tagFetishWatching Her Go Ch. 04

Watching Her Go Ch. 04


By request, I continue the story of Brent and Angie. Willing partners discovering and experimenting with their sexuality. This part of the story involves menstrual awakening and exploration. Once again, I ask that you vote on the content and FLOW of the story itself. Please do not give a low vote because of the subject matter only. If you are not a fan of this type of sexual play, you may want to read something else, but I do hope you give this story a chance. Your public comments and private emails are welcome always. I will respond to those of you who wish a response.



After the 'episode' in the bathroom, our relationship seemed to reach a new level...a higher plateau. We both knew that something unspoken had changed for us, and especially for her. We knew that what she had done, what she had asked for, had given her the freedom to let go of her past and allowed her the strength and courage to face the future. I was glad that her future included me.

We enjoyed intense sexual encounters nightly, and although we did wet each other often, we neither spoke about nor alluded to 'that other time' on the toilet. It was unnecessary. We knew what had transpired, and I was quite sure it would remain a private, one time event.

Our business life remained completely separate from the private life that we shared. There were times over the next two weeks that she needed to make client visits, some lasting for a few days. At those times, we spoke by phone of strictly business during the day, but our calls to each other at night were private and exciting. During her last trip away, we talked for hours one night and our conversation eventually lead to us to enjoy a mutual masturbation session, with both of us reaching orgasm within seconds of the other. Afterwards, I asked her to taste herself, to taste her orgasm. She did, but ruminated that there was none of my semen to add to the flavor. I promised to remedy that the next time we were together.

She arrived back on a Friday afternoon and went straight home, rather than coming to the office first. Her call to Joyce, our receptionist, was a simple statement that she was tired and needed to rest. I understood only too well, as that particular client was troublesome to say the least.

After work, I drove to her townhouse and found her asleep on top of the covers of her bed, fully clothed. She wore a mid thigh skirt, a business blouse and nylons. She looked so delicate, with the afternoon light playing across her body through the shades. She lay on her stomach facing toward her right, with her right leg pulled up and her arms beneath her head. I gently sat on the bed with her and caressed her back and her nylon clad legs. My hands reached beneath her skirt to cup her sensuous ass and eventually, my hands found their way between her legs to feel the warmth trapped inside her leggings.

As I touched her, she stirred and let out a small moan unlike any that she had given to me in the past. I looked at her face and saw pain etched upon her fine features. Another groan escaped her.

"Are you ok, Ang?" I asked with true concern. This was so unlike her.

"ughhh....I feel like a truck ran me over. I got my period this morning, and it's a doozy...Rub my lower back please?" And she shifted a bit to give me better access from where I sat.

I gently massaged her using even pressure with my thumbs, palms and fingers on where I thought it might feel better to her. She shifted to allow me to unbutton and unzip her skirt.

"Sorry you feel so bad, hon." I was indeed sorry. I hated to see her feel any kind of physical discomfort.

As I rubbed her back, she made little moaning sounds that spoke volumes of the menstrual pain that she was experiencing.

"Brent, I need to sleep this off. I just need some rest."

"I understand, Angie. Can I get you anything? Can I help in any way?"

"No, babe. I'm sure I'll feel better tomorrow."

I understood. I kissed her gently and got up to leave. She was heading towards the bathroom as I exited her bedroom.

I went downstairs and made myself a drink, then sat on the balcony to contemplate life and watch the world go by.

When I awoke from my unexpected nap, it was dark. Checking my watch, I was surprised to see that it was now 10:15. I rose, stretched, and went back inside. Putting a kettle on to make tea, I rummaged through Angie's refrigerator in search of a quick bite. Finding very little, I grabbed a handful of grapes and ate them as I waited for the kettle to boil. I steeped the Orange Pekoe tea and took out two mugs, thinking that she might want some, if she were awake. I took a tray, the tea and a bowl of grapes and headed up to her room. It was dark, so I adjusted the dimmer switch to provide me some safety, as well as an unexpectedly delectable view of my love as she slept.

She lay on her back on top of her covers, a short blue nightgown barely covering her stomach. Her breasts strained against the silky material...were they bigger than usual? One arm was to her side, her left arm was above her head, resting across her pillow. Her right leg was bent and canted to the side, allowing me an amazing view of her trimmed bush...with the white string of her tampon hanging out from the folds of her pussy.

I got an instant erection.

Here was this perfect specimen of female form, delicate looking in the pale light, looking every bit as sexy as I had ever seen her. During the past weeks, I had often watched her as she slept, scanning her beautiful form, drinking in her body. But this time it was different. It was the first time I had seen her nearly naked during her period. I knew that she, as all women, went through a monthly cycle. But we had never spoken of it. To tell the truth, I had never even thought about it, even though we had intimately shared other bodily fluids.

But it was that little string that completed the picture. My eyes were drawn to that dainty line of white, as it emerged from inside her. I saw the point where it disappeared from my view and I mentally followed it to the other end. To the short column of cotton that was slowly expanding as it absorbed her blood and stopped the flow from running freely from between her legs.

I was so hard, it hurt.

