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Watching Rachel


For years I have longed to see my beautiful wife Rachel being fucked by another man; until she is driven to a shattering orgasm, by a large iron-hard cock.

Rachel, who has just turned 40, is stunning, standing five feet nine inches tall in her stockinged feet; long, long shapely legs leading up to curvy 36 inch hips; which taper to a neat waist and then up to full 36C breasts, topped by the most sensitive nipples any man could wish to tease. She is very pretty in an innocent fashion with a cute little nose and lovely naive blue eyes. Rachel really loves sex; she can come just by having her nipples aroused; her cunt can only be described as juicy and as she approaches orgasm her screams of pleasure are uncontrollable.

So why did I have this desperate need to see her fucked by a stranger's prick? I think it was because in terms of sex she was very inexperienced, and I felt that hiding behind her innocent facade lurked a truly insatiable woman. She was brought up as a strict Catholic and this had led to her being sexually deprived as a young woman; she had missed out on so much. I love Rachel and I wanted to see her reach the highest levels of sexual pleasure. Perhaps if I'm honest there was a certain amount of masochism, the thought of seeing her screwed by a stranger was painful, but it always gave me an erection, and sent thrills coursing through my body.

Moving from fantasy to reality, however seemed to be an impossibility. My initial attempts to lead Rachel into discussing sexual fantasies led nowhere - she claimed not to have any! "You'll have to help me I don't know where to start."

So I took a risk. I had bought some copies of a swingers magazine; aimed at couples; well produced and with a section which included readers fantasies. I selected one which included a very horny tale of a wife indulging in a threesome for the first time, and pictures in the contact section of some particularly fine male specimens.

One evening we shared a bottle of wine and when the atmosphere seemed right I produced the magazine. To my great relief she agreed to have a look, "just out of curiosity". As we lay naked in bed, I cuddled her as she slowly read the fantasies, gently rolling her nipples, and she began to stir, breathe more heavily, as little murmurs escaped her lips. Slowly I moved my hand down over her stomach and then on into her well trimmed pubic hairs. I moved my hand onto her inner thigh and instantly they parted. I decided to judge her state of arousal and slid a finger into her hole. Rachel was wet - very wet! Down under the covers I went and began to lick her out; teasing her engorged lips with my tongue; flicking round her clit; pushing up into her hole until my face was bathed in her juices.

I risked a quick look and saw that she was now studying the photos, I was electrified, wondering which prick she was looking at as I tongued her to an intense orgasm. We kissed. "got any fantasies now?" I whispered.

She smiled a smile I had never seen before, "put your cock in me and I'll tell you!" I thrust, and she orgasmed again as my cock slid fully into her cunt. As she recovered I began to slowly fuck her as she whispered in my ear. "I liked the one where the woman fucked a stranger while the husband watched. It seemed so animalistic, not making love, but real fucking - fucking - fucking." Rachel was now grunting out the word in time with my thrusts.

"What about the pictures - which cock did you like?" I groaned. "The - shiny - big - fat - black - one." She screamed out. "When you were licking me out - I was coming - just thinking about that fat - black - cock - fat - black - cock -fat - black - cock" We came together in the most fantastic orgasm of our lives.

Over the next few weeks we had many more similar sessions, and the sex was always great. I became bolder, and asked Rachel to point out the men she liked, and to describe what she liked about them. The ones she liked had certain features in common, they were younger, perhaps late 20's early 30's, in good shape, and with larger than average cocks. "Why don't we write to, say, three of them, and see what happens?" I suggested.

"Is this another fantasy?" Rachel teased.

"Could be. I mean, we don't have to do anything. It could just be fun to find out what these men are like. Aren't you just a little bit curious?"

"Well, I'm not sure," Rachel replied "I suppose it wouldn't do any harm, they might send more photos that we could fantasise over. But I wouldn't know what to write."

I laughed "I don't think we need write much the photo will say everything."

Rachel smiled shyly, "What photo?"

After some discussion Rachel finally agreed to let me take some glamour shots with the digital camera, on condition she could destroy them if she didn't like the results. I persuaded her to dress in just black hold-up stockings, her highest heels, and a hat to prevent identification! The results were spectacular; I can still remember how that first image scrolled onto the computer screen. Rachel was lying back on the chaise, head thrown back, one stockinged leg resting on the floor, the other up on the chaise just giving the merest glimpse of her pussy lips. Three copies were printed and dispatched with a brief letter and our telephone number. We waited.

