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We've now been apart for some time and the sexual tension is incredible thick. Our desires drip from our lips with ever word and flow through our fingers with each email. I rush home from work each day in anticipation of what email awaits. We both send each other sexy letters and have the occasional bouts of phone sex. But we have both been longing for more.

Today you called me and told me make sure I check my email as soon as I get home.

"I have a special surprise for you but you have to check your email."

I can't wait. The day seems to take forever as time just drags on. Finally I rush home to read the new email. It reads:

"Baby, you know I love you a lot. I want to make you very happy and I know that means sometimes doing things I normally wouldn't do. Tonight at 10:00 you need to login to a website. I've attached a link on the bottom of the email. The login is: Too Hot and the password is: Too Handle. Follow the instructions from there."

I can't wait. I try to call you but you don't answer. I send you some emails but you don't respond. The next few hours will be sheer hell. The anticipation is driving me crazy.

Finally 10:00 arrives and I log in as instructed. The website has a banner that says "Just because I love you". There is a small text box that reads, "Sit back, turn on the sound, get a towel and lotion and get ready." Get ready for what, I wonder. So I do as I'm told and get all settled in. Were you going to send me porn clips? That would be cool.

In the center of the screen a video box appears and suddenly a picture comes into view. I immediately recognize the picture as our bedroom in South Carolina. What is this? What is going on? Music starts playing in the background. Light, sensual music. Then you come into view.

You are wearing a little nightie. It is green with white lace and obviously satin. It clings to your hips and barely covers your womanhood. Your breasts look beautiful as they press against the material. You stand at the foot of the bed facing the screen.

"Baby, this is a one person web show. I took your advice and went out and got a web cam, set it up, and now you are going to get a little show. I am terrified right now and don't know how well I will be able to do this, but I think you deserve it and I am going to try my best. So sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself."

I can't believe what I'm seeing. This incredibly shy, erotic woman standing in front of me has never done anything like this before. My dick is instantly hard. It is straining to break free of my shorts. I immediately remove all of my clothes and get ready for whatever is to come. I don't have to wait long.

You begin swaying back and forth and rubbing your hands along your stomach and hips. "I can't dance but I'll try", you say as your hands rub your tits. As you sway to the music your hands explore your body up and down. Rubbing and squeezing your beautiful tits, rubbing the flat of your hand along your pussy, and turning from time to time so I can see that beautiful ass I love so much. As the music continues your hand runs up to your shoulder and allows the strap to fall loose. Slowly you continue until both straps have now fallen free. Your nightie is now being held up with only your arm. Moving your arm to the side, your nightie falls to the ground.

I am now stroking my cock furiously. I don't want to cum yet but you are too damn sexy to stop myself. You are now rubbing your naked 36D breasts and only have a pair of green satin panties remaining. Your hands grab the side of the panties and as you begin to push down, you turn and reveal your bare ass to me. You've always had a great ass, not to small but curvy in all the right spots. I can't stand it. I am stroking my hard cock fast and furiously. Suddenly I erupt and jet after jet of cum flies onto the pre-positioned towel. I can't believe you just did a strip tease for me.

Turning around, you are now completely naked. I can see that you have shaved and now have a bald pussy. You know how much I love bare pussies. But the show doesn't stop there. I look on in anticipation. What do you have in store for me next? Are you going to masturbate too? You have never shared this with me before. This is going to be incredibly hot.

Your hand goes toward you pussy and look into the camera and say, "I know you want me to play with myself, but I find it very hard to do. I just can't seem to enjoy it. So I probably won't do that tonight. But I do want to make you cum as many times as possible. So I figured something else out."

Suddenly a woman slightly taller then you with blonde hair walks up behind you. She is heavier set but carries herself very well. She is completely naked and I can see that she has huge breasts. Her pubic hair is blonde and she is obviously a natural blonde. Without warning she steps closer to you and runs her hands over your breasts.

"This is Missy. She is going to help me tonight. I'm not guaranteeing what will happen tonight but I will try my best." You smile and soon follow suit, running your hands over Missy's large breasts. As you rub each others bodies, your lips meet in a deep kiss with lips slightly parted. Your tongues touch and rub as you each tease and gently pinch the others nipples.

My cock is instantly hard again. I can't believe what I am seeing. This is like a dream come true. The only thing better would to be there with you. I begin stroking myself again. My hand gently glides up and down the shaft. I make small circles along the head with the palm of my hand.

Missy's right hand slides down the flat plane of your tummy to your pussy. You let her fingers glide over the lips of your pussy teasingly. You lean into her hand, pressing your pussy closer. Missy breaks the kiss to run her tongue over your ear and neck.

"I'm going to make her cum tonight," Missy says into the camera. Missy lets her left hand run down your back, letting her fingers play over the slightly round globe of your ass. Her finger tips tease and play along the divide of your ass until you feel one finger touch your asshole. You react by clenching but let out a small moan.

