tagLoving WivesWatching & Being Watched

Watching & Being Watched


It was a glorious hot sunny day and we had decided to make the most of it and take a trip out. We had found a pub for lunch in a lovely country area. After a nice meal and a bottle of wine we decided we'd go for a walk. I was wearing my shorts and a polo shirt. You looked gorgeous in your white summer skirt and patterned slightly see through top with your fuck me clogs on to make you look even sexier. We had no idea where we were going but, having had a few drinks didn't care, we just walked along a disused country lane enjoying each other's company and the warm sunshine. We didn't see any other people at all as we walked. After a while you said to me that after your wine you needed a wee.

"You know what I'm like when I've had a drink. I'm bursting." You said.

"You'll have to go next to that bush there then, no one is about." I said to you.

"I can't, what if someone comes and sees me."

"Don't be daft there is no one around here for miles, anyway they will probably enjoy the view."

"Ha,ha, okay. Watch out to make sure no-one sees me then. I don't want to flash my arse to everyone!"

I watched as you looked around and tottered towards the bush in your high clogs. You turned away from me, lifted up your skirt, shook your arse at me then pulled your knickers down and off. You waved them at me.

"Well I don't want to get them wet do I?" You smiled your dirty little smile as you turned to face me giving me a glimpse of your neatly trimmed fanny, before you squatted down and started to pee.

"Stop looking at me you perv!" You laughed as you relieved yourself.

"I can't help it, you look so horny woman!" I felt a rush of excitement and my cock hardened as I watched you. You looked like a dirty slut with your skirt around your waist and peeing in the open for anyone to see if they came past. You finished, dried yourself with a tissue and stood up still holding your skirt still around your waist.

"See anything you like then?" You asked me as you turned around showing me your arse again, bending forward and just showing me a glimpse of your bald cunt lips.

"Too bloody right I do." I said as I felt my cock harden even more and I started to move towards you.

"STAY WHERE YOU ARE!" You ordered as you turned to face me. You stood with your legs slightly apart and put your right hand onto your cunt and lightly rubbed your fingers over it.

"Is this what you want? I'm freshly waxed at the front and bald down here." You said as you pushed your fingers through the folds of your cunt and rubbed yourself.

"That's exactly what I want!"

"Ha ha, only joking!" you laughed and quickly put your knickers back on and pushed your skirt down.

"That's not fair, you little prick tease." I laughed.

"No I'm not, I'm a respectable lady."

You came back up to me and kissed me. I put my arms around you and pulled you into me, pressing my hard on into you.

"Hmm, that seemed to have worked for you. Come on lets go back before you get too carried away." You said as you gave my dick a quick stroke.

We walked back along the lane towards the pub, the sun was still shining and it was warm. I kept grabbing your tits and arse, asking you to nip into the woods for shag, but you wouldn't let me. Save it till later you said, but your resistance was getting less and less and you let me feel you for longer each time, your erect nipples poking through your top showed you were getting more excited.

As we neared the end of the deserted lane we saw a camper van parked up off the road in a small clearing hidden in the trees. We walked past the van and heard noises coming from inside. This was a brand new camper van, a luxury model, very expensive. The curtains which hung round the large windows were open at one point.

"Let's have a quick look." You said "Dare you!"

"No, come on. It will be some old farts having a picnic or something boring like that."

"Yeah but what if it is someone having an affair. Or it could be a couple of young men that want a MILF like me to teach them all about a woman. That would be interesting!" You laughed and tossed your head back.

"Ha, some chance and if it was you wouldn't know what to do, or would you?"

"SSSShhh!" You said "Don't be soft. I want a look. You never know what might be going on. Oh and I would know what to do if I wanted. "

You were curious as to why the camper was parked there. It seemed to be deliberately parked to be hidden from view. You didn't know what to expect, but thought what the hell, you're a nosey bugger so you might as well have a quick look.

You carefully walked up to the camper trying not to fall over in your clogs. Your heart missed a beat as you saw what was happening inside. There was a naked couple on the pull-down bed. Their feet pointed towards you. She lay on her side, he lay facing her. Her leg was thrown over his hip and his cock pierced her shaven pussy. Their arms were round each other and they moved slowly together. The top half of his cock slid smoothly in and out of her and she moaned as he fucked her.