Nearly two weeks later the phone rang. "Hi! This is Lawrence, you sent me a photo!" I nearly dropped the receiver, although this was what I wanted it suddenly seemed strange. I was talking to a man who might very well fuck my wife. The conversation started nervously, but he seemed a well educated and intelligent guy, and I began to become aroused as we talked about Rachel and how he would love to stick his big cock up her. It was a real turn on to know that as he said this he was holding her photo and was at that moment looking at her pussy lips. We agreed that he should ring back in 30 minutes, to give me time to talk to Rachel.

"Who was that, darling?" she asked as I entered the room. I said nothing, just sat down beside her and then produced Lawrence's photo. "Ah" was all she said, although I could see by her flushed face she was excited. Rachel agreed to talk to him, which surprised me a little. When the phone rang again she was lying on the Chaise, dressed as she had been in the photo. "Hi Lawrence this is Rachel, and I'm looking at your photo, you are very ...... impressive!" With this she threw me a glance, which made it obvious she wanted to have a private conversation. I crept out of the room, but stayed by the door listening for every little sound. I could hear her voice which she kept low, but could only here the odd word. Then there was the laugh, a little sexy giggle, I had only ever heard in bed before. Lawrence was getting through to Rachel, and the situation was getting through to me, I now had an aching erection. I couldn't hear anything, but then I just caught it, Rachel was softly moaning, her moans grew louder, she was bringing herself off whilst listening to a man she had never met. I was aroused as never before; imagining Rachel working her clit with a wet finger; hearing in my head the lewd comments Lawrence must be making. How big and hard his cock was ... how she would have difficulty in taking his hard rod up her sweet, tight hole ... how he would force it in further than any man had been before ... how he would fill her womb with his thick creamy cum! Rachel now was in full flow and so was I.

Having cleaned up I got a drink and waited for Rachel to finish the conversation. Ten minutes later, she entered the room, and walked over to me, strutting in her high heels and stockings. She smiled down at me. "I suppose you could say I've just committed adultery, in a sense". I smiled back "Did you enjoy it?" She took my hand and drew it to her pussy, it was wetter than I had ever known. "What do you think?" She smiled sweetly.

Two weeks later on an early Saturday evening we were settled in the bar of a luxurious country hotel, drinking wine and sharing a bowl of olives. We were waiting for Lawrence to make an appearance and Rachel was looking absolutely gorgeous, in a full length black silk gown with a daring slit to her mid thigh. As she walked there was a delicious swishing sound, and the occasional glimpse of stocking top. Sitting opposite I could see her hardened nipples pushing at the silk, "after all" she said "you can't wear anything under this dress" Rachel was sipping her wine and as I looked at her it struck me that she was wearing more make-up than was usual, the dramatic bright red lipstick gave her a particularly tarty look, almost that of a high class whore. "Nervous?" I asked "Yes, but, very... very... very... horny!" Rachel suddenly looked serious "however if either of us is unhappy after we've met Lawrence, then nothing happens" I smiled back "absolutely" wondering whether she was losing her nerve; or maybe I would. "We need a signal" I suggested "How about, the room key, if I take it from the table and put it in my left jacket pocket then its off" I smiled " but in the right pocket, well, that means I'm up for it - literally!" Rachel laughed "OK. My signal will be, . . . the olives. After you pocket the key, a green one will mean no, and the black will mean . . . yes please! Rather appropriate don't you think?"

Lawrence walked confidently across the bar, he was smartly dressed in an expensive suit, and crisp white shirt. It was strange to see his face. I knew what a fine body he had, and of course his over endowed cock, but it seemed rather unfair that he was handsome as well. I shook hands, Rachel kissed him on the cheek, and invited him to sit next to her. The small talk started, and after some initial awkwardness on all sides, the atmosphere lightened. Lawrence was easy going and began to entertain us with a series of anecdotes, which shortly led into descriptions of some of his sexual escapades. Rachel encouraged him and the erotic tension began to rise, as did my cock. I sat watching the two of them talking, laughing, trying to visualise Rachel sucking him . . . fucking him . . . weighing up the sickness I was feeling in the pit of my stomach against the throbbing in my cock. Rachel leaned towards me "are you all right?" I looked into her eyes. Was she concerned for me, or just worried I might stop her? I couldn't read her. I picked up the keys. "I'm fine" I lied as I dropped the keys into my right pocket. Rachel looked down at my pocket, and then back into my eyes. She picked up the bowl of olives, and offered them to Lawrence. After he had taken one, she offered them to me, I declined, again she looked into my eyes. "Well, I fancy one . . .I fancy a nice big fat juicy . . . black one." With that she picked out a black olive and placed it between her lips, holding it there for a few seconds before sucking it into her mouth.

