tagMind ControlWarped Mind Pt. 01

Warped Mind Pt. 01


I'm thirty years old and sexually frustrated. I met my wife at twenty-four, had great sex before marriage but after tying the knot things have gone down hill from then. I mean it's really bad, going a week, two weeks in between sessions. The sex has gotten boring as well. She has no drive and just tells me to get it over with when we do, do it. So missionary style is what I get. No blowjobs no fancy fun positions and absolutely no thought of anal.

What makes it worse is my wife is extremely hot. She stays fit, has beautiful brown hair, perfect breasts at a C cup, and has the rest of the curvy body to go with them. I've pretty much stopped trying to get some, so sick of the rejections. Tossing off helps a little but it's not the same, as I'm sure you understand. Knowing what is sleeping next to me and in the shower drives me nuts and I just want to give it to her all the time but she won't have it.

I probably should also mention I'm independently wealthy so I have a lot of time on my hands to think about sex and what I'm not getting. I've looked up ways to increase her libido, actually tried a few but nothing lasts very long. Counseling didn't work. Asking her to try harder, lasted a few days and then I was back to nothing. I was beyond frustrated and thought about divorce even though she would take half my fortune since we had no prenuptial. I didn't want that to happen so I continued to pursue alternate ways to get her to come around. I couldn't cheat on her; she'd eventually find out and take a lot more than half in that case.

I looked into mind control, hypnosis and things like that but nothing was advanced enough yet and hypnosis would never work on my wife. I took it upon myself to further the research in mind control and started my own division in one of my companies. Of course I kept this all to myself, making the new employees sign confidentiality papers and kept it strictly classified.

It took a year and a half before they had anything to show me, but what I saw was amazing. They implanted a small computer chip into the back of the neck of animals and then sent instructions through a computer wirelessly to the chip. They had rabbits lining up in rows, drinking only when told too, taking dumps in designated places and so forth. It was something out of a sci-fi movie. I was very impressed but saw one draw back to what I had in mind for the tech.

The computer and set up wouldn't be conducive and easy to use while I was trying to screw my wife at the same time. I discussed this delicately with them to not give myself away and they suggested a hand held PDA type device to make it simpler but even then I wanted something better. Something hands free where I could control her with say... thoughts of my own.

It took another six months but they came up with a similar chip that could be inserted into a person which read thoughts and transmitted them to the other chip inside the animal or in my case my ice cold wife. Their demonstration was even more amazing than last time. The commands were much more complex coming from a human instead of a computer and they had the animals doing amazing things. They didn't actually insert the chip into a human yet, instead the guy wore a large helmet with sensors all over his head but they had a chip ready to insert if I took it to the next level.

I was stoked, and it was hard to concentrate on what they were telling me with my mind wandering to what I could get my wife to do to me with the chip in both of us. Endless blowjobs, anal sex, crazy sex toys and the like had my mind wandering and my dick growing in my pants.

"Let's do it. I want human testing as soon as possible," I said adjusting my hardon.

"Do you have any volunteers?" my lead scientist asked.

Several of the others looked up at this question and I knew I had to be carful here. I didn't want all of them to know who the intended recipient of the chips was. I said no at the time but later that night talked to the scientist alone after everyone else had gone home.

"Amazing work, Glen. I actually do have someone in mind for human testing. This may come to you as a shock and I need you to keep this to yourself completely. I'll make it worth your time and silence I promise."

"Okay, so who is it?"

"Me and my wife. I want the transmitter chip in me and the mind control into her."

"You've got to be kidding! You want me to help you control your wife?"

"That's exactly what I want you to do. If you knew what I go through on a daily basis you wouldn't be so shocked. Besides you can't afford to go against me on this, if you know what I mean."

He hesitated, I'm sure thinking of what I could do to him if I was willing to do this to my wife. I let him think, keeping silent until he finally replied.

"When do you want to do it?"

I smiled, "I'm glad you see my point of view. Can you do this alone?"

"Yes, the chips are self calibrating; it will be a simple procedure I could even do it at your home if that would be easier."

