tagLoving WivesWatching Cindy Ch. 02

Watching Cindy Ch. 02


The stranger's story:

Up until the last night, it had been a pretty normal business trip to Boston. I'd been busy every day, taken in a Red Sox game with a client one night, enjoyed some great seafood, nothing unusual. My business done, I was looking forward to returning home to L.A. the next morning. I knew that my wife Julie was anxious to see me and that as usual we'd both have some pent-up sexual energy to release.

After an intense workout in the hotel fitness center, I decided to go down to the bar at the Ritz-Carleton Hotel, where I always stayed when in Boston. I was feeling horny after four days away from Julie, and in the back of my mind was the idea of masturbating to a porn flick before I went to sleep...nothing exactly unusual for a man on the road!

Soon after I walked into the bar, I saw her. Tall, pretty, blond, and with the most sensational ass, she was dressed in a short black dress. She walked slowly, deliberately around the bar, seeming to be looking for someone among the group of 15 or so people who were there. One thing was for sure, she had caught the attention of every man who was there, including me. I found it difficult not to stare.

As she completed her walk around the bar, I lost sight of her and went back to my drink and to watching the Sox game on the TV as I sat at a small table next to the bar.

I looked up as I noticed two people approaching my table. It was the blond woman and a man...her husband? I was a surprised when he asked if they might join me. "Sure" I replied, a bit flustered by the turn of events "have a chair."

As she pulled her chair up to the table the woman leaned forward, offering me a great view of her breasts, which were nearly as appealing as her lively ass. I wondered what was going on.

A bit nervously they introduced themselves. His name was Joe, hers Cindy. I told them I was Steve, in town on business and that I lived in L.A.. This fact established some common ground between Cindy and me as she had gone to college at UCLA. Relaxed now, we talked easily for several minutes about the L.A. scene, our likes and dislikes.

They were an attractive couple, very well-spoken and intelligent. As I got a closer look, I realized that Cindy was older than I'd thought when I first saw her walking by. She had a few light wrinkles about her eyes, and a rather husky sexy voice which did nothing to detract from her attractiveness. I figured she was maybe 40, 10 or 12 years older than me. Still, physically and in personality she was a very hot woman.

Joe was older than Cindy, maybe 50, quite distinguished looking, trim and fit with bright blue eyes and a quick smile. I liked them both.

When I mentioned that I was leaving in the morning, Cindy gave a reply that gave me pause: "Not too early I hope" she said with a little laugh.

I looked at her quizzically, and she recovered, saying "you know, with the time change and everything"

"No, not too early, but I'd be fine anyway. It's 3 hours earlier in L.A. , so I am full of energy now," I responded, in part to see her reaction.

"I'll bet." said Cindy, looking at me straight on.

Then, quickly, she got up, leaving Joe and I alone at the table, saying: "Excuse me guys. I'll be right back." There was an awkward moment as neither of us spoke, looking up at the game. I wondered what was up and didn't know what to say. Joe spoke first, with some hesitance in his voice.

"Steve. I have to ask you something. I hope you don't take it wrong. What I mean is, Cindy and I, we've had this idea for a long time and tonight we decided to, to do it."

"What are you talking about? I don't follow you." I replied. I really was not sure what he was getting at.

Joe hesitated for a long moment, gulped and said in a near whisper: "We were wondering if you'd be O.K. having sex with Cindy. She is hot isn't she? And she likes you. She picked you out and you two hit it off so well. You know?"

"Picked me out? For real? Man, you are asking me to have sex with your wife? What is this all about? I don't get it," I replied. This was not exactly the kind of thing I was expecting to be asked, though his words sent heat up through my face, and to my crotch as well.

"I mean, she is very attractive and everything, but I just met you and you guys are married," I added quickly, intrigued now as what he'd asked began to sink in.

"Yeah Steve, that's true. We are. But nothing is up at all. We just wanted to act out our favorite fantasy. Well, mine anyway, and Cindy wouldn't be going along if she didn't like it too. You see I'd be there too, in the room, up in your room here at the hotel. Watching it happen." I noticed his hand shaking a little as Joe tried to act casual, raising his drink to his lips, looking at the TV now.

Now I could see Cindy returning, smiling as she approached the table.

"Hi guys. How are we doing?" she asked brightly.

"I asked him honey." Joe said. She flushed visibly, looking at me. "And?"

"This is kind of unbelievable" I replied. "Can we sit here, finish our drinks and talk about it a little more?"