Instantly both Missy and I are aware that you very much enjoyed having the entrance to your ass touched. Willing to experiment to see how much you would enjoy anal stimulation, Missy lets the fingers of her right hand begin rubbing over your clit. At the same time she lets the finger on her left hand rub and tease your forbidden hole. Your moans deepen as you press back against Missy's finger on your ass.

I continue stroking my cock while watching the show. Instinctively my left hand moves down and begins rubbing my asshole too. I imaging the feelings you are receiving and can't believe how hot this show is.

Gently Missy lets her finger begin to press harder against your ass. You react by laying your head against Missy's shoulder and moan deeper. Missy continues to press her finger against your ass until the tip begins to slowly enter your ass. You moan even louder and Missy feels the juices begin to flow freely from your pussy as she continues to rub your clit.

She removes her hands to your disapproval. She takes your hand and lead you to the bed. She lays next to you once again kissing your mouth and letting her tongue slip between your lips. Her right hand once again finds the hard nub of your clit and begins to rub. You caress her breasts as you moan and move your hips against Missy's fingers on your clit.

I am dying to be there to fuck you right now. I can't believe what I am seeing. Missy is obviously in control and taking advantage of every moan. My knuckles are flying across my dick and my finger has found its way deep inside my ass. Missy was a great choice and you have given in completely to her.

Missy soon pushes her middle two fingers deep into you and begins fucking your now very wet, very hot pussy. You move your left leg to rest on Missy's hip allowing her probing fingers to press deeper into your pussy. Feeling you juices flowing over her fingers and hand, Missy finger fucks you deeper and faster. I stroke myself while listening to your moans as they become louder and your breathing becomes faster.

Missy quickly moves over your body into a 69 position. As Missy begins to lick over the smooth lips of your pussy, I see your fingers begin to probe into her pussy, opening her so you could lick and tease her clit in return. Soon the room is filled with your muffled moans as both of you tongue and lick each other's pussy's. Missy is the first to cum. Humping her pussy against your mouth as she cries out in her orgasm. You taste the rush of juices from Missy's pussy and eagerly lick them from her pussy lips.

I am shocked at the erotic scene before me. As I stoke my shaft, I finger fuck my ass to the sight before me. Suddenly my body jerks and I cum again. This time was just as powerful as the first and my body shakes a little. Even though I have now cum twice my erection doesn't subside.

You moan and move your hips faster against Missy's mouth, feeling your own orgasm approaching. Knowing you are close to orgasm, Missy reaches under the bed and pulls out a small vibrator. It is about 6 inches long and an inch in diameter. She turns it on then presses it against your hard, swollen clit.

You feel the cool plastic of something press against your clit and jump in reaction to the foreign touch. The next instant you feel the vibrations of the object moving over your clit. Before you even have time to wonder, you feel your orgasm explode. You cry out loudly as your pussy contracts and juices gush forth.

"Oh my God! You like this baby? I'm cumming for you!" you yell to me. The vibrations make you orgasm go on for what seems like forever.

Missy once again reaches down under the bed and finds the other item she has staged there. Bringing it up to your pussy, she presses the 10 inch long latex dildo into your flowing wet pussy. Feeling the penetration of the dildo, you begin to moan then hump your hips up to meet the thrusts of Missy's hand as she fucks the dildo in and out of your pussy. You suddenly feel another orgasm building.

"Oh yeah!" you cry. "Oh, yes fuck me!"

I can't believe this. I have heard you curse before but only when you were asleep. I can't help myself and begin rubbing my dick again. My cock is still sensitive from my last eruption, but I can't seem to stop myself.

Missy keeps the small vibrator pressed against your clit as she fucks your pussy with the dildo. You put your feet flat on the bed so you can push up harder and faster against the dildo ramming your pussy. Almost in a frenzy of movement you scream out, "Oh fuck. Lee, I'm cumming!" as every muscle seems to tense with your orgasm. You coat the dildo buried deep in your pussy with your juices.

Loving your reaction to the toys, Missy continues to fuck your pussy and rub the vibe over your clit. Taking you from one orgasm to another, your cries of pleasure only diminish until another intense orgasm washes over you. When Missy notices your cries weakening she removes the toys from your pussy.

You collapse back against the pillows, panting deeply and totally shocked at what had just happened. Never before have you cum so much during sex.

Missy turns to lay next to you as she places tender kisses on your face. Your eyes are closed as you struggle to bring your breathing under control. Your pussy is still contracting from the last orgasm. You slowly open your and look into the camera. "I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did" you say. Just then I release my final orgasm. I don't have much cum left but I do manage a couple of jets across the towel.

The rest of the night you won't take my calls or answer my emails. I am certain it is because you don't want to talk about it. The next morning I awaken to an email.

"Honey, I hope you enjoyed the show as much as I enjoyed doing it. Attached is a recording of the whole thing, including everything that we did afterwards, for you to watch. I love you very much." Brenda.

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