"Much, saves me a fake reason to get her down here. I'm sure you put us under for the procedure?"

"You no, but her for sure or she'll freak out. I suggest drugging her before I arrive and I'll get it taken care of. I'll stay long enough to assure the chips are working properly and be gone."

"Tomorrow night, my home, 6:30 and I'll have three million waiting for you just to ease your conscious.

"I think that would help greatly, sir."


I could hardly wait, I was so excited and the day dragged on until my wife, Cindy, came home from her shopping. It was 6:00 and I was cutting it close. I had the drugged wine waiting for her when she found me in the dining room.

"How was shopping today, dear?" I asked.

"Excellent, as always."

"Care for a drink?"

"A drink? What's the occasion? You trying to get me drunk so you can have your way with me? It won't work, I can drink you under the table remember?

"Not what I had in mind, just a simple drink," I said not getting upset because I knew what I was going to have very soon.

"Fine, I know you have some alternate motive having to do with sex, you always do."

I kept quiet and handed her the drink. The doorbell rang just as the drug started to take effect. She knew something was wrong, looking at me in anger and fear, before falling out of her chair to the ground. I went to the door and let the doctor in. He had a metal suitcase in his hand. He followed me to the dining room, set the case on the ground and popped the latch. Inside were two stainless steel injection guns. He pulled one out and I watched him roll my wife onto her back. Pulling up her long brown hair he pressed the gun to the back of her neck into the hair line and injected the chip easily.

"That's it?" I asked.

"Yes, Roger has been working on the implementation, he's done an excellent job, virtually painless," the doctor said putting the used gun away and grabbing the other one. "Your turn."

"Now you're sure you have the right chip in there. She's not going to be able to control me? She already does that now?" I laughed.

"I'm sure," he said turning me around.

I felt the cold tip of the barrel and then the sound of the shot. A light pinch followed and then nothing. I was perfectly fine and the same as before.

"Okay, now to access the chip you just have to think about turning it on. Once it activates you'll sense it. Try it now."

I did so, and it was like a switch in my head that turned on, I was linked with the chip and it was waiting instructions.

"Okay, it's working. It wants a command."

"Yes, whatever you tell it to do now it will send the signal to the chip in your wife, she'll obey without question. You should be able to get her to do anything, and I mean anything without a concern to herself or anyone else. I'm sure you understand the ramifications of that, sir."

"Very well. Now I just need her to wake up to test it. How long will that drug last you gave me to give her?"

As I spoke my wife stirred, coming out of the drug induced sleep. It was now time for the test run. The chip was still waiting for a command and I told it to stand up. It was odd but my wife immediately raised her head and climbed to her feet. I tried the simple requests, touch you nose, blink, smile, laugh, all of which she did without hesitations.

"It seems to be working perfectly, I should go?" the doctor said packing up the case.

"Not yet, I need to make sure she'll do things she wouldn't normally do, before you go."

"What did you have in mind?" he asked.

"You'll see."

I told her to walk toward me, get on her knees and suck my dick. I was expecting a pause, some sort of hesitations but she moved instantly and dropped to her knees, already undoing my belt. My cock was growing rapidly with the excitement and as she pulled my boxers down I was already rock hard. Her mouth enveloped my head and I told her to take it deep. She hasn't sucked my dick for years and never taken me more than an inch or two in her mouth at that. For her to take all six inches of my shaft in her mouth made me almost drop my load there and then. It felt amazing. I had all but forgotten the doctor was in the room until he cleared his throat.

"Satisfied?" he asked.

"Oh... yes, you can go. The case next to the door is your money. I appreciate this more than you'll ever know."

"I can see that. Good luck, sir."

My wife still had my cock down her throat as I heard the door close to my home.

Suck the head I told her, stroke the shaft with your right hand; play with my balls with your left. She obeyed perfectly. The awesome thing was she wasn't robotic about it. My thoughts were translated into exactly what I wanted her to do. She was giving the blowjob of my dreams in every detail. It was phenomenal and better than any other blowjob I've ever received. I prolonged it, enjoying the sucking and playing until my balls were tight around my shaft and ready to blow.