I asked them to tell me more about themselves, about their fantasy, about their plan to carry it out, and how they picked me. It was still amazing to me that this was for real! I felt the tension releasing as we talked and felt us all becoming more comfortable. I told them about myself, that I'd been married seven years and was happy but open to new experiences of all kinds. "perfect" Cindy purred.

As we finished another drink, I stood up and said: "Let's talk more upstairs shall we?"

We walked silently to the elevators. We looked at each other and smiled as we rode up. I told them I had a great room with a view of the Public Garden and the city beyond. I noticed they were holding hands, saying little. I could hardly believe what was happening!

When I opened the door to my room, Joe and Cindy both commented on how nice it was and how great the view was.

I gestured for them to sit down. Cindy and Joe sat together on one of the beds. Taking charge, I said: "No, no! Cindy, you sit here with me. This is what we came up here for, isn't it?"

Cindy moved over and sat on the bed close to me. I could smell her perfume and her hair.

"Are the lights O.K.?" I asked Joe. "This is for you too so I want to do it right."

We all laughed. My little joke had broken the tension. "Sure. Perfect lighting. Too bad I don't have a camcorder." Joe joked.

"No cameras!" Cindy responded.

I moved an arm around Cindy's shoulders, then pulled her down and kissed her, long and deep, my hands roaming down over her breasts, first over then underneath the material of her silky black dress. Joe watched, and piled the pillows up on his bed, kicked off his shoes, and lay back, watching as if we were a porn movie on the hotel T.V. Only this was real. I felt my cock swelling, enjoying the sensations of Cindy's lips, tongue, and fantastic body. That her husband was there watching us only added to my excitement.

We embraced on the bed for several minutes. Then Cindy stood up and without a word let her dress fall to the floor, leaving her standing before us both in her sexy black "boy panties", bra and silk thigh-high stockings.

"Wow." I said. "You look soooo good." My voice sounded like someone else's.

"Here, let me help you out of your clothes, lover." Cindy leaned over, unbuttoning my shirt , and I sat up, helping her to remove it. I could see Cindy's ass in the mirror beyond Joe, peeking out from her panties. I could see myself too and was very glad that I worked out so faithfully.

Now I removed, very slowly, Cindy's stockings, peeling them off her athletic legs as she lifted one foot then the other to assist me. I remained sitting, she standing before me.

Cindy pushed me back playfully onto my back, putting on a show for her husband I thought, and unbuckled my belt and pants button. She carefully unzipped my fly and then pulled my pants off. I helped her by lifting my butt so she could get them off. She whipped them off my feet dramatically, tossing them across the foot of the bed Joe was on. Now I was dressed only in silk boxers, Cindy in bra and panties.

At that point I decided to include Joe a bit more: "Hey Joe. You can't be the only one in this room who's dressed! Come on. Get comfortable. Get those clothes off!" I ordered.

Joe quickly complied , joking weakly as he stripped to his boxers. "I guess this means "yes" huh Steve. That you'll fuck Cindy, I mean." We all laughed.

I had sat back up and was busy undoing Cindy's bra. I took her bare breasts into my hands, fondling, stroking and squeezing them for a good long while. I took both of her luscious prominent nipples between my thumbs and forefingers, squeezing, tugging and rolling them, making them stand out in fully erect arousal. Cindy closed her eyes, moaned softly and sighed.

I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Joe had reached into his shorts and was fondling his cock.

Now I placed my hands on Cindy's hips, her still facing me. I took hold of her panties and very slowly lowered then, uncovering her luscious butt, which I held and squeezed not three feet from Joe's face. It felt even better than it looked!

Then I slipped the panties down all the way, Cindy stepping out of each leg one after the other. Now she stood before us completely naked save her simple necklace. I gave her irresistible ass cheeks a few gentle, then harder slaps, leaving them quivering slightly after each one. I was really getting turned on by Cindy and by the situation.

"C'mon Cindy. On to the bed. You have such a beautiful body, you do."

Cindy sat next to me, but then pushed me to my feet. "I want to help you out of all those clothes Steve. You must be so uncomfortable, all confined." She joked.

I laughed, standing in just my boxers, my penis nearly fully erect now pushing my shorts way out in the front. I could see Cindy's eyes looking the prominent bulge. I could hardly wait to show her myself, and knew she would be pleased at what she saw. As Cindy slipped my shorts off she let out an audible low breath. My penis, which was not quite fully erect, flopped out of my shorts, nearly eight inches of it right in Cindy's face. "Wow! You sure are big." Cindy exclaimed. I felt her comment was for Joe's benefit as well as mine.

