tagLesbian SexWanda's Story Ch. 09

Wanda's Story Ch. 09


Life settled down for Wanda Catron the next few months. Order, it seemed, had returned to her life at last. Her weeks were still full, but there was an exactness to that fullness.

She worked at the strip club Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday nights. On Friday and Saturday, her Mistress, Anne Franklin, closed the evening with a sex act onstage with Wanda. These proved to be the most popular parts of the nights at the Strip-O-Rama. the owners, noticing the increase in attendance those nights, added a closing sex act for every night of the week, with other women involved in the programs.

Among the programs, and Wanda's personal favorite, was "Bambi Meets Godzilla." In this show, put on Monday nights, the stripper Bambi and her best friend, June, did an act that involved June wearing a large strap-on, which was bright green and named "Godzilla." That was the most popular act after Wanda and Anne's, probably because the men in the audience felt they had a Godzilla in their pants.

Another program, always on Sunday night, was "Angel's Dirty Deed." One of the strippers, Angel, came out in a white gown and wings, with a halo over her head. When her partner, seemingly a different dancer each week, came onstage, Angel's white gown and wings were pulled off her body to reveal bright red undergarments, always including crotchless panties. As soon as the gown came off Angel, a spring-loaded pair of devil's horns popped onto her head, replacing the halo. Angel must have had a deal with the local Frederick's shop, because her crotchless panties were always torn and stained by the time the act was over.

The other acts were unknown to Wanda, because she did not work on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays. Instead, the teenager was usually doing chores those days, and spending the evenings in the dungeon, as she had taken to calling the basement, with Anne and sometimes with Amber Anderson, their friend.

Amber continued seeing Erich Buchanon, her football-playing boyfriend, on Saturday nights and Sunday, but Anne had not taken Wanda back to join in that weekly sexual excursion. So Wanda's curiosity regarding a male penis in her pussy had remained just that, a curiosity. But Anne and Amber more than made up for it with the sexual role-playing and lovemaking they did. Just about every instrument in the dungeon had been used in their sex, except the cage on the one end of the room. That had never been used. Wanda started having sexual fantasies about it, though.

In her fantasies, she was a prisoner in jail, with Amber her cellmate and Anne their cruel guard. Wanda and Amber were lovers in Wanda's fantasy, and one night, while engaged in their usual lovemaking, they were interrupted by Anne, dressed in a guard's outfit and carrying a billyclub. There was a surprise inspection that night, and Anne had caught the two just as they were orgasming.

As Wanda's fantasy continued, Anne opened the cell door and let herself in. She handcuffed Wanda to one end of the cell's bed, and Amber to the other end. Anne then took her time, licking both women to orgasm. As they came, each woman scooted their pussies closer, so they were practically cumming on Anne's cheeks, one on each side.

Anne then took her billy club, pulled the ends off it, and revealed a double-headed dildo. She shoved one end in Wanda and the other end in Amber. She used the handle to fuck both women at once with it. Then, unsatisfied with what she was doing, Anne magically became nude and the handle became a third dildo head. Anne slid onto that handle and, as she fucked herself with the handle, her movements kept the two heads moving in Wanda and Amber as well. Wanda's fantasy always ended with the three of them cumming together, with Wanda (in real life) cumming then, too, having masturbated to orgasm from her fantasy.

Another part of Wanda's weekly routine was a trip to the local porno shop. During an earlier trip there, she had discovered that her high-school lover, Betty Grant, had become a porn star instead of going to college (or maybe while in college, Wanda wasn't sure). Betty, who was using the name Nan Humper, was fast becoming a star. Wanda found all Betty's old movies (7 in all) and soon noticed a new Nan Humper movie every week, it seemed.

Wanda bought them all, and took them home to watch. She had taken to hiding the DVDs at home, thinking Anne didn't know about them. Wanda didn't know that the clerk at the porno house knew Anne, and was reporting Wanda's sales to the older woman.

At home, Wanda frequently masturbated to Betty's movies. She saw that Betty was fucking men as well as women, although it seemed to Wanda that women were much more prevalent in Betty's porn world. Wanda remembered how Betty had made love to her, and saw those same lovemaking techniques on film. She also noticed they seemed to be lacking in the boy-girl scenes Betty filmed, as if she was faking with the men but truly cumming with the women.

