It had been another long, rough day at the office as we worked through another acquisition but I had to stay until I heard back from our rep in Japan.

He wasn't due to check in for several hours so I had a plenty of time to kick back and relax. I called home to chat with my wife for a few minutes. Our home office had already moved to Birmingham but I was still tying up some loose ends in Atlanta. My wife was there and I wasn't. In other words … no nookie! We hadn't fucked in over three weeks and it was beginning to get a little stressful.

It didn't help that Kathy, my secretary, was obviously hinting about being willing to do "anything" that would help her move up the corporate ladder. She hadn't been wearing a bra in about two months and I suspect that she was either bare or wearing a tiny thong under that very short skirt. I had been seeing an awful lot of leg and cleavage but I was still trying to stick to a very reliable rule … don't fuck people that work for you.

Of course, I did spend half my day with a boner that wouldn't quit and, more than once, she managed to "accidentally" rub against me … making certain to drag her hand along my cock. She would just smile and say "looks like your wife is a lucky woman."

As a matter of fact, thanks to Kathy's teasing during the past few months, my wife and I fucked our brains out whenever I did get to go home for a weekend.

But, as my secretary squatted to open a bottom file drawer allowing me to see straight up her tiny skirt (as suspected, no panties), my twitching cock reminded me that it had been almost a month since shooting my last load in my wife's mouth.

Just as my mind started to wander up the skirt and into twat, my wife's voice came over the speakerphone. Back to reality time!

Kathy's legs snapped shut and she really started filing as I chatted with my wife about the day and other usual junk. Just as I was about to wrap up the call, my wife blurted out "you know, when you finally get home, we could take care of your blue balls … my pussy really needs a good fucking!"

My cock took over my thinking and, winking at Kathy, instead of killing the speakerphone, I turned up the volume and played along. I said, "and just what would you do to earn a good roll in the hay?" For the next 20 minutes, my wife sensually described everything she would do and everything I could do. I even got her to play with her pussy until she had a screaming orgasm. It was phone sex at its best -- my wife squirming and teasing on a speakerphone and we had a live audience.

Kathy's eyes twinkled as she slowly opened her legs again and started sliding her skirt higher and higher until it was bunched around her waist and her pussy was in plain view. As my wife described her actions, Kathy duplicated them right in front of me. It was quite a show and my cock was about to explode.

My wife said it was my turn now! She started describing how she would lick my balls and tongue my ass until I was hard enough to drive nails. I felt Kathy's hand slowly pulling my zipper down as my wife was telling my how she would tease and twirl my dick until she was sliding it down her throat.

My wife's BJ description turned into an instruction manual for Kathy.

My breathing turned ragged as I felt Kathy's wet lips slide over my dick. When I was balls deep in her throat, Kathy gave me a little bite that caused me to moan loudly.

My wife heard the moan, "Ahh! Got you didn't I? … You're jerking off under your desk right now aren't you?"

Kathy's lips clamped tightly around my cock as I exploded deep in her mouth. "You might say that! I just shot the biggest load since I filled your mouth ages ago!" Hot cum dripped from Kathy's lips as she stood up and turned her ass to me.

I slid my hand up her legs until I was able to finger Kathy's dripping pussy. She bent over my desk and I stuck my thumb deep into her ass while I still had two fingers in her twat.

As Kathy bit her knuckle to keep from screaming, my wife laughed and said, "you know, we really need to do this phone sex thing more often! I'm going to go clean up and I imagine you have a thing or two that got a little messy there."

It had been so long since I had sex that my cock was already back to life as Kathy spread her legs wider and wider. My "don't fuck an employee" resolve melted away as I stood up and slowly sunk my cock deep into Kathy's hungry twat.

As I pumped my secretary, my wife said she was meeting some friends for dinner. "Should I wear any lingerie or go 'au naturel' in case I get lucky?"

I laughed as I shot my second load of the evening deep into a very real wet pussy, "Go ahead and go commando … who knows, it might just be the night!"

"Yeah, Right! I'll let you know if that ever happens!"