She stopped instantly when I told her to, stood up and removed all of her clothing as instructed. I admired her gorgeous body while my cock settled down a fraction. I wondered what I could do to her with just thoughts. I began experimenting.

Your nipples are hardening, the sensations wonderful. I thought and smiled when, for no apparent reason, both of her nipples became taunt and a look of pleasure appeared on her face.

The pleasure is intensifying, spreading over your entire body. You pussy is engorging, releasing secretions and pleasure. Your clitoris is hardening, as the blood rushes in, feeling your loins with rapture.

She started to shake, standing in front of me. The look of absolute bliss was on her face. I watched her clitoris press through the folds of her shaved labia and her lips blush with blood. I thought I could get her to orgasm without even touching her or her touching herself. I had to try. The prospect had me so excited I didn't even need to manipulate my dick for it to stay hard, which at thirty-two that was pretty good.

The pleasure is rising in you clitoris, steadily intensifying. The look of my big cock makes your mouth water. You want me inside of you. Tell me how much you want me to fuck you.

"Please, Trent, take me now, I want your big cock deep inside of me!" she screamed, something she has never said before.

Not yet, love, I'm not done experimenting. Sit down on the ground and lay on your back with your legs bent. She obeyed; I was worried she might fall over from the shaking.

The pleasure is still growing, your clitoris is filling with more and more blood and it's making you want to climax any second. Your nipples are so sensitive the slightest touch would make you cry out in pleasure.

I knelt down in front of her, staring at her moistening pussy. She was rocking back and forth slightly from side to side and her legs were trembling. I had never seen my wife in this state before. She would never let herself go like this, no matter how hard I tried. Scooting forward I got a better look at her flushed pussy and extremely hard clitoris. It was bright purple and pulsing with her heart beat. Her lips were engorged and hanging open so I could see into her very wet tunnel as her pussy seemed to be contracting all on its own.

The pleasure is about to peak, you're body will climax as soon as I say the word 'anal'. This orgasm, which will be mind blowing, will be associated with anal sex by your mind. Any time anal sex is mentioned you will remember how you feel now. Here it comes, almost ready...

Her back arched, her muscles constricted and her chest was rising and falling so fast for air I thought she might pass out.


As I said the word she screamed with pleasure and a gush of clear thick liquid fell from her wide open pussy onto the ground. Her body shook; going into spasms the like I had never seen or thought possible. Everything on her body looked stimulated and flushed as the climax took over her body without any external stimulation. It lasted an amazing amount of time. I couldn't take my eyes off of her quivering body as wave after wave of ecstasy rushed over her. It had worked. The mind control had made her orgasm like never before.

Okay, it's tapering back, just relax, feeling content and satisfied.

Her breathing slowed, her body calmed and her legs fell limp onto the ground as she closed her eyes. Her pussy was the wettest I had ever seen any pussy and my cock, I now noticed, had oozed to the ground and was still rock hard. The thought of shoving it into such a wet and hot hole made my heart rate increase and my cock lurch from the thought.

Tell me to fuck you and lift your legs over your head.

"Fuck me, Trent! Fuck me now!" she screamed opening her eyes and grabbing her long sexy legs.

Moving forward I bent my hard rod down horizontal and rocked my hips forward, sending my hard cock deep inside of my wife with one lunge. Her fluids rushed out around my cock and covered my balls, sending a warm thrill through them as I bottomed out inside her. She had never felt like this before. Her pussy was so hot and wet it was like fucking a totally different woman. I almost shot my load it felt so good after just one thrust. I'm sure the excitement had a lot to do with it. I held still, buried deep in her hot quivering pussy.

Play with your nipples, lick your fingers and twist them. The pleasure is incredible and will make you want to cum again.

Cindy was a woman that rarely played with herself, especially during sex. To see her now twisting and pulling at her incredible breasts was an unbelievable turn on to me. She copied exactly what I wanted to see, down to pushing her breasts up to lick her nipples with her own tongue. I was in heaven and had the sex goddess I had always wanted. I began to slowly move inside of her while she continued to play with her breasts.