This week's film had Betty part of an all-woman astronaut crew going to destroy an asteroid on a collision course with Earth. The movie, named "Cumageddon", was a funny take on the movie "Armageddon." Betty's role was the Ben Affleck part. She was first seen sleeping with the boss's daughter. Her next sex scene was a giant orgy in a pool where they were supposed to be training to destroy the asteroid.

As the movie continued, Wanda's hands could not keep out of her panties. Betty and the Russian astronaut made love in their lunar land-rover as it made its was to the rest of the crew. The sexual scene was heightened, in Wanda's mind, when the Russian proclaimed she had never been with a woman. Tenderly Betty undressed her, kissing her at the same time. Wanda's mind flew back to when Betty had first made love to her, and she put herself in the Russian's body as she masturbated.

Betty's mouth moved to the Russian's massive breasts when they were uncovered. Wanda's hands followed Betty's mouth, rubbing her nipples as Betty licked the actress's. The scene then showed the Russian's hairy pussy. Betty's tongue expertly parted away the hair and licked the girl's inner labia. Wanda's fingers split her own pussy apart, humping at the screen as if to get Betty's tongue into her own pussy. Her fingers pulled her clit as Betty's fingers pulled the Russian's. Both the Russian and Wanda came together, screaming out Betty's name in lust as they orgasmed.

The Russian then rolled Betty onto her hands and knees, and Wanda's hands continued to play with herself. After a couple of quick licks, sort of testing the taste and feel of a woman's pussy for the first time, the Russian dove her mouth hard onto Betty's pussy. Wanda well remembered her first pussy licking, and it seemed in her mind that it was indeed her between Betty's legs, not this actress whom Wanda could not name. Wanda's tongue darted in and out of her mouth as the Russian licked Betty. Wanda's hands rubbed furiously, and Wanda had her second orgasm a bit before Betty had her own on-camera orgasm.

The finale of the movie had all the astronauts on their space shuttle after blowing up the asteroid. The mass orgy was a stunning visual masterpiece, as the women floated in space as they made love together. The camera took pictures from all angles, including up from the bottom, as the women licked, sucked and dildoed themselves in celebration of saving Earth. While Wanda had no idea how they had filmed that scene, seeing new camera angles for sex scenes made Wanda cum harder than she had all film long, masturbating furiously with a plastic dildo, matching the one Betty was using on two women at once.

* * * * *

A week after Thanksgiving, Wanda got a call from her Mother. Wanda had broken down in early November and told her Mom that she was living with Anne. She did not, however, tell Mom the exact nature of that living arrangement.

Mom told Wanda that she got a phone call from someone who claimed she knew Wanda. This woman's name was "Betty," she would be in town starting Dec. 8, and she wanted to see Wanda. There was a phone number left, and Mom gave the number to Wanda.

With shaking hands, hoping beyond all hope that this was who she thought it might be, Wanda called the number. She got an answering machine.

"This is the number for Betty and Nan. Knowing Nan, she's probably in bed with someone. Knowing Betty, she's outside waiting for Nan to be finished. Leave a message and we'll get back to you when we can." Then the machine beeped.

"Betty?" Wanda said hesitantly. "This is Wanda Catron. Did you call me? If so, please call me at my new number. It's ..." and Wanda gave her phone number, area code first. "Please call between the hours of 8 am and 4 pm. don't call later, because someone else is home at that time."

Wanda went about her chores, including cooking dinner. Amber was coming over later on, so Wanda planned steak for three, with sweet potatoes and salad. As the steaks were cooking, the phone rang. Wanda picked up the extension and said "Franklin/Catron Home, this is Wanda. How may I help you?"

"Wanda?" said the familiar voice on the other end of the line. "This is Betty, Betty Grant. How are you?"

"Betty!" Wanda squealed. "It was you calling my mom earlier. how are you?"

"Oh, great, great. Listen, hon, I'll be on semester break in a week or so, and I'd really like to see you, you know? Can we get together sometime? I have a business proposition for you."

"Oh, sure, Bets," said Wanda, falling on her old nickname for her old lover. "Let's make it a weekday before Christmas, if possible."

"How about Dec. 12? That's a Tuesday. So, whatcha doin' for money these days? Still slaving at Wal-Mart for minimum wage?"