You felt yourself going hot with embarrassment and felt it hard to breathe. You wanted to turn away but you couldn't. The sight was infinitely more erotic than any movie and it was happening right in front of you. You watched hypnotized as they thrust together rhythmically, going faster, the length of his cock pushed in and out of her. Your heart pounded and you felt a rush of excitement flow through your body.

I had stopped walking and was watching you. I knew that you could see something as you were staring intently into the camper. I moved closer to you and I heard the unmistakable sounds of someone shagging. You dirty bitch, I thought, you always have a go at me for perving, but here you are watching someone else shagging. Not only that but you had moved even closer and you were right next to the window.

You didn't notice me come up to you. You were engrossed in the show in front of you, your mouth opened as you watched.

I looked through the gap in the curtains but had to move behind you to get a better view. I saw that the woman was now on top of him, her back to the window, impaling herself on his big cock. She took him deep into her, and then rose up until his cock was nearly exposed before sinking down again. His hands clutched her buttocks and pulled them wide apart, so that she was open to our gaze. She dipped her large breasts one by one into his mouth.

You turned to look at me and signaled for us to walk away from the van.

"God, watching that is making me really horny." You whispered, and then kissed me passionately, your arms tight around my neck. "They both looked at me and smiled and then she mounted him. They want to be watched I'm sure. Let's go and have another look, I want to see what they do next."

You grabbed my hand and pulled me back to your viewing spot. I stood behind you and you leaned back against me. I stroked my hand down your arm and my hardening cock pushed up against your arse.

The couple rearranged themselves and she turned to look at you and smiled. She moved him round so that his head was under her crotch and her arse was pointed to face us. Although we couldn't see it, it was clear that she was sucking his cock eagerly. He held her cunt apart with his fingers and she dipped her hips to let him explore her with his tongue. We could see her juices running down into his mouth. He licked her thoroughly from anus to clit. She rotated her hips to give him easy access to every part of her. Soon, though, he began to concentrate on her clit, and we saw his tongue flicking ever faster on her. Her body arched with tension. He pushed his thumb into her anus and started to fuck her arse with it. Suddenly she began to give high-pitched cries, her hips jerking under his restraining hands. We could see the tunnel of her cunt opening and closing with the pulses of her orgasm.

You moved your hands up to grab your own tits and squeezed your nipples hard. You rubbed your arse against my hard on.

I pushed your hands off your tits and grabbed them myself, pinching your erect nipples which caused you to let out a low moan.

"Check to see there is no one about" you whispered to me.

"I can't see anyone, its fine." I said as I looked around.

You reached down and pulled your skirt up over your hips. You pushed your left hand down and pulled your thong aside and you put your right hand straight onto your cunt and started to rub your slit. I let go of your tits and pushed your top up to expose your sheer black bra your erect nipples thrusting forward. I put one hand over yours and I could feel your fingers rubbing your slit. My other hand went back to your tit, rolling the erect nipple between my fingers. My erection was pushed shamelessly into the cleft of your arse.

We carried on like this as we watched through the window. The woman stayed on all fours, her ample arse thrust proudly into the air, while he, his thick glistening cock waving, knelt behind and above her and he rubbed his cock along her juicy lips. Through his opened thighs we had a clear view of her cunt parting to admit him. He fucked her strongly for a few minutes, then to our shock withdrew and placed his cock against her anus. You moaned again and I felt you push two fingers inside yourself. We watched in disbelief as his huge cock pushed its way into her arse, hearing her gasps and cries. He was half-way in, his rigid cock disappearing into her arse. His balls had tightened to such an extent that they had virtually disappeared inside him. He began to thrust, gently at first, then harder and faster. She took his whole length into her. Her cunt was open and very wet. We watched her reach back and push three and then four fingers into her wet cunt.

You writhed in my arms. "Look at them, Jesus he is fucking her up the arse with his big cock. Look at it. Oh God fuck me, I want you to fuck me, please." you panted.