The phone line went dead and Kathy stood up and smoothed her skirt back into place. She licked the last of my cum from her lips and smiled, "will you be needing me again tonight Mr. Edwards?"

"Not unless you have the paramedics standing by!"

As she walked to the door, Kathy flipped her skirt up once more showing me that wonderful bare ass, "I'll check with you tomorrow then, perhaps something else will pop up."

She left and I collapsed into my chair. After that performance, I deserved an academy award and Kathy would definitely get that raise she wanted.

A little later, I got to thinking about what my wife had said about getting lucky tonight … I wondered if she really went out without her bra and panties. I would have to find out about that later.

The thought of my wife being out in public with no lingerie started playing on my mind and I began to be sorry that I had let Kathy go on home. Oh well, one of the advantages of being in charge was that no one could tell me how I could and couldn't use my computer. A few hours later, I was still browsing one of my favorite porn sites. You know the kind … "wild and willing wives" "horny wives fucking the world", etc.

The more I browsed, the more I thought about my wife. I was surprised to find myself hoping that she really did go out bare. I was even hoping she wore a top that would show off her fantastic nipples and a skirt so short that she couldn't bend over.

The site had recently added a live webcam section. This one was strictly subscription but they promised "really hot action" with the "wife next door". As horny as I was and thinking about my wife, I couldn't resist.

Sure enough, there were about four or five of the "models" wearing sheer lingerie or less. They were putting on a fairly decent indecent show … hard nipples, spread twat, toys in the ass, etc. but they were all about the same and it became boring. I noticed another section of the site that listed "couples" and in I went.

This was a lot better … there were only a few couples but they were really going at it. Live and with audio. I was really enjoying watching the oral talents of one couple when a new listing popped up … "Fucked Wife of the Week -- Alabama Hottie".

Well, being from Alabama, I couldn't stay away and clicked on the connection. The show was apparently just starting because they were still setting up the equipment and lights. Only the guy was visible as he checked each component. Instead of a studio, this one was obviously in a private bedroom. This one was showing real promise so I purchased another block of private time just in case their free tease section was any good.

As the man finished, he introduced himself as Ed and said that his partner would be along in a minute or two. This was going to be their only night together so he had planned a special session. Tonight they would be in the "free" section for a short tease and then they would go into a special "group" session. No private sessions would be offered because they wanted to be seen by as many people as possible. He grinned into the camera … "don't worry, our group session will be so hot it will melt your monitor."

"My partner is VERY married but not to me. I hadn't met her until early this evening and it took a lot of booze and talking to set this up. She is well aware what we are about to do … I explained it all after I had fucked her the first time. That's right … I met this little married hottie at a bar and danced with her a couple of times. She was wearing a soft blouse and a very short 'flirty skirt'. Every time she twirled around, everyone in the place could see she wasn't wearing any panties and the way her nipples were pressed against the blouse, no bra either."

"By the third drink, I had her in a corner booth and was finger-fucking her like mad. Got her to go outside to my car and fucked her bent over my hood right there in the parking lot. She was in a nasty little mood and sucked me until I got hard again. Blew a huge load right down her throat and she was ready for more. That's when I suggested that she be my partner tonight."

"At first, she just wanted to fuck again right there but she finally gave in. As you can see, we brought our equipment right into her home. I am here with a camera operator and we are using high resolution equipment. Get your recorders set up because this one will be worth saving. We promise you a great show but it will be unpredictable."

"If you have seen our live broadcasts before, you know that I never fuck anyone but happily married, sexually active women. Sometimes they almost back out and other times they are so horny they will fuck anyone by the time we get set up."

"This loving wife said her husband has been working away from home and she is very horny. They normally fuck several times each week but it has been almost a month since she got a good stiff one."

My ears perked up when I heard him say, "Earlier this evening she and her husband had a VERY hot phone sex session that left her with a soaking wet pussy. When they finished she joked that she was going out with some friends and was tempted to go without her underwear in case she got lucky."

My throat got a little tight as he continued, "Right before they hung up he told her to go for it."

