Viva La Revolution!


"Oh my God, Roberto, this is the most amazing feeling I've ever had. If Sister Theresa had ever experienced anything like this she would have been a much better person."

I pull out of her and slide back enough to get my lips to hers and kiss her. She's still wrapped around me. I use my arm and a leg to push us into a roll so that shes laying fully on top of me. This time she kisses me. I kiss back and try slipping my tongue into her mouth. Her tongue comes right back at me and we lick each others' mouths from the inside. She lays her head on my chest and runs her hands over whatever parts of me she can reach, my sides, my shoulders, my arms.

"Do we get to do that again?"

"Yes, as often as you want."

"I can't imagine a moment when I won't want to," she says, grinning at me and kissing me again.

"Who is Sister Theresa?"

She grins again. "She is the meanest person I've ever met. At the convent. She claims to be religious but is just sour. And mean. I think she likes to give punishment. Maybe she even likes to receive punishment from the rumors I heard. But if she ever experienced what I just did, she couldn't be that way. I could easily spend the rest of my life having sex with you over and over and over if its always like this."

"I'm not sure it will always be like this. This was your first time. You can never experience it for the first time again. But it always should be good. Sometimes better than others but always good. I tried to make it good for you. I always will. Some men don't. They just want to enjoy themselves which might not be as good for you. I know that I enjoy myself more when you enjoy it too."

"Well I hope you enjoyed it because I want you to want to do it a lot more." She kisses me again. "I can still feel it down there. Partly it's as if I'm a little sore. But mostly, it's a feeling like it wants it to happen some more. It wants to experience it again. When can we?"

"Once I cum, spurt into you, I go soft. It'll take a little time for me to get hard again. Not real long but a few minutes anyway."

She grins at me and her hand reaches down between us to feel my cock. "Yes, its soft. Sticky and soft. Can I do anything to get it hard again?"

"You can do anything you want. Just don't hurt me. Don't bite or squeeze it too hard".

She rolls off me and sits back a little and looks at my cock. She reaches to it with one hand and starts pushing it around a little, feeling it. Her other hand reaches for my testicles. "What are these?"

"My balls. They manufacture sperm, the stuff I shoot into you to make babies when I reach a climax."

Her fingers are pulling on my dick a little." What makes it get hard? How does that work?"

"It's just blood. Somehow, when I feel sexy, the blood pushes into me there and makes it grow. Makes my cock hard so I can push it into you."

"Well, I feel sexy now. I want to make you feel sexy." She leans down and kisses my cock. I can feel it move a little. "It works," she says, Then kisses it again. Her tongue comes out and licks it. "That's me that I can taste, isn't it? I've tasted that before off my own fingers."

"Yes, it's pretty much covered with whatever was inside you when it was inside you. You can suck some blood into it if you want to."

"Suck?" she says, looking up at me. Then she puts her lips around the head and sucks. Her tongue is moving inside her mouth, licking me." Like that?" she asks, pulling away and looking up at me. "Yes, if thats what you want to do." She gets her mouth back on it and sucks some more. It starts to grow. She takes more of it into her mouth, still sucking. She looks up at me again. "Did Delores do this?" Then she gets me back into her mouth.

"Yes, Delores did. The first thing we ever did together, I was already hard and she sucked on me until I came in her mouth. She seemed to like it, swallowed it all. She claimed it would make me last longer next time, when I was inside her and I guess she's right."

"But that would mean you couldn't get inside her for awhile until it got hard again."

"Yes, that's true."

She gets her mouth around my cock and starts licking and sucking again. Within a couple minutes, I'm hard. Hard enough at least. She looks up at me, her hand holding my cock and grins. "You're ready, arent you?"

"Yeah, why don't you straddle me and sort of sit on me and take it up in you. You fuck me instead of me fucking you."

"I can do that?"

"Sure, there are a lot of positions that can get me in you."

Grinning, she moves around, gets her knees on either side of me and moves into position. Her hand holds my cock erect as she lowers herself a little until my head is pushing her lips open. "This is good," she says and then uses her legs to lower herself a little. I can feel my cock pushing its way into her tight insides. "Oh my," she says and drops down more. I'm completely up in her, she's sitting on me. "Now what?" she asks.