A few minutes later the three of us were settled in our hotel suite, which included a large double bed, lounge area with comfortable sofa and chairs; and a luxurious bathroom. Lawrence was relaxing on the sofa whilst I sat on one of the chairs, Rachel was fixing us all drinks at the small bar. Having presented me with a glass Rachel sat elegantly on the sofa next to Lawrence. She crossed her legs and as she did so the fine silk of her dress slid sensuously off her thigh revealing her stocking top and a hint of the creamy flesh above. "A toast" Rachel said raising her glass "This evening - may everyone get what they want!" As I looked across at Rachel I could see the silk had ridden higher and her pussy lips were just about visible, they seemed very swollen, very red, but perhaps it was just my imagination. I glanced at Lawrence, and saw the obvious lump caused by his erecting penis, that bulge was definitely not my imagination. I had been erect so long now, without any form of relief that my whole groin deliciously ached. "Well" Rachel's voice broke the silence. "I suppose someone had better take the bull by the horns, so to speak. I want to be . . . fucked." Lawrence's cock jumped further to attention "You are one horny lady" he said "I am going to fuck you like you've never been fucked before". He reached over and put his hand on her knee, but to my surprise Rachel calmly removed his hand "Not so quick Lawrence, you haven't heard my conditions. I will only go ahead with this if you both agree that I make all the decisions. I choose who to fuck and when to fuck and how to fuck. And of course being a fickle female I might just change my mind and fuck nobody - agreed?" Both Lawrence and I nodded our acceptance, we had little choice. Rachel smiled "OK then lets start".

Rachel rose sexily off the sofa, and swayed over towards the bed. She went to her bag and took out a CD which she put on the micro hi-fi system. Slow sensuous music began, adding to the already charged atmosphere. As Rachel turned I saw that she had some fine rope in her hands. "Darling" she whispered "I want you to take your clothes off" I looked at her questioningly. "If you want to see Lawrence push his big cock up me, you have to do what I say. Take off your clothes" I hesitated but then began to undress, considerably embarrassed, as Lawrence watched with a smile on his face. Soon I stood naked before them, my erection sticking out red and twitching. " Get the wooden chair and place it between the bed and the sofa" I did as I was told. "Now sit down" With that Rachel began to bind, first my legs, and then my arms. "Now, darling you can sit back and watch all the action, you can watch me suck and fuck a stranger, and you won't even be able to touch your little cock. Enjoy!" As I watched her move towards Lawrence, her perfect arse sliding under the silk, my mind was in a turmoil. I desperately wanted to see Rachel being fucked, I needed to come, but at the same time the sickness in my stomach was rising. Surely she wouldn't go through with this?

Standing a few feet in front of me, Rachel began to move her body in time to the music. Lawrence was transfixed, his eyes drinking in every detail of her silk wrapped body as he stroked his distended cock through his trousers. Her hips were rotating as she caressed her breasts and tweaked her nipples through the silk, little cries emerging from her lips. Slowly Rachel brought her hands up to her straps and edged them until they fell from her shoulders. Only her arms across her breasts prevented the dress from falling. Now she had her eyes open, studying Lawrence, savouring the moment she would reveal her beautiful naked body to a strange man. She turned her head to me and blew me a kiss as she winked. Rachel put her arms behind her head and for a few seconds held up the silk by pushing out her breasts. Slowly she relaxed and very slowly the dress slipped over her breasts, revealing her large hard nipples and the beautiful full creamy globes. The silk had now come to rest on her hips, and now she started to sway to the music, suddenly the dress fell and Rachel was left standing in heels and stockings.