This was more than bizarre but sounded really interesting so I upped the amount of time I had purchased. The group rate was lower than the private rate so I was good for over an hour of time.

He went on, "Well, she went for it and is carrying a full load of my cum in that freshly fucked twat of hers. She's in the bathroom right now changing into something special for our session. She says we should like it. With a little luck, you will see her do things she has never even imagined."

"As you can see, we are really in her bedroom … the one she shares with a husband she loves very much. This is where any action will take place."

With that, the camera began to pan around the room. The idea was to show that it wasn't a special studio set. Everything was just like a normal bedroom … in fact, it was EXACTLY like our bedroom.

My pulse rate increased as the camera picked up details in the room … pictures on the table, golf clubs in the corner, shoes on the floor … that's when it hit me! Those were MY pictures, MY golf clubs, MY shoes … this was MY bedroom!

My mind was reeling when the camera went back to the man … "As you can plainly see, this is real. I am NOT superstud. I only have a 7 inch cock but I can go for a very long time and I can cum several times in an hour. One other note … I NEVER wear a condom. Any wife I fuck on this site gets it RAW."

While he continued the tour of MY bedroom talking about what he was about to do to MY wife, One part of me wanted to beat the shit out of him but another part wanted to see just how far she wife would let this go. After all, having just fucked the brains out of my secretary and had telling my wife to go for it if she got lucky.

I scrambled around and finally found the hookups so I could record everything that happened.

I had barely started the recording when the bathroom door opened. Standing there in the doorway was my wife! I have to say she really looked HOT! She was wearing my favorite outfit … a little fringe crop top with no bra and a pair of totally sheer panties that tied at the side.

He led her to the center of the room and had her slowly turn around. "As you can see, she has picked a fantastic outfit for tonight … it's her husband's favorite. OK, doll, it's your turn."

My wife giggled and turned to face the camera. Her nipples were so hard they were poking through the fringe. The camera zoomed in for a very tight shot as Ed bent over and took one of the little points into his mouth and started nibbling away.

"I found out earlier that teasing her nipples really jump starts her pussy juices."

The camera continued dropping lower and lower until my wife's panty-covered pussy filled the screen. Her twat was already so wet that she was practically dripping through the sheer fabric.

"Now we're going to play a little game for your pleasure … and ours. She and her husband really love it!"

I immediately knew what was coming next. Ed was right … it is my all time favorite game and now I was going to have it on tape as my wife played it with another man.

Ed got my wife to lay back on our bed and continued tasting first one nipple and then the other. Just as my wife started really moaning and squirming around, the camera followed Ed's tongue as he kissed his way lower and lower. His hands were still tweaking my wife's rigid nipples as he munched pussy right through her soaked panties.

His hands started slowly sliding down until they were resting on the ties holding the panties in place. His tongue never left my wife's clit as he carefully untied the ribbons and let them drop. Now one finger joined his tongue as he teased her pussy through the sheer fabric.

My wife was shaking in orgasmic pleasure as her pussy lips were teased open by Ed's flicking tongue. His finger was busy too … it was slowly pushing the panty fabric deeper and deeper into her quivering twat.

Yes! This was our favorite game and Ed was playing it very well. More and more of the sheer material was disappearing into my wife's spreading gash. The camera moved in for a closeup as the last trace of the nylon tie was tucked inside my wife's pussy by Ed's talented tongue.

Ed licked her panty-filled pussy like a wild man as my wife held his head tightly against her cunt. She wife was practically screaming as she hit peak after peak. Finally, he knelt between her legs and started teasing her twat with the tip of a very rigid cock.

"She tells me that her husband really likes the next part. They have a wild fuck session ending this little game right before they go out for the evening. Their friends have no idea how many times her pussy was stuffed with cum-soaked panties all though a classy dinner party."

Ed took his fingers and spread my wife's pussy as wide as he could. The camera moved in so that everyone could see that her panties really were poked all the way inside. His cock moved into the frame and eased slowly between her pussy lips. As Ed grinned as he drove his dick balls deep in one stroke, "This is how they put the 'frosting' on that cake!"