"Move your hips, ride me. Back and forth, whatever feels good." Her eyes sort of look up a little as she moves her hips. I can feel my cock moving inside her.

"Oh yes", she says. "Yes. Yes. Yes".

"Juanita," I have to tell her, "You don't know how beautiful and desirable you are. Watching your naked body riding me is like a dream come true." With that said, I sit up some and get a hand and my mouth to one of her lovely breasts and begin to savor it, lick it, suck it. While I suck on one, I get my hand to the other to fondle it and pinch the nipple slightly, then move my mouth to it. Her moans and groans get louder. As I suck on her second breast, I get my hand down between us, my fingers right above where my cock disappears into her, and get a finger on her clit. As she rides me, I massage her clit and suck her breast. Very quickly, she's in orgasm again. I let go of her as she stiffens some. I can feel her juices leaking out around my cock. She has an intense look on her face for a moment and then looks at me and grins, then leans down atop me, her breasts mashing against my chest, and kisses me. My cock is still in her, is still hard.

"Roberto, I never imagined in my wildest dreams that this could be so good. I used to finger myself to orgasm often, trying to fantasize about something I'd never experienced. But I couldnt even dream of anything as good as this."

"Would you like more? We don't have to be done. I can go on if you can."

"I'll always want more," she almost murmurs to me, smiling.

"O.k.," I say, "lets try something else, another position. I lift her hips some to get my cock out of her."

"Oh," she says immediately, trying to sit back on me, "I like you inside me."

"I will be again. Let me get out from under you. You just stay like you are, sort of kneeling, on all fours, your butt up in the air." I move around behind her, get between her legs, shoving them apart a little more, and aim my cock back into her now wet and very ready pussy. She gives a loud, satisfied aah as I slowly push back into her. I lean over her and get both arms down around her so that I can hold both breasts as I start to slowly pull out and push back into her. She's quickly into her happy moans and groans again.

"This is very nice," she says," I think you're in me even further than before. I can feel you so well moving in me."

"I can be in even further," I say as I let go of her breasts and straighten up some to slap my body against hers, pushing as far into her as I can. She's into aahs again. I hold her butt with both hands and start seriously fucking her, pounding into her fast and hard. My balls are swinging up and slapping into her, probably hitting her clit. She moves into ughs and oohs. In a very short time, she's into still another orgasm and as I feel her insides trying to grasp my cock and hold it, it triggers an orgasm from me and I shoot a load deeply into her.

When I pull out she quickly rolls over under me and reaches up and puts her arms around me and hugs me, lifting her body off the bed to press against me. I relax and lower us, supporting myself above her with my arms. We kiss. "I always looked up to Delores. My parents were unhappy that she started being with a man without being married. But she's proven to me that she's right by getting me with you. I don't care what happens to me now because I'll always have this experience to let me know how great life can be. I just want to be with you as much as I can."

"I want to be with you, too, Juanita. I will never be able to ever find anyone better. You're beautiful, have a perfect body and a natural instinct for sex, for enjoying sex. I could never do better."

We eat, we rest, we have sex. Lots and lots of sex for almost three weeks. I get a message that Villa is in Chihuahua, has received my request to come back there and eventually return to the States, and he approves. Transportation will arrive the next day. So, the next day, Juanita and I ride a wagon all day and part way into the night before finally getting to Chihuahua and the hacienda where Villa lives at the moment with one of what I've heard are fairly many wives.

The first thing I do is ask if it's possible to take a bath, for us to get some water so that we can wash. I wanted to replay our first time together, which, in truth, had been replayed several times before, all extraordinarily terrific. Well, either Villa had told them to treat me as a Very Important Person, or, they didn't know, so they erred on the cautious side. Anyway, we were shown into Villas' own bathroom. A large tub, easily comfortable for two of us, running water (even hot water), and a flush toilet. Indoor plumbing! It had been a while. We were soon both naked and immersed in hot water. I'm not positive but I don't think Juanita had ever before experienced anything like this. Then the great Pancho Villa walks in, smiling. I start to stand, acknowledging him.

He waves me to sit down. "Well Roberto," he says, "Have you got plenty of stories of our revolution to entertain your Norte Americanos? Are you going to tell everyone what a great man I am?" I just tell him that, yes I have many stories.

