to let her stay, and now she probably felt rejected.

She went to the bed and lay down beside Annie. Her green eyes flashed open. They locked onto hers. "May I help?"

Annie removed her hands and nodded yes. "I'd like that, very much."

Hannah looked her over. The freckled chest was already pink with excitement. Both nipples were tight and extended, expecting attention. "I'd like to kiss you, is that all right?"

She barely nodded.

Her mouth was soft and compliant.

As they explored, Hannah pressed against her, excited by the feel of the motherly profile. Annie groaned into her mouth when Hannah hugged her close. "Annie, your body feels wonderful."

"Yours too," said Annie, as her hand stroked Hannah's hair down to the small of her back. Separating from her partner, she kissed down the slender neck and kept going, all the way to a nipple, thereby demonstrating this wasn't going to be one-sided affection.

The soft tug made Hannah shiver. "Mmm." She pushed her away with a wet slurpy sound. And repaid the pleasure tit for tit.

Annie held her head gently in place, moaning her delight.

They tenderly played with each other, slowly building the mutual level of arousal.

Hannah found it a wonderfully strange sensation to know how her touches felt without actually feeling them. And then Annie would return the favor. A woman could only experience that thrill with another woman. She was lost in the moment, given up, done in, wholly enthralled by the uniqueness, and she became the aggressor.

Getting on her knees, Hannah fondled Annie's breasts while kissing her belly. She placed a cheek against the taught skin, and said, "I want to have babies someday. At least a couple."

Annie rubbed her back, and said, "You will."

She kissed over the roundness and plunged her tongue into Annie's red valley without introductions. The mother's hips bucked with the sensation. "Oh, Honey…"

Then Hannah felt small fingers enter her own sex.

They began to work together, on opposite bodies. It was like a strange mirror image of feeling. Hannah would do it here and she'd feel it down there. They tried different techniques, experimented and shared styles they didn't know existed until now. New, even to Hannah.

Annie had a hair trigger clit, and Hannah stopped keeping track of her climaxes. But she was aware of Annie's increased effort to give one back, and it began to loom large. Growing with a force of nature she'd come to expect only from Tom's caress. It scared her a little, so it subsided briefly.

Big Willie's wife was a tenacious lover and would not be denied. Hannah didn't know how many fingers were plunging in and out, but the one pair of lips, extorting her clitoris, left nothing behind when the final wave of pleasure crested and washed her away.

Afterward, the two sated and sweaty women lay entangled, kissing and smiling quietly. There was no pleasure left to give; and nothing left to say, except goodbye.

"It's almost 11:00, Annie. I have to go."

She understood.

They both dressed.

One last friendly peck at the door, and Hannah drove off, scared once more.

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