She beckoned to Lawrence, "Dance with me" He quickly rose and took her in his arms. I now felt on the point of orgasm, it would need only the slightest touch, but no relief was possible. I saw his hands move down to her arse cheeks, playing with them, pulling them apart. She was grinding in to him, she must be able to feel that huge bulge thrusting into her. They were kissing passionately, I could almost feel the tongues pushing and searching. Rachel lowered herself down his body, undoing his shirt buttons, letting her tongue snake down over his chest. She was kneeling in front of Lawrence, her hands tracing the outline of his cock through his trousers, causing Lawrence to catch his breath. She undid his leather belt, popped the button, and slowly inched down the zip. Rachel was now nuzzling his bulge through the thin cotton, drawing in his animal scent. "Lie down" she ordered. Rachel pulled off his shirt, trousers, shoes and socks, leaving Lawrence lying on the carpet, just in very small briefs which struggled to contain his throbbing erection. She took a deep breath, hooked two fingers in the waistband an carefully lifted the elastic clear. As she pulled the briefs down Lawrence's massive erection sprang into open view, throbbing and twitching like a live animal. "Now, that is impressive" Rachel whispered. She looked up at me with a smile. "Magnificent - isn't darling? Do you want me to touch it?" I could make no answer, my cock was bursting, my mind was in turmoil. "Don't say I didn't give you a chance to say no." With that she took hold of his cock, needing both hands to reach round the thickness of his pole. "Oh god, you are so fucking . . . big!" She eased her long fingers slowly up the shaft, forming them into a circle around his dark, swollen, circumcised helmet. Forcing them back down, she stroked his massive cock, with real feeling. Now she started to pump with increased speed, forcing Lawrence to arch his back in response, "God woman, that is good, so . . . fucking good." Rachel turned her attention to just below his helmet, she licked a finger and then very lightly began to rub his most sensitive spot. Lawrence was writhing now. "God woman I've got to fuck you now!" Rachel squeezed his cock hard, and he grimaced. "Lawrence I make the decisions, remember? I am going to make you come, then if I do decide to let you stick this up my cunt, you'll last a long time" Slowly Rachel relaxed the pressure.

"Now darling, I'm going to lick and suck this cock until it spurts in my mouth, You want to see me do that don't you?" By now I was so desperate to come, I would have been happy for her to have done anything. "Yes, you whore, suck his huge cock" Rachel licked her lips as if wetting them so they would slide more easily over his fat cock head. Poking out her tongue she lowered her head until the tip was a fraction from his helmet. Then almost in slow motion she made contact. My prick reacted in sympathy, I was virtually coming, a small bead of sperm just oozing slowly from my hole. Rachel was now licking round the entire head, leaving a shiny wet trail. Then her head came lower and her open lips came into contact with his throbbing cock head. She paused, her eyes looking up to me, almost smiling, but very challenging. Then her lips were sliding over his helmet, stretching to accommodate his enormous girth, her cheek pushed obscenely out by his cock head. Rachel started to bob slowly up and down on his prick, I could see her saliva coating the top 4 inches of his cock. In rhythm she pumped the bottom of his shaft, using her saliva to lubricate her fingers, so that she could increase her speed. Lawrence was groaning, and thrusting his cock as Rachel continued to suck. Suddenly she pulled her mouth off his cock with a wet plop, but continued to pump with her hands. "Come in my mouth Lawrence, give me your cum, I want to taste you, I want to feel you spurting, I want to swallow everything you can give me" This set Lawrence off, he was now grunting as if in pain, and his thrusting in her hands became short and sharp. It caught Rachel by surprise, as the first thick white spunk flew up into her face and into her hair. She speared her lips down onto his cock and he continued to erupt into her mouth as she milked him dry with her hands. Finally his orgasm subsided and she pulled her mouth free, his partially erect cock, shining with spunk and saliva collapsing onto his belly, still pulsating and twitching like an animal. Rachel rose and walked the few short steps towards me, smiling slightly, with traces of his spunk visible on her lips. "For god's sake make me come" I groaned "Put me out of my misery" I tried thrusting my cock towards her, as far as the rope would allow. Rachel bent down, at last my torture would be over. To my surprise she kissed my mouth not my cock, forcing my lips open with her tongue, and then I tasted it - she was filling my mouth with his cum.

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