Now Cindy's hands were busy on my still-growing cock. She was touching my cock, rubbing it on her check, saying "Nice! Nice, nice penis Steve. It is so nice and smooth and so fucking thick. Very very nice. So big and it is getting bigger! Bigger for me. Ohhh Steve!"

At that, she took my cock into her mouth, opening her lips wide to accommodate the fat cockhead, her words becoming muffled. My ass muscles clenched. One of Cindy's hands was holding my ass, the other fondling my balls. I was acutely aware of Joe's presence so close behind me and what he must be seeing, thinking and feeling.

"Big so big. Beautiful balls Steve. Your balls feel so big and so full."

Feeling my pleasure rising, I pushed her back, saying:

"This is nice, but too nice Cindy. I want to take my time with you."

Cindy lay back, kicking all the covers to the foot of the bed laying completely exposed to me and to her husband on the gleaming white bottom sheet, her breasts heaving. As I moved to climb on to the bed beside her I made sure to give Joe a clear look at my now fully erect cock. I knew he would be impressed by my size and because when aroused I become so erect that my cock points toward the ceiling, the head flaring and purple. Just the kind of cock they hoped they'd find for this adventure, I was confident. I turned a bit to the side as I stood still, turned to the side for a moment to make sure Joe got the full view. Yes, I am very proud of my cock!

I lay down and we went at each other immediately, like tigers. Cindy's hands were all over me, mine all over her. We were very similar in height, both of us slender, our bodies so well matched. I got up onto my hands and knees and spread kisses and licks down from her face to her throat, positioning myself so Joe could see it all.

I gave him the best view I could of my swollen balls hanging down from my thick, veiny shaft. I knew that my tight muscular body would be looking good to him and I was getting so into showing myself like this...with Cindy!

By now I noticed that Joe had slipped his shorts off completely, and kicked his covers off, like Cindy and I laying naked on crisp soft sheets. I could see him very slowly stroking his nicely shaped erect cock, which was by no means small.

I began kissing Cindy between her thighs. My feelings were indescribable, wild, intense. I put my hands high on each thigh and spread her open, kneeling between her legs, lowering my mouth to her drenched cunt. She was soaked and tasted deliciously sensual like warm honey. I could see the juices on her inner thighs, knew how totally aroused she was. Her face was radiant, her eyes shining, as I licked and teased. I thrust my tongue into her sweet hot pussy, flicking to her asshole. I stayed between her legs, my tongue thrust in its full length, withdrawing enough to tell her how good she was, how sweet her hot pussy tasted, how much I loved her cuntlips. My words and noises were for Joe nearly as much as they were for Cindy. Cindy moaned and began to shake and quiver. I knew she was about to cum. She twisted away from me, closing her legs, saying:

"I want to cum with your beautiful cock inside me Steve. I want you inside me now." Cindy growled.

At that she lay back and spread herself wide open for me, consumed by lust, abandoned to her desires for me, a strange she'd just met an hour or so ago! I positioned myself between her thighs and then began to tease her with my cockhead, holding it and rubbing her outer labia and clit with its plum-like head. Cindy writhed and tried to thrust her hips up to take me.

"Dammit Steve! Give it to me. I want your cock! Now!" she whimpered.

I continued to play with her, in no hurry. I knew this was likely a once in a lifetime thing and wanted it to last. I stood up. I gave Joe another full view of my enflamed cock, facing in Joe's direction, my right hand on Cindy's hip. I turned to her, rolled her onto her stomach, and pulled her by her hips to a kneeling position, on her knees and elbows, vividly exposing her cuntlips and anus.

Then, quietly I said: "Cindy this is for you but it is for Joe too. He wants to watch me fuck you, watch me fuck you so good. And this way he can really see it. Can watch my cock going into your pussy. Watch my cock fuck your hot cunt. You want that don't you Joe?"

Joe could hardly speak. "Yes. I do... want to watch you fuck her. I want that". he said weakly.

I spoke to Joe again, my spontaneous thought and words coming as a surprise even to myself. "Come here Joe", I said, standing behind his wife, her pussy exposed to me, my throbbing cock inches from her anus and her cuntlips.