"And your young lady? She reminds me of someone."

"Oh. Juanita, this is Pancho Villa. Senor Villa, Juanita Rodriguez." She starts to rise to greet him. He doesn't motion her to stay seated but lets her stand. I know him, he wants to see her naked body. He smiles and kisses her hand. I pull on her a little and she sits back down. "You may remember her sister, Delores, they resemble each other quite a bit."

"Ah, yes, of course. Delores. Beautiful woman. I think shes here in town."

"Juanita would like very much to see her, to talk with her."

"Of course, of course. How long do you want to stay?"

"Thats up to you. I'll do as you prefer. I do want to return but it's not urgent. Perhaps another two weeks here before catching a train North. Oh, and if she will, I would like to take Juanita with me."

"It's all right with me. But your government has some odd rules you know. She may have a problem crossing the border. Well, unless she's married to you. There would be no problem for your wife." It's like him to suggest marriage. From what I've heard, he's been married over twenty times. With no divorces.

I looked at Juanita. "We've never discussed it so I don't know her opinion but I would like to marry her. I certainly want to keep her with me." Villa smiles and leaves, telling me he'll see me again. Juanita and I finish our bath, washing each other, even our hair, and dry off before heading to our room just down the hall. As we get on the bed, both naked, Juanita climbs on me, straddles me, and sitting on me bends down and kisses me. The thought runs through my mind that she's going to sit on my cock and fuck me but she doesn't. When we break our kiss, she moves back, grabbing my erect cock on the way. She snuggles down between my legs and leans down and starts kissing and licking my cock, running her hand up and down on it. She then gets her mouth over it and starts to suck and lick and take as much of it into her mouth as she can before sliding her lips back up. Soon she's into a perfect blow job. She'd never done that before, I ate her all the time, we fucked all the time. She'd sucked on me to get me hard before but never had she done what shes doing now. I won't last long, she's really attacking my cock. In a couple minutes she starts getting a mouthful and she keeps at it, still sucking and working on my cock. Finally, when my last spurts stop, she stops. She licks my cock again, licks her lips and looks up at me with a big grin on her face.

"How was that?" she asks.

"Terrific. I loved it. But what brought that on?"

She crawls up over me and lays on me and kisses me. I can taste my cum on her. I know I'm going to see Delores and we'll talk about sex and how to please a man. We've discussed that before but I never knew what she was talking about then. You said that she did that to you so I had to do it too before we talk. It took me a while but I finally asked Dona Alvarez about it and how to do it right. Did I do it right?"

"You did it the best I've ever experienced. You were beautiful and sexy and perfect. Now I get to do you." That brought another big smile and she rolled off me onto her back.

I do everything I can think of to make this perfect for her. I kiss and lick every part of her body. I even roll her over at one point to get at her back and ass. A beautiful, firm, round ass. Down a leg to her foot, then the other foot and back up the other leg and finally to her pussy. I lick and suck and finger fuck her, suck her vagina, give her a second orgasm after her first, then slide up over her and aim my erect-again cock into her and fuck her. First, slow and loving and then fast and hard, through two more orgasms for her before I finally cum. She's pretty noisy during all this, obviously loving it all and tells me so as she ends up wrapped around me, her legs up and her feet on my back, her arms around me. We kiss. And kiss and kiss.

"Roberto, you told Pancho Villa that you wanted to marry me. Did you mean that?"

"Juanita, I wish it hadn't happened like that. I wanted to tell you that I loved you and that I wanted to marry you, not have it come out in a conversation with someone else. But it's true. I do love you. And I want to marry you. Will you marry me?

She kisses me. "Yes, silly Roberto, I'll marry you. I love you. I never want to leave you. I never expected this to happen but, yes, I will." We kiss and hug and feel one another. "There's something else I should tell you. I've never had my bleeding time since I met you. Maybe all the sex just threw me off schedule. But maybe I'm pregnant. One of the things I was going to talk with Delores about was doing something about that."

