tagIncest/TabooVocational School Ch. 01

Vocational School Ch. 01


Author's note: This story contains BDSM within the family and outside the house. A warning is given here, but won't be in any possible subsequent chapters.


I started writing only two years ago. The so-called erotic stories available in the 'over the counter' publications bored me. I decided to write and submit my example of the way porn was meant to be--raunchy and filled with degradation--something you can take to the john and get off, before your legs fall asleep. The story was hot, all right; they published it. My first cheating-wife tale was drastically edited; but hey, I'm thinking--yes, a writer I am. Ha, ha, I'm going to make some money.

"Hello internet!" My self-confidence is soaring. Here's one I'll give a try; "Literotica" is the place for me. There are many different themes and thousands of stories. Wait a minute--my first story was rejected. "Try the 'Writers Resources' and 'Volunteer Editors' sections," was suggested. Oh my goodness, there is a method to the madness of writing. Punctuation rules, grammar clarification, even preferred erotic language are on hand there for me to follow. I could hear angels singing, as I read the essays by helpful writers with all of the answers. "Literotica" is not only entertaining; it's an institution of higher learning fine-tuned for writing pornography.

Another feature included at the site is the "Erotica Chat." I would study, then have recess on the playground of sex. Through anonymous chatting on my computer, I could actually talk to girls; and, they seemed to like me. That's where I met Cindy. It was in an erotic chat room, and we fell in cyber love. I should say lust, at first, but our clandestine connection developed into true friendship. Cindy and I confide in each other genuine feelings, hopes, and secret desires.

We have a lot in common--both being introverts, with strict upbringings that wouldn't tolerate self expression. Cindy told me she was afraid of her father. He was demeaning toward her, and his verbal chastising intimidated her. She feared trying anything new. He made her feel like she wasn't good enough; telling her she would only end up being disappointed. She mostly stayed in her room and away from him. Despite her father's discouragement, Cindy is an artist creating abstract drawings in a scheme of vivid colors with tedious, intricate detail. Some of her work has been displayed at art exhibitions.

We exchanged photos (fully clothed) via e-mail, and we appeared to be the same type: pale skin, brown hair, average height, and we both wear glasses. She is sort of pear shaped, being slightly big in the hips, small in the shoulders, but having fair-size breasts. Cindy's figure is not exactly pageantry status, nor fold-out material, but I happen to like a voluptuous, soft tush. (I am far from 'Hunksville' with my body.) She's my kind of girl. We were both comfortable with the photos of each other, and our internet relationship blossomed. Trusting in the confidentiality established between us, Cindy revealed her true, past sexual experiences to me. She told me tales of incest, blackmail, dominance, and of her own submission to the devious whims of others. For anonymity's sake, her name really isn't Cindy, but this is her story, and in her own words...

I grew up in a home where women weren't respected. My father and older brother abused my mother and me, treating us like servants to cater their needs. We tried to ignore them, but usually gave in, for sake of argument. I feared my dad. He was beating my mom, that was, until their divorce a few months after I turned nineteen. I knew why he hit her; she was my brother's sex slave.

My brother, Tom, is two years older than me. His body is small in frame, but unbelievably out of proportion is his large penis. I was stunned at first sight of it, as a chance glance was taken, when his towel-wrap had fallen. I was eye-popping impressed at the thickness and overall size of his cock. That was when it was soft; and, he had been swimming. I knew he masturbated often. I could hear the smacking sounds coming from his bedroom every day and night. It was on my nineteenth birthday, I caught him stroking a full erection in the shower. Sneaking in the bathroom to get my hair brush, I saw him using both hands to pump on his thick shaft. He caught me looking.

"Well, look who's here--if it isn't the birthday girl. Are you here for your present?" he asked holding his giant, stiff dick and waving it in front of me.

"No way! That thing is scary looking. How big is it anyway?" I asked in fascination, and I wondered--with so much blood surging thru his cock--why he wouldn't be light-headed from lack of it to his brain.

"It's nine and a half inches long, and at the base, eight inches around. 'Want to feel it? You can jerk it for me," he said with a smirk.

"I'm not touching that big, ugly log. You have to beat it yourself. I know you love doing that," I told him, and should have walked out, but I stood next to the tub watching him stroking his incredibly hard, soapy cock. His jerking was exciting my pussy and making it wet, as his tempo increased with two hands working on that mammoth prick.

