We meet up at the bar it was a usual Thursday night. We had both been drinking and had not seen each other at all today. For some reason I had been really craving sex all day and when I started drinking it only get worse. When he walked in I knew I wasn't going to last much longer all I wanted to do was feel him inside me. I walked up and grabbed his hand and headed for the dance floor. It wasn't long before i started thinking of excuses to leave.

Without saying a word I walked into his apartment and knew that we both had the same thing on our minds. Standing in the middle of the floor we started making out. He was grabbing at my ass and sliding his hands up and down my body like he forgot what I felt like. I took a step backwards and started with the skimpy shirt I was wearing. Then I shimmied out of those jeans that hug my ass. I was standing in the middle of the living room in just my bra and lacy bright pink thong. I took of my bra as I turned to walk slowly towards his bedroom. He started pulling off his clothing and within second he was standing behind me. I could feel how hard he was when he came up behind me just as I was reaching the door. He started kissing my neck as I opened the door and flung off my thong. I turn around so that we are now facing each other.

He picks me up and through me down on to the bed. Were we start kissing and grinding up against each other. After a bit of that i role him over and pin him down so I am on top. I slowly move one hand down to his inner leg and give his balls a quick squeeze. As I whisper in his ear, "I am going to run my tongue over every inch of your cock." I move down and start right at the base making little circles with the tip of my tongue from the bottom working my way just shy of the head. When I get to the head there is a large glinting drop of pre cum and with a flick I wipe it way. I them take it and rap my lips around the head. At firsts its just the head but with ever stoke I put more and of his pulsating cock into my mouth. I finally take the whole thing down my throat feeling him moan as I slowly pull back up till I am just flicking his head with my tongue. Knowing how close he is to cumming I give him one last suck and start kissing him again keeping him waiting just a bit longer. When he reaches down to start running his fingers between my lips. He slides his hand between my lips and its already wet and slippery just from thinking about how much I want him inside me. He starts with his finger pumping in and out of me while his thumb is rotating in circles over my swollen clit. Before long moves his thumb and starts using his tongue. Back and forth then sucking gently as my body jerks uncontrollably with a second of pleasure.

I can't take waiting any longer I pull his head back up to mine kissing him passionately. I want you inside me.

He is on top of me and I can feel his hard cock starting to enter my wet pussy. It starts out slowly clenching my vagina around just his head. As I get wetter and wetter he thrusts deeper inside me. Final I can feel him all the way inside me. I grab his back and hold him deep for a second before he keeps thrusting as I am rubbing my hips up and down so I can feel every inch sliding along my body. All of a sudden he grabs my body and rolls me on top of him. He gives my ass a good hard slap that echo's through the room as I start to ride him. I lean forwards so that every time I thrust him deeper into my I am rubbing my perky nipples over his face. Before long he starts grabbing at my ass and pulling on my hips. I cant take it any longer I grind my hips deep into his body and the walls of my vagina start to clench as I cum. Hearing me moan as my body squeezes his cock is to much he starts to pulsate sending warm cum deep inside me.

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