tagIncest/TabooVisiting Sis Ch. 14

Visiting Sis Ch. 14


Once again, I appreciate your patience. I received some valuable advice and will not post another story until I have it completed. In all honesty, this story started out as a short story. Please enjoy...


The sun was bright and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. The Long Island Tea's were going down effortlessly and I was relaxed. Shannin was to my left and Stacy, my right. Their sexy golden bodies were glistening with sweat that sparkled like glitter in the bright sunshine. I closed my eyes to relax for a few minutes. I smiled to myself as I began to recall the events from the past few days. It all started when my new girlfriend Shannin, suggested that we spend our first extended weekend together, at her sisters. Stacy was just as sexy and voluptuous as Shannin, and had recently thrown out her dead-beat husband. As the weekend progressed, Shannin's inhibitions lowered and Stacy became more aggressive towards me. The two were like gasoline and a spark. Just twelve hours earlier, I was in a dark bathroom, fucking Stacy over the sink, thinking that it was Shannin. Now, here I was sitting in the back yard, by the pool, the tree of us naked under the bright sunshine. The weekend had turned out unlike anything I could have ever imagined.

I didn't really intend to fall asleep lying there in the sun, but I awoke with a jerk. I suddenly realized an urgent need to relieve my bladder. Quickly, I stood up and walked for the door. The girls opened their eyes when they heard the patio door. I looked back when I heard them giggling. I looked down to see that I was sporting a sizeable, piss hard-on. Somewhat embarrassed, I quickly walked through the kitchen and into the downstairs bathroom. I stood in front of the toilet hoping to empty my bladder. My cock was stiff and it took me a moment to relax, lean forward and let the hot stream of liquid evacuate my body. My body quivered as I found relief.

Once finished, I walked back through the kitchen towards the pool area. I glanced out the window to see Stacy, lying on her stomach. Shannin was straddling Stacy's backside with her butt resting on Stacy's. Shannin was rubbing lotion on Stacy's back. I stood there and watched as Shannin's dainty hands slithered all over Stacy's hot, taut brown skin. My cock jumped when Shannin reached under Stacy and cupped her tits. Stacy was moaning and I knew that Shannin was pinching and pulling her nipples. Shannin leaned forward and pressed her breast into Stacy's back. Stacy pushed her ass upward, against Shannin's bare pussy. My cock regained full hardness as I started to slowly stroke its smooth, stiff length. These two women were so exotic, so hot. The scene was almost overwhelming.

After a few minutes, Shannin slid further down Stacy's body. Her tits rubbed over Stacy's ass cheeks and down the back of her thighs. Shannin paused for a moment and looked directly at me, standing there in the kitchen window with my hard dick in my hand. At first I was embarrassed but it only took a second to realize that Shannin wanted to be sure that I was actually watching. She smiled and winked at me and then turned her face towards Stacy's ass. She stuck out her tongue and pushed her face into Stacy's hard round cheeks. Stacy raised her head and arched her back as Shannin pushed her tongue deeper and deeper into Stacy's ass hole. I almost came when I saw that Stacy's nipples were really puffed out. I had never seen nipples puff out like this. My chest burned with a desire to wrap my lips around her inviting areolas, suck the fleshy teat into my mouth and flick the thumb-tip sized nipples with my tongue; but somehow I knew Shannin wanted this to be her private time with Stacy. I could only hope that before we left the next morning, I would experience Stacy sitting on top of me with those amazing knockers dangling in my face.

By now, I could see that Shannin had worked her hand under Stacy's body and was probably rubbing her clit. She kept her face buried deep between Stacy's cheeks and didn't let up. It didn't take long for Stacy to start bucking her ass against her sister's face. Her pace increased as a soft, red fleshy glow developed around her chest and neck. Stacy put her head down and then thrust it back hard, arching her back and tightening up her legs. Shannin didn't slow her assault as Stacy's body shook, rocking back and forth in uncontrollable spasms.

Shannin sat up and pulled her hand from between Stacy's legs. Her fingers were dripping with Stacy's juice. Shannin held her hand up, turned to look at me and then rubbed the copious amount of slippery fluid across her own nipples. For the next few minutes, she would gently and softly rub Stacy's ass cheeks and the back of her legs. Then, she would slip her hand between Stacy's legs for a moment and then pull it back out, dripping with nectar. Her hand glistened in the sun as she continued to rub her own chest with her sister's juice.