"Get down closer, Cindy; I have something special to show you." My brother was panting and pumping fast on his throbbing hard-on. "Hurry, we haven't much time. Ooh, watch this!" He prompted my attention to the swollen knob, which at that moment spurted a streamer of warm cum hitting my cheek. Before I could back away, three more quick shots covered my face and lips. I defensively put my hand over the discharging head, as his cock continued pulsating and spurting white cream between my fingers. My heart was pounding, and I held onto his humongous cock, until it trickled out its last drop.

"You can let go, now, Sis. Come back later, and I'll let you suck it for me. Oh, Happy Birthday, Cindy," Tom said with sarcasm.

"You're an asshole, Tommy! I hate you," I yelled and ran out. Wouldn't you know--my mother passed me on the way to my room. She saw my brother's cum on my face and knew right-away what it was. Her face turned fire red, but she didn't say anything to me. My mom, instead, went storming into the bathroom, bringing Tom out by the ear, and dragging him into his bedroom. He wasn't quite thru the door; when, in her rage, she slammed it hard smashing his ankle.

"Ow! My ankle! I think you broke it," Tom shrieked.

"I'll break your neck. What the hell is wrong with you? Damn you--Cindy's your sister. How could you do such...a...thing?" my mom scolded him, with slaps on each of her last three words.

"What? We didn't do anything. She's the one, who came in the bathroom, while I was jerking-off. You know, mother, I wouldn't have to masturbate, if you'd do what you're supposed to. Where were you this morning? Why weren't you here in my bedroom taking care of me? This is your fault, mom," my brother blamed her.

"I was on the phone all morning with the insurance company. That irresponsible drinking and driving, you were caught doing, will make our rates go up. Your father is pissed-off, mister. He said it's time for you to get on with your life. You better find a job, Tommy, or he will make you leave," my mother advised him.

"We wouldn't want that to happen, now would we, mom. You better be sticking up for me; or, I won't be able to keep sticking up for you. You know what I mean. Check my ankle; I think it's broken," Tom told her. His door wasn't fully closed. I crept down the hall and watched my mother inspecting the swollenness.

"I don't think it's as bad as that. We'll put some ice on it," my mom was saying while massaging his leg.

"Kiss it, mom, and make it better," he said running his hands thru her hair. She did as he asked planting little kisses over his purple ankle and foot. He started stroking his fat cock, while she continued with her soothing lips.

"Tom, you have to stay away from your sister. She hasn't, yet, gone out on her first date. Your father has high expectations for her," my mother said and surprised me--my dad treats me like shit. She continued, "He's stern, but that's his way. Your dad cares about you both, but he has a mean streak in him. I'm telling you, Tom, if he catches you with her, he'll kill you. I'm not kidding! I know him; you will be tortured and he will cut your balls off. Now, I'll take care of your irrepressible sexual needs, if you promise me you'll keep away from Cindy," my mom enlightened him with a bargain.

"I promise not to touch her; but, do you think she can keep from wanting my big cock? I don't think so. Look at it, mom, it's getting hard again, already. Your sweet kisses are needed up here; come on, make your boy feel good. If you keep me happy and content, there shouldn't be anything to worry about," my warped brother reasoned with his perverted logic. He was holding his cock up, with one of his eyebrows also raised in devious anticipation. I ran to my room, just before my mother stood and closed his bedroom door.

My mother was right; I hadn't been on a date. My brother's erection was the first I've ever seen in person. I can taste his cum on my lips. It's a little salty, but it really doesn't compare to anything I've had before. I found myself licking every bit of his cream from my face and hands. I love the squeaky feeling on my gums and lips. This obscene sensation is such a turn-on, so taboo. My pussy is hot, wet, and ready for pleasure. Our mom is in there now sucking his big, beautiful cock. Oh, how good his warm, thick crown must feel in her mouth. I can't imagine that monster in my pussy. I know she comes so much from his fucking.