You fucked yourself with your fingers faster now, you wanted to be fucked. Your cunt was soaking and it needed to be filled.

"Take your knickers off." I said to you.

You stopped fucking yourself and quickly pulled your knickers off. You stumbled in your clogs and dropped your thong on the floor. I grabbed hold of your arm to steady you. As you stood up you looked back at the window to see that the woman was kneeling up facing you, lusting at you. She opened the curtains fully and pushed the window all the way down. You stood bolt upright, your top still pushed up over your bra. But you didn't attempt to cover yourself.

"Are you enjoying this?" She asked you in a husky voice as she looked directly into your eyes.

I don't know what came over you, maybe the wine or the highly aroused state you were in, probably both, but you looked right at her and very confidently spoke to her.

"Yes I am. It is very sexy, and you are very sexy."

She ran her hand over her breast and down to rub herself between the legs as she spoke to you.

"I have always wanted to be watched, that's why we have come here. This is the first time we have done anything like this. It's even better than we thought, we didn't know if anyone would be around and then we get a sexy woman like you to watch us, and it has turned me on even more to have you watch and for me to watch you."

She leant forward and grabbed hold of the window frame causing her large breasts to hang out of the window the nipples puckered and erect. She was in her forties, with long dark hair and a full curvaceous figure. She was attractive and suntanned. We couldn't see the man properly as he was behind her. But we both saw her push her hips backwards as he obviously entered her from behind. She let out a long moan. Her tits started swinging together as she was being slowly fucked.

I looked at you as you took a step closer to her. You were right in front of her, my cock nearly burst through my shorts. What were you doing, I couldn't believe it, and my heart thumped in my chest as I watched to see what you would do. You could feel the sexual tension in the air. She was looking at you and you were looking at her, waiting for one of you to make the next move, to see how far you would go.

"Is he fucking you now?" You asked her.

"Yes, yes he is fucking me. He is fucking me now with his big hard dick. He is fucking me nice and deep. But I won't let him come, not yet, he has to hold back."

You pulled your top completely off and threw it on the floor. You brought your hands up to your tits and gently massaged them, your nipples so hard that they pushed through the sheer material.

"Come here" you said to me "Unclip my bra."

With trembling hands I stood behind you and released the clip on your bra. In one quick movement, you pulled your bra off and threw it on the floor next to your top. I put my hands round you and cupped your exposed tits. All the time you looked at the woman as she was being fucked. As I played with your tits you started to roll your hips against me, grinding your arse into my hard cock. You wanted her to look at you, see the sexual arousal in you.

"Hold my tits." You said "Show her my tits."

I grabbed your tits in both hands and squeezed them together, your nipples stuck out hard as rocks, pointing at her.

"God they are beautiful." She moaned and reached a hand out toward you. She touched the top of your breasts, you gasped and then she moved her fingers over your nipples. She moved her hand away unsure if she had gone too far.

You reached your hands out and touched the sides of her large tits, very lightly. She moaned louder. Your horny confidence surged through your aroused body. You moved your hands round so that you cupped her breasts and flicked your thumbs over her erect nipples which caused her to shudder. She threw her head back and thrust her tits into your hands.

"Look at me feeling her tits, can you see. She touched my tits, but I'm feeling hers. God I can't believe it. God yes, I'm feeling her tits."

You grasped them harder now, copying the way I was squeezing your tits and rolling the nipples. You were both panting harder now. I pushed you closer to her and lifted up your left tit so that your nipple touched hers. You roughly grabbed her tit and rubbed her nipple against yours groaning loudly as the two erect peaks squashed together sending electric shocks through your body.

I moved to your side and put your right breast in my mouth and sucked, flicking my tongue over the hard nipple. You continued to rub your nipples together, both of you moaning at the stimulation. I released your tit from my mouth and took a step back.

"Suck her tits, go on, suck her tits, you horny bitch." I said to you, and you did. You bent forward placed both your hands on her tit. Lifted it to your mouth and licked her nipple. You licked round and over her tit. You squeezed both your hands together forcing her nipple to stick out even further and then sucked it into your mouth. I heard you moan as you sucked her nipple. I reached down and pulled your skirt up over your waist, exposing your bare arse to the open air. You moaned again as you felt yourself exposed. You opened your legs wider and stuck your arse back towards me, moving your hips, begging me to touch you, feeling the air on your wet open cunt.