I put the tray down, stripped out of my pants and underwear and walked quietly to stand close to her. I sank to my knees and looked to her face to see if she had stirred. I reached out with my hand and I hovered above her mound, not daring to touch her, to wake her. But my better sense eluded me as my fingers descended and lightly touched the cotton string. I grasped it between my thumb and index finger and twirled it, watching the end flip gently around, within my hand. I tugged on the string just enough to feel the resistance from within.

I could feel the lubrication leaking from my cock. I let go of the tampon string and brought my face close to her pussy. I breathed deeply to try and detect any difference in her scent as she bled. Nothing seemed different, yet I took another deep whiff just to make sure.

"Smell ok?"

I instantly threw my head back, startled from her voice, and embarrassed by my actions. I must have turned 4 shades of red.

"I'm so sorry, Angie. I don't know what came over me. It was something about the way you lay here...I couldn't resist...I'm so sorry."

I stammered through my apology as my cock dwindled in size. What a fool I was. She was in pain, and trusted me to leave her alone. What did I do? I let my sexual fantasies get the better of me and took advantage of her in some sick twist of my mind. Lord, I am such an asshole.

She pulled herself up and lay back on her elbows.

"I asked if I smell ok, Brent. I didn't ask for an apology for your curiosity."

I looked at her with a confused and red face.

"Uh...yeah...I mean yes, you smell fine. No. I mean you smell great. Oh geeze, I'm so embarrassed."

"Don't be embarrassed. I like that you are interested in me, even during my period. Many men want nothing to do with women during our cycles. I'm glad you're interested."

"Thanks Angie. But I'm still sorry that I was doing this while you slept. I had no right to do what I was doing."

I might as well have said 'Yes, Angie, I'm a jerk.'

"Are you still in pain?"

"Actually, I feel much better now. I took a few Advil and the sleep must have helped."

She looked at my nakedness and grinned at me as she spoke.

"Were you masturbating while you smelled me?"

"NO! I mean no, I wasn't. I had a raging erection from looking at you, so I took my pants off to ease my comfort. Well...I suppose the thought HAD crossed my mind. You really looked sexy. Good lord, I AM an idiot."

"Brent, honey. Look at me."

I turned to face her, turning redder still.

"I want to share everything with you. You know that. I'm not angry with you for your curiosity. I'm kinda turned on that you were doing this. Do you want to know more about my period? I'm happy to share...all of me. Do you understand?"

I wasn't sure I did completely understand, but I wasn't ready to let this conversation die.

"Yes. I DO want to know more. I'm not a pervert, I swear to you."

She laughed a bit.

"May I look again?"

"You can do whatever you wish. Look, smell, touch....taste, even. Come up here."

She continued to rest on her elbows as I immediately scooted onto the bed. Resting on my stomach and arms, I lay with my head between her legs and got a close up look at her puss. She spread her legs a bit further a part with her knees bent and I softly caressed the back of her thighs as I edged closer to the cotton candy string that she held so firmly between her lower lips. I breathed deeply once again to see if I could detect any difference, but I couldn't. She merely smelled lovely, as she always did.

"It's very sexy, seeing this string hanging from you, Angie."

"Is it? I never thought of it as exciting. What is it that you find so thrilling, Brent?"

"Hmmm. Well, I guess the fact that this is not something that I would see everyday. Ever, actually. It seems so forbidden. Men are not usually privy to the world of menstruation. We are shut out of that part of the reproductive cycle. To see this up close is absolutely turning me on. May I touch?"

"Of course!"

I took the string and pulled slightly, to straighten in out, then slid it up and down her vertical slit.

"Does that bother you, Angie?"

"No. I do wish you would stop teasing, and lick me, though."

My cock had once again regained its powerful rigidity and now lay uncomfortably crushed between me and the bed. I adjusted myself to ease the discomfort. Then I used the fingers of my left hand to spread her outer lips, while I still held the string with my right. She lay back on the pillow and shifted her ass forward, giving me better access to her entire mound. I stared at the white cotton string where it disappeared into her vagina and once again, drank in her scent. Pulling it to the right, I dragged the tip of my tongue from just below the string up to her clit. She moaned appreciatively. I then flattened my tongue and repeated the process 5 or 6 more times. She tensed with each lick, holding the string and tampon tight, then released her hold after my lick, allowing me to pull the string slightly from her pussy. Each lick and subsequent pull revealed more and more of its length. I continued licking, feeling her relax, and pulling the string, which was getting wetter by the second. When I pulled again, I looked at the once white string and saw that it was coming out of her tinged with a crimson hue. Pulling on it again, the tip of the tampon itself appeared, attached to the string in some magical way. I stopped my tugging and looked at my prize as it emerged from her.

"Brent, it you're going to pull it that far out, just remove it completely. But it's probably pretty bloody, so be on guard..."

I felt her relax her vaginal muscles completely and pulled the plug from within its hidden chamber. It slid out surprisingly easily and swung from her, bumping into my chin. I moved my head back and looked at the once white cylinder, completely soaked in her blood on one side and slightly expanded from the red fluid. It was streaked with her menstrual discharge on the other side, but not completely red, as I had expected.