I rubbed my erect clit, while working the hair-brush handle (my first love) into my dripping pussy. This has become a daily ritual, combined today, with a cum-laden palm I'm licking while masturbating. I know they are fucking in his bed; my mother just screamed. She has been at his beck-and-call for the last year (that I know of). I would come home from school and could smell sex in the living room. One time, when school was let out early for the seniors, I sneakily entered the house thru the back door. She was blowing him, while fucking her pussy with a dildo. I watched my brother come inside our mother's mouth. Another occasion, they had fallen asleep and were naked on the couch. My mom's legs were spread open, and I could see cum dripping from the swollen, red lips of her shaved pussy. They must have fucked all day. [WARNING: BDSM AHEAD--next three paragraphs]

My father went on a golf get-away weekend, last month. I told my mom I would be staying overnight at a girlfriend's house; but really, I was home in hiding the whole time. What I saw done to my mother, I will never forget. My brother invited two other men over, and they brought with them a chest full of bondage accessories. First, they put a dog collar on her neck, and with a chain pulling her nude body, she was walked around the room while on her hands and knees. She thanked them for giving her permission to suck their dicks becoming large erections. I loved watching those cocks getting big and hard in her mouth. Then, they tied her with ropes; her hands were cuffed; her body elaborately bound. I hid behind the couch and watched, as they whipped her restrained, bursting tits with leather talons. Red welts marked her tortured breasts. She cried, but still begged for all three of them to keep hurting her. I think she had an orgasm from their punishment.

They added a blindfold over her eyes, and she was told to blow them while they stood around her kneeling bound body. Then letting her see, while all three cocks shot loads of cum on her face. Next, clamps were put on her nipples with weights attached to stretch them. Her cum-covered face cringed with excruciating pain, but she didn't complain. A steel bar was braced between her knees forcing her legs to stay wide apart. Simultaneous with the torment, pleasure was attained, as a vibrator was held to her clit. She screamed and had an orgasm, in which her cum forcefully squirted out of her clothespin-clad pussy. My brother had her begging him to make her squirt more.

These strange men used horse-whips on my mom's ass, while she was bent-over and prone to their stinging abuse. Tom, then, soothingly kissed her burning, red-welted cheeks and licked her brown-eye, only to stick his big cock inside and anally fuck her hard. She took-on the three of them at once, with all of her holes full of cock. My mother kept coming in orgasm, so many times--I lost count. She would blow them again and again. They fucked all day and night. I rubbed my pussy raw, while watching our mom obediently doing everything they asked of her. [OK--it's safe now. Whew, hold me back.]

My brother knows he's right about me not being able to avoid the temptation of his magnificent cock. I play with myself, everyday, as I am now, while listening to his masturbation or to their sessions of blissful, lasting sex. His cock is so big--I touched it today. He came on my face--it tasted so good. I'm going to come. Yes! Ooh fuck, I wish it was me-e-e in his room.

After that and moving on, there was a boy (I sort of had a date with), who worked at the service station. My dad would take me with him when he got his car maintenance. Donny and I became friends. The station is owned by Mr. V., and he's a mean bastard. I noticed a lot of men visit his back room, including my dad. Donny doesn't know what goes on back there and never asks his boss. My dad, sometimes, would be in there for over an hour and making me wait. He saw Donny talking to me; a warning was given to stay away from this place and don't get friendly with the grease-monkey.

I liked Donny--he could make me laugh. Being the same age as me, he's a skinny kid with a big smile, immodestly showing the space between his front teeth. I started hanging around the station without my dad knowing. One evening, Donny and I were fooling around in the garage. It started with kissing, and him feeling me up. Passion then overcame me--I let this boy take off my tee and pants leaving me half-naked. He was squeezing my breasts with his other hand inside my panties rubbing my pussy. My hand was placed on his cock, stiff in his pants. I squeezed Donny's dick, but with disappointment--it wasn't as big as my brother's, which has become my fantasy prerequisite for pleasure. Second fiddle, though, was playing fine tonight--I was panting, as we fondled each other. His boss wasn't there all evening; we were oblivious to the world and in a petting frenzy; when, out of nowhere, the bastard showed up.

"What the hell's going on? Who's watchin' the place? What am I paying you for?" Mr. V. yelled at Donny, and then looked at me and said, "What're you doing here; you're Big John's daughter ain't ya?"

"Yes sir, but please don't tell him. He'll kill me," I pleaded with him.

"Come with me, Donald Dingbat; I want to talk to you," he said and slapped the side of his employee's head. "You stay put, missy--what's your name? Cindy, that's it. I heard all about you. You want to be a fuckin' artist. There ain't no money in that," he chastised me, just like my father.

