tagGroup SexVolleyball Practice & The Coach

Volleyball Practice & The Coach


I want to thank ginobear69 for his excellent help on editing this story. Thank you!

It had been a long week, and it was just about over. All Jack had to do was get through volleyball practice and the weekend was his. He headed for the gym after his last class, knowing that the girls would be there ahead of him. He entered the faculty locker room to change before heading to the courts.

The net was set up and the girls were practicing. There were five on one team, four on the other. He watched them practice for a few minutes, looking for weaknesses. He walked to the side of the court and called them over. Jack liked the idea that he was looking at nine of the prettiest girls on campus. Some had big breasts, some small, but none were too small. He enjoyed coaching and this was definitely the best sport to coach. After his pep talk the girls went back to the court while he went to the side to watch, encourage and, if necessary, correct.

The girls were allowed to wear whatever they wanted during practice, but for games had to wear uniforms. Today several of them had on the little half tops with silk boxer shorts. Jack didn't notice at first, as he was intent on watching them play, but it didn't take long for him to realize that every time Amy jumped to reach a shot he could see the soft curve of her breasts; or when Susan jumped high enough her shirt would expose her rosy pink nipple. He tried not to think about the fact that he hadn't had sex in more than six weeks. All Jack knew was that these girls looked really hot in those skimpy tops and shorts. He also knew that if he didn't get his thoughts under control he would have a raging erection that he'd never be able to explain.

Susan caught Amy's eye and nodded toward the coach. She could tell he had enjoyed the peep show they were putting on, but now it was time to "push the envelope". When they rotated positions, Susan and Amy ended up across the net from each other right next to the coach. Amy hit the ball over Susan's head so that Susan had to reach way up and back to get the ball. When she did, her shirt exposed her entire breasts. Instead of falling back in place, the edge of her shirt rested against the top of her breasts. The coach tried to look away, but Susan turned toward him before lowering it. None of the other girls saw what happened, except for Amy. The coach knew he had reached his limit so he dismissed practice early and went back to his office. He sat in his office, finishing up some paperwork while waiting for the girls to shower and leave, then he'd pick up their towels and head for home.

Thirty minutes later he was sure they had cleared out. He knocked on the locker room door and yelled loud enough for anyone left in the room to hear, "Anybody home?" Hearing no response, he walked into the locker room and started picking up towels. The lockers were arranged in rows with benches between them. As he turned the corner to go down the middle row of lockers he stopped, stunned at what he saw. There was his star player, Amy, sitting on the end of the bench with her back to him, her legs spread wide, and Susan was kneeling in front of her. Amy's head was thrown back, her long brown hair a cascading waterfall, one hand cupping her breasts, offering the rosy tip to Susan's waiting mouth. Susan's tongue flicked out across the erect nipple, circling, stroking. Her hand was caressing the mound of curls covering her secret place.

Jack was frozen, not knowing what to do. Should he let them know he was there? Or should he just leave? Before he could decide Susan looked up and saw him. She didn't give him away; instead she dipped her head again and took Amy's nipple in her mouth, sucking it as she looked straight in his eyes. Her hand moved lower, her fingers disappearing into the nest of curls. Amy moaned and bucked against Susan's hand.

Jack's cock sprang to attention that much Susan could see. She just didn't know if he would leave or come join them. She and Amy had been planning this for weeks and she wasn't about to let him leave. She broke eye contact and looked down at his crotch. His cock was forming a tent in his gym shorts. She let go of Amy's nipple and licked her lips. She saw his cock jump and knew what he wanted. She looked up and found Amy looking at her. Amy lowered her head and they kissed a deep long, sensual kiss. When they broke apart Amy looked over her shoulder and smiled at the coach.

The girls stood and walked towards Jack. He didn't move, just waited to see what they would do. Susan was blond, a natural blond, with creamy white skin. Her breasts were large, her waist narrow. She reached him first. She led him over to the bench, pushing him down so he was sitting on the end. She took his hand and placed his palm on her breasts. Amy reached for his other hand and did the same. Then they turned toward each other and kissed again. Susan was reaching for his shorts while her tongue tangled with Amy's. She slipped her hand in his shorts and found his cock, hard, ready. She wrapped her fingers around him and squeezed.

His hands were caressing their breasts, they were so different, Susan's large, full, and Amy's smaller, firm. He was watching them kiss, wishing they would kiss him. As if sensing what he was thinking they broke apart and leaned toward him. Susan's mouth closed over his and her tongue invaded his mouth. Amy's tongue found its way to his ear, darting in and out. Susan was still holding his cock and now Amy was pulling his shorts down. He rose up so they slid off easily. He felt as if he would burst. Susan was still kissing him, Amy had her hand on his cock, her breath was hot, and he could feel the warmth as she leaned closer toward his cock. It seemed like an eternity, but soon her lips were on him, kissing the head of his shaft, her tongue licking the rim of the mushroom shaped cockhead. Susan guided his hands to her pussy, showing him what she wanted. She pressed his hand against her, urging him to explore. He didn't need much encouragement, his fingers snaked between the curls of her mound, to find the wet slit, slipping in and out, teasing her clit.

Amy's mouth on his cock felt sensational, it was quite evident she had done this before. She slid his cock deeper in her mouth, down her throat until her face was buried against him. Her hand was cupping his balls, squeezing them. As she started moving her head he picked up the rhythm with his hand and his tongue. Susan backed away from his hand, putting her hands on his broad shoulders and pushed him back so that he was lying on the bench. She swung her leg over the bench so that she could see what Amy was doing to him. She lowered her steaming pussy to his face.

He began nibbling kissing and licking all around the perimeter of her slit and slowly started tracing her labia with the tip of his tongue. He began to lick the lips slightly harder and at last he sucked one lip into his mouth and nibbled and licked it, then the same to the other, back and forth over and over. As her hips begin to move, he took his fingers and exposed her clit, tracing circles around it with the tip of his tongue slowly at first, then faster.

Amy got up and straddled him, lowering herself on him, wrapping him in her wetness. She reached out and cupped Susan's breasts, pinching the erect nipples between her fingers as she rode him. His tongue was moving faster on Susan's clit, driving her to ecstasy while Amy drove him over the edge. They came as one, flying over the edge together, and coming back as one.

As the girls moved away, heading towards the showers, the coach lay there for a minute, taking it all in. Jack got his shorts, dressed and left. He forgot to pick up the towels.

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