My cock in your pussy increases your pleasure, you love how it slides in and out deep and rubs you engorged clit. Tell me how good it is and what you want me to do.

"Oh yes! Fuck me, Trent, shove that big cock in me!"

I sped up, pounding away at her body while holding her legs up over her head. She was moaning and screaming from me to give it to her hard and deep, just like I wanted her too. I stopped, pulled my cock from her hot body to look at it. It sprung up out of her, coated in her secretions. I knew she would never in a million years suck my cock with all of her juices on it normally, but now I knew she would and I couldn't wait for her to do it. Dropping her legs I moved to her face and told her mind to suck me and clean every last inch of my cock. She obeyed like a woman possessed taking me in deep and sucking. It felt unbelievable as she proceeded to remove all traces of her juices and swallowed them at my command.

Once she was done I told her to kneel on the chair with her hands on the back. She eagerly jumped up, got into position with her ass hanging over the chair toward me. Grabbing my stiff member I shoved it back into her dripping pussy and slammed away at her. Reaching around, I smashed her tits with my hands, pulling and pinching her nipples until she was screaming with pleasure. I proceeded to fuck her for ten or fifteen minutes like this, slamming away at her body like never before. I felt my orgasm approaching and wanted her to cum first.

My cock is going to make you cum in five seconds... four... three... two... one! You're cumming!

Her pussy convulsed on my cock and she screamed. Her hands were white on the back of the chair, her grip was so tight. Her pussy flooded with new cum, drenching my cock with thick hot secretions. It was the best sex I've ever had; her pussy was squeezing my cock like I had never felt before. My balls were so tight they almost hurt from the strain, crying out for release. I wanted to drop my load in her mouth, something I had never been able to do.

On your knees, finish me off into you mouth and swallow it all.

She was still shaking when she collapsed to her knees, swallowing my dick and stroking just as I wanted her too. I didn't last another thirty seconds. I tightened up until I couldn't hold it any longer. Releasing, I shot into her mouth, feeling the burst of cum leave my cock in a very intense orgasm the likes of which I had never felt before. I thought I was going to fall over from the pleasure. Her mouth wrapped around my spurting cock was unreal. Looking down I watched her swallow as quickly as she could but my load overwhelmed her. I must have really let loose from the excitement because globs of thick white spunk were oozing out the sides of her mouth as she finished me off. She acted like she loved it, sucking all she could out of my shaft and using her fingers to scoop what she had missed back into her mouth.

I was on the verge of blacking out it felt so good. I had to sit down, my legs were shaking so bad from the intense explosion. Using the same chair I sat down while she knelt in front of me.

Keep sucking it, and play with your clit until I'm hard again.

The night was young and I was just getting started. While she played and sucked my slowly shrinking cock I tried the phrase out on her to see what her body would do when I said 'anal sex.' As soon as the words left my lips she moaned. Her nipples became harder and she renewed her efforts to resuscitate my penis. The phrase worked perfectly, she remembered how she felt and it turned her on instantly without another thought from me.

It took about five minutes of sucking and stroking from her to have my cock hard again. It grew a lot faster than I thought but I should have expected it with the newness of everything I was experiencing. Once it was hard I stood up and moved away from her. She tried to get to me again, with the order to suck me still fresh in her mind.

Go upstairs and bring all the sex toys back down with you.

In my quest to try and incite her to have more sex we had collected a good amount of toys we ended up not using much. Well that was about to change. I watched her sexy ass leave the room as I slowly stroked my newly hard member until she returned. She had the bag of toys and a trail of juice running down the inside of her legs.

Put it on the table and remove each toy.

I watched her take every toy out and place it on the dining table, manipulating my cock as I watched her sexy body work. Once she was done I looked over the large collection of toys. Double dildos, big and little vibrators, butt plugs, anal beads, clitoris stimulators the list went on.

"Anal sex," I said as she pulled the last one out.

He body reacted, nipples hardened and the look of lust rested on her face.

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