Donny and his boss left me in the garage bay and were talking in the office. The heavy-set, olive-skin, and dyed black-hair proprietor had taken my pants with him, so I couldn't run away. I was scared, shivering, and hoping my father wouldn't hear about this. Donny came to me pale-faced and worried.

"Mr. V. wants to see you in his office," he told me, as he started working on a car, like nothing was wrong.

"What does he want?" I asked. "I don't want to talk to him. I want my pants back."

"Please, Cindy, do as he says. I'll get fired, if you don't. He promised not to tell your dad, if you'll do it to him," hedged a nervous Donny with a circuitous proposition.

"Do what to him?" I asked knowing it couldn't be good.

"He w-w-wants you...to give him a b-b-bj," Donny was stammering barely audible.

"A what? A Blowjob! I can't do that. He's kidding--right? This isn't fair--you blow him." I tried my best to get out of this revolting dilemma.

"Please, do it, Cindy. I need this job. It won't take more than a few minutes and it will be over. Your dad will never find out." Donny wasn't giving up; and, I can't go anywhere. "He's in there waiting for you. I'll make this up to you, Cindy. You can have anything you want. Please, I promise," he begged as he got down on his knees.

"I've never done it before. I don't know how," I said, but knew it was to no avail.

"Go on--he'll tell you what to do. Just pretend it's a lollipop or an ice cream cone. Nobody gives bad blowjobs. You can do it," Donny now cheered me on.

I grudgingly walked into his boss's office, with my hands crossed and covering my panties. He stood and was leaning against his desk. His hand massaged a large bulge showing at his crotch.

"Close the door--you born in a barn?" he used a dumb, old cliché.

"I want my pants back," I said stern enough to show my displeasure.

"Hey! That's no way to talk to your elders--particularly you gettin' prissy with me," he retaliated.

"May I, please, have the pants back, you borrowed, sir?" I went along.

"That's better. No, you may not, you stupid, little bitch. What were you and douche-bag doing in my garage? I know your dad; he wouldn't like this shit at all. You're in trouble," he tried to scare me, and it did the job. My father was right; I should have stayed away from this place.

"Please, sir, don't tell my father," I now was begging, "I will do anything. I'll work for free. I could clean the bathrooms or something, please, Mr. V.!" I was committing, but almost puked at the thought of those bathrooms. He pulled down his zipper...real slow. I used my last resort--I started to cry.

"Quit ballin' and come over here; maybe, we can work this out," he told me, with a beckon of his crooked finger.

My shame and humiliation were without boundaries. I surrendered, sniffling at his side, as he hugged me with his strong, bronze arm. His hand warmed my shoulder, as he held my half-naked body close to his. I welcomed his surprising compassion by resting my head on his massive chest. He handed me a tissue from a box on his desk.

"There, there, it's not so bad. Your dad won't hear a word about this. Everything will be all right. All you need to do is nothing more, than what you and Donny do. That's all," he explained and kissed my forehead.

"We hadn't done anything. Touching is all. I never did it with anyone, before," I made clear of our relationship, and of my lack of experience.

"Well, do that, honey--feel my cock," he said putting my hand on his large bulge. "See, no difference. My cock is getting hard for you, Cindy. Do you feel that twitching? Take it out; play with it," he coaxed while licking my ear.

No, it wasn't the same as Donny's. I could feel the difference in just the thickness of his cock, as I reached in to hold it. When I pulled it out, I saw it was uncut, thick like my brother's, but not as long. It wasn't fully hard, though, as I put a tight grip on it and began pulling his foreskin to and fro over the peeking, purple head. Within a minute of my slow pumping action, a drop of clear juice appeared, only to be slicked away and smeared over the swollen crown. This is a man's cock I'm stroking--and it's mean looking--like the man.

He walked me to behind his desk, removed his pants, and sat in a chair with his large ball sac hanging over the cushion. I knelt on a small rug placed at his feet. His cock was hard and sticking up six or seven inches. I resumed stroking it, while I played with his big balls.

"That's it; pull on my nuts, while you jerk me. You're doing it good, girl. I like it done, just like that. You do have some nice titties, Cindy. How about taking that bra off, so I can see them," he requested.

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