"No, I'm doing much better," Wanda replied earnestly. "I'm dancing at a club now, bringing in good money. And Dec. 12 is fine."

"Oh, come on," Betty said. "No dancers can make good money unless they take their clothes off."

Wanda blushed, then quietly said, "I know."

Betty got the picture. "I'd love to see you at work."

"I've seen you at work, too," Wanda admitted.

Betty giggled. "Wow, I didn't think you would have. That might simplify things. Tell me where you work, and I'll try and drop in on you."

Wanda gave directions to the Strip-O-Rama, and explained when she worked. She didn't tell Betty about her living arrangement, or her life as a slave. They exchanged pleasantries, with Betty only side-stepping the school-work question. "I manage" was all she would say.

When they hung up, Wanda had to hustle to finish dinner before Anne got home. She was just mashing the yams when Anne walked in the door, followed by their lover and friend, Amber Anderson.

Dinner went well, as did the sex afterwards. Amber then spent time polishing her strip routine. She had taken another second-place at the amateur Night she attended in November, and was determined to win when she could return to the dance floor in December.

* * * * *

Monday night, Dec. 11, Wanda drove to the Strip-O-Rama alone. Anne had found going to the strip club the night before school was too tiring on her, so she allowed Wanda to travel alone Sundays and Mondays.

Wanda arrived at the club, then got her usual escort into the building by one of the lot attendants, who also doubled as outdoor bodyguards. She went to the back, showered, added body glitter to her nude form, then dressed for her first number. She chose the schoolgirl outfit, a standard choice for her on Monday, a school night.

As she popped onstage from behind the curtain, her eyes locked on a woman sitting in the front row. She blinked, then looked again. Sure enough, that was Betty Grant, sitting front and center, staring right at her. As Wanda danced, she seemed to keep most of her eye contact on her former lover, though Betty's gaze was occasionally broken as a fan of her porn work asked her, as Nan Humper, to sign a napkin.

Wanda's smile grew as, finally nude, she saw Betty pull out a $50 and put it between her teeth. Wanda knew the bodyguards, though more lax when it came to women touching the dancers, still had to watch for danger and keep fans distant. A certain sly hand signal from Wanda kept the bouncers at bay, however, as Wanda moved right up to Betty, then smiled and spread her pussy lips for the woman.

Betty was even more radiant than Wanda remembered. Wanda guided Betty's money hand to the stage edge, making her fold the bill in half and hold it straight up. Betty, and the audience, watched in amazement as Wanda went over to Betty and lowered herself in a squat right over the bill. The girl then squeezed her pussy together and lifted off Betty's hand, the $50 trapped between her pussy lips. The crowd applauded this maneuver, and those men around the stage held out their bills, hoping to see a repeat from Wanda. They were disappointed, however.

After her set, Wanda headed into the club, and made a beeline right to Betty. They grabbed each other and swiftly kissed, more to keep from becoming a show themselves and draw attention from June, the dancer onstage. Wanda pulled Betty back to the lap dance section and sat down with her.

They spent most of the night together back in that corner. Wanda occasionally danced for Betty, earning enough that night to cover her expenses. The girls giggled at how they both ended up in adult entertainment. Betty explained how she got into the film business.

* * * * *

"I was struggling with expenses," Betty said quietly. "Living in California, tuition is only half the costs. Everything is expensive there. I have a two-bedroom apartment I'm sharing with three other girls, and it's still $700 a month for rent, gas, electricity and phone. Food is more, and even movies cost $9.

"So, I saw this ad looking for 'new talent' to audition for a reality series set in Chatsworth. I hopped in my car one afternoon after classes and drove the two hours to the San Fernando Valley. I was brought into a room with two women and a male cameraman and asked about my sexual history. One of the women explained she was the casting director and would ask the questions. She told me it would be a porn movie. I explained I was a lesbian, but had also had limited experiences with men. She then had the cameraman take some pictures. I was then told about the show.

"The 'reality series' turned out to be called 'Lesbian Sex-Real Life' and it was about 16 girls who would live in the same house for two months. Everything would be filmed, and sex was encouraged. She asked if I was still interested. When I said yes, she told me to seduce the other woman in the room while they filmed. So I started kissing her, slowly unbuttoning her blouse. She kissed me back, matching my passion.