By now, my hand was frantically jacking my rod. I badly wanted relief but also wanted to give it all up to one of the girls, so I did my best to stop. I watched as Shannin slowly sat up and gracefully dismounted her sister. Stacy was almost passed out on the lounge chair, trying to recapture her breath. Shannin turned towards the door and told Stacy that she needed to make more tea. I stood there in the kitchen as Shannin entered the house. She walked up to me smiling, wrapped her arms around me and put her mouth up to mine. Her kiss was hot, wet and ravenous. The heat from the noon-day sun radiated from her body. The smell of sun tan lotion and Stacy's pussy filled my nose. My legs were weak. After a moment, she broke off the kiss and looked into my eyes. She gave me a crooked smile and then demanded, "I want you to suck my sister's pussy juice from my tits. I rubbed it on them just for you."

I didn't have to be told twice. I lowered my face to her chest and put my lips up to her beautiful, pink nipple. I was gentle at first. Shannin wrapped her arms around my head and I heard her inhale deeply. As she sucked air in between her teeth she said, "Do you like the taste of my sister's pussy smeared all over my tits?" I kept sucking and just nodded my head. With a heavy breath she continued, "I need you to suck harder. Suck my tits and make me cum baby. I'm really horny and I desperately need to cum." Shannin grabbed my hand and shoved it between her legs. Her pussy was dripping wet. As I devoured her tits, I slipped my fingers up and down her warm slit, coating them with her abundant, natural lubricant. I curled three of my fingers together and pressed the tips into her body. Shannin nearly collapsed as my fingers slipped deeper and deeper into her pussy. She fell back against the kitchen cabinets, pulling me with her.

Her breathing was getting heavier and more urgent. Her chest rose and fell sharply with each breath. Her nipples were hard against my tongue and her nectar was dripping down my hand and onto our feet. I knew she was close to climax so I adjusted my body and pushed her up against the cabinets. I slipped my hand from her pussy momentarily so that I could adjust my fingers, cupping them to add my smaller, pinky finger. I reluctantly released her nipple from my teeth and looked into her beautiful blue eyes as I slipped my right leg between her legs and pressed my thigh against the back of my hand, wedging four fingers into her wet, aching body. I pushed my leg forward which shoved my fingers deeper and deeper into her hot steamy pussy. She relaxed a little then arched her head back and started to violently ride my hand and leg.

I leaned forward and nestled my face against the base of her neck. A slight moan escaped her lips as my hot breath swept across her supple flesh. She wrapped her arms around me and held me tight. She continued to push her hips against my hand. With each thrust it slipped deeper into her pussy a fraction of an inch at a time. By now, her pussy had emitted so much moisture that the back of my hand was slipping against my leg. I had to press harder against her, pushing her against the kitchen cabinets to keep everything in just the right spot. Shannin sensed it too as I had never felt her hold onto me so tight. I could feel her arms quiver as she strained to hang from me. She arched her head back and filled her lungs with a full, deep breath. When her lungs were filled to the max, she held her breath. After a brief moment, she slowly let out her breath and then I felt her body relax. Her body opened up and my hand slipped inside. I could feel her heat as it now engulfed my hand, past the knuckles. My thumb was the only thing keeping her body from swallowing my entire hand. It all happened so fast because as soon as her pussy accepted my hand, Shannin's body went rock hard and she let out a long, low, groan. The groaning increased in volume as she started to shake and convulse. I felt a flood of warm liquid gush out of her and all over my hand and leg. Her body shook as I tried to hold her against the cabinets.

Shannin tried to speak, I think, but it only came out gibberish. I held her tight as her body began to relax. I could feel my feet begin to slip on the wet kitchen floor. She rested her head against my shoulder as I tried to adjust us so that we wouldn't end up on the floor. My hand was still wedged between us and Shannin was straddling my leg. I was trying to figure out what to do when I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. Stacy was standing in the entrance to the kitchen. Her sexy little mouth hung open and her face had a look of surprise and awe. She looked into my eyes and said, "That was the most erotic thing I have ever seen in my life." Stacy lowered her eyes and her tongue slipped out of her mouth and slowly licked her lips as she surveyed the sight of my hand stuck inside of her sister's hot, wet body. The look on her face and the way her hand slowly slipped across her hips and nestled in between her legs told me that she was acting without thought, just a raw sexual need. Her eyes sparkled as she slowly started to finger her pussy.

The pain in my legs brought me back to reality. I needed to get Shannin to a chair or the couch so that she could rest until she regained the strength in her legs. She groaned loudly as I pulled my hand from her body. More of her juice poured from her pussy and down her sexy legs. I quickly scooped her up in my arms and carried her across the kitchen to the family room. Gently, I laid her on the couch. Her body was limp and she closed her eyes as soon as I let go.