I hold her, kiss her, run my hand down her back, feel that lovely ass. "Juanita, if you are going to have a baby, it's mine too. I love you. I want you. I want the baby. Don't do anything. Let's just let things happen naturally and see." She gives me a huge smile and presses against me and we kiss again. Her hand reaches down to grasp my cock, seeing if its hard yet. It is. She rolls onto me and straddles me, grinning, and lowers herself, taking my cock up into her.

When we fuck, my cock moves through a warm, moist, very tight canal that squeezes and massages my cock. But more happens. It's like her insides grab my cock, try and hold it in her. When she cums, her insides try and milk everything out of me. I've asked her how she does that because not every woman does. She says, she doesn't know, it just happens. I know that I can push inside me to force my poop out of me. I don't know how I do it, I just sort of push. I've read where nurses and doctors, during child birth, tell the mother to push. So, there must be some muscles in there that can push a baby out and can grab my cock when it wants to. Maybe she just gets so engroassed in it, wanting it so much, that she pushes without realizing it. That isn't very sexy but I think it must be waht happens.

We do finally get some sleep. The house is a busy one and the many noises wake us. We have breakfast and talk with some people and find where Delores is and head there. The two sisters are happy to see each other, talk for hours. Delores seems very happy that I want to marry Juanita. She makes the obvious point that things are really messed up in Mexico right then and Juanita will be better off up North with me, at least for now, but she hopes things will eventually get better. She tells us that when she came back to Chihuahua she spent two days with Pancho Villa then another night just a few days ago. I ask her how he is as a lover.

She smiles. "He's a general. Everything happens the way he wants."

"He's mean or abusive?"

"Oh no, not at all. Its just that he doesn't make love like you do, he just fucks. He's very virile, though, lasts long enough that I end up getting something out of it, too. But nothing like you. You're very lucky Juanita, you're getting one of the good ones. I dont want to spoil him for you, though. There are other good ones, too, Roberto. I've been with too many men and I know. But there also are even more that aren't anywhere near as good."

She also goes with us to City Hall to get a marriage license. Both girls say that they would like their parents there for our wedding but both agree that it's impossible. To get word to them and then get them to Chihuahua would take weeks.

The day we get married, in City Hall, we go back to Pancho Villa's place and head for the bathroom to take a good, hot bath. I almost can't get my clothes off because Juanita keeps kissing me and feeling me. Once were both naked and in the tub, she sits on me, facing me, and rubs her bottom against my cock. She then does something she's never done before. She tells me, "I've got to have an orgasm. Roberto, Please," and she stands up some, gets one leg up on the side of the tub to spread herself open and then almost sits herself on my face and I start licking her. She moans and groans and says, "Yes. Yes." over and over and then cums. I don't think she's ever emitted so much fluid. I taste and swallow some, some just gets all over my face. She's into a satisfied series of aahs and then moves back to sit down. As she does, she reaches down for my erect cock and sits herself on it, taking me up into her. "Oh, Roberto, thank you, I wanted that so much." She moves her body, riding my cock a little under water. She grins at me, "Now you can't have anyone but me, husband. You've got to keep me satisfied for the rest of my life. I'm going to try and wear you out."

I kiss her and enjoy her riding me, I can feel my cock moving inside her. I get my hands on her breasts and feel them, her nipples. "But you realize, wife, that you can't have anyone but me, either."

She grins, "You mean I can't have three or four lovers?"

"No, you'll just have to let me satisfy you. But maybe years from now you won't want me anymore, won't want to have sex. What am I supposed to do then?"

She grins some more and starts bouncing faster on my cock. "I'll never not want you. My parents have been married twenty-five years and from the sounds I hear, they're still doing this a lot." I can feel her cum, her whole body reacting, which triggers me and I shoot up into her and we hug and kiss and finally finish washing each other. After drying we go back to our room, naked, get on the bed, she gets her mouth around my cock and we start all over.


We manage to get a train North. It takes a week but we finally make it to Philadelphia. My stories and photos all get published, to fairly much acclaim. My newspaper even publishes all of them as a book and distribute it nationally and it sells fairly well. The United States enters the war against the Germans and, since I had been with Pershing in Mexico and he knew me, I ended up in charge of Press Relations on Pershings staff. The stories about the war that I send back get published all over the country because of a new syndicate that's been formed that includes my newspaper.

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