"I want you to put it into her. Here. Take it and put my prick into your horny slut-wife. Help me fuck her, Joe! Come on, come here and put it into her now. She wants it don't you Cindy?"

"God yes! I need it!" Cindy whimpered.

Joe stood. He hesitated. I reached out and took his hand and placed it on my penis, which had sprung up toward my belly when I'd released it. The sensation of having another man's hand on my aroused penis was very strange. I had never, since early puberty masturbation play with friends, been touched by a male's hand other than my own. The strangeness very quickly gave way to another sensation. I was stunned by the degree to which it aroused me even more than I was already!

I knew that Joe could feel my cock throb in his large hand. He had to hold it down to prevent its levering upward. I thrust a little toward Cindy's pussy. Lowering my penis, Joe rubbed it up and down, from Cindy's asshole to her pussy, which was dripping wet, her thighs shining with her moisture.

"In my cunt! Put it into my cunt now!" Cindy almost shouted.

He placed my glistening cockhead, now oozing precum, against her enflamed swollen labia. Holding my hand on Joe's, I slowly slid deeper into Cindy. I could see vividly how my cock stretched her open, how her pussy lips clung to my shaft as I withdrew a few inches to push back in, little by little, allowing her to adjust to my size. I knew that Joe was seeing the same thing.

My copious precum mixed with Cindy's wetness helped me penetrate past the labia into her hungry pussy. I kept my hand over Joe's to keep him holding my penis as I began to fuck Cindy. I realized that he needed no pressure from me. He was into it completely! I am straight, but this was insanely nasty and erotic, exceeding my hottest fantasies. He clutched my shaft as I slid it into her inch by inch.

Cindy moaned and said how great it felt, how I was filling her with cock, how she loved being so full.

I moved in and out very slightly, which had my slick cock passing through Joe's hand and into Cindy. The movement had its effect on all three of us. Cindy's breathing became ragged, and she moaned incoherently: "ahhh...ahhhh.....ohhhhh...fu...fuck me...fuck me, baby... ahhhh....I... I...I'm, yes! Yes!"... I began to push harder as Joe released his hand so I could shove my entire cock inside her to the root. I held her marvelous ass cheeks apart, slipping one finger, moistened with our combined juices, into her exposed anus. As I did that, Cindy erupted into an orgasm that shook her entire body.

I noticed the effect on Joe of his wife cumming. His knees buckled as he too reached the "point of no return". Joe managed to fall back onto the bed, clutching and stroking his about –to- explode cock, never taking his eyes off my cock violating Cindy, as I fucked her , in and out more vigorously as she came and came, one of my hands spanking her hard, my finger still working deep inside her ass, which gripped it in a series of powerful spasms. As soon as Joe was prone he errupted in spurt after spurt of cum onto his chest and belly, puddling, then running down his side.

Struggling for control, I stopped my movements for a while as Cindy, after what seemed liked minutes stopped cumming. I was determined to continue fucking her! I asked her if he should continue now and she said she needed to wait a few minutes, to recover. I pulled out, my cock popping back to near-vertical as it exited from her steaming cunt.

"No! Please don't leave me. I want you back! Just keep it there." Cindy begged.

I placed my hands on each of her luscious plump ass cheeks and rolled her to one side. Cindy got the message and rolled over onto her back spreading her legs, exposing her now deep-red pussy to both of us. I lay between her thighs and pushed myself back into her. Joe watched, his penis flaccid, relaxed now but still intensely absorbed by the sight before him. I slowly fucked her in the "missionary position", noticing that as I did Cindy was looking over my shoulder, likely into Joe's eyes. It was an extremely lewd sensation to be fucking her while she looked Joe in the eyes!

Deciding to change positions I pulled out again, again to Cindy's protests. This time I lay on my back and held my flesh pillar in my hand inviting Cindy to climb onto it. As she moved up to straddle me, I shifted us 90 degrees to provide Joe with a view looking at my cock entering her, up from my feet. I knew that Cindy's round ass cheeks and her pussy were plainly, obscenely visible as were the underside of my slick cock and my balls. Cindy took my cock and positioned it against the opening of her already well-used pussy.

Cindy spoke breathlessly: "You like this Joe? I know you like this view. Did you ever think you'd see me like this honey? "

At that she lowered herself slowly carefully down and down until she had engulfed my penis completely. Cindy let out little yelps of pleasure mixed with "ouch" "owww" "easy now" until she was comfortable being so filled. "Don't move. Not yet."

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