I watched you, sucking her tit, grinding your arse, lost in your sexual lust. Your tits hanging free, nipples erect. I could see your cunt lips bald and open, glistening with your excitement. You were trying to get some stimulation to your cunt. Anyone could have come up behind you and fucked you. You wouldn't care, you wanted it. You were so turned on you would have let anybody take you.

You moved your hands from her tit and down over her belly. You couldn't stop yourself. You wanted to touch her, to feel another cunt. I watched as you ran your hand down to her bald cunt.

"Yes, touch me make me come, rub my clit, pleeaasse!" she begged you. You let her tit pop out of your mouth and you reached further forward to feel her better.

He was still fucking her, harder now. You put your fingers to her wet cunt. You delighted at the feel of the smooth skin, the first time you had ever touched another woman's cunt. Your fingers slipped over her wet clit and touched his cock as he fucked her. You placed your other hand between her legs. You wanted to touch his balls, to feel his cock. You held his balls in your hand whilst he fucked her. He groaned with pleasure. You pulled on his balls, hard to stop him fucking her.

You ran your fingers over her open cunt lips to feel him inside her. You grew more and more excited as you realised what you were doing. You couldn't stop. You wanted to do it, needed to do it. Your breathing came harder, faster. You felt your heart pumping. You knew what to do to her, you knew what it felt like, but this was the first time you had touched another woman. You slipped your finger into her cunt next to his big hard cock. She moaned louder as she felt your finger enter her. You felt his cock inside her. You felt the soft wet inner folds of her cunt. You took your finger out and rubbed her clit, your fingers covered in her wetness. You felt her clit grow bigger under your touch. You rubbed her harder, faster, you felt her orgasm coming. She rubbed herself against your fingers, she was going to come.

"You dirty slut" I said to you. "Look at the state of you." I smacked you on your arse. You groaned loudly and stuck your arse out further.

"Yes, I am a dirty slut, spank me, that's it, do it to me." You said and I spanked you again and again. I ran my hand over your arse cheeks. I spanked you again. I put my fingers between your legs and rubbed them over your smooth wet cunt. You pushed back and sucked my fingers inside you. You squeezed your cunt tight grabbing my fingers sucking them deep into you. I fucked you with my fingers, my thumb pressing against your tight arsehole. I could feel my cock almost bursting it was so hard.

You wanked her clit faster and harder your fingers soaked from her, as you moaned harder and faster yourself. You pulled on his balls dragging him into her, making him fuck her as you wanted. You controlled them both. You controlled their fucking. You controlled their pleasure.

"Oh my God, now, yes now I'm coming again, yeeeessssss." She screamed shaking her head from side to side and grinding her clit into your fingers as her orgasm ripped through her body. I spanked your arse hard, two, three, four times. My thumb, coated in your slick moisture slipped into your arse and your orgasm hit you hard. You humped your hips onto me, your cunt and arse tightening around my fingers. You fucked my hand hard and fast as you came.

"AAARRRGGGGhhhhhhh, yes, yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me. Yesss!Now. Now. NOWWww!" You panted.

It went quiet, the only sound was you and her panting, recovering your breath from your orgasms. Both of you were still slowly moving your hips. I took my hand from you as you took your hands from between them. You stood up straight, tits swinging free, skirt still up around your waist, your back towards me. You leant your head back onto my shoulder and you kissed me hard, plunging your tongue into my mouth. I lifted my hands up and cupped your tits and you groaned deep into my mouth as I pulled on your nipples. I slid one hand between your legs, you were still soaking wet, and my fingers slid into you easily.

Abruptly you snatched my hand away, stopped kissing me and straightened up. You went right up to the open window again. You looked at her, still impaled on his cock, still slowly fucking him, glistening in sweat, getting her breath back, she was watching you.

"Let me see him." You said to her, in fact you ordered her. You had regained your control. I was a bit confused. I didn't know what you were going to do next. The one thing I did know was that I was going to explode if you touched me.

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