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Wanking Off – Men Only


Admit it men! You guys are at a full advantage over us women. You have this built-in radar that tells you when you are aroused and hard.

Us women, never really learn this until we are kissed, or touched, or charged up and then sometimes it's all wrong.

I'm just learning that men wank off everywhere and anywhere.

Next time, I wear that low-cut sexy blouse, and you run into the bathroom, I'll know why secretly.

And, while you're at work, drinking that cup of coffee brushing your hand against yourself, I'll know you're hard.

Now, these are things mother should have taught me. Well, maybe she didn't know either.

I remembered when I first started masturbating myself. I had gone a year or so without sex. So, at 28 years of age, I sat on the bathroom floor and started fingering myself. Gosh, was that satisfying. Finally, I learned to take care of MY primal needs.

The next day at work, while leaving rather late, I asked my friend to hold the elevator while I went to the bathroom.

I started masturbating myself and feverously left disappointed, unsatisfied at the lack of success masturbating.

You men have it so easy. You have your little friend, "Irene," that goes with you everywhere. It talks to you, it caresses you, and it pleasures you easily on command.

They say the sexes aren't' treated fairly. I agree. There is full evidence of that now just based on the story of wanking.

Well, us smart women do figure things out eventually. We do learn to pleasure ourselves but still it takes a good man to point us in the right direction.

To me, the perfect orgasm is when a woman ejaculates. She is turned on in every part of her body. Every part of her pussy feels sexy, vulnerable, sweaty and touchable. Every part of her body is touched, fondled, ever so delicately, till all senses are absorbed and exuberated. Every part of her is frustrated, not wanting to be touched, but yet looking for it constantly, and wanting it and waiting for it makes the whole lovemaking experience more excited.

But, it's so much work. We fight, we rebel, we chase you men away and then if we're lucky we orgasm.

Now, those of us who are really, really smart learn how to multi-orgasm, again with the teaching of you men. I say let's hold hands and rejoice!

While the sweat is building, from every spore of the body, fighting to have an orgasm but holding back ... and then the pussy gets excited, overwhelmed and agitated but yet nothing occurs in her pussy, visualizing the image.

Then, finally, her cunt orgasms, ejaculates and spasms for endless moments. The woman's cream is very thick and the imprint of the woman's body remains, yet she is gone, imprisoned in her thoughts until the next time of a multiple orgasm ... if there is one, ever as great!!!

Life just isn't fair. You men can do this every day. It takes us women so much frustration and strength.

So, tonight there will no thought of men wanking off all day long tomorrow. There will be no toys used tonight on me. Instead, I will sleep alone.

Tonight, I will sleep with my faithful companion, Benji. He is the best mate I've ever had. He kisses me, licks me and cuddles with me till I decide to wake up. When I do, he asks for nothing in return for a great night together.

Benji never awakens me, jabbing hard erect objects into me or expecting anything more than I am willing to give at the moment. He never cheats on me. He is faithful, kind, loyal and adoring of me. He defends me, worships me and most of all never cares what I look like. He never gets angry, never disgruntled or caring an attitude. He is my faithful friend, the caretaker, the male who stays my by side, defending me and supporting my every move. I will love him till the end ... I will do anything for him, and he me.

One must love dogs, don't we? If I could mold every man into acting like Benji, I would be a happy woman. I could make the commands, decides the terms, and when I was ready for play.

But, I am a woman. Jealous of every man who can wank off whenever he wants. Jealous of the pleasure he can seek at the drop of a pin.

Secretly, I know he is jealous of me, my toys and my best friend. Clandestinely and behind closed doors I can orgasm for hours alone, by myself and without him. Surreptitiously, I can take my time and make my own calls.

Openly, in the privacy of my bed and myself, I can pleasure my eternal needs.

So, I guess, I change my mind.

Men, wank off whenever and wherever you please. Tonight is just for me!

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