He was plunging in and out faster and faster between her legs as my wife was raking his back with her nails. She wasn't making any attempt to keep quiet as she exploded time and time again.

After what seemed like an eternity, Ed's ass tensed up and he slammed it home one last time and pumped my wife's pussy full of his hot cum. Exhausted, Ed rolled off of my wife and the camera moved in for a shot of her well fucked twat. Cum was flowing out of her open gash and puddling up under her ass on our fancy bedcover.

Ed leaned up and started fingering her messy pussy, "That's right … her panties are still in there! My little 7 incher pushed them all the way in and I absolutely filled her cunt with a real gusher of cum. Normally, this would be the beginning of an evening out with their friends or a night at the ballet. They call it their cum-filled, panty-stuffed twat special night."

"Obviously, we're not going out on the town like she and her husband do, but it's still only the beginning! That was just the first round and I'm good for another shot or two."

With that, Ed moved up to my wife's face and fed his sticky cock into her waiting mouth. My wife gives absolutely incredible blowjobs so I knew exactly what he was feeling.

After watching him give my wife the fucking of her life I couldn't believe that he would be ready to go again but my wife's talented tongue was working wonders. At first, only the very tip of that messy cock was between her lips but as it grew harder and harder, more and more slipped into her mouth.

When Ed was finally fully hard, he looked into the camera as he fucked my wife's hungry mouth, "As you can see, getting her pussy stuffed and fucked just left her wanting more. Well, here comes another serving!" With that he pulled his cock out of my wife's throat and held the tip right in front of her open mouth. He quickly pumped it a couple more times and then bellowed as blast after blast of cum shot straight into my wife's mouth.

I've filled her mouth many times but I don't pump out nearly as much juice. We watched Ed's cum fill her mouth and dribble down her chin and then saw my wife gulp down as much as she could swallow. Licking the last traces from her lips, my wife looked into camera, started playing with her hot nipples and asked, "More?"

Ed had pumped out an incredible amount of cum in the space of 20 minutes but my wife's tongue was at work again the his cock was twitching back to life once more.

"I told you she was going to be an incredible fuck! She can't get enough. So far tonight, in addition to what you've already seen, I've fucked her on the hood of my car, in the back seat while parked in her driveway, and on the den carpet in front of the picture window. We kept all of the lights on and the drapes were open. This is one woman that doesn't give a fuck if the neighbors see or not. She's already told me that while I may be one hot stud and she loves how much cum I can pump out, that I'm not even in the same league with her husband."

I couldn't help but grin as the camera was roving over my wife's well-fucked body. I can't count the times that we have laid sprawled out totally nude after one of our marathon fuck sessions. We never bother with drapes or curtains … if the neighbors was to watch, it's fine with us. I've even fucked her with her leaning against the window in broad daylight.

Ed was right, when my wife gets going, she can't get enough. Anytime, anyplace is OK with her.

As Ed's cock was springing back to life once more, he continued, "Everything you've seen so far tonight has been a part of their normal weekend sexual play. Now, maybe I can come up with a new wrinkle!"

He reached over and rolled my wife over on her tummy. Her body was covered with little bite marks and drying cum. Ed reached down and spread my wife's legs as wide as he could. His bobbing cock moved closer and closer to the one target we had never used.

Ed poured some of our massage oil into the crack of my wife's ass and spread it smoothly up and down and into her waiting asshole. At first, he could only get the tip of one finger into that tight little pucker. The oil was doing the trick! Her sphincter slowly opened wider and wider and a second finger was soon buried in my wife's asshole.

Ed moved between her legs and poured more oil on his cock and into her asshole. This was going to be something new … my wife had never been fucked in the ass before and that was about to change big time!

As Ed pressed his oily cock against my wife's winking hole I thought she might be having second thoughts. That thought went out the window when she moaned and press her ass tightly against Ed's cock! That made the difference … the camera watched closely as his rigid dick slowly went deeper and deeper into my wife's ass. His bulging balls were resting on her butt once she was fully impaled by his rod. They stayed tightly bound together like that for a only a moment or two and then Ed began a slow withdrawal.

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