I turned to look at Stacy who was still ever so slowly playing with her pussy. She watched me when I pick up her sister and continued to watch as I carried her to the family room. Our eyes locked for a moment and then hers dropped down my body. I looked down to see that my cock was rock hard and soaking wet with Shannin's juice. Stacy licked her lips again and slowly started to walk towards me. I just stood there as she got closer and closer.

Stacy reached out, grabbed my swollen member and then dropped to her knees. She looked up at me and said, "I love my sister and I really love you, for caring for her." She opened up her mouth and leaned forward, completely engulfing my hard stiff cock. She pushed forward, allowing her throat to expand, until her nose was pressing against my pubic bone. She stopped for a moment, allowing me the enjoyment of her hot, wet mouth. Slowly she started to pull back, increasing the suction as my hard cock slipped from between her sweet puffy lips.

When my cock was almost all of the way out of her mouth, she held still, only moving her tongue as it circled around my swollen purple head. Stacy looked up at me and smiled. She closed her eyes and then she started to slowly push her face forward, taking more and more of me back into her mouth and down her throat. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back, concentrating on the wonderful things this amazing woman was doing to me. Stacy slowly and gently sucked my cock all the way in and then all of the way out for just a few minutes when I felt a hand on my leg. I opened my eyes and looked down to see Shannin, sitting up, watching us.

One of her hands was on my leg and the other was on Stacy's back. Shannin was beside Stacy, leaning forward, softly speaking to her and coaching her. I could hear Shannin say, "That's it baby sis. You're going to make him cum. Let him cum in your mouth. Let him shoot that hot gooey cum into your mouth and down your throat." Stacy's pace quickened as Shannin cheered her on. "Oh yes Stacy. That's it sweet sis, he's going to blow his load. Any second now he's going to shoot it all into your mouth. Mmm. Take it all baby sis. His cum tastes so good. You two are so fucking hot." Shannin's words of encouragement were working. I could feel cum boiling up from deep inside my body and I was doing my best to hold on to it as long as possible.

My breathing was getting deeper and deeper and just when I knew that I couldn't take any more, I took one last deep breath and held it for just a moment. I heard Shannin enthusiastically proclaim, "He's cumming!" With that, Stacy held still with just the swollen head of my cock in her mouth. I shoved my hips forward slightly and then let it all go. Both Shannin and Stacy were moaning loudly as I shot load after load into Stacy's mouth. I could hear her swallowing loudly as she gulped every drop of my semen.

As soon as I stepped back away from Stacy, Shannin moved in and grabbed Stacy's face, pulling it to her. Shannin's kiss was desperate and hungry. She pushed Stacy over onto her back and crawled on top of her. Shannin was straddling Stacy's sexy long leg. She ground her hot wet pussy against Stacy as they shared my last drop of fresh cum. After a few minutes, we fell onto the floor, completely spent.

Shannin was the first to move. She said she was going to go back out to the pool and slowly swim a few laps to cool off. As Shannin left the room, I looked over at Stacy who was looking over at me. With my eyes, I motioned towards the pool and she nodded her head. I stood up, stepped over to her and helped her stand up. We walked out to the pool and dove in. The three of us slowly swam around the pool for about twenty minutes, occasionally resting in the shallow end.

After basking in the sun for a couple of hours, we went back into the house to get a late lunch. While eating, we discussed the reality that Shannin and I needed to leave the next day to go back to work. Stacy felt bad that we wouldn't be around so we decided for the next few months we would come to her place once a month for a weekend and once a month she would travel to the city. One other weekend per month, we would meet in the middle at a hotel, leaving only one weekend to spend away from each other.

The next morning as we were preparing to leave, Stacy commented that she would miss us. Shannin gave her a hug and said, "Just be yourself, sis. There's a good man out there waiting to meet you. Who knows, you may meet him later today at the grocery store." She smiled at me as she said this. Shannin continued, "Who knows, he may even enjoy watching you fuck your brother in-law."

Stacy looked a little confused at Shannin's last statement and then she realized what was said. She lunged forward, squealing and hugged her sister. She looked over at me and I nodded my head in assurance that I had asked Shannin to be my wife. As I watched them hug and kiss a thought occurred to me, "If Stacy were to find a man, I may eventually get to watch Shannin's pussy getting pounded by a hard cock." I've never been with a woman where that's even been a remote possibility, but this isn't a normal relationship.

We said our goodbyes and as we drove away, Shannin leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. As she did this, she put her hand in my lap, directly on my stiff hard cock. She gave me a sly smile and asked, "Why are you so horny?"

I just smiled and drove on, thinking about the next weekend, which was only four days away... THE END

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