Watch Me Cum


I listen carefully to your words, telling me how you like to watch me cum, and knowing how that turns you on excites me that much more. As your talk, do you see my cock slowly stiffen to its full six inches? I'm not going to touch it, not just yet. I want you to see how your words affect me. Watch; watch as it eventually starts a slow steady throb. Are you getting wet yet? Does it make you want to touch yourself? This is what you do to me.

I squeeze my thighs together, enjoying the pleasure it brings my balls. As you continue, egging me on to jerk off for you, a small bead of pre-cum appears at the head. Can you see it? Would you like to taste it? I want to start stroking myself, but I don't want to cum too soon. So for now, I hold off. I squeeze my balls some more. The veins on the underside of my cock bulge out. Watch as it seems to grow right before your eyes, with every squeeze it pushes the head out over the top. Soon another globule of pre-cum oozes from its hole, pushing the smaller bead off to the side.

Are you ready for me baby? Are you ready for me to begin my little masturbation show for you? I slowly rake my fingernails up my legs, imagining that they're yours. I trace a path from my knees up to my pubic hair, and then back down again. So close, but I want to be sure we're on the same page. I'm waiting to see where you're at in all of this. Are your fingers on, or maybe in, your pussy just yet? Are they circling your clit? Or maybe you're just waiting for me to start.

I squeeze my legs together one more time. But this time when I open them I reach down to fondle my hairy golf ball sized balls. I grip them and squeeze them gently. They feel sort of bloated, or maybe it's all in my mind, maybe I'm thinking it's all of that pent up cum, begging for release. More pre-cum oozes from the head of my cock. I use my index finger to catch it and massage it in to that area just below the head of my cock, on the underside, right below the crown. Did you see my cock jump with anticipation? It's telling you it wants release.

I wait to hear further instruction from you. You watch as I grip it, once again just below it's head. Do you want me to go fast or slow? Too late. I decided on tantalizingly slow. Watch my hand glide up and down my shaft. Watch as I make the head glisten with pre-cum. Are you as wet as me? Spread your legs further apart. Show me what I do to you. Show me how wet I make you. Oh baby, it feels so good. Watch how it just stands straight out and throbs when I let it go. A part of me wishes you'd wrap your mouth around it and just suck me off. But we can do that anytime. This time it's for our own individual pleasure.

Watch as I start jerking myself with a little more force. My free hand reaches down and plays with my balls a bit. You make me want to cum. But you knew that, didn't you? Your words in themselves are enough to get me off, but your actions and seeing you playing with yourself makes it easier still. God baby, I want to cum so bad. But I'm going to hold out for as long as possible. My hand begins moving a little faster. Are you enjoying this?

I know that you are. Put two fingers, no, put three fingers in your sopping wet pussy and fantasize that it's me. Think of it as me, my hard cock, pumping in and out of your hot cunt. Tell me how bad you want me to cum. Do you want to feel my cock throb and spasm? Do you want it be unloaded deep inside your hot snatch? I'll continue on making it nice and latherly. I'll keep pumping you until I lose my erection altogether. Would you like that baby? Fuck, getting closer with each passing sentence here. Not much longer. I keep telling myself to slow down. Make it last. But that only works so long.

I squeeze my rigid shaft hard, from base to tip. More pre-cum I quickly smear it around the head, making it gleam in the soft light. Again I use more of it around the underside of its head. So fucking good, so fucking hot. I imagine your hand playing between your legs and begin working, stroking my shaft again. Watch my hand slide up and down. The lubrication from the pre-cum eases some of the friction, making my hand glide over it with ease. You have no idea just how close I am. My body begins to tremble, as it anticipates those final stages before orgasm.

My legs are working in rhythm with my stroking. I lie back so you can see the full length of my pole. I want you to see each and every shot as the semen erupts from my penis. I am so close now, as I feel that familiar tingle in my nut sack. Are you ready for it baby? It won't be much longer now. Maybe another eight to ten strokes, if even that many. I slow down so you can watch without my hand blocking your view. I want you to see me cum. Watch me cum baby. You know it's all for you. I wouldn't do this for just anybody. Watch and enjoy.

I squeeze my legs together tightly. I grit my teeth and squint my eyes. Pointing my cock up towards the ceiling, I continue my up and down motion. Oh my god darling. I'm ready to explode. Watch me as I cum for it my words trail off. I let my actions speak for me. As the first spurts of ejaculate erupt from my spewing cock. It goes straight up and lands on my chest, right between my nipples. The third and fourth quickly follow suit. Oh god, it feels so fucking good. With each spew are as intense as the previous. The cum slowly ebbs, but I continue. Milking every last drop. My eyes are closed.

I continue pulling on my now flaccid penis.. I look down, and see ribbons of cum, some of it beginning to pool in my belly button. I run my index finger through it and wonder what's going through your mind at this very moment. If you were here, would you lick it off me? It doesn't take long before it's cool to the touch, almost to the point of being cold. My shriveled up cock smiles at me happily. I smile back knowing that I probably made someone else happy along the way.

I reach over for the towel that I had nearby, trying not to let my now watery cum run down my sides and onto the bed. I clean myself up the best I can given the circumstances. My nostrils are filled with the scent of cum. There's just no mistaking that odor. The smell is almost intoxicating. As I prepare for my shower my cock has a little twitch. Care to join me? I'm sure I could make it worth your while. After all, soap, warm water and two bodies are a very powerful aphrodisiac. Smile.

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by Anonymous05/14/18


I'm a straight male and I Needed to cum to this. Making me think I may like guys a bit after all.

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