"After a minute or two I forgot there was a camera in the room. I had stripped this woman and went right for her pussy. She had this little strip of hair between her legs, like a little arrow pointing straight to her pussy. So straight to her pussy I went, licking and sucking for all I was worth. As I did so, the casting director came up behind me, pulled my panties down and started licking my asshole. I was really glad I had bathed that morning, believe you me.

"I had that girl moaning and cumming in about five minutes, then she turned on me and started licking my pussy. The director started driving her tongue deep into my ass, and my dam broke. I came and came, and that's how i got on the show.

"On the show, we were broken into two groups, and the producers would send us out on sex errands every four days. The team that lost its errand challenge would then vote out one member. The first errand was easy. Find a girl in West Hollywood and allow us to fuck her as a gang-bang. Our team found a cute blonde bitch who was as wild as we were. The other team ended up choosing a mousy librarian who admitted right at the start that she had never had a lesbian affair. Our team was chosen winner that week.

"Other errands included going to a strip club, having public sex on the beach, and posting photos on an amateur nude photo site. I'm proud to say my photos got the top score that week.

"When we got down to eight girls, the tasks turned from team to partners. I chose this black woman, Julia, as my partner. We won the first two challenges and survived a third. But when the challenge was to seduce as a team a member of the opposite sex, I blew it because I cringed at the sight of a cock close up. Our team lost, and I got voted off.

There was some wild things happening in that house. I had my first orgy there, with the other seven members of my team. I had sex with a black woman for the first time, when Julia and I became partners. After the show wrapped up, we had an all-house orgy for the finale, including the cameramen. That was when I had my first cock.

"The producers couldn't sell the series, but a couple other people they showed the series to took a liking to me, and I got called for porn parts. I came up with my name based on my old doll's name, and the car my Daddy drove."

"You mean," Wanda exclaimed, "Nan Humper is ..."

"My old Nancy Drew doll, and the Jeep Hummer Daddy owned. They changed the name to make it a bit more sexy." Betty giggled at the name change, as did Wanda.

The owner wandered over to their table early on, curious about why wanda was spending so much time with this one woman, when plenty of men wanted time with Wanda as well. Wanda started to explain who Betty was, when the owner, Freddie Antonabbi, cried out "Nan Humper! I'm a big fan!"

After that, Wanda and Betty had almost carte blanche for her tipping Wanda. Betty responded with $50 for Wanda each set, given to Wanda in the most exotic ways possible. Once Betty Held it between her pushed-together breasts, and Wanda's tongue ranged freely on the breast flesh before she pulled the bill out with her teeth. Another time Wanda lay, naked and masturbating, at the end of the stage, while Betty (and a few of the men) rained crumpled $1 bills on her body. Still another time, Betty put the bill into her mouth and pulled Wanda into a deep kiss. When they broke the kiss, Wanda reached into her own mouth and fished the bill out, to the applause of the crowd.

Just before the Monday night sex show, Betty agreed to do a special strip for the people in the audience. Freddie had asked her, and even agreed to pay her standard show fee of $2,500. Wanda whispered something to Betty, then after Betty agreed, the teen hurried backstage.

* * * * *

Betty was about 5-8, with silicone-injected 36D breasts, a small waist, and 34 butt. She was in street clothes, but that made the crowd hunger for her more, because it seemed like she had walked into their bedroom right after a date and stripped for them. As soon as the DJ announced her, using her stage name of Nan Humper, she loosened her blouse and pulled it off. Her bra was plain white, more functional than showy. That came off quickly, allowing the men to ogle in person the breasts they had seen on video.

Next went her sandals, leaving the porn star barefooted. She slowly slid down her jeans and panties, showing the crowd she was a natural redhead after all. She had stopped shaving her pussy the week before, and the small tuft of hair was definitely red. She lowered herself to her back, then lifted back up, making her breasts the focus of attention.

Betty worked the pole for a minute, then spread her legs wide and drove her fingers into herself as the music the DJ was playing built to its finale. As the music ended, she pulled her fingers out and held them to the light, showing how wet they were. She looked around and saw a man holding a $20 in his hand. She scooted to him and, as her clean hand took his money, her wet hand smeared itself dry on his crotch, ending with a small squeeze of the man's cock.

More money came out, and Betty garnered a couple hundred dollars for her four-minute routine. She then left the stage as the DJ introduced Bambi, going onstage for the closing sex act routine.

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