I felt her prop herself on her elbows again.

"Let me see it, Hon."

I held it up for her to see and she took it from me, examining it quickly.

"Not as bad as I figured."

She placed it in a tissue that she had held in her other hand and placed the bloody package on her bedside table. She lay back down and sighed.

"Now there's nothing to get in your way, Brent. Why don't you continue what you were doing, if you want to, that is."

"You KNOW I want to, Angie."

I moved closer to her and put my nose nearly between her lips. I inhaled deeply of her, and to my delight, I smelled her fresh menstrual scent, mixed with her secretions. It was heavenly. Angie always smelled good, but this new scent was nearly an aphrodisiac to me.

"You smell wonderful, babe. I bet you taste even better."

"Please find out, Brent. The anticipation is killing me. Lick me...taste me...make me wet. Make me cum, Brent."

I didn't need to be asked twice. Using my hands, I pushed on the back of her thighs and lifted her spread legs in the air. I started at her crinkly rosebud and used the flat of my tongue to swab the entire area of her juicy pussy. The delicate inner lips quivered as I drew my tongue across them. She moaned her appreciation to me. There was no mistaking that sound as anything other than sexual bliss. The sweet taste of her pussy was better than it had ever been. I stopped long enough to gaze at her, hoping to see some release of her blood. Either there was none, or I had licked her completely clean. I told her this.

"So you want to see my blood, do, you? Good things come to those who wait. Come up here and kiss me."

I climbed up to her face and we smiled at each other, then kissed deeply, melting into each other. My turgid cock lay against her groin, oozing my lubrication onto her skin. I moved my leg up and crushed my upper thigh into her pussy. She ground her breasts and pelvis against me and moaned through our kiss. Still kissing me, she rolled me to my side and then to my back. Eventually breaking our kiss, she turned towards my feet, put her leg to the other side of me and placed her pussy right above my face. It was a lovely site to behold with her wet lips thick with her excitement. I watched in amazement as she bared down and pushed with her muscles, causing her vagina to close briefly, then open. A small rivulet of her fresh menses appeared from within her and slid slowly from her pussy. She pushed again and it increased in volume. The crimson flood that she offered to me lay within my reach. She lay forward and waited for my tongue. She waited for me to take her blood, to drink from her. I felt her breath on my pulsing cock as the flow emerged from her. She pushed again and I watched it run out to form a drop of red nectar that hung from her inner lips. I leaned my head in and began to lap at her, drinking and sucking the blood from within her. She took my cock in her mouth and sat full upon my face in one motion. She used my tongue as a miniature cock and fucked my face as she went to work on my cock, sucking on me and massaging my balls and shaft. I ate her pussy with a vengeance and soon heard her groan on my cock and felt her mighty orgasm as it exploded from deep within. She smothered me with a mixture of her fluids as she bucked and rocked on my face.

When she finally came down from her cum, she unglued her cunt from my face and slid down my body, still facing away from me. She took my hardness in her hand, aimed it at her pussy lips and slowly sat down on me, enveloping my thick, pulsing penis within her wet, hot, bloody hole. She leaned forward just enough for me to watch my cock slide in and out of her. Her ass and lips were flushed with blood and cum. Each time I withdraw from her, I could see the red streaks of her flow painting my shaft. She suddenly sat up straight and started to fuck me hard, wanting my creamy load.

"Give it to me, fill me, fill my bloody pussy with your cum, fuck me...fuck me...fill me up. Ugh ugh ugh...Come on Babe, paint me, fill me, fuck me...ugh ughhhhh"

The sight of her riding me, her sexually charged words and the intense feelings eventually overpowered me and I felt the inevitable steaming churn of cum as it ripped from my balls, raced through my shaft and drilled her insides with blast after blast.

"YES, YES!!! Fill me up!!! Ooohhh...God, yes...ughhhh oooohhh yes"

She slowed her ride up and down on my dick and I watched the frothy mixture of cum and blood squish out from around the ring of her pussy, sliding down my shaft to paint my groin with our combined fluids. As I softened, she pulled herself off of my cock and eased her ass and pussy back down, rubbing the bloody milkshake all over my stomach.

"Oh God, Angie, you are an amazing woman, nearly able to read my mind. Knowing just what will feel good, look good, taste good to me. I love you. I love you so much"

She sat up and turned to face me. Her look told me everything.

"I love you too. But I've got my blood all over your face, your stomach, your cock. I'll need to clean you up. I have just the cleansing agent to do that."

And with those words, she stood over me, pulled open her lips and began to drain her hot urine all over me. It ran down the inside of her legs and when her stream grew stronger, it splashed against me, from my face to my balls. She washed me and cleansed me with her golden liquid, and I never felt so in love as I did at that very moment.

When her stream trickled to a stop, she pulled me to a standing position and we hugged. She took me by the hand and led me to her shower, where we washed and caressed each other until our bodies squeaked. We left the shower and dried each other, even spraying baby powder over each other. She sat on the toilet, spread her legs and let me watch as she pushed a fresh new tampon inside of her, a clean white cotton string dangling once again from her luscious lower lips.

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